Anonymous Declares War On ISIS, Promises To Hunt Down Paris Attackers


In response to the attacks in Paris that left over a hundred people dead, a group of online hacktivists has launched its biggest operation ever against ISIS. In a chilling video posted soon after the attacks, a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask warns the Islamic State militants that the group would use its knowledge to “unite humanity” and that the ISIS can “expect us”.

The Anonymous representative addressed the world in French and said:

“These attacks cannot remain unpunished. Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared.  The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger.”

The hackers’ collective, which consists of unrelated volunteers, coders and activists from around the world, launched its anti-Islamic State online campaign, #OpISIS, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris this January. To date, according to an in-depth investigation by Foreign Policy, they have taken down 149 Islamic State-related websites and exposed 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5900 propaganda videos.

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      • Become so free from their views, that your very existence is an act of defiance. They want to kill resistance, but no army can stop an idea who’s time has come.

      • People are always asking us questions like, “How do I join Anonymous?” and, “What can I do to help?” You do not ‘join’ Anonymous, you are by default a part of it if you want to be. Think of it in the same terms of being part of a religion, you do not necessarily become a ‘member,’ you simply follow the idea if you agree with it… it is what keeps Anonymous alive and well. Remember, Anonymous is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.

        If you want to do more to help out than just sitting around, sharing articles (even though just the sharing support is extremely helpful and appreciated!) then there are a number of different things you can do. For example, designing and handing out leaflets can be very beneficial at informing people that do not use the internet as much as most others do – use your imagination! Another thing you can do is to take part in some peaceful protests in your area regarding topics you care about. BE CREATIVE! Your brain is the most powerful thing you own! If you are looking to help out at specifically, then check out the jobs section on our page to view our current offerings.

  1. Gr8 job anonymous – daesh stands powerless against the free hackers of the world – anonymous stands for freedom, daesh stands for hatred

  2. Hello! I want to help, but i can fight only in phisical, not in the computers. I have no money, no ally. I have only myself. When i can help, and u need a loyal people, i’m here. Good night!

  3. I support this cause 100%.
    Good luck to you all!!!
    I may not support you on a lot of other issues, but when I do, it’s to take down ISIS!!!!

  4. You guys are selfish!
    where was your humanity when thousands of Muslim are killed in gaza!
    SELFISH fools!
    before of this post! i was ANONYMOUS biggest fan!
    but now no more!

    • Selfish????

      Your statement alone confirms YOUR selfishness!

      What’s happening in Gaza is a horse of a different color. Palestinians and Israelis aren’t going after innocent people all over the world. You guys are just killing eachother. Which by the way, I think BOTH sides are wrong!!!
      You guys need to split the land and have two states, it’s the only reasonable and fair solution. It was originally the land of the Jews, then the Jews abandoned it. Then the Palestinians squatted on the land claiming it theirs. Then the Jews wanted it back…. who’s right in this case??? Just split the land, have two states and call it a day. There problem solved! Now quit your bitching. The Palestinians and Israelis are doing this to themselves! If you don’t like it….see the above solution then!

      • Jeannette for Nobel price :D, I wanna split your house with me, like it or not ;), or maybe I should take your house and throw you on the street, If you don’t like that solution , well read the previous one XD.

        • Listen…if I abandoned my house, and you were a squatter squatting in it for many years and it now theoretically became your home, your way of life…
          …then I return one day and say I want my house back, get out….who’s right to live there??? Should we not split the house at that point??

          If I kick you out, that is morally wrong and leaves you homeless. If you kick me out, it is legally wrong, as I the owner of the house, I just abandoned it for whatever my reasons, but I am still the legal owner. Who should stay???

          • By the way…I never said to throw anyone on the street, as you would apparently do to me.

            I said to split it! Neither side wins nor loses. But you know what?? They all ultimately “win”,as they would all still be living.

        • I am old enough to know that: no religion is worth killing. I am old enough to know that: all the money in the world is not worth 1 human life. I am certainly old enough to know the the human brain is the most powerful weapon, which in turn makes me wise enough to know that people are so easily manupulated and brainwashed because of the inability to realize how powerful their brain really is. And to know that a powerful brain is evil without a soul.

          So anonvoid, what would your solution be?

        • I understand your point, however, it is just not morally right.

