Anonymous Revealing Ku Klux Klan’s Identities – Operation #OpKKK


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Anonymous has revealed a list of KKK members in light of the Ferguson protests as part of #OpKKK and a cyberwar against the organization. The ‘de-hooding’ of Ku Klux Klan members has spurred threats and attacks against Anonymous over social media, with @KuKluxKlanUSA stating “You messed with us, now it’s our turn to mess with you.”

The threat comes in response to the campaign Anonymous began online, to name KKK members in the Ferguson and St. Louis area after it was discovered that the KKK members have been distributing fliers. The fliers warn Ferguson protesters of the consequences of a continuation of their fight, stating they have “awakened a sleeping giant,” and that they [KKK] will use “lethal force” against protestors if they continue. The fliers handed out justify the lethal force as a form of “self-defense.”

Anonymous won’t tolerate racism in any form, or the suppression of the right to protest. Many of the names listed are also accompanied by photos of the members without their hoods. One member is a known police officer, while another works in education. An image posted, displays a KKK member standing quietly amongst the Ferguson protestors.anon wear t-shirt

Anonymous will continue to monitor the KKK servers and disrupt their websites. [1]

The list, accompanied by images, can be found here.

The listed KKK names include:

John Michael

Heather Michell Michael

Terry Aaron

Daniel E. Zimmerman

Eric Bohanan

Justin T. King (Police Member)

Gary Burnette (Military Veteran)

Dawn Goddard (Education Co-Ordinator)

Chad Burris

Dale Newton

Stephen Joseph Henson

Justin Daniel

Keith Biskup

Ryan Biskup

Mike Stag

Dennis Korn

Tasha George

Frank Acona

Malissa Acona

Michelle Acona

Richard Akia Nichols

David Borst (Former Deputy Police Chief)

George Hunnewell (Former Deputy Police Chief)


Anonymous #OpKKK:


We are Anonymous.

We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Ku Klux Klan you should Expect Us.

Update: Anonymous Hacks Ku Klux Klan’s Twitter Account

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[1] (16 November 2014) “Ferguson: Anonymous Reveals KKK Members’ Identities” (Retrieved 16 November 2014)



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    • The Local Police there already know that they are not going to do anything to the racist white cop…..Everyone on that grand Jury is white so what the hell you think the verdict is going to be…..I would like to see a peaceful end to this but it will not happen…and if the KKK are allowed to be there i hope the black Panthers and the protesters meet with force also….enough is enough…I am tried of every time i look at the Paper another Black child has been kill by white racist cops.NO MORE…..

      • And what about the white children killed by the racist african american? Your saying youd rather see caucasians be killed and have everyone just say its fine. Racism isnt a way one street anymore in the US and if your were to open your damn ignorant eyes you’d see that racism is directed more towards Caucasians then to any other ethnicity in the US right now.

        • Are you kidding? I have never had to live as a Black in this country – although I have lived in the St. Louis are for 20 years – and you are so wrong. The violence is one-sided, White oppressing Black, economically, politically, and physically up to and including murder, and it continues to this day. Even to suggest Blacks oppress Whites in such a systematic and implacable manner and with little or no recourse for the oppressed, is idiotic.

          • Unity people! The “man” wants people to fight over who is “racist”. Don’t do it. Both sides have examples of deaths and tragedies and can list their own arguments, but THAT is what they want you to do. There are racists on both sides, reactions to what they are fed. They are given reasons to hate by outside influences. When someone does something horrendous and kills someone of a different color, it is used by people to fuel their point of view. Whether justified or not. What we all NEED to do is stop allowing them to DIVIDE us so we can fight this injustice TOGETHER! Then we can fight it one bit at a time, First take down the threat from the KKK and then deal with police brutality, Then we can deal with the next thing and so on. BUT TOGETHER!!!!!

          • So, why not let black people have their own nation? Nations of people can only be free given free association. The Civil Rights laws took that away. Why do you think it is that blacks have so much more problems today?

          • ive been bullying by gang of black people all my highschool, my sister got rape by 2 raciist african american, so excuse me if i dnt believe you when you say black people are slave and oppresed these day, i mean, how retarded blinded are you??!!

          • Marc Hauser… how much worse could it have been with lynchings and the like…I guess you are a “separate but equal guy right”?

          • the violence is not one know how many time some black kids tried to jump my ass in the projects just because im half white half hispanic. fuck that white folks in poverty are even more under the totem pole than black folks, cuz nobody got our backs so stick that in your pipe and smoke it ya dirty hooker

          • You are a fucking blind idiot. Racism is running amuck in all damn directions. As a white mane I have been the victim of racism at the hands of blacks PLENTY. They are some of the most openly racist people I know calling me that “white muther fucker” without knowing me at all. Again, YOU ARE A FUCKING BLIND IDIOT to say that racism is only white on black. 200x more violent crimes are commited by blacks. THOUSANDS more white people are vicims of crimes perpetrated by blacks than the other way around. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

          • You are seriously dilusional. The violence is one-sided? Wtf kind of crack are you smoking? You idiots think this is racism that is the cause of all this bullshit? You, my friend, are moronic and ignorant as fuck. You and the millions of others like you are the cause for all this bullshit that is going on in the country. No one cares wtf color you are, they just care how much of an ignorant fuck you are. We have a problem in America right now. Its not “white cops” (which sounds racist as fuck when you say it like that) killing blacks. Its “COPS” killing “American Citizens” that is the problem. The racism bullshit was created by Obama to cause issues between white americans and black americans to progress their political agenda into converting our government from a democratic republic, to a socialist country. If that happens, most of you black people will have far more to worry about then racism. If you people were wise, you would pay a little bit more attention to what the fuck is going on in america, and would know the media is being controlled right now by the governement, which is why you haven’t heard much about anything that matters such as the executive bills being passed by obama and congress that grants them more powers.

        • You know segregation ended only like 50 years ago. You have got to understand the blacks alive in this country right now where either raised in segregation or raised by parents that lived in it. The black folks in this country unfortunately do not have the means to raise or teach the same as whites have for hundreds of years. Its only just now that my white parents who are upper middle class had a black person move into their neighborhood. It isn’t because blacks are stupid or lazy, its because they were slaves and servants until ONLY 50 years ago. You sound like a moron or a teen so this probably means nothing to you built it has very serious impact on the black community. You need to learn some critical thinking skills.

          We are legion
          We do not forget
          We do not forgive
          Expect us

          • I’m sorry, but black people were not slaves of white people 400 years ago. How did they let it happen? Is it because white people are superior? Or did we have some sort of magic powers? Was it our technology? Why didn’t they have this technology? Like, maybe we invoked our mystical powers of white privilege over them and they were mesmerized?

            In fact, there was and still is a white slave trade. Yes, subsaharan blacks never enslaved white people, but north African pirates stole Europeans on merchant and other vessels. The Irish were heavily discriminated against in this country. They never had and do not today receive any compensation like affirmative action or similar laws. Because when you get right down to it, affirmative action and similar legislation as well as leftist political philosophy is just another version of white mans burden. But you do not possess the objectivity to see that.

            But let this not be a who was the most persecuted race on the planet penis comparison contest. We could go on forever like this. The bottom line is that if black people are persecuted, it’s because they did something wrong. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin are perfect examples of definitive proof of that. And the whole of rioting surrounding the incident proves leftist ideology has made them hateful and resentful by giving them the theoretical justification to scapegoat all their problems on white people.

          • Marc Hauser…seriously? Is that what you really think is true? That is the most ignorant text I’ve read on the internet this year (yeah, I try to avoid KKK sites and all that crap). Congratulations, you’ve rendered me almost speechless. Don’t know where to start. I actually do wish I had some magic power to give your head a shaking. But it’s probably absolutely masochistic of me to even bother. Just this little, very very hopeless try:

            The way that you (1) put slavery and “technology” into context and the way you (2) ask how they [black people/slaves] “let it [enslavement] happen” is the best way to make you look like (1) a white supremacist and (2) a victim-blaming berk.

            I shouldn’t even be writing this. I mean, you’re entitled to that opinion, but none of it is has any basis. And it’s rude. Very rude, indeed. But go on. Go on whining about your Irish great-grandpa’s uncle who was opressed so serverely. If try hard enough, maybe I’ll cry a tear or two for him, too.

          • I, being of Mixed Race, can say that this “race issue” stuff, will eventually die out once the world is more like me YAY EQUALITY =D That being said, I can’t stand when there are tense racial issues in this country (but when it comes to social justice, unlike my dating life, I don’t have the Ostrich Syndrome, I recognize realities). The fact of the matter is that, yes, there are tense racial relations mostly in the mid-west and southern parts of the United States, but most people shouldn’t try to continue to segregate themselves and break themselves into camps because that’s how the whole problem and social issue started in the first place. We should love each other, and start judging each other on individual merit, rather than race. Character, not color.

          • I have no idea why people judge by skin color or the past. It upsets me everyday. Nobody chooses how they’re born so stop discriminating over it, i wish i was born purple so people had something else to divert their anger towards. And what happened in the past we can’t change, but the future we can! learn from the past and make a better future for our kids- without unfair hate.

          • I am so proud of the work that you do. Please continue the work you do to end racism and corruption! I am behind you!!


          • Your so full of Bull sh-t… i am 60, and my parents had more black upper middle class friends than white… sheep like yourself are the problem… Try getting off The Democrat Plantation, and think for yourself… Grow up, and quit Blaming others…

          • well said, nobody should be attacking people for their colour, creed etc. Although I do think political correctness has gone crazy in the UK.

          • I love you guys..and all that you do…I live in northern Idaho. I am married to a Senegalese man. I live with uncertainty as a part of daily life. I did not know how bad it was here when we first came here. I worry about retaliation. I worry about the safety of my family. you kno? Anonymous Forever. Help keep my family safe. Please

          • I disagree with your statement. Blacks were not slaves 50 years ago. Slavery ended in 1865 and the Civil Rights movement ended segregation in 1964. There have been many prominent blacks in the history of this country. The first black Senator of the United States was Hiram Revels in 1870….from Mississippi. Since the foundation of the United States there have been scientist, legislators, athletes, lawyers,doctors,educators and the list of professionals is endless. Do not group all blacks as having only been slaves and servants. Unfortunately, you sound just as bad as the person you reprimanded. Start reading your history. There are many black colleges out there that turn out well educated people every day of the week. Unfortunately, we just don’t hear enough from them.

