Anonymous Plans April Fools Surprise for Donald Trump


A group of Anonymous claiming to be responsible for the hack which took down Turkeys internet last year has announced new plans for a massive DDoS campaign to be launched against Donald Trump on April, 1 2016. The group has released a video, prepared a memoir and put together a list of websites for all who are interested to target.

Operation Press Release | Web Sites To Target:

As a contributor for Anonymous news I feel it would be unethical for me not to place a warning in with this type of posting. Usually when an attack occurs people do not go out and announce the exact date and time to the public weeks in advance. Make no mistake Donald Trump will be aware of this event now and you can bet the NSA and the Secret Service will be particularly interested in monitoring all the internet activity on these sites April 1st. Understand, the group of Anonymous who took out Turkey are the elite of the elite hackers. If you do not know what you are doing, do not know how to hide your IP or cover your tracks and you participate in this attack you will be caught. Just remember to stay smart and stay safe. And most importantly it is illegal. So we do recommend you, not to participate in these attacks.

This operation comes in coordination with OpTrump which has for the most part dominated the headlines of Anonymous news the last few months.

12-09-15 | Donald Trump Web Sites DDoS In Protest for Muslim Rights & Trumps Promise To Ban Muslims From The United States:

12-18-15 | Donald Trump Meme Troll Day:

1-10-16 | The Largest Recorded DDoS In History Launched Against Donald Trump:

2-1-15 | Anonymous Conservative Hacks Iowa Caucus Web Site In Protest of Sarah Palin Endorsement of Trump:

2-15-16 |Hackers Take Donald Trump’s Voicemail | Leak 35 Recordings, Replace Greeting Message, Release Video:

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  1. I am starting to disagree with Anon. There seems like there is money being involved with all this hate with you guys. You can always make someone look and sound bad by cutting their words which you have done. If you are going to go against him dont cut words… its make your self look like fools. The social media cuts his words you guys cut his word. You guys don’t really listen do you?

    • Any man who actually wan’t to build a wall between two countries because he thinks they are the cause of the problems he bleats on about, is dangerous. And stupid. Regardless of his words being edited.

      This isn’t even about America anymore, this is about the safety of pretty much the whole world.

      • ok, so now ANON is trying to shape the political landscape? And as far as the wall goes, Trump only revived a sentiment that has been around for years. Not for it, just being fair. All politicians change as the wind blows. ALL.

        • This is bull! These people (racists and bigots) have been around since the beginning of this country. They used to separate white Europeans into groups for crying out loud. The history is there.

          • To Quagmire:

            Illegal immigration from Mexico is at its lowest rate since 2007 (source: There are plenty of issues that are more important right now: Fixing our prison system, Fixing our mental health system, managing our shaky relations with the Middle East, addressing the NSA’s suspicious practices… the list is huge.

            I don’t know if Trump genuinely thinks that immigration is the biggest issue at hand, or If he’s simply trying to appeal to far-right voters. Either way, putting this as the central point of his campaign is misguided, at best.

        • you hit the nail on the head! I think Anon. is wanting the power for themselves. They can rage war with anything or anyone they disagree with, all the while staying “anonymous.” Unseen forces reigning supreme. Much like the Wizard of Oz. You know how that turned out. The more this crap goes on, the more I want to vote for him.

      • yeah right tell that to the 260,000 dead in the mexican border drug wars that yes is militated from mexico.. that needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY.. do you even have a clue what you are talking about?? or perhaps you support drug lords in mexico and a narco colonial economy in mexico that is parasitic on its civilians… SHUT THE OPEN BORDER DOWN NOW and STOP THIS NARCO COLONIAL garbage down.

        • The fool is someone who enters an adult conversation and refers to a cartoon, a Fantasy-Anime that doesn’t even LOOSELY tie into the subject matter or the real world concerns at hand, and actually somehow has the delusion that it has ANY bearing or relevance in this discussion.
          Get a grasp of reality or go back to the kids table.
          *goes back to lurking*

          • And yet you seem to have replied to vindicate this opinion of yours, all while ignoring the fact that the medium doesn’t matter when relaying a message. It could be a piece of shit paper with a paragraph on, written in piss for all I care. If you can’t take a message from something just because of it’s platform, you shouldn’t be here either.

            Just saying.

          • If you excuse the fact that it’s anime, AoT does have *some* things in common with America’s possible future wall:

            A group of people fear/hate what they don’t understand, and so build a giant wall. With no new people or ideas entering the city, social progress slows to a grind, and the people with the most fringe ideas (e.g. the Wall Cult) gain power. Infighting eventually causes politics to devolve into nothing more than backstabbing, power hoarding, and heaps of deception.

            Of course, our wall wouldn’t be as restrictive (and actual Mexicans don’t eat people), but the Point is still clear. When people close themselves off to new ideas, they start conforming to the opinions of others–and tend to think critically less often.

            More Here:

      • There are a lot of ways to look at this and none are for not putting up a wall. what would happen if as many Americans went into Mexico illegally as there are Mexicans. We would be rotting in their prisons for many years and that is without commenting any crimes. There are immigration laws for a reason.

        Do you feel if one illegal immigrant kills a American citizen is to many? Or like some have said, Americans murder people to, and yes people have told me this. It is so much higher then 1 person, and they are repeat criminals. Here are the numbers.

        There has to come a time when we start to take care of our own. We have our immigration laws that way we can weed out the bad and bring in only the good. We have our own problem with crime, we shouldn’t have to take on other countries also. I’m going to send you another reason why. This is a post some women said in a different forum, I think you may get a kick out of it. This could get really bad and if Hillary gets in, we may as well say good-bye to America all together. Read this and then tell me that the Muslims do not want to change our country. This is why we need someone like Trump. Anon, needs to be looking into Hillary, not Mr. Trump.