          By your logic, what would you do in this case…
          A mother abandons her newborn child away in an orphanage. The orphanage then finds a loving home with two loving parents and all the financial resources to give this child a wonderful life. Years later the mother turns up and decides she wants her child back. Is she entitled to the child, simply because the child was hers originally? Or does the child stay in the only home he/she has ever known with his or her loving parents?
          Do you let the child decide? What if the child is too young to make that decision? Do you let a judge handle it? Either way the judge decides, chances are the other side will retaliate? No peaceful solution.

          In this case, the case of land, unfortunately land can’t decide who occupis it. So do you let a judge decide. Of course not, as we know either side will retaliate. No peaceful solution.
          The best solution out there is for a two state agreement. It’s morally correct and by all means the best legal solution, but most importantly, the most peaceful solution.

          But hey, anonvoid, if you can think of a better peaceful solution that both sides agree on, I will be the first one there with you marching arm and arm in protest to enforce said agreement.
          Until then….see above solution :)))

          • I would call child protective service, lol, you’re drifting from the main idea :D, and they will be no peaceful solution luv!

          • Touchee on the CPS :)…they’re a bitch on all the wrong people. But the idea and the logic behind each scenerio is still the same. Which is essentially what each side is doing anyway..calling on their own protective services in to help.

            Easy there on the optimism, buddy!!

            Why are you so quick to think that there will be no peaceful solution?? There has to be. Till what end is this going to on until? And if each side is adamant about not finding a peaceful solution, like you so strongly suggest, then why is the original poster even complaining? They are doing this to themselves and yet expects everyone around the world to sympathize. There is no sympathy for either stubborn side. Don’t get me wrong, it saddens me to read every day about a death on either side, it is heartbreaking, but I am not going to stand up and protest for either side…they need to agree to disagree and have two states.

          • Just as I would do with your and the house. We would split it. I probably wouldnt be living there, lol, but we would still each have right to half 🙂

          • You have no idea what speaks… To us Anonymous will not share with the deaf speaks .. Anonymous speech is not stupid .. You ‘re attitude stupid .. You who did not know what the real situation, what’s going on in the occupied in Palestinian territories.1.8 million people locked up in prison camp Gaza. 500 children (alone) killed in just one bombing in 2014. 4,562,820 (2007) people living as refugees 38.6% in poverty. 3.76 million Palestinians in the West Bank treated as some weird second class for so long that they think it is normal.
            Undeclared nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. A nuclear program outside of all international inspections.

      • “then the Jews abandoned it.”???
        Please read about the Jewish diaspora. I’m not sure, if the word “abandoned” is the right word to describe history…

        • You can consider it ‘abandoned’, when the jews returned from babalonian exile, and didn’t reestablish it. Even though it was ‘abandoned’, it was still their land. But then so many players claimed the land since then…that land has been passed around more than a prostitute. Honestly, I think today’s solution and only solution, is a two state truce. It’s not worth any more lives dying over this land.

          • If by split the house you mean Palestine go huddle in a corner of the unfinished cellar with no heat, light, water or electricity, then your analogy is bang on. Because Israel and its insidious zionist mandate is the perpetrators of the modern day holocaust that Palestinians are subject to while the world turns away. I hope Anonymous will also put its resources into shedding light on the truth about the genocide that is occurring daily while the world mourns the losses of more celebrated victims.

          • Jeannette, are you American? What do you think about Native American claims to all the land in the United States? They were here when they were evicted by force from their lands. They were killed too, to the point the they almost disappeared.

            Should we split the “house” with them? Should we just give it back, since it was their land?

          • Nabil, my first non politically correct response would be…nah, they were cannibals.

            However, nobody likes any response that’s not politically correct these days, so my second response would be: what are you talking about?? We do share the land, do we not. Do they not have their protected tax free reservations?? They have their share of land, which is proportionally even by our populations…we split the land! So I don’t understand your complaint, as there is no issue here.

          • No, odie, that’s not what I mean. They all have equal rights to all the wonderful amenities within the house, or better yet, just divide them equally.

      • They did not abandon it the were taken into slavery and not allowed to go back. The land is theirs and if all those countries around them care so much why not give some land to the both problem solved.

      • So right! However, Islam doesn’t promote sharing. It promotes kill all who don’t conform to Islam. A reasonable solution such as a 2 state scenario will never work. They will always fight, die, search for the 72 virgins, and keep breeding children to train. Islam must be reformed by the Muslim people. Oh well, just wanted to pop in and say, thanks.


        • It’s very good to look at thing from one side and only one side because that works all the time, except you must use Islam more often even if it has nothing to do with the problem, just say it and it WILL work Lori, and if the problem is from another planet then well … whatever, I got nothing for that XD

    • Nobody wants to deal with the situation in Palestine. Both parties refuse to negotiate in a intellectually honest manner.