          • So you think that showing the identities of a few Klansmen is going to hurt their cause Can you people not see that it is too late to try to bridge the divide in this country? The same people in charge of this country and the people who were in charge years ago have led you to this point. Steering you the whole time to hate each other. Why you would only go after the KKK is beyond me and not go after the Obama Administration. I have had my life ruined by an American Indian tribe so I have plenty of reasons to hate them. As for blacks I cannot stand seeing taxpayer money being given out hand over fist to a group of people who are lifers on the welfare rolls. Most of whom never even dawned a time clock to see if they even like work. If it is worth it to start a new Civil War to start outting groups like the KKK and stuff then by all means keep doing it. But when the bullets start flying and the military dont back the president and leaves you all trying to defend yourselves just remember this was the day that you had the chance to stop your shit. If the indians and blacks would try to be Americans instead of their own nations then we might have a chance. But instead they will get put in their places and the country will end up all white. We tried to warn you.

          • The stat’s speak for them selves.USA has more gun muders than the next ten countrys of wealth and populus combined times ten.The most murderous state by far is Alaska not Chicago, Detroit or Los Angles.The Civil War rages on in this country brouther killing brouther not Black against white.The blood lust of “the good ol boys”-“don’t tread on me “gun rights Sub Human perpetuate this insane blood lust USA

        • Lost but not forgotten take your ass back where u was lost at before u willing be forgotten. Maybe u need to open your ignorant ass eyes and see how African American kids get kill because the police got a gun so don’t talk that bullshit if u don’t what fuck u talk about.

        • This is not new, but it’s time now that it stops. White male privilege is a very real thing. Is that written with a wide brush? yes. it does not apply to all, but to those that are offended it certainly does. To those that wear a uniform and badge, your “brotherhood” has been caught on the wrong side of the law enough times for you to stop denying your involvement.
          Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the Name.
          November 1992
          The song’s lyrics reference the allegation that some members of US police forces are members of the Ku Klux Klan organization, whose symbol is the burning cross, and refers to it as railing against “the military–industrial complex, justifying killing for the benefit of, as the song puts it, the chosen whites.”

          Killing in the name of!
          Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses
          Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses
          Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses
          Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses
          Killing in the name of!
          Killing in the name of!
          Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
          You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
          Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
          You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
          And now you do what they told ya
          And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control
          Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!
          Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!
          Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!

          Keep up the good fight Anonymous. Whenever I read what your organization (loosely at best) this is the theme song I have for you in my mind. Fight the Powers that be!!

        • fuck white people you have no right to be in a land you over took and celeb it on thanksgiving you guys are fucking trash and need to go.

        • Bullshit. Retaliation for racism is what’s being directed at white people. Yes, there are a lot of black people that hate white people and it’s for things like this and it’s because of white supremacist racism. Then the supposed “victims” of this, like you, use it to further justify their own racism.
          I wish you lived in a town where the police force were all black and authorized to use deadly force against white people. Then you’d actually have something to whine about.
          Yes, I’m a liberal and proud of it and guess what? I’m white, too. Black people are NOT the only ones outraged about this travesty of justice. We also don’t appreciate having ignorant crackers like you presume to speak for us. See, we’re not all alike either!

        • Racism is a system of oppression. Not just prejudice. Please stop & educate yourself before you start equating white life to the experience of African Americans.

        • your comment shows your ignorance. What white child was killed by an racist African American????? name one… tell me how is racism being directed at white people, is it because they are being exposed more now? Look at how many young black children have been killed for no reason. This not right what if we start picking off your children, just because we can.

        • What ?? Do you have facts to support your comment? RACISM directed more at Caucasians is the most ignorant comment. You need to open up your eyes. Read a newspaper, stop watching Fox News and start doing some research before spouting such stupidity.

        • Oh come off of it. Racism more towards white people? Hahahahaha. Would you like to trade in your privilege and see what REAL racism is like?

          Also, please tell me the names of the white children who have been murdered by blacks and have NOT received JUSTICE. You all don’t need to protest because everytime a black person sneezes in the direction of a white person, the black person goes to jail.

        • Really,? You parasites have been raping and murdering people since the 1400’s. Open a damn history book, or better yet, visit the national archives and count the millions of African slaves murdered by your ancestors before they passed the torch down to your generation. You m….f’s live in an alternate universe.

        • If it is its because of the hate and evil you have done to everyone else job 9:24, there are good and bad in every race, you just cannot point at the speck in someone else eye when you have a log in yours and the history to back it up, maybe it’s the way history has shown some whites to be hateful, bittter, spiteful, intolerance, uncaring, boasters ,proud, insensitive, malice, envy, murderous, injustice, traitors, deceivers, murderous, uncivilized, brutal, selfish, this what history has shown you people to be

        • Your truly ignorant if you think white people are the ones having more racism direct to them than any other race. You are a real fool.


      • Your so quick to say white racist cops killing black children,,, well how about the racist black cops killing white kids???? or are you too ignorant to see that also, it goes both ways just saying

        • Please cite some examples of racist black cops gunning down unarmed white kids, with links to legitimate news sources.

          We’ll wait.

          • You guys just don’t get it.The man….has all of us fighting one another. I’m white but I don’t fight with my black friends cause most of us see what the police are doing to us. I was just assaulted 2 weeks ago by the police in fulton mo. And it was by a white cop well 12 of them. So really it is a tragedy when someone dies and this looting crap is stupid along with the violence. You all need Jesus so wake up and protest for the right reason not over stupid race shit


            Here you go…2 days after Mike Brown was murdered…an unarmed white kid killed by a black officer. Now being a military brat I was raised completely against the racism bs that this world seems to love so much and always goes back to, but the reality of the truth is that I didnt see anyone rioting or looting over this case. Take the real fact that I myself am a white male, I do feel for Mike Browns family and I do and always will support Anonymous!! So truth be told here..the racism and violence needs to stop.

          • Whites killed by blacks doesn’t make for a very popular headline, because it doesn’t fuel a deep and lengthy hatred like that of blacks towards whites in this current day in age. This can’t be about race, the problem is much larger than that. This shouldn’t be about attacking one another either. The best thing to be done is not let it effect you in a negative way

          • Barry is an idoit. The cop was not black just because the victom was white. You can clearly see that in the video ROFL!!!!!

          • Well protest herir ass then DONT b lazy get off of your AZZ and make some noise about it…. This shits been happening in Ferguson for decades all y’all bitches in suburbia talking shit but haven’t heard an inkling about Ferguson until this happened…Now all of u ass holescare experts and wanna contradict what we see everyday???? FUCK U AND HAVE A MILLION SEATS. .

        • Sweeny Todd if a black cop killed a white kid don’t you think it would be news worthy for ALL over the world? I really haven’t seen that happen yet…think on that, and then say it again and see if what you said made any sense.


            Where is the nation exposure..the protests, riots, looting? I am far from racist being my best friend is black, my sister is married to a black man. I, being a military brat, can’t stand this racist bullshit.but truth be told, it will never end and black people will always say that they have it worse. Yes I can agree they do. But if they would atop giving reason then it would slowly die off..example; white cop sees a car full of black guys, pulls them over…finds one with a warrant, weapon, drugs…anything wrong. But if they don’t find anything they can move on. Try next time…next time doesn’t find anything and so on and so forth…eventually the cop will lose interest in the whole ordeal and hopefully give the fuck up. Just saying…it is one way to stop all this bullshit nonsense. I feel we all just need a damn big group hug haha

      • i think it has less to do with racism and more to do with the fact that cops in general are out of control. Not saying there aren’t d average, trigger happy, power tripping, racist ass holes.I think, to an extent at least, its more that there d average, trigger happy, power tripping ass holes who happen to be racist. White cops shoot white people, black people, pink brown or blue. Yes, a racist cop is a bad thing. But to me the problem is the badge

      • maybe if every black in the us wasnt involved in the DRUG GAME THEN THEY WOULDNT GET SHOT LIKE FK u hear any people getting shot up in bc by the cops no cuz were not stupid

        • Sefaoth, why you think all “black people” are involved in drugs is completely beyond me. I’m a college student and I find that less darker pigmented people use than the pasty white folks. I am “white” and I don’t use, I have friends who are “black” and don’t use. Color has nothing to do with anything. We all have the same internal organs, we all get darker in the sun, we all have blood, we all are capable of love. I don’t understand why racism is even a thing. Also, please work on your grammar and spelling. Thank you ~the bug

        • Sefaoth, that has to be the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. I’m quote unquote “black” and I’m not in the drug game nor do I partake in any drug or gang related activity. I have an IQ of over 150, currently studying to be a Petroleum Engineer, so not every “black” person is in the drug game. Statements like this are both idiotic and ignorant, that’s like saying all “white” people are imbred and do nothing but have sex with their family members, or that “mexicans/hispanics” are all illegal. Don’t be stupid, educate yourself before you try to insult a person or a race, and don’t generalize, it makes you look like a moron and a disgrace to the Educated American people.

        • Oh shut the fuck up. Your statement paints the big picture. If you think that “EVERY BLACK” is involved in the drug game, then you probably would make the assumption about me; and I have never touched, been around or thought about drugs. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who is not into drugs. However, if you think that way, and work in law enforcement, the workforce, retail, housing? That explains half the battles faced by most people of color. Stupid reptile!

      • Ok for starters there is no such thing as racism, we are all in the same race, the human race so in order to have any kind of racism it would have to be from a being from a different planet that is not human. Doesnt matter what color your skin is we are all on this planet together as the human race and its high time everyone just gets along and stop trying to make up words in order to segregate everyone into color groups. It shouldnt make any difference when there is a crime committed what each person involveds skin color is and that also shouldnt make any difference in the outcome either if one person kills another person the outcome should be the same regardless of anyones color whether its balck on black, white on black, hispanic on black etc. the price to pay should be the same no matter what. No one ethnic group in this country is any better than another regardless so there shouldnt be different outcomes depending on color

      • Seriously? A black child? 6feet 5 inches and 280 pounds isn’t a child. He was a thug. Black , white, or yellow a criminal usually gets their reward. Just because so-called witnesses lied about what they say happened doesn’t excuse Brown from his criminal actions. He was a bully in school and on the street. Find someone else to make a martyr. Brown was just another loud mouthed bully.

      • how about black people starting to take responsibility for their own actions? Right away let’s use the race card…. Get the hell out of here…. That’s bullshit!!!!That will be a great start!!!!!! AND the majority of blacks being killed is by their own . Blacks killing blacks !!!!! 85 percent of race in jail is blacks… You have any explanation for that??? Oh let me not forget let’s blame it on everyone else….

        • ….aaaannnndd another broken record with inconclusive data. Not that it even bothered to disseminate any of it. The first thing you mention is “race” cardy even before you complain about it. You are the worst type of imbecile, it clearly has a chip on its shoulder because it seems to think black people should just forget about slavery. Unfortunately for white people, it was their ancestors deeds and it is not something that just goes away. It is engrained as a part of african-american culture and I do not really think it’s something that is going to be forgot. It the fear of the black man retaliating for slavery that has all these simpletons running scared and praising Darren Wilson for doing his job. You can tell who they are, they usually refer to Michael Brown as a Thug. What surprising is how and why they haven’t wiped the floor and graves of all the black people and indians that were slaughtered and treated with such disdain as well as violated with everything that is inhumane about the human race with any white person they see. Clearly they hold a higher standard of dignity and pride for themselves without having some confused white person scream race card every time they feel uncomfortable about being white while dismissing the atrocities committed by white people that allow you run around with toy pistols and cowboy hats in your front yard. Why the hell do you think that there is no outrage, or riots when some insignificant event happens when scaled against the degree of shame and magnitude of passiveness for crimes against humanity? I say fuck ’em, let Anonymous sort ’em out.

