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Anonymous is one of the major enemies of ISIS Militants, who are also called DAESH nowadays. On numerous occasions, Anonymous has conducted ISIS trolling day’s, i.e on 11th December, 2015.

After conducting a series of cyber attacks on ISIS militants, Anonymous has finally revealed how they identify ISIS militants on social media platforms. As we all know, social media platforms are often used for various propaganda, and ISIS propaganda is no exception. DAESH or ISIS militants are also taking advantage of social media platforms, using propaganda to spread their mission and spread special recruiting videos to gain support from internet users. daeshbags

Anonymous always keeps an eye on the world. Anonymous is an idea, a collective of people with different talents, skills and ideas. As a result, one member of Anonymous has spoken with news, and has revealed how to dominate ISIS militants or DAESH. The member, identified as TMT, reveals that many people around the world are working with Anonymous. These individuals are working hard to regularly check profiles and websites of known ISIS members. As we have a lot of experience in dealing with them, we can easily identify ISIS members. Most of the ISIS members have a beheading image as their profile picture.

After we have identified members of ISIS, we use various methods to collect the names of the followers. By using our database, we are able to compile a list of the involved profiles. We then report the ISIS affiliated accounts to Twitter.

Binary Sec, a known Anonymous affiliated group, has made it their mission to eradicate terrorism from the internet. By applying internet censorship on the terrorists, they are unable to use the internet for inappropriate purposes. Binary Sec uses one of the most famous methods in the world “DDOS”, to take websites offline for several hours, depending upon the amount of DDOS applied.

Binary Sec encourages people to report any content that is affiliated with ISIS or their mission. Binary Sec approach their operation very carefully, and will not issue an attack if the action is not necessary—in other words, they don’t hack for fun. They first make sure that their targets belong to terrorist organization like ISIS.

Those who are involved in the Binary Sec group, are ordinary people who are determined to keep fighting against ISIS militants over the internet.

You can see full details of ISIS Trolling Day on the AnonHQ website.


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  1. Can you please tell me how I can report someone on yahoo?? Someone threatened me on yahoo, (maybe an ISIS member) about me being beheaded!!! I have since tried to respond to this user, but my comments keeps getting erased somehow! And I can’t flag or report this person either. I took a screens shot of their comment to show police, but I still want this person reported. What can I do?? I know you hugs don’t like me here, but please put our difference aside and tell what I can do?

    • If you actually want someone to help you, you have to give them all the info they may need to do so.
      People ask for help here all the time, but people who may be able to help scroll past unless they actually have a way of doing so.

      • You seem to forget the whole point of anonymous. Tyler and c0bra. Tyler, I’m sure there are collectives of people who are more worried about the CIA and the white house rather than ISIS. c0bra, this whole plan on ISIS is more important to YOU and your affiliates, not anonymous as a whole. That would have been a better answer for Tyler’s question.

  2. Blocking their ability from using the internet for sometime doesn’t keep them from recruiting, training, planning, or killing. Doesn’t stop anyone. Releasing their identities doesn’t make any proper affect. When you’re viewed as the enemy, they are instantly classified and stereotyped with a certain look and personality. Doesn’t matter if you kill a leader. There will be others eager to lead to their objective.


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