      My advice is settle for less and make the best of it. Ditch the Gaza Strip, it’s a death trap. Stop holding out for help. To other Muslim countries your plight is just another rallying call to recruit fighters that they will just use for their own interests, not yours. Where were they in 1967? 1973? Oh right, most didn’t show up and left those who did holding the bag against a superior israeli army.

      No people who lack power can have their own home. Not the Palestinians, Kurds, Tibetans, Uighurs, chechyns, ect. If you can get any kind of deal at all you should take it and be glad.

  5. They do realize who is behind the funding, training, arming and such of ISIS right?

    Here’s who created them, and acknowledged is the European nations buying oil from the oil wells they now control; from Putin, and he’s telling the truth.

    And of their shiny new toys; ,

    Here is who is still funding them along with the European nations now buying their oil; from the mouth of a General who is actually telling the truth. That’s just once group of financiers in the Arab world.

    Maybe difficult to understand why such has been done, but if you’ll follow the paper trail, see who benefits financially, and see that all of this, along with the migrant/refugee/invader crisis’s on a global scale are all interconnected to the most newest form of Neocolonialism, and how all the countries effected by the new dictates of their oligarchical overlords need to be beaten into submission before the master plans can fully transpire….

    But here someone to throw it together in a little more cohesive manner;

    Hunting down the exact attackers in Paris is pointless, they’re just patsies, they were just vulnerable impressionable dupes, pawns, and many more like them can and will be easily found to do the same again elsewhere… And to go after the power structure and leadership means going after political and military leadership on a global scale. It means taking down the political establishments of many “Western” nations…. Given the track record of “Anonymous” to be influenced and manipulated by same said powers….. Not even remotely likely.

  6. Don’t forget about their sales of artifacts, one of the ways they are making so much money. If they aren’t bombing sites, or busting up antiquities they are selling off the history that is the Middle East. For many this is horrendous, places and items that are thousands of years old gone forever in a day… Time to hit them below the belt, in their pockets!

  7. You have my support, I may not be able to help in the cyber world, but I will do what I can and what is requested of me if physical work needs too be done.

  8. Where can I stay up to date with this and read more about anonymous war on Isis, and how do i donate to specifically help towards this cause as oppose to other anonymous campaigns ?

  9. Hackers or not. ISIS is a virus to humanity. Every member of the human family now needs to root them out and destroy them. And to all Muslims, its time you lead the fight. They come from your religion, so lets pick this shit up and get started hunting them down.

  10. Besides sending money to your cause, is there a way an average UN-Hacker be able to help? Ex: If I knew a list of websites to monitor or some other way to contrbute? Perhaps some of you can offer a list of suggestion. I’m exhausted mailing politicians. Thanks! and thank you for using your skills to take these barbarians down.

  11. You have my support. Send these terrorists back to the stone age. I don’t support everything you do but I fully support this, isis is a treat to mankind and needs to be stoped!

  12. Thank you please do not quit do not give up. Take all their money give all their names. You can protect the world. We need you more today than ever before. Thank you for taking a stand.

    Islam never want war! don’t want life!
    just want peace! you should war with those people which using name of Islam for war!
    but keep it in mind
    you guys are web expect, yours power is a responsibility to help helpless!
    hope ANONYMOUS will also help people of all religion if they fall in trouble!whatever they are Muslim,Christian,Hinduism!
    Good luck if you’re r8!
    is ANONYMOUS with innocent or religion?

      • Do not belive anything that the mainstream media tells you..
        Remember, the zionist controll the media are terrorist not Muslims, they are mercenaries paid by the highest bidder. ISIS = CIA & MOSAD

      • @Innocent Penis!
        Destroy and islam!
        ha haa ha!lol,lol!
        None one can’t Destroy islam!
        islam want peace not war!

        Do you know once this world was our kingdom? but we let you guys to live with peace, we doesn’t force anyone to accept our religion and never killed anyone innocent!
        cause we believe that every human have right to live with own religion with peace!
        we can war but don’t want to!
        we want peace!

        isis doing crime! cause they killing innocent! islam never give permission anyone to killed innocent!

        bye the way!
        what you think there r no Muslim hacker?