        ShadowViperHissatsu • 3 hours ago
        personally I have been around many different cultures and like a little of all of them but the people of Mexico have gotten very uppity going as far as getting others to claim they are Mexican to benefit in their tradition of having mexico city be the center of the latin world, they all pay tribute to Mexico. So if you say something negative about Mexico ALL latinos or hispanics become offended.Like muslims pay tribute to the Mecca. Very few Americans are aware of this not only that but the cartels have provided safe passage to other nations so the Mexicans like to think they are the ”gatekeepers’.’ so that is what I mean by them getting more uppity with every passing year. Their policies have become very radicalized and racist.If Trump shuts down the border it will be war from the cartels and when that doesnt work the upper states of Mexico will be taken by the cartels and they will become a new nation.The things people dont understand is that the NWO wants a buffer zone between the US and Mexico everything is ripe for the taking and happening of this.Why do you think they seem to be helping the cartels?Duh undermine sovereignty! Trump is meant to be President and there is meant to be riots so that we will have undeniable proof to stomp out the undeniably backwards hateful enemies that have failed to conform to a peaceful and productive society!The NWo will simply slow down the birthrates of foreigners until the –american born are assimilated to our society and it is already happening many do not want to do the work of their parents or get a good education.They are just obsessed with consumerism and I mean come on isnt that a globalist wet dream anyways democracy via consumerism and who can better get it done than a businessman?If I were alot of smart preppers I would start getting prepared for the worst!

        • Do you know any immagrants? Do you know someone who came here legally on a work or student visa? Or someone who snuck across a border to send money home to his or her family who ate every other day, had filthy water to drink, no education or even medication? Have you been in a slum in a 3rd world country? Im guessing not. I have. I cried like a baby and wanted to bring everyone I met home. I gave out over $100 to the people. They knew I was American. They hugged me and cried too. You need to take down sterotypes and see that we are ALL HUMANS…

          • well said been there myself m m so i understand what your saying my wife is from what other people call the third world, as if its not part of our planet.but i am afraid its the mislead ones that vote for people haters that we should fear as much as the ones running for high office. i have travel to lots of countries in asia and found nothing but kindness towards me. so i am very proud to live in a part of the uk that would and could not put up with the personality that donald trump has. in fact Scotland has all ready striped him of his honorary title of envoy to Scotland.. i would guess most in the uk look on him as some kind of joke. and sure the majority in the u s a do as well, which will be proved in the elections there very soon..

          • Just last week, we had an illegal, who had been deported 3 times, kill 5 men across 2 states for no apparent reason. There was a 12 hour manhunt. Dont talk stereotypes to me.

      • So you are saying Mexico are stupid and dangerous?
        You must be.
        Because they have a wall with Guatemala.
        Oh you didn’t know that, did you?
        You look silly now.
        Sill and just a little bit racist.
        Fancy calling a whole country stupid and dangerous.
        A whole Country.

        • I’ve seen dumber responses … I just don’t remember where … Most TRUMP followers appear to have negative IQs. What we’re talking about here is a HUGE wall that Drumpf has planned to build … you remember, don’t you? Just like the one between East and West Berlin… but then with Drumpf’s other nastiness re:accusing entire races (Muslim/Mexican) of being problems, he makes us think of other things that emanated from Berlin. Which brings to mind Drumpf’s recent “Raise your right hand !!” shouts — As you can tell … I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, but I won’t denigrate those who are. (By the way … if you are a fan of Donald Trump, denigrate means to “put down”.

      • Why is it stupid and dangerous? Other countries do it. Why can’t we? You libs are laughable. Good luck with this one, you aren’t going to win.

      • Donald Trump is not Americas problem.When he grows and gains support you people need to look inside and ask yourself WHY!!!

          • Have you seen the millions of immigrants across Europe? No jobs, no living quarters for them, they are tearing across Europe like madmen. It’ll cost Germany 50 Billion for the immigrants there. That’s we are worried about.
            Watch Immigrants in Europe, YouTube. ..

      • he is concerned that the government that is in place now allows all and any person from all countries that come to mexico are able the just walk into America and get free everything from the American taxpayer, please get the facts , i am certain you will want to stop this activity also before they break this country.

      • What country in the world does not attempt to control their borders! There is no respect for the southern border of the US. So build a wall. Control immigration. I saw the Mexican flag at the Chicago street incidents @ Trump rally.This is the USA!
        Even Mexico controls it’s borders!!! 13,000,000 ??? What other country has This???

      • guess what all you ignorant people the wall is already being built or the fence has been since 911. please freaking grow up illegal means just what it says . against the law

      • Any man who build a wall when it needs to be build it’s a wise man, ofc, not in Trump’s case, he’s idjit and he will doom USA, that’s for sure but Anonymus is not always right(like in Hungary’s case).

      • when you have millions of people illegally crossing the border into your country every year, and they bring criminals, drugs and weapons with them – yeah you build a fricking wall to keep them out.

        You just can’t uproot, set down in Germany or France and just live there off their social programs forever. They find you quickly and deport your ass. Why should the US be any different?

        • You are so right. Here in America if you come here against the law and meet a woman and get her pregnant and you automatically have a roof over your head, are given food and money that our legal citizens have to pay for. What other Country allows that?! I love my our Country, but we are going to hell in a hand basket. What I see is our politicians are as crooked as you can get, and people who do find jobs now are getting horrible jobs for little pay. We need to focus on our own people and get our jobs back here. Trump seems like the only one who realizes this.

