7-Year-Old Activist Raises $11,000 To Buy Sanitizer For Residents In Flint, Michigan


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After learning that students in Flint, Michigan, are afraid to wash their hands due to the city’s contaminated water supply, this young activist decided to “be the change” and help remedy the conundrum.
You’re never too young – or too old – to make a difference, and that’s what an inspiring 7-year-old is proving to the world this week.

When Isiah Britt of Gainesville, Virginia, heard that students his age in Flint, Michigan, were afraid to wash their hands due to the city’s contaminated water supply, he decided he wanted to do something to help.

WTVR News relays that Britt asked his parents to help remedy the conundrum by sending hand sanitizer to students at Eisenhower Elementary. They agreed and helped him set up a GoFundMe campaign so others could get involved, too.

The goal was to raise $500, which would be enough to supply all classrooms in the school with hand sanitizer. Amazingly, contributors from all over helped raise over $11,000, which is more than enough to supply all 12 elementary schools in Flint with sanitizer.

Credit: Danielle Britt

Credit: Danielle Britt

On February 12, the first shipment of the product with alcohol arrived at Eisenhower Elementary. Britt’s family continues to ship cases of hand sanitizer to other schools, and is now raising funds to supply all high schools with the anti-bacterial gel, as well!

In a video thanking donors for their support, Isiah Britt said:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re small, it doesn’t mean you can’t do big things.”

As you’ll remember, Flint residents have been living without clean, safe water for well over a year now, after officials began sourcing aqua from Flint river. The river, unfortunately, is highly corrosive, therefore, caused lead from the pipes to leach into the water supply. Now residents are experiencing health concerns and are left in a very precarious situation. Thanks to activists like Britt, Cher, and Muslim groups, positive change is slowly – but surely – being implemented.

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