  14. All this sounds fantastic, yeah! anon will destroy the terrorist scam around the world, awesome! but how? Do you gonna go to Siria to fight them? because turning down websites or exposing twitter and facebook accounts not gonna be enough

  15. there is an open flame
    burning humanity each and every day
    you have to stop trying treat its burn
    and focus on puttung out the flame

    believe me this is the hard thing to do
    coz they are the ones keeping the fire burning
    the same ones that got burned
    and the more burned they get
    the more angry they get
    and the more angry they get
    the more they build up the flame more and more

  16. IMPORTANT… who created ISIS??? why is it the only know terrorist organisation in the world??? open your eyes and start seeing another connections of dots… another planes of dimensions and magnitudes of truth… what is the real purpose of that terrorist attack, was it really needed??? i think someone is counting cards on the games… and the sources are dirty… i think this terrorist group was created to support the surveillance system and to help impose more laws, more sacrifice and global sadness… i think ISIS is some kind of bridge from 911 and the total control of the population… but of course ISIS is a terrorist group and made of bad people, but there are even more bad people behind it, controlling it… They are too much organized to no one know about and too intelligent and too well versed… someone really needs to control all the cards in the game and the power… computation, intelligence, limitless, pseudo-science, wars, terrorism (one group for all the world is what it needs?? l0ol), secrecy, consciousness, tricks and secrets of the mind, lsd trips manual override, esp, research, blocks, energy kind and types… whatever there is more in that line of sight, someone wants it all… so i think someone should say STOP that bullshit and take it all in your ass… why everyone don’t have those kind of things, because someone is robbing everyone and blocking and obscuring… the best way to release your minds is too see what they can’t predict or presee or worse remote envisioning… so you can create some kind of unpredictable chemistry flow and events in your mind through real unpredictable entropies creating shapes and draws and patterns and join with images in a some for of unconstructed puzzle, so you will have to prepare your mind to see what they can’t see and start informing people more because many or all feelings and information/intelligence is contagious… be unpredictable, because these people think they are gods because they rob someone everyday… how many more people need to be silenced?? how many days everyone need to pass bad because no one got the point that they can have the same power easier, in less time in less effort and that to have that power, one person is what is needed… learn skills and techniques and survival and ways of living… because what assure one person in the world has everything or understands everything to protect the same group, see sides in here???… but these people don’t know the tomorrow… if it is easy to one person to become god in a second like transcendence with transmutation… what about tomorrow, if someone knows??? or does someone already knows about that has become god and now it is so in silence that you will think that you are on top of everything while an invisible silent god of silence is watching you… if you know nothing try to know the basics, meanings of everything, if you are intermedium go in one direction if you are advanced go in all directions… voice of experience… l0ol… probably just a trip of LSD… sorry… the situation is ugly… in how many cases of world could we live??? just count the stars and it’s nothing about it, it’s more, much many more… and why do we stick to this vector of static evolution??? because there are the ones who care and who work hard and are on bottom being blocked by the ones on the top that do not care, are useless and rob every advantage of everything else… but helping and mentoring is good for good with good quality, it helps you become better good and be more confident of yourself… and you will know how correct, straight and confident and cleared of your mind and sight you were when you forged yourself and built and gave effort… i think at this moment let’s say 7 billion / 1000 that gives groups of 1000 and 7 million groups would break the system and calibrate and equilibrate it… like forever… just a glimpse… but then you need to know if you trust your senses, and you can trust your senses because you eat and drink and sleep and depending on the food and even on the weather your overall energy and feeling get’s more accurate with experience with the walk through life and survival… it’s like a method of living… this is good to anyone to catch i guess, and better the kids, because they don’t have a lot of bad information in their minds… But who can even get all that by thyself without anyone to teach, that is a great being… god is a fantasy, great, pure, magnificient being is pure and real… i felt it once 😉 so if the complexity is infinite why do you think you are in the good route? think again… and sometimes is better to stop and look to the surroudings of your existence and way of living and then continue… because one second in the bad direction can be too much… oh and there are tricks in languages… tricks that favor the elite, especially, and one of them is to know what are the words with human created expressions from the natural emotions… you will get the point… that’s why they need the third eye… the good side exists… but even that is being kinda propagandized…. 😉 see you felas… enjoy your like because can do it for you for good moments to share bipartite

  17. the beams of laser magnified are unpredictable because i think the photons are unpredictable because they come out some brighter than the others… if you have one just point to a wall like 3 meters away and you will see the particles moving in the wall… and intelligence is also counter intelligence when it started as offensive or defensive over neutral or not for dualities or war… so be intelligent and not counter intelligent if you like…

  18. the most important thing is that counter-intelligence needs to know what the enemy relies on even in eras or leaps, because that serves of pendulum and catapult

  19. I’ve been reading and reading these comments. On and on they go. Here’s the thing ( in my oppion ). If innocent people are being killed over and over to prove a point and create fear its wrong!!!! I could give a shit who you are or where your politics was born from. That includes any government, group, or individual!!!! You do what needs to be done Anons. Thank you for watching all of them. Thank you for putting yourself on the line to stand up for humanity. At some point the ones who see the surface media based politics will wake up and realize the truth. Ignorance is bliss but can cost not only your own life but that of your neighbors.