          I do not believe that American’s would really want The One World Order if they really believed that it is truly real and truly trying to be put into place. Too many people are watching the 6 nightly news and know nothing about it. President Bush Sr. did a speech in which he discussed how it “will be a great new world” and it seems that no one remembers that warning. JFK did a speech about it also, but as a warning. Both can be seen on YouTube. I want out Country back; remember the one that helped others, not starting wars to get rich off from it. I want a Country that I can truly believe in the American dream again. There is nothing wrong with a wall. Australia had stopped letting people in, what is so wrong with us doing the same thing? For crying out loud, we have war Veterans living on the streets, yet we also have illegal immigrants here with a home, food and cash. We are turning out backs on the wrong people. Wake up people. If something isn’t done about the All of the Illegal’s then we are going down faster than ever. Besides, if our jobs, like the Carrier Corp. in Indiana, are going down South, I suggest that the Illegal’s here should be going back South. There is nothing here for you. There are no roads paved in Gold here.

      • Anyone who supports ILLEGAL immigration (and is opposed to a wall) supports crime. So let me as all of you supporters of illegal immigration, should these criminals be allowed to commit other crimes as well such as shoplifting, theft, assault, sexual assault, etc. If you say no, then why is one crime OK, but not the others? Please answer rationally like an adult.

      • I’m sure there are people who wish your entire family, including pets, would die of a heroin overdose. I don’t, but maybe you should go to your nearest hospital and watch someone die of it.. because there are many kids dying everyday. But wait, make sure that wall doesn’t get built because it wouldn’t be nice to build a wall and stop the flow of drugs and the money going to cartels that are killing thousands of people every year. Oh yeah, America doesn’t need the thousand of jobs building the wall.. Do you realize how uninformed you sound.

        • Cartels have realized a long time ago that it’s a lot easier to set up marijuana grow sites in the U.S than it is to ship it across the board. Cartels send people to places with optimal climate and then they grow.most places are so remote that they are only identified by thermal cameras on aircraft. And the majority of the world’s heroin is produced in southern Asia and the middle east. The majority of the heroin pipelines come through Canada and the east&west coast. The Mexican border used to be predominant corridor for drug trafficking but truth be told it’s been reduced to a drop in the bucket.

      • Pepper Pot, you are wrong. I had a 19 year old granddaughter and her 20 year old husband of only 2 months, killed in a hit and run and left on the road to die by an illegal mexican!

      • Pepper Pot, you are wrong. I had a 19 year old granddaughter and her 20 year old husband of only 2 months, killed in a hit and run and left on the road to die by a drunk illegal mexican! So the wall will keep out the ones who do not want to abide by our laws!

        • That is incredibly tragic and you have my condolences. But the wall would only keep out the average immigrants. There are a terrifying amount of alternative way to get from Mexico to the U.S. that don’t involve the traditional “border crossing” I agree it’s the bad ones that are the most concerning. But usually you don’t catch the bad ones at the border

      • It Won’t be America for long. Plans are for uniting of Canada, Mexico, and US by 2020. Trump is the only one trying to stop it. Why do you think everyone is in such a panic? The panic on both sides is absolutely over the top for this to be just a simple case of people not liking him. You love being a citizen of the USA? Better look around you and commit it to memory.

      • What are ya pepperpotparty, an illegal? a politician? or are you just a small thinke? Perhaps a liberal? If none of these, you have no worries. Vote Trump, and get rid of world problems.

      • Mexico has a wall on their southern Guatemalan border to keep out illegals. The Vatican has a wall around it.
        What does those walls make them? WHY SHOULDN’T EVERY ONE BE REGISTERED AND LEGAL?
        All Americans are registered.
        It’s how we get driver license, jobs, ins, SS and we have to have Official Identifiction to obtain a LIBRARY CARD.

    • There is absolutely nothing that can be done to change the small minds of Trump supporters.

      Now the Trump supporters will claim that Anonymous is working for the Dems, instead of Anonymous working against extremism… which is what they’re actually doing.
      Willful ignorance is a really scary thing.

    • Donald Trump is a danger to this country no matter how you quote him. He’s made fun of women AND the mentally/physically handicapped as the clips have shown, he will incite another war in the Middle East, and he thinks immigrants are criminals and rapists. If you agree with any of those statements, congratulations you’re what’s wrong with America

      • Actually if you took a minute to look into the facts you’d find that there is a large criminal element within the Illegal Aliens coming into America. Our prisons are full of plenty of Rapist and Murderers and here you are spouting the ignorance of a libtard defending that which you are completely ignorant to. Argue against facts with your Liberal Agenda. Anonymous has done well in the past. Even standing up with the Patriots in Oregon. Now you’re attacking Trump.. And I think you’ve been suckered in or payed off by Soros.. Why don’t you attack Hillary Clinton who has far more to hide from the American People? She’s far more of a global threat than Trump will ever be. She’s the reason that the Russians have their own US Mine for Radioactive fuel. Brokered by her when she was in the State Department. If you think Trump is the real threat, and not the will of the American people. Then you are certainly deaf, dumb and blind. Bravo.

    • The ones that don’t listen unfortunately, are people like you Mitchell. I wish more americans would just wake up already and see that a person like Trump as president would only make this country worse than where we are but we will be thrown into a world where people like the KKK and people with more money than any one of us controls every part of our lives and then all the people that wanted Trump, will realize just how stupid you really were for voting for him and protecting him. Also Mitchell, FYI, Trump has used all the words that was said in this article. No matter how stupid you are or deaf to what is truly said, these words were used and will destroy us. So one question for people that vote for stupid people like trump, When will you finally kill yourselves so the rest of us can live happily and safely?