      • all of your remarks makes me sick and want to puke–the black panthers were in ferguson and stirred up a lot of mess so to all of you it is ok for Sharpton ,Black Panthers to stir the pot but not the KKK I do hope if this continues that they will make themselves appear again and if I were them I would edit their accounts as well and list their anonymous names like they did on their website–If parents would teach their children right from wrong they would not be this problem

    • I am so grateful that Anonymous are standing up to these cowardly ignorant racists. I’m sick of being told to ‘go back to where you come from’ & treated like an animal, called horrific names & then to be told in the same comment that I’m playing the race card. These people would happily see my children & I dead simply because of the colour of our skin.
      Some of the names that have been revealed are police officers & yet those who support Darren Wilson say it’s not about race, they have clan members in positions of authority taking the lives of young black men & then expect black people not to protest.

        • Who is “they” who are rioting? Most of the protests around the US are just that, peaceful protests. In Ferguson there was more immediate anger though we don’t know the facts as to who did violence and who simply protested. We’ve had protests here in Atlanta. Peaceful, sincere.

      • cowardly and ignorant???i could have sworn that was the liberal leftist antifa freaks you are rteferring to.a group of face covering cowards who fight against their own race’s interests,thats ignorant… you are accusing others of what you are yourself.

    • This all seems redundant? Please help explain what Anonymous stands for. Seems like a war with no sides to me:( terrorists fighting terrorism. I understand people must come together as a group to support any cause but really isn’t a war for peace futile? Exposing people?? Anonymous doing this?? Why not take the time to express your views to your enemies if you uncovered them? It may seem futile as well but more helpful than bringing on the hate to oppose you in my opinion. ?#anonymous

      • War for peace is how America was founded. Literally every power structure, From what we have in the US, to Russia, all have been founded by war and preserved through violence. A good portion of it unjustified, What are you talking about? KNOW your history before you comment on current events.

    • I am in total agreement Bravo! Keep up the good work … I only wish there was a way to start scrutinizing local politicians this way to expose their misappropriation of taxpayers dollars … Bravo to all!

        • You apparently didn’t read the whole article because I seen where it said a black cop killed the white kid. Could it be you just don’t know how to read?

      • G: Your comments have significant personal meaning, but my take on these matters is that Anonymous is not interested in moral equivalency (which leads to moral ambiguity) arguments: “Hatred or bigotry exists on both sides, so I guess there is nothing to complain about.” This is ultimately where you have to go with your comments. Let’s not treat the cops any worse than we have to treat a racial minority. But the facts are that law enforcement officers are being paid by taxpayers to treat all citizens with the same value system. They are being paid and trained to look past racial profiling and racial bias and enforce laws in a racially and economically neutral manner. They MUST execute their job description in a professional manner. If people commit crimes, they should be arrested and prosecuted, regardless of racial or ethnic origins, whether the victims of crimes are ordinary citizens or those who are paid to uphold the law. It’s the only way that we can make sense out of efforts to maintain a stable social fabric.

    • Fuck the kkk whites being thinking they superior and most being about nada damb thing putting color in shit aint nada im white and all my kids are black fuck a white person kkk aint shit but a bunch of pussys that wanna gang up on a color thats came from nada and made some thing and yall started with and lost most say they Christian aint nada but people going to hell for rasiam

    • I was wondering if they’ll let me borrow the sheets for my bed???? It looks as if they got enough they can stand to lose one. If not , continue on…. Lol…. (We need a lil humor )

    • We’ve had vehement denials of KKK involvement from at least one of the subjects published, presumably by Anonymous. We’ve had denials by another source claiming to be the “real” Anonymous that the first release of KKK members is not an authentic list. My guess is that there are counterintelligence forces (official or otherwise) who are posing as Anonymous with no way to verify or deny that any one “Anonymous” source is authentic. But for the listening public, there is no way to discern which “Anonymous” source is accurate and effective. I suppose that this is a big downside to engineering an effort at public disclosure from an unidentified and unverified source. Folks who are reading and listening for any sign that the Emperor has no clothes can wildly cheer about KKK disclosures with no knowledge about the accuracy or veracity of the disclosures.

    • How odd, I read Jewish surnames in the list! These people calling themselves anon is nothing more than covert government agents instigating public disorder for a specific purpose. The real anonymous would not do this sort of hacking because it is NOT attacking the larger organizations or government who are actually the driving force behind societal degeneration.

      • No, since they’re not going after the KKK because of its ideals, but as an act of revenge. They even said so themselves in the video.

      • The Panters don’t hide behind hoods so you can clearly see who they are..and last time i checked the Panthers don’t go around killing folks who didn’t agree to their beliefs

        • Exactly… They speak b4 speaking So much that they don’t realize what they are saying til afterwards.. Black Panthers Were Created In Part to Protect Our Communities In This country from the KKK amongst other things… smh.. so they some Panther Members so Called Harmed Elderly Whites and Forced them to Vote For Obama?! If they knew anything about what they were talking About they’d Know that the Black vote did not get Obeezy into Office, The White Vote did And No One Had to Threaten Them! It was A Ploy! Smh.. but they would say anything to go tit for tat.. “Oh they need to expose panthers too” Panters don’t hide their Faces idiots! Smh..

      • Wow..I am not surprised of the names of the kkk,If I were living in Ferguson, I would move,and I was Black, nothing eill change, infact it is going to get worse..The kkk are nithing but haters and if
        there are police officers that are kkk….If the verdict us that this officer will not be charged, I would move and claim that city as a racist city, I would move my busines and family else where fight them in the pocket, mske that city wish they never killed a Black child, hurt them economically you all need to band together and do not get violent thst is exactly what they want, trest yhem like a terrorist group, after all that is what they ate

      • They made horrible threats to people. The Panthers don’t do what they do. The KKK is just ridiculous! Most of them are rednecks who were raised by there uncle/dad and there grandmother who was born in 1904. For real though.

      • Anonymous has nothing against the KKK or Black Panthers because even racism is freedom of speech. The KKK threatened violence to suppress freedom of speech and that is why they are targets.
        It is not about ideology, so as long as the Black Panthers shut the fuck up, they are safe.

    • Black Panthers are not Racist. They do not believe they are a Superior Race. They arm themselves to defend against true Racially intolerant groups like the KKK. They are protectors of their community.

      • Michael, you should tell that to the elderly and disabled white people they threatened with baseball bats to vote for Obama! to say it didnt happen, makes you just as big a racist as the KKK.

        • How stupid and gullible are you? You still believe Obama’s going to put all the White people in concentration camps, right after he knocks at your door to take away your guns? How many lies do you swallow right down before you begin to wonder about the motives of the people feeding you?

      • You my friend are full of sh*t. Both the KKK and Black Panthers are racist. There is room in this country for racist groups of any kind.

        • Please explain to me how those 2 groups are similar at all? The panthers came about because of the KKK and the bigoted system that oppressed them simply for being non white. They supplied basic health care, education & housing to communities and were proud of it so they never hid their identity. The KKK preach hate & violence behind sheets and make no positive contribution not even to the whites. This is why they’re dying out because the whites have figured out that hate will never sustain or improve their lives.

          • Black people(I am one) need to admit that the black panthers were just as deeply rooted in hatred and fearmongering as the KKK, just on a smaller scale, and supposedly in self-defense. But ignorance is ignorance, and to tell you the truth, its the democrats who have created and sustained pockets of poverty in this country to secure their voting block. Unemployment in the AA community is twice the national average. Why in the hell do we vote for these national caretakers. generations of us trapped in subsidized living. My slave ancestors didn’t fight humanities greatest battle so I could raise my future generations on government money. Its time for a revolution. Fuck Hillary….I’ll take Romney at this point.


        • And just WHO are the “NEW” Black Panthers? How many are members? From where to they operate? Do they have “spokespeople” or leaders who represent their organization? What is their mission? Or are you just screaming “Boogyman!” to raise the level of racial hatred through the creation of another straw man?

          The last I heard, the NEW Black Panthers were no more than a handful of people in number. In a country of 330 million, that’s not significant by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Its not just the whites that are about done hearing the blacks feeling sorry for themselves. My large Hispanic family and many other Hispanics I know are even further tired of them. They need to quit acting like they are superior because they are black because they will never be!

        • This person does not speak for all Hispanics. Some light skinned Hispanics tend to forget that they are Hispanics that look African American such as myself. And to the person who wrote this: ¿De verdad Crees pq tu piel es un poquito claro de los morenos, Los americanos no va ser Los mismo a nosotros? Piensalo muy bien. Si Ellos pueden ser este atrocidad pq de verdad es una injusticia feisma a su propio gente imaginate q pueden hacer a nosotros que somos hispanos. Soy Dominicana y muy orgulloso hacerla y tambien vengo de una familia grande. No se si tu tienes familiares q son afro-hispanos pero yo si y q esta pasando en este pais con los policia entre Los morenos (q son LEGALES) me da miedo pq tengo hermanos, tios, primos y sobrinos q pueden lucir Como morenos si gente no los conosen.

      • Sorry, Lovely, but tell that to the family of NJ State Trooper Werner Foerster. He stopped a car on the Turnpike in a routine traffic stop. In the car were members of the Black Panther Party. They murdered this man in cold blood to protect themselves. Joanne Chesimard fled to Cuba and has been living the high life in exile since. There is a $2million bounty on her head still.

        • The caps lock button is NOT a substitute for grammar. Everyone who reads your comment is laughing at how stupid you sound. Just thought you should know, Herve.

  1. You might want to take off Justin T King as he is a fan of the redskins which have a lot of black people. You might want to explain more of your sources. Good job though.

    • Re: “…take off Justin T King as he is a fan of the redskins (sic) which have a lot of black people….”
      Are you serious? Since when is being a fan of any football team proof of anything?

    • Why would anyone be taken off, this list comes directly from the KKK. Nothing is added out of suspicion, these are all confirmed members you chud.

    • I don’t know why but to me it would have been great if they just kept posting great black people in history. Just nothing but photos of MLK, Booker T Washington, George Washington Carver, Hank Arron, Harriet Tubman ect..

      This would have been pure gold to me.

