Anonymous – Can You Stop An Idea?


The story of Anonymous is really a clash between two organising structures – the network, and the hierarchy. For intelligence agencies like the FBI and for governments, they’re a problem that needs solving but if Anonymous is just a fluid collective of people choosing to associate with an idea, can that idea be stopped? Our friends from Truthloader explain it very well:

So if you’ve got a story you’d love Truthloader to get to the bottom of, tweet them, Facebook them, or respond to their videos with a comment – and perhaps check out their Reddit.

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  1. How about looking into our police departments and exposing what officers are apart of what groups.
    These are public servants and certain group activity should not be allowed not condoned from our officers.

  2. Dear government officials,

    You cannot arrest, kill, or even conquer the Idea. We as Anonymous are here to oppose large problems that are leaked. Expect us. And you will regret it eventually.

  3. Hey,what they are doing is real its about
    time somebody pulls the chloec from over
    the sheep’s eyes n let them know who the
    real wolves are.Come together rise above
    and become a Apex Predator and don’t be
    the prey

  4. As an anon, i enjoy the freedom i get. We’ll keep exposing bad peeps and leaking corrupt people. Expect us, we will get you.

  5. that idea is Freedom!!! And no, nobody ever managed to stop freedom throughout human history. The best of anti-freedom people just managed to delay it!

    trying to stop Anonymous is like trying to stop Freedom itself and history proved over and over again that is impossible!!!

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    A lil native girl in minnesota


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