      • That’s funny, that’s what I thought about Obama supporters. He has evolved and changed and apologized about things that he has said. He disavowed the KKK but no one wants to hear that. Your ears are closed, your mind is closed. Go vote for Hilary, which I suspect is your candidate of choice, just like Obama was.

      • A better question to ask is when are all the illegals going to leave America? When are the 52 million welfare recipients going to get jobs?

      • “and then all the people that wanted Trump, will realize just how stupid you really were for voting for him and protecting him”… you mean like all the people who voted Barrack Obama into office? Right.

    • Your Fuhrer is going down, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re just going to have to live in a world where not everyone looks, sounds or behaves like you. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Anonymous hasn’t been relevant in years. They built a rep based on over hyped abilities. Obese 4chan reject Skids with malware-filled scripts they downloaded from servers based in China & Singapore…OMG! Teh Anonymoose iz after Trump!!

    • Fortunately, cutting Trumps words will not be necessary. He’s said enough stupid and evil things on his own steam; editing not necessary.

    • Just some food for thought.

      Adolf Hilter: used Racism to rise to power
      Trump: Uses Racism to rise to power

      Hitler: Proposed mass deportations
      Trump: Proposed mass deportations

      Hitler: Promised to make Germany great again
      Trump: Promised to make America great again.

      Hitler: Anti Jewish fascist
      Trump: Anti Muslim fascist

      Hitler: Blamed Jews for Germany’s problems
      Trump: Blames immigrants for America’s problems

      Hitler: Thought Jews should wear special ID’s
      Trump: Thinks Muslims should wear special ID’s.

      These are not my thoughts, but those of one of the most trusted newspapers in the UK, the Independent.

      • Funny thing about your racism claims, is he’s never shown any racism. Nothing racist about Deporting ILLEGAL Aliens. They broke the law to come here, and they are breaking the laws staying here. And keeping Muslim refugees out of the Country until they can be properly vetted in isn’t Racism either. Sorry to say you are wrong just as any other ass hat that makes such claims. We don’t want what happened to Paris happening to us. And the Refugee influx and issues in Sweden and Germany, Austria, and damn near every where else they have been taken in only further supports the fact that we don’t need that here. And let me school you on Racism. The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Southern Democrats to keep freed blacks from ever voting for the Republican party. And since then Blacks have always voted for Democrats, who intentionally give them enough free shit to keep them happy and voting Liberal. When in fact it just perpetuates their being poor, and never getting a foot hold or a step up. And their too angry or ignorant to see the problem. And they continue to be slaves to the system.

        • SO telling people of color during his rallies, “Beat the shit of them”, “Are you mexican” “Get em out of here” if they sue Ill pay for you’re legal fees isn’t racist? go fuck yourself.

      • Racist is not being used to rise to anything. It’s called enforcing the law as already written.
        Mass Deportation of people ILLEGALLY IN THE COUNTRY. Most will leave on their own accord once they see there is no point in staying. No job for them.
        There is nothing wrong with wanting America great again. It was a great country. A free country now in the grips of fascist leftists and their PC squelching of free speech and trying to take our Constitutional rights away. This country is different than Germany. It has a Constitution that provides good laws to ensure freedom and democracy in a Republic.
        Jews didn’t hurt people
        Muslims are violent and vow to kill you just because you are not like them Kind a different there pal.
        Jews were targeted unjustly.
        Muslims are being commit terrorist acts and shouldn’t even be in the country except that the stupid liberals who are so immoral they can’t recognize evil until that knife starts sawing off their ignorant brainwashed head.

        You are a product of decades of leftist communist indoctrination who has not been taught the truth about history or America. This is not an accident. It is planned. It’s called the NWO. You have been robbed of common sense, the ability to critically think, to make judgments based on reality vs spoon fed wrong information and bias, and the sad part….you don’t even know that you don’t know. You are sitting ducks. They will use your savvy high tech against you as you get to inherit a totalitarian nightmare world of slavery. You’re useful now to them….but once they have attained their full power…you will have no ability to defend yourself….and like every corrupt govt through time…commit genocide. You are expendable.

    • I agree these are same ones that said they were going after Obama and that pos is still there.Go against america if you want anon and you are propable going against most of your parents, hope you are proud.

    • Hey ya, I’m usually ALL FOR, AND DOWN WITH the powers that be!! But one thing doesn’t sit right with me on this… And I’ll say first I’ve admired very much things I’ve seen in the past with regaurds to anonymous. Here tho… I can’t imagine declaring “WAR” for the few cheese ball idiotic comments i just heard Trump make. I’m not by any means siding with his comments at all either. All I STRONGLY wish to point out though is WHERE ARE THE REAL REASONS the “WAR” is blooming from? There’re zero rules to war. That said, ‘War’ is a very serious word. What i just heard was cheeseball at best. WHAT’S HONESTLY HAPPENING HERE PEOPLE? I’m uninformed i know, but hopefully anyone making a choice of sides is informed accurately before they side. Thank you all.

      • Bravo Concerned. I am concerned as well. For the same reasons. I’ve always had respect for Anon, but I just don’t understand this.

    • Who the Fuck are these people to interfere in our political process! !!!???? Threatening a Presidential candidate?! If these aholes were fair they would be doing the same to Hillary Clinton. What’s next, if they don’t like a population they going to threaten them too? The only Fascists here are the people in this group interfering in our political process.

    • Chances are the ones that are doing the hating are not true Anonymous-do some research before you leave the group-



  2. To bad you don’t start a similar war against Hillary Clinton. That should be an easy job. Good luck with optrump

  3. I’m not sure that giving Trump any more media attention is what he needs. And what exactly does shutting down Trump sites do but give him… media attention?