  20. this has intelligence agencies around the world influence and everyone should get an idea of who are they dealing with… Anonymous, you probably have infected groups that work with you to influence your minds in the wrong direction… but you are still people, animals, plants and beings… and we are still here…

    I told that because the first tweet in this message is contradictory… and no mind tells the truths that doesn’t want to see… for some reason… the first tweet is making you look dumb and terrorist instead of peacefiers, you have to see what are the intentions behind a message and what is the reason and target audience and objective… sorry but if there are smart and intelligent people in Anonymous they should know that less intelligent people are easier to cheat and to deceive and delusion… get it?? You have to classify your groups, all of you by what they promote and what are the idealisms behind them… because even the sayings and the slogan of anonymous can be wrong certain perspectives, i’m not saying it is a bad idea, at all… i think the main idealism of anonymous and the simplest one is that anonymous is not an organization it is an idea and in conjuction with give the mask to a human and it will speak the truth, remember, so what happens is that the mask with the internet can be a double anonymity to inject propaganda and guide the people in the wrong direction… because there could be so many internets, but then propaganda created hackers to advertise the internet made by darpa and intelligence agencies… cya

  21. And, sorry, the strengh of an idealism that is more strong than your body and brain chemistry guides your minds in the wrong belief and consciousness… because if a big group like you believe that it is good or cool to be Anonymous your mind atributes a feeling of pleasure and then if information is not being filtered intelligence agencies can affect your consciousness and beliefs to follow what you cleary see but not believe, remember the colors on advertising on TV… and if someone on Anonymous believe something and write it on the web and everyone follows all Anonymous groups for example, the way of thinking gets more complex and then there will be one moment that people can be divided by misinformation because there is too much information to deal with… and the good Anonymous groups then need to cover all ideas and idealisms… because it is difficult to read good information on the web… how does that information stick to the truth so you can join all the pieces because they fit into each other. it’s like no information fits in no other, right?? imagine global consciousness as the stream of all likes, and beliefs, and dreams and relationships and contacts… you see the picture?? being behind religions can ease to do the trick, because people worship one thing that is not god, it is then a way to live… ;D thank you

  22. Isis is only a very small part of the Islamic State 2% of The Islamic People are affiliated with terrorist organization Wake Up and see the facts ~ Mr.Digital

  23. Seriously you want us to care? 1.8 million people locked up in prison camp Gaza. 500 children (alone) killed in just one bombing in 2014. 4,562,820 (2007) people living as refugees 38.6% in poverty. 3.76 million Palestinians in the West Bank treated as some weird second class for so long that they think it is normal.
    Undeclared nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. A nuclear program outside of all international inspections.
    A national focus on weapons and surveillance technology production at a scale of 4th in the world from that tiny country Israel.
    Seriously, I have to be concerned about ‘Jewish feelings’ as a matter of priority?
    I’ll tell you what anti-Semitism is. It is the cognitive dissonance associated with the failure of the Jewry being projected onto others as anti-Semitism because to actually face up to the solution is too hard. There is a clear form of protest that can bring Jewish fascism crumbling overnight. That is to on mass cease being part of the Jewry.
    If you have a shit teacher, shit enough to be comparable to Israel, you stage a student walk out or pencil dropping. We managed to do that in grade 7 as 12 year old.
    Unions do it all the time. They go on strike.
    There is no way that maintaining Jewish identity, no matter how anti-Zionist and progressive you are, can ensure that your descendants aren’t going to embrace some ‘birth right’ concept and become the Zionists that you oppose. The benefits package that comes with the club is significant.
    I’m sorry but this idea that using Zionism, Zionist as opposed to Jewish, Jew being the primary concern because of people’s feelings are personal issues of cognitive dissonance. They just doesn’t rate in any comparative index to what is going on for people in Palestine.
    If we are going to be genuinely concerned about anti-Semitism then don’t let Israel be called a Jewish state. However the deed is so done, there is no way to object to this in a meaningful way whereby it is prevented. We have a fascist apartheid Jewish state that is inseparable from the Jewry.
    There is really only one course of action left for those with Jewish identity, bin it!
    The things that make people good and special don’t come from this identity. They exist regardless of the collective identity. No ones goodness is linked to a club that does bad work. The bad work continues and the goodness of people is used to prevent effective action to change the paradigm.

