The Anoncast – Episode 17 – Zoltan Istvan Transhumanist Candidate for President of the United States

anoncast episode 17

On this episode of The Anoncast, Alek had the chance to speak with Transhumanist Party Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan.


The Transhumanist Party is politically-centric and aims to support its candidates and voters with future-inspired policies that will enrich America and the world. We believe science and technology can solve most of the world’s problems. Many of the party’s core ideas and goals can be found in the Platform page and in the founding party article in The Huffington Post.

The Transhumanist Party was founded by futurist and philosopher Zoltan Istvan on October 7, 2014 as a nonprofit organization. Istvan is its 2016 US Presidential candidate, per a vote of the party’s officers. Check out his Op-Ed in Gizmodo, his interview in Popular Science, and his video interview with the Financial Times. Istvan’s Presidential campaign site is:
The Transhumanist Party is operated and managed by the Transhumanist National Committee LLC.
Even though the Transhumanist Party is young, it’s already inspired many people, most who are ready for a major change in the landscape of American politics.



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  1. I am Transhuman yet I will fight FIGHT against it.

    Immoral unethical cruel unnecessary

    Only caused by sadists with no brain or never shown how to stop cycle of abuse

  2. If robots take over all jobs, and we are paid a universal basic income, what would the robots make?
    If I need to buy something I’d get a human to make it. Why buy a product made by robots when I can get a friend to do it. In fact humans might take themselves out of ‘society’ and lead a freer life in our own communities. There would be two groups of humans, a transhumanist community, and a normal community. I’d rather live a more basic lifestyle free from excessive technological control. I don’t think there’s any good to come from having a ‘Borg’ like existence


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