  4. Trump never said a complete ban on Muslim’s, you are starting to sound like CNN. He said, temporarily we need to stop ALL immigration and refugees until we have a better vetting process in place. Quit spreading lies. Isn’t that like your mantra, spread truths. Did you happen to see Canada arrested an Isis member who snuck in under the cloak of a refugee. Get your heads out of your asses, anonymous. Or are you just another arm of the liberal movement ???

    • So, you’re saying you want to keep refugees in a war-torn country getting maimed and killed even longer because you’re scared of them even though our wars are the reason they’re refugees? I’d like to know if you’d feel the same way if you were in their shoes

      • Yes. That is exactly what we need to do. Make sure the people coming in to this country aren’t here to harm our citizens. If it means that they have to wait to get in, so be it. Keeping open borders is exactly what terrorists can thrive on. They feed on the weak and use our compassion against us. I believe he has also said that the BEST solution would be to create safezones (refugee camps) within their own country. That is the best solution. Protect them there until they are OK’d to come here.

        • Wow. Hate much or are you so insular and bigoted that you can’t see that this planet is small and shrinking. Your American Dream is dead. You are not the super power you once were and never will be again.

        • If this Jeff guy is forreal..

          Get ready for war on the home-front folks. You say your first amendment is being violated.. Guess what, we are not the government. We bleed like you.

      • get it straight once and for all . obama funded isis to traighten out or take out the syrian regime . it backfired like every other group we have funded over the years

  5. All that can be done against Drumpf is welcome. Even if I’m not living in the USA, the idea of someone like him, with his kind of words and plans, getting credibility as a presidential candidate scares me.

    But, his supporters are people that don’t trust the Washington system and people with low education that think technology and internet as a treat for them and the kind of lives they live.

    Drumpf could use the attack to his advantage, selling it as an attack on liberty, as an attack on the lifestyle of true americains like him.

    I doubt that I will be listened and I’m sure Anonymous has people smarter than me that know exactly what to do so it will affect him without any possibility for him to use it to his advantage. But I thought that I should say it nonetheless, to make sure that it is out there.

    • You have no clue who Hillary’s mentor is do you? Have you ever heard of Robert Byrd?He held a high rank and was a recruiter for the KKK. He even Hillary is everything bad. I have searched her to find really good things she has just done to do them and help people out. I couldn’t find anything at all.
      Hillary is the racist, she is even on video making remarks about black kids. I can get you everything even. and it is coming out of her mouth.

      The way Trump is, it is just his personality. He gets it because he give classed and part of them are to be confident and strong. He has done some really amazing things for people he read about, didn’t even know them.

      Hillary lost 6 Billion dollars while she was secretary of state. How do you misplace 6 billion dollars?She also wrote a $50 million check for “services performed.” The paperwork for what exactly the “services performed” were, have also been “misplaced.” Just for the Iraq Embassy in Bagdad, a staggering $2 billion is missing! Obama’s response to Hillary Clinton “misplacing” $6 billion dollars?

      “What difference does it make!” Her name is coming up in the LaVoy Finicum stuff also. Really do your research.

      • Yes, Byrd was a member of the KKK… the 1940’s. He renounced it and became an advocate for civil rights.
        Here’s what the NAACP had to say about him in 2010:

        The NAACP is saddened by the passing of United States Senator Robert Byrd. Byrd, the longest serving member of congress was first elected to the U.S. House from [West Virginia] in 1952 and was elected Senator in 1958. Byrd passed away this morning at the age of 92.

        “Senator Byrd reflects the transformative power of this nation,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. “Senator Byrd went from being an active member of the KKK to a being a stalwart supporter of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and many other pieces of seminal legislation that advanced the civil rights and liberties of our country.

        “Senator Byrd came to consistently support the NAACP civil rights agenda, doing well on the NAACP Annual Civil Rights Report Card. He stood with us on many issues of crucial importance to our members from the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act, the historic health care legislation of 2010 and his support for the Hate Crimes Prevention legislation,” stated Hilary O. Shelton, Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau and Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy. “Senator Byrd was a master of the Senate Rules, and helped strategize passage of legislation that helped millions of Americans. He will be sorely missed.”

        PAM…do your research again….try including the full truth.

    • No Jen, she (Hillary) is a murder among other things. I’m guessing you lost no child, spouse, friend, etc; in Benghazi?

  6. Anonymous, just another word for COWARD!As are ALL who subscribe to idiotic threats without listing your name. Yellow bellied cowards, one and all.

    • If a collective is a coward for hideing behind the mask of the Internet, then show us how not to be cowards. You seem to have the bravery to call others such, so go ahead and show you’re self. Be the brave one, Ron Gibbs, and show your identity under the mask of a simple comment section.

  7. KEEP UP LATEST ANONYMOUS-IF you do anymore regarding TRUMP OR FOR THAT MATTER ANY/ALL CANDIDATES I will no longer support your group(s). I will NOT read, watch (you tube or any other video) you post. Catering to people because they have committed criminal acts such as crossing the US border is more than absurd and YOU YOU know it. TRY JUST TRY and go to Mexico as a US citizen and stay there(let me know how that works out for you looking out from behind bars!) Again- I will reiterate- YOU attempt any attack on any candidate YOU will be history.

  8. When Anonymous goes after Trump and not Hillary, Bernie, or any other candidate, then this pops up little red flags all over the place. They are not to be trusted! Why don’t they hack into Obama’s sealed records? Why don’t they expose the Elitist? No…they are going after Trump. Well….that makes me want to vote Trump in all the more now! And yes, follow the money trail people!