  24. What are we?
    What do we do?
    we are just here to reveal just the truth and nothing but the truth. why do we need to kill innocent people just to know what are the truth behind the lies? right, and all of the people of the world we are not here to classify the religions we are just here to classify GOOD PEOPLE TO BAD PEOPLE and let the people of the world judge who they are and what are their true motives right.



    LETS PRETEND ITS JUST GOOD GUYS(innocent people) VS BAD PEOPLE(terrorist)


    see the logic? if still you dont care what if that specific terrorist is just right beside you and you dont know? can you be just like superman and eat that bomb? we may not be able to be a SUPERHERO that can eat those bastard terrorist ALTHOUGH WE CAN GIVE YOU INFORMATION SO THAT YOU CAN ALL BE AWARE IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS SO YOU CAN BE SAFE. THATS WHY WE DO THIS!

  26. Too bad it isn’t the movies…what would be more befitting than closing all accounts and declaring them legally dead. Superhuman like even. Ohh well, anything putting a light on cockroaches is better than knowing they are scurrying in the dark with nothing happening about it.

  27. It seems this subject has caused a considerable debate, and it’s not quite clear which camp is winning the argument. I’m not sure I understand what the argument is, so please allow me to add a little something.
    1). the Gaza strip and surrounding territory has been a conflagration of contention for over a thousand years, and will continue to be so for years to come, no matter what political, religious, economic, or environmental conditions change during the confrontations.
    2). This battle over the various areas in the middle east is no longer simply a war to establish the right, or to eliminate evil, or even to give helpless people a chance to survive, but has now mutated to become a war of ideals that has spilled over to the rest of the world in order to make a point that is apparently not being heard.

    I have done some research in this area, and some points have become clear to me. All the victims, refugees or soldiers, all bleed the same colour as I do. They all require the same basic ingredients to survive. And unless I miss my guess, there is NO holy book out there, no matter what your belief, that states it is morally right to commit murder. Essentially, that means these displaced people, the people who are fighting in rubble filled streets, are the same as me. They likely believe the same ideas I do, and would do anything to support or protect their families. Many of these people are bieng forced into position where the engagement of violent action is no longer an option that can be ignored, because they are just doing what they can to stay alive. Anon has proven that there are more than just guns and bombs that can be used as weapons, and these weapons should be targeted to a very select group of individuals who have taken violence against people to a higher level. I believe that we can no longer recognize that there are many groups, nations, or beliefs that are fighting, until we recognize that no matter where you are from, we are ONE people, all fighting for the same thing, a chance to live in peace.

    Now, if you are concerned about who is supporting who, history is a good teacher here. During WWII, combat nations were being supplied resources by those nations that at the time we also called allies. The question then becomes one less easy to understand, and the controversy less easy to identify. Now, translate that to modern times, and the subjects in question are still murky, and even more clarification to identifying the real threat is required. Do we stop the resources from reaching their evil masters? Do make directed attacks against the evil doers? Do we let things be and just allow the battles to sort themselves out? One thing I have learned is this: when you make concessions to alleviate the potential for destruction, you may gain some ground, but the problem doesn’t go away, and you get NOTHING without communication. As violent action regarding this territory has solved nothing for a thousand years, maybe we need to open new dialogue, and start to recognize the PEOPLE involved in this fight, and NOT the politics, because I consider myself to be one of those people.

  28. where were you Anonymous, when america bombed out arab countires? where were you when? boko haram killed out in africa? why you now showing partiality towards paris?????? are they only humans??
    paris is instead now killing innocents of syria too and saying it is refugees. Shame on you

  29. I know this sounds a little unorthodox to our original sights of peace and freedom for all, but IS doesn’t care about protest, They’re ruthless savages that will murder just over something as little as saying they do not believe in the Islamic religion. Soon Armed Revolt against IS may be necessary. Without a doubt it will be bloody, but seriously? A lot of blood is going to be spilled anyway.

  30. Thanks for declaring cyber war on ISIS. I’m sick of these extremists killing and maiming regular people around the world. I’m also sorry my country (USA) created instability in Iraq allowing these idiots to crawl in like bugs. Maybe you could also declare war on the Republican party in America!


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