Animal Rights Activists Steal Homeless Man’s Dog, Leaving Him In Tears


Disturbing footage throws up some interesting questions about human rights and animal rights: what’s your view?

A shocking video showing French animal rights protesters forcibly removing the puppy of a homeless man has gone viral. The drama happened in Paris, where three activists approached a man, picked up his dog, and ran away with it. Both the dog and the man are clearly traumatized: the dog yelps and barks as it is snatched away, while its owner tries his best to take his pet back- but fails, howling in distress as he follows the activists down the street.

The activists represent the group ‘Cause Animale Nord’. A female member of the campaign group can be heard telling the homeless man: “You do not have the right… it’s against the law” as he attempts to grab at the puppy, while bystanders look on with shocked expressions. One shouts “it’s his dog”, but nobody steps in to help the crying man.

Cause Animale Nord claim that the puppy was drugged by the homeless man, but haven’t offered any evidence to support this. The homeless man is from the Roma community, a minority group which has been subject to a great deal of discrimination and institutionalized racism in recent years, particularly in France. The activists are trying to find a new home for the dog, but are under pressure to return it to its owner. Over 220,000 people have signed a petition calling for an investigation into the group’s conduct.

Anthony Blanchard, president of Cause Animale, issued a statement which read: This video only shows a moment of our intervention, the puppy of two months, not vaccinated, which was in complete illegality of French legislation on the Paris pavement, a puppy that the Roma had drugged so it remained calm and did not move.”

Please let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section. Does having compassion for animals mean disregarding our moral obligations to other human beings? Is the right of a puppy to have vaccinations and a warm home a higher priority than that of a homeless person to enjoy the love and companionship that a pet can offer? Is blatant racism and suspicion of Roma people at the core of this disturbing video? Tell us what you think, and please consider sharing the story if you feel strongly about this issue.

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    • Why don’t you? This is not an uncommon thing in the world. People get in trouble, everyone just gawks and does nothing to help. Don’t worry, when you see someone needing help you’ll do the same thing.

      • Your view of the world is fucked up. Your looking at the things that other people would do instead of thinking for your self and actually being helpfull. You might be on an anonymous site and thinking that your not one of the sleepers. But infact your just another sheep and your reaction proofs it perfectly.

      • Declan that is a horrible thing to say! I got battered by a psycho bitch in front of my neighbours and nobody did anything but that does NOT mean I wouldn’t step in if I saw the same, just as I am sure James would. Anyway, these twats should be imprisoned for animal cruelty and human rights abuse

  1. I think this is a disgrace, why not help the man?? Why not vacincate the wee dog his only friend for him???
    Is there no compassion left in the world????

  2. Accusations without any proof from a group of “animal rights” activists who acts like a bunch of criminals?. This is not the first case involving any animal rights group doing shit, accusing innocents wrongly without proofs, stealing pets and without any punishment!.

  3. Help the dog, but not the homeless man to find a home and have a fruitful life. they are both important but in this case the dog is treated as if its more important. Why not help the two find a home, and the man a job.

  4. omg, why nobody beats those?! this two brainless activists and others like them should be beat up in the streets for things like this !!!!

  5. I’m heartbroken that that man’s dog was stolen from him and in such a Trumatic in public way. I have seen countless homeless people with pets, I remember I don’t remember being concerned for those dogs at all because they did not look emaciated. I’m pretty sure dogs come first for people who live in homes or on the street. Dog lover is a lover with or without a home. And these people need to be in jail for their crimes. Or is it not a crime to steal from a homeless person because we already consider them to have nothing anyways?

    • I’ve lived in communities where indigenous people have scores of dogs that you would be shocked at the emaciated condition of these poor animals. But they follow their masters everywhere, uncondtionally. Who is to judge the love between a dog and its master?

  6. This is not the 1st time I have heard of these PETA clones pulling stunts like this. If they want to help the dog, help the man. They are too stupid to understand the nature of a dog is loyalty? That the dog would far more rather stay with his owner than go to another stranger?

  7. that bitch needs prison, you dont remove a dog from a loving owner or destroy the dogs life because you see fit. go fuck yourself bitch

  8. I work for an animal rescue in America and more times than not pets are treated better by the homeless than some with homes. The dogs are all they have in the world and all their devotion goes to their dogs. This is heartbreaking.

  9. If it was me, i wouldn’t of taken his dog away from him, homeless people tend to care for the things they have left more than they do themselves… i know, i was one of them.. and i made sure my cat had food before i ate, and let me tell you, i wouldn’t of taken this man’s valuable companion… i would of fed it AND HIM instead.

    Stupid people, not seeing the bigger picture, my cat was the only thing keeping me alive on the streets.. without him, i would of killed myself on one of those cold, dark and lonely nights.

  10. They should not have made it off the block alive…. Drugged my ass, that dog was clearly scared by these crazy people and all those pansies just sitting by and recording….