  9. This makes no sense at all. You shit tier reporting websites have broadened the term Anonymous to mean any cuck who knows what /b/ is. In no way is Anonymous “anti-trump” or pro any candidate. It’s a collective group of people with very broad and differing views. This website is as bad as Buzzfeed.

  10. If they are going to do this with Trump, to be totally honest and unbiased they need to do it with ALL of the candidates, Republican and Democrats! Otherwise they are trying to manipulate the voters to vote for who they want as President. That makes them no better than dishonest politicians.

  11. i wish annon would stay out of any one country’s political arguments, i get that trump is a moron and makes extremely stupid comments but i feel that this rampant hate and attacks against one individual are counterintuitive to the image that annon was founded on. just my two cents

  12. Why not focus on the MSM outlets instead of Trump? Try broadcasting to the masses through a medium they unfortunately relay on for state sponsored propaganda aka “the news”? With the skill set some individuals have, being able to remotely interrupt a news broadcast can’t fall in the realm of impossible. To don the mask of V but forsake the methods is a discourtesy.

  13. so anon is doing political bullshit.
    This aint legion.
    This is some stupid group of newfags that have zero idea of what a “raid” actually is. You wont “jessi slaughter” the moron, you will get no attention, you will get absolutely jack shit. This is a pointless, politically motivated raid with no merit at all other than “look at trump guise”

    Go raid some punk in his basement. Not some dude thats just gonna laugh and continue on his way.

  14. Obviously US citizens are not seeing the larger picture. Trump is pure evil. He represents what all Americans seem to despise, yet many are willing to have for their leader. The world is already laughing at the US and watching it implode. Putting this buffoon in power will surely destroy any credibility that the US has left.

  15. Trump is one of the most dangerous people around to day. If he’s elected, I can’t even imagine what will happen to America. Please take this seriously, Anonymous.

  16. Why does it lately feel like Anonymous has been discovered and taken over by the puppet masters in control of the planet?? Seems like their message has changed drastically to sound more like the will of Soros.

  17. Anonymous … yawn. You stated you were starting all out war on Trump back in December 2015. So far … zip, zilch, nada. The only April Fools we see … are Anonymous making empty claims. Go hack a twitter account.

  18. Be careful America….or you may just live up to your reputation…you know the one where the world calls you “stupid Americans”.I have always stood up for you and all my American family and friends.I love your country.I respect your President.But seeing how many people are standing behind Trump has made me question a lot of things…If you think he is nasty now just wait till he has all the power…but then *God* help us all.

    • U so right that make me think how.much brain some people have a tiny one the size of a pea.America would be in deep trouble.the all world would be

  19. Dear Anonymous, I love your work. Would please read Dark Money by Jane Mayer and consider declaring war on Koch Industries? The Kochs and their sick libertarian network are at the root of many of our country’s problems. Thanks take care and keep it going!

  20. Hello Anonymous, I really would appreciate it if you can use your hacking skills to go after everyone. I think too many people in your organization (and I understand it’s a loose network of people with lots of different ideologies) TO ATTACK EVERYONE, and not just Donald Trump, Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton or any of the other people running, the only difference is he’s just being more honest about who he really is. If you guys decide to Attack Hillary Clinton, Attack Ted Cruz, and Attack John Kasich & even Expose Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy & two faced, I’ll go along with you on this, but if you’re not I can’t go along with you on this, because I seriously think people’s have a lot more important things to be afraid of than some delusional narcissist — which Hillary is too — trying to turn his campaign into a TV show after all of the clown show is over, Hillary Clinton is just as if not more dangerous than The Orangutan Love child Donald will ever be.

  21. Technology is developing more and more every day. Theoretically, so will the use of digitally stored information and the internet. So, tell me, how is declaring cyber war in 2016 useless? I mean, think about how much private information there is on the cyber world that could be released. The actual group of hacktivists in Anonymous are very small, but you have to think about the whole Anonymous, which would be anyone who decides to hop in on the attacks, which despite being technically illegal there will probably be thousands hopping in on it. Donald Trump is racist, anyone who doesn’t see this is blind. We are slowly destroying America every day. America to the rest of the countries probably looks like a huge joke as of right now. 60% of us are Obese, terrorism is on the rise, we are consumerists, and the list goes on. Tell me what electing a president who mocks mental disabilities, says mexican people aren’t our friends and they are “Rapists”, believes banning Muslims is OK, wants to build a WALL on the Mexican Border, is gonna do to solve that? We’re a mess, and Donald Trump will just add to it.

  22. This anonymous idiot or group think they are being smart. They get to boast of their technological skills while they slay this bad racist dragon. Little do they know…they are feeding right into the real dragon. They are puppets and don’t even know they have strings. You are fighting the wrong enemy stupid. But…there is no point in discussing the issue…you don’t even have the character to be able to look objectively at the reality of the situation and consider that you don’t know the truth of the matter. You never learned proper morals, respect for healthy authority, humility, or given the kinds of experiences and challenges and role models that teach how to learn and grow wiser. You are a follower….not a leader. You are a trendy. You just regurgitate what you’ve been told because you were too young to know any different. You are a chained victim. Not of someone like Trump…who wants to free you from those chains…but of communist Marxist Luciferian global elite that have been bringing their agenda down the pike for decades. With Obama….they have made real head way. Reagan barely was able to get elected. But, he agreed to play ball with the bad boys…only didn’t follow along on some things and got himself shot. Trump is fighting against these globalists. Trump is trying to SAVE THIS LAST STAND FOR FREEDOM! You are wasting your time on the wrong target. Trump doesn’t need this. He has a great life. He loves his country and he IS wise. He has lived and learned and knows the truth. YOU ARE THE BRAINWASHED YOUTH WHO DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE BEING LET OFF THE CLIFF. You’re intelligent….THINK!!! REASEARCH! It’s YOUR future we are fighting for. Not ours.

