AnonHQ Undergoes Renovations


The new year has brought in some new changes to the pages of AnonHQ, changes which has been months in the making. For those of you who regularly follow us but may not be aware AnonHQ runs various pages in conjunction with the main web site. We of course have the Facebook page with nearly 4.7 million followers and which is our main news web site, but we also run a forums page and various web chats to coordinate news, events, and connect people around the world.

The Anonymous Forums

As of 1-16-2016 we have renovated the forums at | To change the site the administrators have moved the chat service out of the main section of the forums and off to the side. This opens up the forums at the center of the web site as the main attraction and makes the forums easier to access/browse for anyone entering the site.

The the chat is active 24/7, it is also known to be a bit random and can get off topic quickly. The forum on the other hand is less active and because of this organizes and consolidates information related to specific subjects much better. In this way the forums are much more important then the chat. If you have something you want people to see or read we urge people to post it in forums rather then the chat, as the chat will swallow up information very quickly. When you get to the chat you can simply include the link to your forum posting whenever relevant rather then typing it over and over again in chats. has covered several original stories taken from people who have contributed on the forums and if you have read about any Anonymous operation on HQ, chances are it originated on the forums.


Discord Chat Service

The chat service at on Anonboards has been in a constant state of change dating back to last Fall and quite frankly thas frustrated many of the regular users. The good news for everyone is that the new chat service is in place and we have no plans to change it anytime soon. We are now utilizing the Discord Chat Service and if you were with us from the beginning you may remember a chat with one room. Today that chat service has as many as 16 different rooms all covering various topics, there is even an option to host your own chat server off the main anonboards server if you want to start your own group, organize an operation et cetera.

Join The AnonHQ Chatrooms:

Most importantly for internet users is that we have taken your safety and anonymity into consideration and now you do not have to be an internet wizard to safely interact with Anonymous. Discord Chat Service offers built in encryption for all messaging and blocks IP skimming practices so people can not target anyone individually. Unlike the IRC which requires you to take down computer protections to get on the server, our chat service allow everyone to enter with full protections in place.

One of the main things we are trying to do here with this web site and the infrastructure is so consolidate the Anonymous collective and get more people together to make a greater difference. As it stands Anonymous is divided everywhere on multiple web pages, IRC’s and countries. There are countless individual groups which exist simultaneously but disconnected/unaware of one another. Our only goal is to connect people to one another in an attempt to grow the movement, in doing so we can create a better world. Whether some people like it or not AnonHQ is the most popular Anonymous page in the entire world, we are trying to use this platform the best we can.


The AnonCast – Podcast Chat

The Anonymous Podcast is one of the newer features to AnonHQ, it was added just a few months ago and has now produced its first 10 episodes with many more on the way. The Podcast is still growing and is reaching out to the Anonymous community for ideas and support. We have added our own chat server dedicated ideas surrounding the podcast and ask everyone to participate.

Join the Anonymous Podcast Chat:

Reach Podcast Producers: [email protected]

Podcast Episode Directory:

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  1. Im trying to figure out a way to get in contact with your organization. You’re the foremost organization in standing up to the injustices against human rights. Millions of fathers and some mothers to include myself have been victimized by the Family Court system and the lawyers that work in the practice. False allegations without proof have paved the way for the loss of parental rights to our children. Most of us are thousands in debt or couldnt afford an attorney from the get go. It’s a system designed to enrich judges and attorneys meanwhile they’re crushing families. We’re desperate and we need help.

    • AMENNNNNN NICK. My name is Luis and I too have had to go through the legal bullshit you are talking about and yes you’re soooooo right that this bullshit has destroyed the family values as a whole and, I’l even go as far as saying, it has made our women become loathsome because they now use babies as a way to make millions of dollars from the respective fathers that they have the babies with. This is a very criminal and corrupt way of using the justice system to destroy the American way of life. If anyone can make this right, I along with many more who have suffered, would join the fight openly.

  2. Ok, yall need to know more about anonymous. There is no hq no leader. So I am a little curious as to why you would think this is true. Anonymous is only an idea,


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