    • Did you read the entirety of the list? There are members IN the police! Hell, two were former POLICE CHIEFS! I lived down in the south (Tennessee) long enough to see the KKK at work when I was only 8. They tied up a black man on main street, doused him in gasoline in the back of a pickup truck, and lit him up and drove the truck down the street as people cheered on. They drove RIGHT BY a police car, and it did nothing.

  2. I hope anon knows of the internet access in north korea. priviliged students in a special school in north korea have been given access to computers with FULL INTERNET ACCESS. problem is that they need an admins permission before visiting a site. how about some hacktivism over there? let those students know what’s REALLY beyond the borders.

    • It’s a novel idea, but it would only cause problems for the students, because they are probably monitored in person. They’d lose access to the resource.

  3. I am happy to see that the KKK finally gets what’s coming to them.. They hold a big problem here in Missoula. They let their well being known here…

    Also Druids of Earth Mother would like to thank you for shutting them up for once and all…

    Arch Druid Shane Hamrick
    Druids of Earth Mother.

  4. This is good stuff, but are you sure you should denounce and expose people like that?
    That’s what they do in Norway, the state has managed to make the people to survey each other and report every thing to the police. I hate that kind off manipulation… ^^

  5. I love every act this organization does and puts its efforts toWARDS.. I hope they receive any and all respects due to their efforts by completely stopping any and all violence against minorities and other groups who are targeted by senseless violence.. Keep up the fight MANY of us are very proud of what you are doing..

  6. I’m all for ‘taking the hood’ off KKK members. Anonymity is their shield, and the source of their ability to terrorize others. That said, are you sure all these folks are KKK? I am particularly concerned with your fingering Mssrs. King, Borst, and Hunnewell. As current and former law enforcement, if they are KKK, action must be taken. If they are innocent, you may have a problem.

    • George Hunnewell was actually fired back in July for his connections with the KKK. His ex-wife stepped forward and disclosed his involvement and membership in the organization.

  7. good show old chap! please go after any one who thinks there better than every one else. did they really think that anonymous would just bend over and take shit from a steaming pile of dung like the kkk !wow do they not know that every one needs the internet in to days world? yes even you kkk need the internet!!! true the world is full of undesirables but the truth is kkk the misfits the loners the stoners and computer nerds own the internet so in less you dont want to be messed with would be good idea to keep your mouth shut !!!! other wise you have became the bigest dumb dumb in the dumb factory 🙂

  8. Excellent work, Anonymous. You have my sincere thanks, and a huge “Righ on!” But, just curious…why haven’t you gone after those Gamergate douchebags (like the asshat who threatened the “biggest massacre” ever if Anita Sarkeesian was allowed to speak in Utah)?

  9. Anyone who has to hide their face and name because of what they do, knowing it is wrong should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. When is the last time anyone has heard the black panthers preach hate?? Or was violent for no reason! The answer is never so stop with all the black panther shit! I disagree with anyone who is racist. But there is a difference of hate and protecting yourself from hate. And that is why the black panthers was formed. But again they are no where to be found.

  11. THANK YOU, Anonymous for the whistle blowing on these despicable, bigoted and hateful people! Please continue doing what you do and expose as many of these racist monsters as possible!

  12. For the KKK to make such threats is in violation of the intent of the United States of America’s Constitution. The Preamble tells us what the Articles and Amendments are intended to achieve for every man {meaning our specie] born in the nation no matter what color ethnic they are descendants of. Look at how I have included the actual meaning in the Constitution’s Preamble and see.

    We The People of The United States of America
    DEMANDS our “Unalienable Rights” to
    A “Perfected Union,”
    “Equal “Justice,”
    To live in “Tranquility,”
    To be properly Defended,
    Equality and “Common Welfare” and
    “Our and our Posterity’s Liberty”
    To be Implemented by the governments of the United States of America .

    Any harassment by any such group as the KKK is in direct violation of those rights by naturalized citizens of the United States based on the reading of the Preamble.

  13. Thank you, Anonymous, for all you do. If I had the least bit of computer talent, I would join you in a heartbeat. You are heroes. Keep up the good work.

  14. There is a certain poetry in seeing a group of people who hide their faces so that they can troll the real world with bigotry and threats exposed by an internet group who also hide their identities.

    Get ’em guys!

  15. I don’t like the kkk but how about you reveal how corrupt and fucked up out congress and other politicians are fuck up Monsanto kkk old news

  16. I’m a bit surprised the KKK as a collective is intelligent enough to even run a Twitter account. I hope you ruin them all and burn every shred of reputation these pathetic individuals have. Take them all down Annonymous. They have no place on this earth.

  17. So, you outed 25 people. And just what is that supposed to have accomplished?

    Face it. This was just a juvenile prank. People are still racist. And anonymous proves they are cowards once and for all. Obviously, they do not see the hypocrisy of outing people who hide behind a mask all the while hiding behind a mask themselves.

    Further, in order to be heroic, you must risk something. Nothing was risked. The authority in this country approves of this. Is there any investigation by the cops? No. And there won’t be.

    • The two groups are similar in that hey seek to disrupt the status quo. In that you are correct. However,the KKK are nothing more than a bunch of hateful fuckers whose sole purpose is to create hate and put up walls. The KKK has no redeeming qualities.

    • Let’s talk about your inability to comprehend why either group wears masks.

      The KKK wears masks to conceal their identities while they’re out doing hateful things they might not want their neighbors or employers to know about; burning crosses, lynching citizens, spreading hate speech.

      The KKK has proven that this pack of honky thugs has and will use lethal force.

      Anonymous, on the other hand my dear drooler, wear masks to conceal their identities from hateful organizations that would harm them. Like Scientology.

      Guess you are either egregiously stupid or you haven’t been paying attention.

      • The problem here is that you don’t understand the concept of subjectivity. Just because you believe that one opinion is right, does not mean it is. Opinions are not facts at all.

        For instance, some believe a magic man lives in the sky and created the universe during his weeks vacation. Some do not. The people in the former category think the latter are morons and vice versa. I’m going to assume that you, like me, belong to the latter category. Just because I don’t believe that, does not mean that it is correct. It could very well be that I am incorrect in my assumption, and that a magic man does indeed dwell in the sky.

        So, now that you have some understanding of the concept of subjectivity, you can understand that your belief is not to be confused with what actually is.

        The KKK began as a group defending themselves from an occupying army. They risked their lives. Anonymous does not risk their lives doing anything that it does. The worst case scenario, they might get probation for some cracking activity they engage in.

        Move to the 21st century, and they risk jail time. It has happened before. The same is not risked by anonymous. Certainly, this juvenile prank they engaged in will not lead to any serious consequences.

        But go on and believe the skyentogolists have amassed a huge armed force that could cause anonymous harm, if it makes you happy.

        • defended themselves from an occupying army my ass. What a stupid response to the formation of the KKK. After they lost the war they didn’t want to conform the equality granted to EVERY american, they perpetuated the problem via politics through Jim Crow laws, the Civil rights movement and onward…obviously to this day. The KKK are a bunch of asses who started after the legal army of their states took back control of our country. Period. Get your facts straight, this organization was created to illegally fight back and kill or marginalize African Americans through fear and senseless, shameless, lynchings and killings, because YES, they LOST the civil war THEY started.

          Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s. After a period of decline, white Protestant nativist groups revived the Klan in the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South.

  18. Black Panthers are not RACIST? Cant tell with the New Black Panthers.Observed a gathering once.One walked up and asked “Whatta ya doing here Cracker? “..I was like OK????

  19. I LOVE you guys!!! This is social justice. There is no reason for the hatred and fear the cowardly ass holes promote. Keep on them, you are doing good.

  20. Did they Seriously pick a cyber fight with anonymous? Haha they truly are ignorant. Got anno better chance fist fighting a bear! #opkkk

  21. Oh, look, some of those exposed KKK members are in here trolling, trying to get us white folks to see the light, to see how terribly we’re being oppressed.
    Keep trying, but you’re going under. Before long there will be no safe place for you, either on the internet or out in the real world.

  22. Can you believe a KKK member is/was running for Mayor?!?! Richard Hafley for mayor??? How many others are in office? No wonder the murdering cop is free.

    Good job anon!!!!

  23. Great Job Anonymous! I hope you keep it up. For too long hate filled and ignorant Americans have been getting away with terrorizing and ruining the lives of other Americans for superficial and insane reasons while doing so under the guise of “freedom of speech”. We do have the freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for using that speech to terrorize and steal freedom from others. You have reminded us all that there still can be justice in this world. Thank you for that.

    Do with this what you will, it is a G+ sister community to the KKK. The members are either admitted full fledged members of the KKK or known to be participants of the “ghoul squad”. They have publicly mocked Anonymous, the victims and protesters in Ferguson and have supported both the KKK and the murderous cop. A few have tried to take them/their community down without much luck as they keep coming back like cockroaches even bolder than before. They need a real lesson in justice from Anonymous so please take a look and decide for yourselves, thank you.

  24. So when can we expect #opbpp? The black panther’s are publicly calling for the death other all white people. Where is that operation? And what makes the officer racist? Because he is a white cop who shot a black dude. But a Black cop that shoots a white man isn’t? Biases and a double standard how can you expect to be taken seriously at your word, if you don’t stand on your word?
    When you loot and attack your neighdor you are a criminal not a protester. Not “getting justice”. Those people did not shoot him nor are they the police. If you have a problem with the police, take it to the police station. Or is there no balls for that? Can’t hide in your own “hood” for cover? Rush City Hall. Why not these places? Hoodlums and key board gangsters. Leave the people out of it, take it to the “Man”.

    • Next, you need to get their DNA. Most of us are par sub-Saharan Africa. That would be an eye-opener for the KKK. Most of them are from families who have been in the South for many generations. We Southerners are mixed.

    • I think it’s extremely scary that some police and the education lady are KKK..Thanks for exposing that, it’s like finding a black widow under your dining room table, very scary.

  25. “Anonymous won’t tolerate racism in any form”

    Congratulations, you just became everything you hate. KKK might be a bunch of inbred dumbass hicks but on this occasion the only thing they threatened was to meet violence with violence. If the protests remained peaceful there was not any talk of resorting to violence on the klan’s part. Way to suppress another group’s freedom of speech you hypocrites.

    • Where did they only promise to hurt people who were going to commit violence? The protests at the time were all peaceful when they threatened to commit violence if they didn’t go home and stop protesting.

      Also the group is still allowed to act the way they want, but there would be even more consequences if they followed through. The choice would be up to them, but they were made aware that they wouldn’t be completely unopposed.

  26. The Kkk had it right. People have the right assemble and protest peacefully. not burn businesses and homes, and assault and maime… Someone had to stand up for what’s right…it’s sad that it was the kkk….

    • I don’t think it’s very fair to label everyone in the group as violent. In any demonstration, especially big ones that go on long enough you’re going to have assholes who are looting and burning. That doesn’t give you the right to threaten the entire movement.