  11. I think …
    deep reflexion is very difficult thing…. to judge is so easier

    Therefore, I have a question for you.
    What happened if …
    you living in a city and is quite normal that organized gangs of ‘Roma’ begs on every street corner, railway station, marketplace, publicspaces etc. And that for this ‘beg activity’ even children and animals are used and is quite normal that these ‘Roma’ drugs their children with alcohol or medication to calm them down. What if several times such ‘camps of roma’ are ’emptied’ by activists : hundreds of cats and dogs, sick, starving, injured, …
    What if you knew that the puppy when he becomes a dog disappears … killed and replaced by the next puppy ….
    What if you knew that when you have a different with a Roma and you hit him it will be called ‘discrimination’ and ‘act of racism’ but if the ‘Roma’ hit you this will be called just an act of ‘agression’ ….

    Think you that your look on the same text will change ?

    I think that every word, image and environment that we produce influences what other people understand, learn, think and believe.

    Personally, I think that I can not answer to you ‘I think …. ‘ without charging you first with a lot of complicated question and than add all your answers to my personal experience and than add all this together in a special database in my brain named ‘Have to analyse and think about that’ . The problem is that once this done the result is so complexe that it will be very hard to write it down in an comment.

    So I think that all answers that we will give will be nothing other as a judgement:

    I think that our planet have a fucking big problem and that this problem is called Human. Because we all think we know the truth.
    Nothing is true … all is possible.

    So if futher you will talk about that and having an real exchange of point of view in the goal that we can each one to the other expose our points of view, answering to the questions of the other and share experiences ….. 🙂

    I’m only responsible for what I say, I’m not responsible for that what you understand 😉

    • When I lost the roof over my head I fought to keep everything i owned. I lost a lot of possessions to not having a place to keep them, but had someone like this come for my dog they would have found that i still possess the ability to defend my best friend. I would have fought to the death for him! I see no evidence that this ‘animal rights organization’ has any proof. I see no compassion for the homeless man or the dog. What i saw was a dognapping by someone who thinks they are somehow superior than this homeless man! I hope the next time you try this you get FUCKED UP BIG TIME! You don’t deserve to rot in jail.

    • AnGy: You think Roma is bad. You have a much bigger problem with the Muslims and the No Go Zones…when is France and the rest of Europe going to wake up?

      • As I said, I’m not responsible for what you understand.

        @Just some dude :
        I agree. They have no rights to do that and take the puppy.
        For this reason I have said at my post:
        I think that our planet have a fucking big problem and that this problem is called Human. Because we all think we know the truth.

        They have take the puppet because they think they know the truth
        ( fucking shit they know )
        Nobody has intervent or helped because they think they know the truth that the roma is an bad guy
        ( fucking shit they know )
        A lot of people have posted this video on a lot of websites and commented and wrote about the video
        ( fucking shit they know )

        I do not know … but for me seems not normal that’s necessary that everybody post the video with different textes.

        What’s happen in the video ( pure without comments ) is not normal and has not to be. But shit like this happens and that’s make me think that we are all fucking idiots because nothing change.

        I dont think Roma is bad. I have no problem with muslims, americans or no go zones, no problem with someone because he is issue of an classification like ‘men’, ‘woman’,’roma’,’french’,’muslim’.
        I have a problem with as in this language seems the right word ( sorry for the word ) FUCKING IDIOTS.

        My post, at first is an react on the wroten words in the article.
        Roma, racism etc. because classifing people in Roma, homeless, racists, muslims, german, nazi or other cases has for me always the same strange sound.

        If you are french guy classification: racist
        If you are a german guy classification: nazi
        If you are an muslim guy classification: terrorist
        If you are an roma: victime of discrimination

        and you can continue this list indefinitely

        But for me the truth is that there are good guys and bad guys and this has nothing to do with there origins or religion. They are just fucking idiots. (sorry again for the word )

        I can also be unable to make myself understood in English , if is the case: I’m sorry.

        I just thought that anonymous is to being an bit otherwise. I was a bit surprised to read so many classification in the article.
        And having some other’s point of views and live experiences are my right as you right is to wrote what you want.

  12. They are trying to make up stories just to take the little puppy. I mean why didn’t they take a drug test on the puppy to see if it was actullay drugged. When will they learn…when will we all learn.

  13. There is not a dollar value on love. Your economic status does NOT dictate your right to give and receive love and compassion from another living creature! I own a business that directly deals with people and their pets and I can promise you many dogs that are up to date on their vaccinations have lees than desirable homes! This poor man is being punished for wanting to have a soul that can look at him with nonjudgmental eyes. People make my stomach turn!

  14. anGy on reconnait là le lepéniste pro brigitte bardot, arrète de couler la france avec tes propos racistes

    • @acab aka la baleine blanche je te remercie pour ta classification.
      Mais je ne suis ni l’un, ni l’autre.

      Le parfait exemple le voila. Tu n’as pas du tout compris ce que je dis, mais tu me juge sur ce que tu as compris.

      Aucune question: que veut tu dire par la …

  15. Unfortunately, Roma-gypsy people are doing this a lot in France and in Europe in general. They used to drug babies, but since they are more controlled they take puppies. They never keep for a long time the puppies, since they kill them, that is why those people are never having big dogs. They are exploiting the ”cuteness” of the animal for their own purpose.