  23. Anonymous needs to look into the Clinton camp’s vote-flipping.
    And the Republican sleaze behind it.
    And put an end to it – if they can.

    Bernie can handle Trump.

    • @ Scotty, I was thinking the same thing. Why don’t they go after the Clinton’s first with all that I have researched on them and their corruption and murders, etc. etc. That’s the 1st place I would go with this Gov. Or do you think they probably made this group also for Hillary to get in? I would really like to know what kind of people these are before we start jumping in so quickly. Are they good, bad, I am just hearing about this honestly. So many questions….

  24. Like all other examples of Trump-haters attacking him, this will just increase the number of his supporters who come out to vote for him. This sort of sneaky, underhanded attack is exactly the sort of thing that enrages them.

  25. You cant get rid of him now. You need to let him get the nomination then spill the beans on whatever he has done, so the Republican Party doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Then Bernie Sanders can win. There isn’t anyone good in the Republican party anyway. This might also bring into question a rigged two party system

  26. I will show up to Trump protests in a Guy Faeces mask with a sign saying, “Build the Wall.” BACK THE FUCK OFF OF AMERICAN POLITICS ANONYMOUS. This is what we the American people are fighting for.

  27. Hey I want to know more on the Ted
    Cruz Holy roller and his prostitute scandal.. He is the one who needs to go down that guy has issues… been over 24 hours since I SEEN YOUR POST ABOUT HIM..

  28. The NSA can’t hire the best CS people because no one wants to be a traitorous nark. Anon has them beat when they measure their best with theirs.

  29. ANONYMOUS is wasting any good they have accomplished, Donald Trump is not the enemy, Donald Trump loves America…Go after Romney and Cruz and Kasich…but an all out attack on Trump puts you back in the criminal category AGAIN!!!! a wise man knows to CHOOSE their battles, wisely….

  30. ANONYMOUS, you are just as dangerous as ANY politician! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?! I pray against YOU and your hordes of demons that think you have the right to interfere and destroy people’s lives. Only satan does that! You are pathetic!

    • The idea that only Satan destroys people’s lives is false. The Judeo-Christian god is responsible for the destruction of people’s lives as well, and denying that fact is truly pathetic. Religion has nothing to do with this, and bringing it up is only opening yourself and others up to shame, insults, and unnecessary divisions. This isn’t to scold you in any way, but only to remind you that there are other people looking at this.

      P.S. Anonymous is made-up of multiple religions, including Christians.

  31. Whether Anonymous does pull off their plans or not, as I have stated before, even if he wins the Republican Party leadership campaign, there are enough checks and balances within your election system and among your politicians to make damn sure he never makes it to President. Rest assured and be at peace my American friends who fear this racist and hateful bigot and bully.

    Putting up walls didn’t work in Berlin. Eventually freedom and peace won out. Putting up physical walls will not work in America either. I remember quite clearly a scholarly paper written by a well known source who will remain unnamed for obvious reasons, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to build a wall along not just the southernmost part of America closest to Mexico, but another along the Pacific coast all the way north to the state of Washington (premise being that determined Mexican people could use that route). Patrolling these two walls 24/7 is a logistical nightmare and resource impossibility. So much for putting up walls. A comet that lights up the sky when it enters earth’s atmosphere and then is nowhere to be seen will be a fitting analogy for Donald Trump. Donald, you may have your money, your fame, your power, your pride and influence and your followers, but like many others before you and those who will come after you, you will burn out and be relinquished to darkness where you belong. So enjoy your buffoon, clown, hateful and violent antics while you still can, but your time is short and your fall/end is nearing and certain…it is simply a matter of how and when.

  32. It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump, it’s just so sad to see Anon turn into just another lame political organization. part 2. Pathetic.

    • i agree too.. so damn sad cuz i loved the whole thing when it started.. thought it was going to be for the good not for the bad.. 100 percent turn around now…

  33. Hopefully Anon is up on this… Trump has a dozen quotes hinting that he wants to screw his own daughter (look it up, not kidding at all). Hack her phone, post nudes, say it came from Donald’s phone.

    Ta da. He’s done.

  34. Mr Trump doesn’t understand the larger picture. It is more about the different standard of living between the US and Mexico. Putting up a wall won’t change that. What will change that is better US/Mexico relations, and increasing trade with Mexico, not decreasing trade. If Mexico’s standard of living can be improved, both the US and Mexico would benefit. To do that, Mexican’s need good jobs, and the US can benefit by having someplace besides China to get lower cost goods and services. We need to be thinking in terms of helping Mexico compete better with China, and help them build a strong economy in much the same way he once helped Japan. If Mexicans could have good jobs available to them, many would choose to stay with their families in Mexico instead of coming to the US. I believe it is the direction we should be going in.