      They didn’t say they would find whoever was looting and burning, they threatened everyone.

      Hell, there’s even a possibility that it was some police that set some fires or even shop owners setting insurance fires. There’s a big incentive for either to do it considering the cash windfall this unrest could give them in a recession.

  27. I love U Anonymous.Take these bullshits out and hope you can victory this fight.Someone is standing behind of KKK and advertise them and we want you to warn them too. WE ARE LEGION.

  28. One thing has become clear: Time to reign in the “civil” authorities.
    I am very confused about the level of race-baiting around this discussion.
    Cops have ONE JOB – arrest people breaking the law, then let the rule of law work. Kill people, ummm NO. Dead citizen = cop in OPEN COURT. Simple. Just DO IT you dumb asses in MO.

  29. Hooray for Anonymous! I’ve lived in the south my entire life and it is rife with these ignorant, hateful people. I do hope Anon will extend its op to other states and uncloak the KKK. Start with Florida. Start with little ole Kissimmee – HQ of the KKK from the old days. And if anyone doubts, let them read Stetson Kennedy’s The Klan Unmasked.

  30. For an answer as to why many black people remain poor — check out this statement about and by Mohammad Ali:
    See what they did to him because he would not be a good passive pawn.
    See what he says to the white boy at a college who would not stand up for him in America for his freedom, justice, equality and religious freedom and dared to criticize him for choosing not to serve in the armed forces when he could not be treated with dignity in his own country.

    Even NOW — In some places in America, a black person can not walk, shop, go to school, vote, or live in peace — their lives are always at risk. This is wrong.

    Not just for black people – -but they experience the worst of it. These are simple facts of life for many people in America. Until those facts are faced, you don’t really understand the problem.

    We do not have equal opportunity in this country. In some places, poor people are at the bottom — in other places black people are kept poorer than others or treated as powerless even when they have more education and more money– the skin color thing is used to keep them down no matter what. Varies to some degree with other minorities. Right now, nobody really cares if you are Irish American, but your grandparents had it harder than others in their life-time. All black people tend to have a harder time even now.

    It is easy to select people based on appearance or neighborhood and treat them as less than human. Black people (and other minorities) often STILL face discrimination in every day life — including some pretty brutal hazing and discrimination. Every day. Even now. As bad or worse than the least educated, poorest white people.

    Martin Luther King was about to start a campaign for human dignity for poor laborers — regardless of race or appearance – just before they shot him. THAT is how important this issue is.

  31. Anonymous,
    I applaud what you do and I do hope that all of you remain safe at all times, especially during the Ferguson riots, if they occur. Kudos for naming the KKK. Isn’t it interesting that some on the police force are/were members. What a horrid organization and mentality.

    When Greenpeace volunteers approach me for donations I tell them that I support Sea Sheperd because their tactics are more aggressive. Unfortunately in our world we have to be aggressive to fight back against the machine. You do a good job. Keep it up.

  32. I was wondering if you had a slideshow or video that show all of these people that I can play on my show! Please email me. I want to make a difference!

  33. Pretty sure anonymous is after truth not segregation. They are not racist. They are on the side of truth and justice. Media is swayed and corrupt. Media reports the version of their truth that thwy want you to believe. Booya to Anonymous for calling people out. I see humans as people. I will treat you the way you treat me. If you are disrespectful or rude, I will not give you my time or energy. If you wrong me I will not be there when you need someone (unless you find humility, that is where forgiveness comes in). You treat me well, I will treat you well. Anonymous is about striving for unity by breaking down barriers like KKK, untruths, corruption.
    That is my opinion.

  34. KKK did nothing wrong you are all looking at the past if you look at that then look at America’s past and any other nations past we all are to blame for what we live in. Its time to take a stand by yourself don’t let anonymous do it or it will end with what their views for the world and not ours

    • Threatening lethal force against peaceful protestors isn’t doing anything? What country do you live in? Must have some pretty lax laws.

    • Your first mistake: The Klan threatened the actions of peaceful protestors. Your second: Failure to write a coherent sentence with proper punctuation.

    • Bobby, had your comment might had carried more weight had it actually been in complete sentences and been the least bit coherent.

    • What the hell are you talking about Bobby blue. These motherfuckers have long history of murder and terrorist activity and you defend that? You are obviously an inhumane racist just like them. The very existence of the KKK is wrong, stupid and hateful. Only if it were your people who were killed would you understand. Your lack of empathy for people who have suffered because of their activities shows what kind of person you are.

    • The hell the KKK didn’t do anything wrong. That group of fucking bastards did and continue to terrorize blacks, Jews and Gays . They are no better than their counterparts….the Extremist Muslims. They are domestic terrorists and must be rooted out from their lairs and exposed. They are complete pieces of shit.

    • The kkk has doing nothing wrong are you serious what’s wrong with you . They just said they are going to use deadly on top of the fact they are faceless cowards hiding behind bedsheets racist douche bags

    • I guess your real name should be added to that list. Anyone who defends people who kill, torture, and burn black churches (yes, they are promising there will be more)and terrorize communities must be one of them.

    • Spoken like a true moronic, greedy, bigoted, badge-wearing coward. You should report to the nearest Soylent Green Manufacturing Facility for immediate processing. The world doesn’t need your kind, period.

  35. Here is a list of unarmed Blacks killed by police in the US. It is extremely incomplete. A complete list for just 2005 to 2012 would have at least 760 killings. I have only 6% of those. This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

    2014: Victor White III (Iberia Parish, LA)
    2014: Dante Parker (San Bernardino County, CA)
    2014: Ezell Ford (Los Angeles, CA)
    2014: Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO)
    2014: Tyree Woodson (Baltimore, MD)
    2014: John Crawford III (Beavercreek, OH)
    2014: Eric Garner (New York, NY)
    2014: Yvette Smith (Bastrop, TX)
    2014: Jordan Baker (Houston, TX)
    2013: Barrington Williams (New York, NY)
    2013: Carlos Alcis (New York, NY)
    2013: Deion Fludd (New York, NY)
    2013: Jonathan Ferrell (Bradfield Farms, NC)
    2013: Kimani Gray (New York, NY)
    2013: Kyam Livingstone (New York, NY)
    2013: Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. (Austin, TX)
    2013: Miriam Carey (Washington, DC)
    2012: Chavis Carter (Jonesboro, AR)
    2012: Dante Price (Dayton, OH)
    2012: Duane Brown (New York, NY)
    2012: Ervin Jefferson (Atlanta, GA)
    2012: Jersey Green (Aurora, IL)
    2012: Johnnnie Kamahi Warren (Dotham, AL)
    2012: Justin Slipp (New Orleans, LA)
    2012: Kendrec McDade (Pasadena, CA)
    2012: Malissa Williams (Cleveland, OH)
    2012: Nehemiah Dillard (Gainesville, FL)
    2012: Ramarley Graham (New York, NY)
    2012: Raymond Allen (Galveston, TX)
    2012: Rekia Boyd (Chicago, IL)
    2012: Reynaldo Cuevas (New York, NY)
    2012: Robert Dumas Jr (Cleveland, OH)
    2012: Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr (Orange County, CA)
    2012: Shantel Davis (New York, NY)
    2012: Sharmel Edwards (Las Vegas, NV)
    2012: Shereese Francis (New York, NY)
    2012: Tamon Robinson (New York, NY)
    2012: Timothy Russell (Cleveland, OH)
    2012: Wendell Allen (New Orleans, LA)
    2011: Alonzo Ashley (Denver, CO)
    2011: Jimmell Cannon (Chicago, IL)
    2011: Kenneth Chamberlain (White Plains, NY)
    2011: Kenneth Harding (San Francisco, CA)
    2011: Raheim Brown (Oakland, CA)
    2011: Reginald Doucet (Los Angeles, CA)
    2010: Aaron Campbell (Portland, OR)
    2010: Aiyana Jones (Detroit, MI)
    2010: Danroy Henry (Thornwood, NY)
    2010: Derrick Jones (Oakland, CA)
    2010: Steven Eugene Washington (Los Angeles, CA)
    2009: Kiwane Carrington (Champaign, IL)
    2009: Oscar Grant (Oakland, CA)
    2009: Shem Walker (New York, NY)
    2009: Victor Steen (Pensacola, FL)
    2008: Tarika Wilson (Lima, OH)
    2007: DeAunta Terrel Farrow (West Memphis, AR)
    2006: Sean Bell (New York, NY)
    2005: Henry Glover (New Orleans, LA)
    2005: James Brisette (New Orleans, LA)
    2005: Ronald Madison (New Orleans, LA)
    2004: Timothy Stansbury (New York, NY)
    2003: Alberta Spruill (New York, NY)
    2003: Orlando Barlow (Las Vegas, NV)
    2003: Ousmane Zongo (New York, NY)
    2001: Timothy Thomas (Cincinnati, OH)
    2000: Earl Murray (Dellwood, MO)
    2000: Malcolm Ferguson (New York, NY)
    2000: Patrick Dorismond (New York, NY)
    2000: Prince Jones (Fairfax County, VA)
    2000: Ronald Beasley (Dellwood, MO)
    1999: Amadou Diallo (New York, NY)
    1994: Nicholas Heyward Jr. (New York, NY)
    1992: Malice Green (Detroit, MI)
    1985: Edmund Perry (New York, NY)
    1984: Eleanor Bumpurs (New York, NY)
    1983: Michael Stewart (New York, NY)
    1981: Ron Settles (Signal Hill, CA)
    1979: Eula Love (Los Angeles, CA)
    1969: Mark Clark (Chicago, IL)
    1969: Fred Hampton (Chicago, IL)
    1964: James Powell (New York, NY)

    • There has been plenty of white, hispanic, asian & others killed by the police but do you see those races out protesting, vandalising, looting (stealing) & fighting the police. NO YOU DON”T

      • Did you see the Pumpkin festival or are blind? Vandalizing, looting stealing and fighting. What thugs !! Why were they doing this?? At least black people have a true cause.

      • Are you blind or just ignorant. There are plenty of demonstrations against police shootings of Hispanics, Asians and even some whites e.g. Hispanic protest in San Diego over shooting of unarmed Hispanic by border patrol. Goggle it and you will find that people aren’t taking unjustified police shootings anymore

        • Lots of protests no results- let’s see this is effective how? But at least it is helping someone right? Who would that be? Maybe those who want to instill fear, hatred and confusion into the mainstream media to spoon feed it to the public. I’m willing to bet this communication was sent by the CIA or another of the elite’s lackeys. Besides the KKK is just another name for the same group of people that are ruining the fabric of our country and our life. They are just one of many arms that do the work of the predatory bastards in control. So it becomes a moot point of the name, it is the idea and the intending entities that we need to fight against.

    • now show a list of Cops Killed by Armed black men in the same time frame.