    But, I think that the action should have been accompanied by the police task.

  16. How did the homeless man afford sedative drugs and why would he give them to the dog and not take them himself I call bullshit fucking dogs there prob on more drugs

  17. How not to be a dick.

    1: Don’t steal the man’s puppy.
    2: Vaccinate it for free for the man.
    3: Maybe help both the man and the puppy find a place to live safely (for the two of them).
    4: At the very least, provide evidence that your accusations of abuse are true.

    Bunch of assholes.

    • @Jack: heart warming words that you say.
      This is just as is have to be. The steps that you say seems to me as ‘normal’.
      But how we can turn back to interhuman relationships like this?

      Do you think we can do it if we stay all on positions like: he has right, he has no right? Think you we can start back to so normal steps as you wrote by stopping to classify the persons to an religion, an organisation, an race?
      ( my question is sincerly ) Do it change something that the woman is from an animal protect leage or not ? That the homeless guy is Roma or not. The puppet is drugged or not … I do not think so. Is no difference, things like this must not happen as in the video, must happen in normal and sincerly steps as you wrote. Why the ‘fucking human race’ ( sorry for the word ) can not do it ?
      When we will change ?

  18. Do not worry. The French will get their just punishment when the Muslims take over and institute Sharia Law. The Muslims think dogs are unclean and an abomination, so they will eradicate all the dogs in France.

    I hope not, but if people won’t lift a finger in a case like this, I don’t hold out much hope for that country…nor the rest of Europe. Everywhere, it is always a case of ‘too little, too late’.

    They will get what they deserve…

    I do hope these animal rights nazis are punished and the man gets his dog back.

  19. The dog was not drugged it was just an obedient pup.
    It would not have screamed in fear like it did if it was drugged like they claim

  20. I would have grabbed the women and pulled a knife on her and calmly ask for the dog to be returned or I remove her head and the Blood will be on their hands not mine. As taking her life would only serve to do the world a favour.

  21. Before all the american judge french’s people they have to know a few things. First, in France, if you are an homeless and you have an animal the Police can’t arrest you. Second many homeless “give hospitaly” for lost animal, but i should sqy abandonned animal and “cause animal nord” try to steal the animal of homeless to place them in even worst living conditions, under the steal of a big warhouse. After they say that he drugs his puppy, but i never see a french homeless drug an animal some of them give more food for they animal than for themself ! This puppy had 2 month, it’s normal that he not move on the financial district of a city who have near 12 000 000 people in this city ! I see a comment of someone who say “Why the french person around try nothing?” Because in France, you are judge for everything and nothing and many people have the fear of that in my country. I think i haven’t got to tell you the price of the drugs, but for my part it’s illegal what those people do.

  22. i wouldve grabbed her by her throat and demanded t release of my puppy. I’m a cat person but an animal lover. I think of my pets as my children, you take them out of my life and I’ll take your life in exchange. but then Id look for my dog!

    I love how they took off running from my homeless man. I’m ashamed to have French blood in my veins. nothing but a bunch of cowards.

  23. By taking the dog from homeless man bitches let him the man alone. he’s so pathetic. the man already became punk, dog only the resource for homeless man nor the people. Be a Mankind, My view bring back the dog to homeless lonely person.

  24. Man finds comfort in his friend dog, who treats him with unconditional love, only to be taken away by another man like the many who had abandoned this homeless man in the past.

    When animals become more important than people you know something is wrong with the world.

    I’ll tell you why: satan rules most people in this world. whether you believe it or not.. Anyone who is not in close contact to God is used by satan to hurt other people. Regardless of religion, people can be close to God.. if you truly want to to good for your fellow humans gy anonymous hacking, you are closer to God.. trust me.. he loves Anonymous and what you do.

    I don’t want to get all preachy, but I can be of use to Anonymous to explain the spiritual behind the evil in this world. It may help to understand. I’m not a good hacker, so I don’t know how my information can be useful.

    Then again.. you seem to know what evil is.. God also works through people who don’t go to church everyday.. he’s God.. he can do that, and you won’t even know 🙂

    Go and do what you do best Anonymous. But I’m afraid real change will only come after it’s gone really bad and the world knows it’s worshipping satan. For that to happen there need to be one world government, led by a man possessed by the actual devil you know from all the movies.

    This is what the world has been preparing for, stopping this, or postponing it, will oonly make the suffering fro humanity longer. The NWO will have to be formed for antichrist to rise and God to destroy him. Yes, billions will die. But after that, the world will change.

    If we change the world now, people will not understand what evil is, and will even see us as the evil.

    Expect someone like Hitler, in power over the world, and successful at that this time. This has to happen, and it will happen. Men like this are out there, waiting and working in the background to get the kind of absolute power Hitler had.

    If you stop this now, your children will not have to live during the Apocalypse, but their children will.

    You wonder why Jesus hasn’t returned yet after 2000 years? Well, now you know why.

  25. like first you take all his money then his house then his dog the mean people in this world do anything to hurt a person and this personlay hurts me on the inside to see somthing like this happen to a man thats already lost everything


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