  35. Just reading the comments of these koolaid drinking Drumpf sheep makes me even more excited to see what, if anything, happens on April 1st. Do your thing Anonymous. Anybody who can claim to have morals and still support Trump as a leader of this country needs to be sterilized anyway. And the fact that evangelicals endorse him…how anyone who claims to be a conservative Christian can reconcile supporting someone who threatens to “punch someone in their fu**ing face” brags about how important it is to “have a nice piece of ass” calls his opponents a “Pu##y”…just for starters. As for the political aspect, not even Drumpf himself can give a SINGLE answer of substance about ONE plan! The wall. We’re gonna build a damn wall apparently and somehow force a country to pay for it. Yeah, ok LMAO. The Economist Intelligence Unit has included him in the top 10 GLOBAL RISKS. Only his sheep think he’s good for this country. And none of the sheep can give any reason other than:
    1. He speaks his mind and won’t take crap off anyone.
    2. He’s not a “politician” and can’t be bought off by Wall Street and big business (you should probably check out some of his endorsements before you believe all that bs)
    3…..yeah, that’s about it.
    So, I am looking forward to this little game of cat and piece of rat $hit. #GameOn

  36. I have marched as anonymous. I just don’t get why some of the hate tactics are necessary. Trump needs to be given a chance. He very well could be the only president that can do it right in our present history. I believe that if he can’t then no president will ever be able to make big changes for the best. Anonymous definitely stands on the right side of an argument usually. Anonymous trys to bring the truth out to the majority with their heads in the sand that believe its nothing but conspiracy thoerys. But in this case I wonder about the choice being made here.

  37. I have marched as anonymous. I just don’t get why some of the hate tactics are necessary. Trump needs to be given a chance. He very well could be the only president that can do it right in our present history. I believe that if he can’t then no president will ever be able to make big changes for the best. Anonymous definitely stands on the right side of an argument usually. Anonymous trys to bring the truth out to the majority with their heads in the sand that believe its nothing but conspiracy theorys. But in this case I wonder about the choice being made here.

  38. Why don’t you guys go after Hilary Clinton she will be worse then what we have in office now. Then again maybe that’s what you are after. She has killed ppl, she lies, cheats and steals but I see nobody going after her as much as they go after Trump.

  39. For a group that is so set against the 1 % that have run this Country for so long and you are attacking the one person that is willing to stand up against them? Are you damn fool?

  40. Please don’t do this…I like Mr.Trump. He is the only one who will be honest about what he intends to do. One of them is to throw Hillery in Prison and Obama. I can’t even express how I want you to leave him alone, and help us stop the establishment republicans, and media corruption of our government…P Lease!!! Of all people I want to believe in…and you want to do harm????what is up??????

    • Sorry you feel this way. Here’s my take on what’s up… since you asked. Donald Trump isn’t honest about what he intends. (Yes, I think he’s honest about how he feels, which not the same thing.)

      He’s purposely painting the state of our country and the economy to be much worse than it really is to get people much more worried and stressed than they should be, (See Art of the Deal) and then purposely states as if it’s a fact that he’s “the only one that can fix it”. It’s a tactic to get votes. When asked for details he doesn’t have any because he’s very much a figure it out as he goes type of guy. So his whole claim of being the only one that can fix it depend on weather or not he can figure it out as he goes. (That sounds extremely risky to me.)

      Here’s my take on how he got much of his wealth. He aggressively criticizes what he is going to buy with such emotional conviction that he pays only half of what it’s worth, and then after he has it, he aggressively promotes it claiming it worth twice what it really is. So for example if a property is worth 10 million, he pays 5 million, puts his name on it, and then claims it’s worth 20 million. A 400% mark up on the cost, and 200% markup on his net worth. (Is that honest?) The data released so far has shown his net worth is about half of what he originally claimed, which support this view. BTW, where are his tax returns? I suspect he overstates his costs and understates his income on his tax returns, which is why he doesn’t want to release them.

      It appears that he consistently overstates or understates (to his advantage) and then arranges that others pay the consequences. That’s why his business’s have gone out of business, he overstated expected revenues and then filed bankruptcy when it didn’t work out. He of course will give 10 other reasons besides a poor business plan, but for it to happen 4 times?

      And then there is his rudeness. He’s more likely to get us into a war we don’t want than any other candidate. When you use anger and threats as bargaining tools, people (or countries) get angry back and that can have very bad consequences.

      As for Hillary or Obama.. These aren’t connected to Trump. If they indeed broke the law, they should be held accountable too. (I’m not anonymous.. but I think they may agree.)

      So even if you don’t agree with any of this.. there are enough confirmed facts out to get many people extremely concerned. I’m just one of them.

  41. Anonymous I thought began to expose the corruption in the government.. They have gone sooooo far left its amazes me… They now seem to have one focus and its to protect all those scumbags in government… and umm black lives matter… This is sick no matter how bad they think Trump is there is no way on earth he will arm our enemies like Obama and Hillary do… We are doomed and now Anonymous is helping ..How are you all missing the word ILLEGAL before the word immigrants.. U come here legal and there is no problem u come here illegal and Trump gonna boot you. Where is the problem? Anyone of you can go live in any other country if you dont like it but the USA needs laws and boarders or we are not going to survive..That loser in the White House has 90 percent destroyed our country and none of Anonymous has done a damn thing about that eh? Makes me wonder why?…Well keep ur heads in the sand… and good luck America cuz ya all want to bring us down…

  42. It really doesn’t matter any more. This country has seen it’s glory and now, thanks to 545 Morons who call themselves our government, we have a $21 Trillion Dollar debt that can never be payed back.
    All the banks and financial institutions are dead broke as they have invested all our money into Oil and every other terrible investment scam and we are on the brink of a total and complete financial collapse.
    The Federal Reserve is dead broke too, no bail outs for Wall Street and the Crooked Banks this time.
    Several other countries have already gone belly up and only an ignorant fool would think that it can’t happen here.
    That’s why they want our weapons, they know who the first targets are going to be. Do you really think they give a shit about these so called mass murders? Most of which are carefully constructed bullshit. They want to take complete control and have us disarmed when they declare Marshall Law and muster us into holding camps.
    This country is doomed and you better get your shit together, it’s right around the corner.


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