      Skagit County Deputy Sheriff Anne Jackson, Sept 2, 2008,shot.[9]
      Richard J. Adair, Juneau, Alaska, April 17, 1979, shot[10]
      Corporal Phillip Charles Anderson, Jerome County, Idaho Sheriff’s Department, January 3, 2001, shot[11]
      Earl Charles “Chuck” Ashton, Osburn, Idaho Police Department, August 17, 1976, shot[11]
      Rodney Badger, Utah, April 29, 1853
      Sheriff Ralph Francis Baker, Madison County, Arkansas Sheriff’s Department, January 5, 1998, drowning.[12]
      Doris Wayne Barber, Sitka, Alaska, July 28, 1960, shot[10] (male officer)
      Gordon Brewster Bartel, Kodiak, Alaska, January 15, 1983, shot[10]
      Luell W. Barrow, Alabama Department of Corrections, January 18, 1974, stabbed[13]
      Harry C. Beasley, Newark, Ohio, July 2, 1931, “gunned down by an armed gang attempting the theft of a safe from a local shoe store”
      Fred Beell, Marshfield, Wisconsin, August 5, 1933, shot
      J.M. Bishop, Town Marshal, Girard, Alabama, April 6, 1903, stabbed[13]
      Sergeant Robert Lee Bittick, Alaska State Trooper, October 11, 1994, British Columbia, Canada, aircraft accident[14]
      Chief of Police Larry Neal Blagg, Trumann, Arkansas, January 27, 2009, accident[15]
      Officer Leroy Garvin Bohuslov, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, March 5, 1964, aircraft accident northwest of Farewell, Alaska[14]
      Guy Bradley, Flamingo, Monroe County, Florida, July 8, 1905
      Thomas Bray, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 13, 2001[16][17]
      Constable John J. Breene, Arkansas City, Kansas Police Department, November 27, 1906, shot[18]
      Timothy Brenton, Seattle, Washington, October 31, 2009
      Michael Leland Briggs, Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department, October 17, 2006, shot[19]
      Sheriff Derwin Brown, Decatur, Georgia, December 15, 2000, assassinated by his defeated rival for position of sheriff
      Waverly Brown, shot dead during robbery at Nanuet, New York, October 20, 1981
      Edward Byrne, New York City Police Department (NYPD), February 26, 1988
      Jeffery G. Casner, Berlin, Connecticut Police Department, February 2, 1985, assault[20]
      Ignatius John Charlie, Alakanuk, Alaska, May 10, 1985, shot[10]
      Jeremy T. Charron, Epsom, New Hampshire Police Department. August 24, 1997, shot[19]
      Jacob Chestnut, United States Capitol Police, July 24, 1998
      Roland Edgar “Skip” Chevalier, Jr., Alaska State Trooper, Cleary Summit Ski Area, Fairbanks North Star, April 3, 1982, shot[10]
      Gail Cobb, Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, September 20, 1974 (note: first female American police officer to be killed in the line of duty)
      John H. Combs, Parma, Idaho Police Department, September 22, 1969[11]
      Night Officer Marion Albert “Bert” Conrey, Knoxville, Iowa Police Department, April 2, 1938, assault[21]
      Samuel P. Cowley, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent, Barrington, Illinois, November 27, 1934, shot
      Dennis Finbar Cronin, Alaska State Trooper, February 18, 1974, shot,[10]
      Night Watchman Thomas Cummins, New Haven, Connecticut Police Department, November 24, 1855, assault[20]
      Sheriff John S. Degman, Colfax County, Nebraska Sheriff’s Department, January 12, 1886, assault[22]
      Deputy Cliff E. Dicker, Wytheville, VA, December 6, 1994, shot[23]
      Chief of Police Thomas Clifford Dillon, Bethel, Alaska, November 19, 1972, shot[10]
      Kyle Dinkheller, Laurens County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office, January 12, 1998
      Special Agent Jessie Bruce Dobson, Jr., Florida Department of Law Enforcement, August 30, 1991, aircraft accident[24]
      Correctional Officer William E. Donaldson, Alabama Department of Corrections, January 12, 1990, stabbed[13]
      Troy Lynn Duncan, Alaska State Trooper, Alaska, May 19, 1984, shot[10]
      Gilbert A. Duthie, Arizona Department of Public Safety, September 5, 1970, drowned[25]
      Morgan Earp, March 18, 1882, shot subsequent to his wounding at the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
      Game Warden Wilson Conley Elms, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, January 5, 1981, shot at Owyhee County, Idaho[11]
      Reserve Deputy James L. Epp, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office, March 1, 1978, drowned[25]
      Luther F. Fails, Alabama Department of Corrections, March 12, 1974, stabbed[13]
      Ronald W. Feldner, New Plymouth, Idaho Police Department, January 20, 1994, shot[11]
      Johnathan Paul Flora, Anchorage, Alaska, September 8, 1975, shot[10]
      Gregory P. Foster, 9th Precinct (Manhattan), NYPD, January 27, 1972, shot[26][27]
      Constable William Francis Frawley, Westport, Connecticut Police Department, May 21, 1936, assault[20]
      Sa Fuimaono, American Samoa Department of Public Safety, June 3, 1998, drowned[28]
      Steven F. Gaughan, Prince George’s County, Maryland, June 21, 2005, shot
      Inspector Austin Dewey Gay, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement, April 14, 1979, shot[29]
      John Gibson, United States Capitol Police, Washington, D.C., July 24, 1998
      Lieutenant William S. Gordon, Norwich, Connecticut Police Department, July 7, 1881, assault[20]
      Ralph Griffin, Anniston, Alabama, June 22, 1954, stabbed[13]
      David Guttenberg, Brooklyn, New York, December 28, 1978; shot dead while off-duty during a robbery[30]
      Harry Biddington Hanson, Jr., Anchorage, Alaska, July 17, 1986, shot[10]
      Henry Hart, Opelika, Alabama Town Marshal, February 1, 1884, stabbed.[13]
      Trooper Bruce Alan Heck, Alaska State Troopers, Glennallen, Alaska, January 10, 1997, assault[31]
      Eugene Hobbs, Talladega, Alabama, February 12, 1921, stabbed[13]
      Earl Ray Hoggard, Ketchikan, Alaska, March 30, 1974, shot[10]
      Herman Hollis, FBI agent, Barrington, Illinois, November 12, 1981,drowned*Robert H. Holmes, the first African-American NYPD officer to be killed in the line of duty, shot during gun battle with burglar in Harlem, August 6, 1917
      Guard Ezra Hoskins, Connecticut Department of Correction, May 1, 1833, assault[20]
      State Trooper Linda Carol Huff, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, June 17, 1998, shot[11]
      Calvin Wayne Jenks, Tennessee Highway Patrol, January 6, 2007[32]
      Anthony Crawford Jones, Dillingham, Alaska, February 12, 1992, shot[10]
      Harry C. Kavanaugh, Anchorage, Alaska, January 3, 1924, shot[10]
      Sergeant Ronald Eugene Kelley, Ak-Chin Tribal Police Department, Tribal Police, Maricopa, Arizona, November 20, 1995, shot [33]
      Robert E. Kendricks, Alabama Department of Corrections, March 29, 1971, stabbed[13]
      Jimmy Earl Kennedy, Juneau, Alaska, April 17, 1979, shot[10]
      Constable Lloyd M. Kozenieski, Woodbury, Connecticut Police Department, May 7, 1974, assault[20]
      John Kevin Lamm, Fairbanks, Alaska, January 1, 1998, shot[10]
      Rocco W. Laurie, 9th Precinct (Manhattan), NYPD, January 27, 1972, shot[26][27][34]
      Leslie George Lord, New Hampshire State Police, August 19, 1997, shot[19]
      Darrell E. Lunsford, Sr., Garrison, Texas, January 23, 1991, shot
      Coleman Regis McDonough, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 5, 1965, shot[35]
      Corporal N. Bruce McKay, III, Franconia, New Hampshire Police Department, May 11, 2007, shot [19]
      Chief of Police Alvin G. Miller, Fairbanks, Alaska, November 2, 1908, shot[10]
      Joshua D. Miller, Pennsylvania State Police, Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, June 7, 2009, shot[36]
      Ralph W. Miller, Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department, October 2, 1976, shot[19]
      Harry Minto, Oregon prison superintendent, September 27, 1915
      Louie Gordon Mizelle, Anchorage, Alaska, June 6, 1989, shot[10]
      James A. Moen, Alaska State Trooper-Fish and Wildlife Protection, near Lake Iliamna, Alaska, June 25, 2001, aircraft accident[14]
      Corporal James Brian Moulson, Jerome County, Idaho Sheriff’s Department, January 3, 2001, shot[11]
      George F. Nadeau, Sr., Panama Canal Zone Police Department, October 31, 1957, vehicular assault[37]
      Kenneth G. Nauska, Craig, Alaska, January 30, 1966, shot[10]
      Lee Stewart Newbill, Moscow, Idaho Police Department, May 19, 2007, shot[11]
      Sergeant James Stanwood Noyes, New Hampshire State Police, October 3, 1994, shot at Gilford, New Hampshire[19]
      Wyatt Luther Nugent, Louisiana sheriff, April 21, 1936
      Edward O’Grady II, NYPD, October 20, 1981
      Oran Pape, Iowa State Patrol, April 30, 1936
      Guard Herbert Orlando Parsell, Connecticut Department of Correction, March 9, 1945, assault[20]
      William G. Pfalmer, Jr., Anchorage, Alaska, December 26, 1970, shot[10]
      Trooper Scott Edward Phillips, New Hampshire State Police, August 19, 1997, shot[19]
      Rodney Pocceschi, Virginia Beach, Virginia, June 23, 2003, shot
      Game Warden William Harlan Pogue, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, January 5, 1981, shot at Owyhee County, Idaho[11]
      Darius Quimby, Albany County, New York, January 3, 1791, the first United States police officer to be killed in the line of duty
      Timothy Brian Ridenour, Baltimore Police Department, October 27, 1975, shot[38]
      Frank Stuart Rodman, Alaska State Trooper, December 11, 1974, aircraft accident[14]
      Hans-Peter Roelle, Alaska State Trooper, Wasilla, Alaska, November 24, 2001, shot[10]
      Acting Police Chief Armand J. Roussel, Nashua, New Hampshire Police Department, October 27, 1971, shot[19]
      James Arland Rowland, Jr., Palmer, Alaska, May 15, 1999, shot[10]
      Ralph T. Russell, Lewiston, Idaho Police Department, June 15, 1970, shot[11]
      Sheriff Jerry Ryan, Gila County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office, June 1, 1890, drowned[25]
      Donald Ralph Schultz, Phoenix, Arizona, May 12, 2004, drowned[25]
      Dan Richard Seely, Anchorage, Alaska, October 26, 1996, shot[10]
      George Seman, Evart, Michigan, June 13, 1966, shot
      James J. Shaw, Mobile, Alabama, December 21, 1924, stabbed[13]
      Wesley L. Silas, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement, March 1, 1994, struck by vehicle[39]
      Arthur Smart, Panama Canal Zone Police Department, February 5, 1941, vehicular assault[37]
      City Marshal Thomas J. Smith, Abilene, Kansas Police Department, November 2, 1870, shot[40]
      Mark Arlin Stall, Boise, Idaho Police Department, September 20, 1997, shot[11]
      Lawrence Stefane, 9th Precinct NYPD, May 28, 1970, stabbed[41]
      Marcia Lynn Stella, Stamford, Connecticut Police Department, February 3, 2008, assault[20]
      Benjamin Franklin Strong, Anchorage, Alaska, January 4, 1968, shot,[10]
      Chief of Police John J. Sturgus, Anchorage, Alaska, February 20, 1921, shot[10]
      Florence B. Sullivan, Danbury, Connecticut Police Department, September 8, 1896, assault[20] (male officer)
      Deputy Commissioner Claude Everett Swackhammer, Alaska Department of Public Safety, October 11, 1994, aircraft accident in British Columbia, Canada[14]
      Fasiolepia F. Ta’Ase, American Samoa Department of Public Safety, June 21, 1981, bludgeoned[28]
      William Harvey Thompson, Seattle, Washington Prohibition agent, date/year unknown, shot
      Russel Timoshenko, Auxiliary New York City police officer, Manhattan, July 14, 2007, shot
      J.D. Tippit, Dallas, November 22, 1963 (aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy)
      Samuel Violin, Panama Canal Zone Police Department, August 28, 1945, vehicular assault[37]
      Henry Walburger, 9th Precinct (Manhattan), NYPD, July 27, 1964, shot[26]
      Lieutenant James A. Walker, Emmett, Idaho Police Department, September 3, 1966, shot[11]
      John Patrick Watson, Kenai, Alaska, December 25, 2003[10]
      Fred White, Tombstone, Arizona Territory, October 30, 1880
      City Marshal Charles H. Wiley, Seward, Alaska, October 4, 1917, shot[10]
      Special Agent Dillard William Wiley, Atlanta and West Point Railroad Police Department, August 29, 1933, shot[42]
      Special Deputy Marshal Mike Williams, Abilene, Kansas Police Department, October 5, 1871, accidental gunfire[43]
      Ronald A. Williams II, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 4, 1995, shot
      Officer Gary George Wohlfeil, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, March 5, 1964, aircraft accident near Farewell, Alaska[14]
      Justin Todd Wollam, Anchorage, Alaska Police Department, July 9, 2001, vehicular assault[44]
      Sydney Zaffuto, Orleans Parish, Louisiana Criminal Sheriff’s Office, January 8, 2004, shot[45]
      Ronald Eugene Zimin, Village Public Safety Officer, South Naknek, Alaska, October 22, 1986, shot[10]
      Deputy Sheriff Ernest Zettergren, Anoka County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Office, December 7, 1953, shot[46]
      Correctional Officer Jose Rivera, United States Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of Prisons, June 20, 2008, stabbed [47]

      my list is bigger then yours.

      • How many of them faced actual justice in a court vs how many police officers faced no charges.

        Compare the lists

      • “Special Deputy Marshal Mike Williams, Abilene, Kansas Police Department, October 5, 1871, accidental gunfire[43]”—–Wow….so back in 1871…a black did this?? LMAO THis list if fake…smh

      • Lies, there are not enough black people in Alaska to have shot that many Alaskan cops. We hate the cold. And how does a cop downing equate to killed by a armed black person? Aircraft accident=killed by armed black man? Your list might be big but it’s full of poo.

      • Your list goes back to the 1800s. The first list goes to 2007. A major distinction is that the cops were armed…as well as the bad guys.

      • Here a search for just one on your list: Chief Larry Blagg was killed when he was struck by a falling tree branch while assisting with cleanup efforts following a winter storm.

        He was moving fallen branches when a large branch covered with ice broke and fell, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. He passed away while being transported to a local hospital.

        Chief Blagg had served with the Trumann Police Department for 17 years. He is survived by his wife, son, parents, and four siblings.

        Read more:

      • First off his list is amall…. second off his list started in the 80s you have stuff in there from the 1800s….DO YOU REALLY WANT TO POST THAT UP THERE WHEN AT THAT TIME COPS PARTICIPATED IN LYNCHING ,BURNING HOMES WITH CHILDREN INSIDE RAPING WOMEN, DROWNING NUBIANS AND NUBIAN SUPPORTER, REFUSING TO ASSIST BECAUSE OF COLOR, RANDOMLY shooting us due to color. ….you are playing title for tat not underlying what actually occurred and definitely neglecting the substance of events when dealing with untrained men with little or no education that did not know what they wanted to go to school for but possibly decided to go because they could pass the fitness test or their daddy was a cop/military…..most people don’t work because they want to but because they have to….and I’d love a percentage of how many cops actually care about us and have the temperance needed to serve the public…. your heart is not clean or sincere on that title for tat mess….M HIS NUMBERS OVER 500 in a 3 year span much less at that time frame7 to 8,000 and that is only the ones on the books…let’s not pretend these people who treated us like cattle actually followed rules to the letter…. a person who hates is my concern not a person who is for their race. I’d rather create programs to grow your people than create a racially hateful groip designed to kill or keep me down. All the rallying kkk is doing does not hide their past and their meetings are not all taped recorded and put on youtube for me to look through….nor does anyone else. We don’t know what they are doing for good or evil. We know what they have done and thst is not even less than 10 years ago.

      • This one is my favorite on your “Cops Killed by Armed black men ” list: Sheriff Derwin Brown, Decatur, Georgia, December 15, 2000, assassinated by his defeated rival for position of sheriff.

        I think that that cop Derwin, …who was actually a black man killed by THREE cops (a former sheriff and two deputies), might need to be a shared statistic.

        Your list is amazing. It was both delightful and ridiculous. It even included a cop who was shot during the aftermath of the JFK assassination! I mean, did you even read this list??

        Here is a list for you: it doesn’t start in the 1800’s – it starts on january 1st 2015.

      • Of course your list is longe,r it’s completely fabricated. Desperate, aren’t you? You only hurt your cause (and strengthen ours) when you make up stuff to support your racist viewpoint.

      • Not that it matters but your list is detailed in such a way that many names take two lines as opposed to the one line for each item in the list of black deaths. I guess that would make your list longer. Also your list has deaths going back to 1880 as opposed to 1964… And most importantly of all, the real discussion is about modern law enforcement using violence in America, not about the 1800s. Police are necessarily exposed to violence. Citizens going about there business on the streets of the nation being shot down for very little reason (the police were afraid), as so many recent videos can attest, is another matter. If an officer is afraid than maybe he needs to change careers. A scared officer with a gun is not a welcome idea in any neighborhood.

      • G_witty- your list begins in 1870! you are familiar with how a calendar/time operates right? the list you are comparing to starts in 1964. you had to add 94 years of police victims to make a comparable list to police murders(assuming your list isn’t COMPLETE bullshit)

      • One was from 1882. morgan erp. Wtf
        I googled alot of these and got no hits
        Can you tell me where this info came from so i can fact check it please

      • Damn how much sleep did you give up to compile this nonsense. Morgan Earp at the OK Corral in 1882 are your freaking kidding me? I highly doubt the majority of these were perpetrated by black men. You seem to be delusional my dear! Take off your hood and robe and get under your confederate flag and please take a nap.

      • Your list is nonsense. What timeframe are you working on as well? Seeing as you are so good with lists, please publish a list of all cops killed by armed white men in the same timeframe . . . . I can already safely say ‘my list is bigger than yours’.

    • More whites have been killed by police by a long shot. Unarmed means nothing by the way. Police are not in the business of fist fighting. You either cooperate or regret it.

      • That is such a weak argument. Would you like to know why there is presently a list of unarmed blacks killed by cops? Because someone took the time to make one. That person (or people) felt it was important enough to spend their precious time to compile a list. If you really want to know the statistics, i.e. the amount of unarmed whites killed by cops is important to you, then go or there and do the research yourself! No one is saying that the amount of unarmed whtes killed by cops is insignificant, it’s simply that no one has made any noise about it. So…go do your research and make people know about your findings…..unless of course you were merely posturing, but THAT can’t be the case right?

    • How many unarmed people threw their weapon away or had another person remove it from the scene before officers shot them during the pursuit of a crime they committed. The truth is police do not shoot for no reason.

      If these crimmials would have stopped when confronted by police they would still be alive.

    • According to the FBI’s online database of officers feloniously killed, as well as the Officer Down Memorial Page, since 2000, there have been at least 57 occurrences where the suspects have taken officers’ weapons and murdered the police officer with it. Fifty-seven times, loved ones of those officers heard the awful knock on their front door, notifying them that their husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter would never be coming home again. Fifty-seven times, the threat that some loudly continue to claim does not exist, ended with fatal results.

      While statistics for officers killed with their own weapons are hard to find, we know from the FBI and that between 2000-10, at least 51 officers were killed by suspects who used the officer’s own gun. Four officers were killed in 2011, one officer in 2013. While the data for 2014 is not final, we know that Johnson City (New York) Police Officer David Smith was murdered this past March with his own weapon.

      Now tell me what would you rather a police officer being murdered by an “unarmed suspect” that is ether running away/charging from them for no reason or the “unarmed suspect”

  36. To all the white people who want to fight police brutality and militarization, I urge you not to point fingers at black people who are fighting against racist police brutality and racial profiling by cops. Black people have more than enough reasons to feel the way they do. Rather than point out, “but whites get killed by cops too”, use this moment to persuade them to join you in your efforts to fight police brutality, as they have more than enough reasons to want to fight it and they are on fire right now.

    Know also that it is extremely condescending to black people to point out that “black people kill other black people everyday, I don’t see you doing anything about that”. That’s a low blow and a bad argument. Because truth is they are doing things to fight black on black crime, just because you don’t “see” it does not mean its not getting done. It just doesn’t make the news because that means the media would actually have to portray black people in a positive light and that visual will not aid in their agenda to get you to believe that black people are dangerous thugs…think about it.

    I am speaking objectively as a person of African descent so that you hear me. Use this moment to get more members on your team, not to point fingers. Dont get defensive, dont be offended, just remember the common struggle.


    PS, Anonymous…keep on

  37. I agree with Anonymous organization, we all have the right to be happy; no matter social class, race, or color. We must fight against prejudice and the indiferencia, and take these types of person the powers of this world called prejudice.
    Good job’m Organization +1 here trying to survive in this world called prejudiced Brazil that says a country of all; but all has nothing because here are willing to go out, because can not bear to live for being black, humble class poor who lives somewhere in the slums exist here. I’m ashamed to be Brazilian brown color, and have more chance to get somewhere, and to be welcome: while a black has the same right I is not well attended, and still is killed for being black and rated with (bandit, thief or assassin). Brazil needs to take a large Chacualho to wake up and punish all envolvidos.ass walte

  38. Something that all of you seem to be unaware of is the fact that we ALL have been enslaved. It started the very day you were born, with the creation of the Birth Certificate. YOU are traded on the stock market, as are the courts, the police station, the prisons, and the prisoners, to name a few. A simple search on Dun & Bradstreet will prove the corporations (i.e., courts, police, prisons, etc.) are indeed corporations, and are traded on the stock market. (it will say “traded as”) There are quite a number of judges, prosecutors, etc., who are also on Dun & Bradstreet. If you want to see the fact that your birth certificate is traded on the stock market, go to this site:

    Put your name (the name on your birth certificate, in all caps) in the “Search Value” box, then click on “Across Offerings” in the “Search For” box, then click on “Search”…Also, even more interestingly, leave the “Search For” box on “Treasury”…they both will take you to another page… on that page there are “required fields” marked by red asterick… when you leave it on “Treasury” the “bond tier” is already checked…when you put in “Across Offerings” click on “other” next to “bond tier”…click on “all” next to “Call Protection” and “Zero Coupon” and then click on “Show Offerings”… that will bring up a graph… click on one of the dots on the graph to see the trading information.
    You might also want to try using the number on the BACK of your social security card the same way. Put that number in there and search and see what comes up. That number is, after all, your trust account number. (that was created when you were born also)
    So basically, this is not simply a racial thing…they are using that to divide us all so that we don’t “catch on” to what’s really going on and what they plan to do. But some of us are aware and are educating others.
    Y’all better wake up before it’s too late. Keep on dwelling on this bs and you will be caught up in the fema camps or will be dead. I seriously doubt you will have much choice in which will be your fate.

  39. just want to set the record straight i am NOT the dawn goddard on this report and if people just took two seconds to look at her pic and mine they will see we look nothing alike we live on opposite sides of the world and to be honest im getting very sick of the abuse ive got more important things to worry about right now with my health i dont need this as well. please stop letting ur mouth/fingers do the thinking for you and take a long hard look at yourselves yes these kkk r total scum but so r the people who are abusing and harassing innocent people because they cant tell the difference between tow people. u are just as bad as the kkk spreading the hate. all messages sent to me are being recorded and sent to the police for future action if this does not stop.


    “According to the FBI, from 1980–2014, an average of 64 law enforcement officers have been feloniously killed per year. Those killed in accidents in the line of duty are not included in that number.”

    Not all of those were black people. But if your a cop you don’t care, white black whatever, dead is dead, at the end of the shift it means your wife and kids are without there husband and father. All in the name of just doing your job.

    So if a cop gets out of hand when someone is resisting arrest. Lets not get to upset.

  41. Seriously, take a billboard out and put the names of these racist criminals in lights for everyone to see. They do not deserve to hide behind their hoods, just because they are a bunch of cowards and do not want others to know what POS they really are. The people who employ them, and live beside them need to know what they really are all about.

  42. Yokum, you cite FBI statistics that an average of 64 law enforcement officers are feloniously killed per year – out of somewhere around a million (7 year old stats show 800K sworn officers in state and local law enforcement alone). Those deaths are indeed tragedies, and we appreciate law enforcement officers taking that statistically slight chance of felonious death.

    However, that in no way means it’s OK for cops to “get out of hand” and that we should not get upset. Shooting a fleeing unarmed man in no way reduces police casualties.

    When somebody kills a law enforcement officer, no expense or effort is spared to find and punish the culprit, and that is as it should be. When a civilian is unjustly killed (or harmed) by law enforcement, this too should be honestly investigated and prosecuted.

    Some officer unjustly killing a civilian someehere does not in the slightest justify some other civilian killing some other officer – right? The same applies – some criminal killing an officer somewhere doesn’t get balanced out somehow by letting officers unjustly kill some civilians somewhere else!!!

  43. The KKK are a bunch of silly looking white dudes wearing drag queen like white bed sheets, silly looking pointy white school dunce caps who hide their faces for fear of being recognized, and calling themselves the Ku Klux Klan or the Klan. KKK literally translated means klueless, klutzy Kandyasses. They puff out their bed sheets and run around spouting hate, bigotry, and trying to spread fear. The only thing scary about these dunce cap wearing wingnuts anymore is their Mommies having to find the courage to get the brown and yellow stains out of their underwear when they run crying home after having been actually confronted by somebody who wasn’t intimidated. They are a bunch of cowards with penises the size of triple AAA batteries when erect, or smaller, and brains the size of a walnut at best, and in the end nothing but a bag of walking, talking pieces of racist shit!

  44. I don’t agree with what they represent or stand for but If you’re going to post names, at least get the spelling right..I see at least two that are misspelled..An innocent person could be mistaken for, not to mention someone having the same name..Very irresponsible..I know one of the fathers of the above and he has the same name..Two wrongs don’t make a right..

  45. The arguments over how many cos killed ‘Blacks’ – or whoever vs how many citizens killed cops – I say citizens because people of African descent are NOT the only people who kill law enforcement representatives. PLEASE STOP this ridiculous bickering over insignificance and cease the knee jerk reactions. There are way bigger fish to fry and it appears that ‘Anonymous’ is attempting to implement a solution.

    It seems that murdering people who expose individuals, organizations or institutions for oppressing, excluding or other injustices has officially been documented as being part of the ‘American Way’. However, there is nothing remotely democratic about that.

    I tip my hat once again to ‘Anonymous’ for stepping up to the plate. There will be NO change in this arena without more people doing so. This list reveals what people of color have been saying all along: racists abound in US educational and law enforcement institutions. These two entities that directly affect people’s quality of Life and can be detrimental when responsibility is placed in the hands of people who deliberately sabotage another human being’s liberty because they do not like their race, gender or cultural affiliation! That is INSANE!

    INSANITY n. 2. extreme foolishness or irrationality.

  46. I see no difference in the kkk or the black Panthers. I remember in Florida where black panthers stated that they was going to target & blow up all the hospitals that had white babies & destroy all whites as they burned & walked on our United States flag that all our ancestors fought & died for from now & ww2 & before that. I’d say if your going to target racism then target both racist parties & not one or the other. It’s all the same.

  47. I remember back in Florida when the black Panthers stated that they was going to target & bomb hospitals with white babies inside & wipe out the white race as they burned & walked on the American flag that all our ancestors fought & died for from now to ww2 & before that. I’d say if your going to target racism then target both kkk & the new black Panthers. We can’t just talk about one or the other. There both just as lethal & racially dangerous.

    • But as you can see child, The Black Panthers haven’t done that, nor will they ever. They made threats just like the KKK does. That’s only to scare them. The KKK takes extremism to a whole new level. I don’t remember the Black Panthers bombing white churches, killing whites for trying to vote, killing whites for trying to surrender, hanging white people for walking down the street, raping and murdering white babies, killing Ku Klux Klan members, murdering whites in their sleep, destroying white history, rewriting the bible to favor black people, using little white babies as crocodile bait, not hiring somebody because their name is Becky, Chad, Billy Bob, Cletus, Clemp, or Sarah. So don’t go on comparing those two groups together. Because the Black Panthers are a group that sticks up for our whites just like the one before.

  48. If the kkk chooses to wear hoods to represent their cause anonymously then my question is…. how in the the he’ll is it ok for a group whose name represents anonymity to out these people. So who are these people?

  49. I really wish we could get Anonymous help with something even bigger that is happening right now in Saint Louis. West Lake Landfill . If you are not familiar with it check out the, westlake Landfill page or, just moms stl on Facebook. Where these protesters are marching and pretty much all of saint Louis families are living , there is a smoldering underground fire in a Landfill ,which isn’t uncommond , however this fire is 1000 ft from 40,000 ton of nuclear waste that was dump there from the Manhattan project. We need help to save the family’s , save the children of Missouri .If the fire hits this waste it could be a nuclear fallout. Not to mention the Landfill that is burning is not just a regular Landfill , it is a superfund site. This waste is also responsible for cold-water creek .Please help the big company’s who own this site has payed off and are hiding the truth about this . Please go to Fb page and read the facts about this. If any one could help us and get the media coverage and government help we need it would be Anonymous. Thanks

  50. You all fail to realize this is 2015..all that black and white shit needs to the end of the fucking day we bleed the same color..when you dirty you turn black..what makes you think that your race is superior..chile the end of the day you all will have to pay for all the fuckery you guys have done to blacks ever since past generations..get it together…its not all about WHITES..and if you are proud of doing what you are doing why cover up with hoods..reveal yourself if you are so call proud of what you are doing…hmm if tables have to be turned tomorrow lets see how you would feel

  51. Racism, bigotry, hatred for what all that is different is a result of fear and ignorance. After reading many of the above posts I have to conclude that there are a lot of mean and stupid people on the internet. The chemical, melanin, has caused such hatred in human beings. “sigh”

  52. The Ku Klux Klan Act “Force Act of 1871 gave a describes the Acts committed by the Ku Klux Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan controlled both City and County government including both State and United States government holding positions of power Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers, Grand Jury Foremen, Governors, Representatives and Senators including President. We are being subjected and caused to be subjected to unconstitutional Customs and Policies regulated by both the Democratic and Republican Party that are in violation of The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. The District Attorneys is a Policy Maker of the County and City government, every day the District Attorneys implement Policy that allowing Police to conduct unlawful searches and Seizures without warrants. If there is a Verdict of Guilty then it become policy in County and City government to conduct unlawful searches and seizures under Judgment entered by the Judge………The Ku Klux Klan is the Fraternal Order who is not a branch of government or have anything to do with government….SO HELP ME GOD

    • It’s really sad to see the ignorance of any human being betray and be litter one another because of the color of one skin. There will never be a positive answer to resolve any hate crime as long as selfish people keep dividing the human race.To stop the violence will take one simple thing that all races find to hard to do and that is to stop dividing human life by categories of color,gender,sexuality,religion,culture etc….

  53. speaking of transparency: it would be great if you described enough of your methodology that we don’t see the large number of *.ru email addresses as a problem. It makes it look like you just scraped their twitter feed for followers, which would be a really bad methodology.

    I would really like a reliable list of secret KKK members. I just don’t have any confidence you’re giving us one.

  54. There is no longer black or white just the same blood we all spill as long as we hate because of color or religious fews the world will never find peace and can’t not find peace we all have to change or be satisfied with the way it is but if your satisfied what is different from you and them think about it and o and anonymous I don’t need to thank you you all ready know I will stand by u like I said if we want change then me must change are self before we can do the same to others alot may think I’m dumb but I’m fine with that


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