December 11th, International Islamic State Troll Day: Operational



**It is important to distinguish here that we are trolling ISIS, we are not trolling Islam, These are two very different things. For example if you show a meme of an Arabic flag, this flag may contain “there is only one God and Muhammad is his messenger”. So if you mock this flag you will not only have offended ISIS, but all Muslims. So please do some research and be careful what you’re trolling about. As for who to troll, December 11th is for trolling ISIS soldiers, troops, leadership. ISIS would love nothing more than to report Westerners disrespecting all of Islam, this would play right into their political narrative. If we are going to defeat ISIS we must be smarter than ISIS. AnonymousHQ News would like to apologize in advance to any Muslims indirectly offended. We are simply reporting the news. **

With that said…..

*Its that magical time of year and the spirit of Lulz is in the air*

November 28, 2015 – A group of people came across the planning a new movement to advance upon OpISIS and was asking for AnonHQ to promote their message for everyone to join in. The idea was planning a date, December 11th, 2015 as International Islamic State Troll day. This operation has now gone viral. Please read the following articles to get filled on what the Islamic States has in store for them this December 11th.

Full Operation:

Original Promotion:

Modified Movement:

So there you have it let the Lulz begin. In this crazy world it is nice to get a laugh out of terrible situation even if just for a day. Have fun and enjoy yourself.



……This brings us to the discussion over the word Daesh. What does it mean? Should people be saying this word? Why is everyone all of a sudden learning this new word?

There was another article published by the International Business Times yesterday titled “ISIL, ISIS, Islamic State, Daesh: What’s The Difference?” This focuses on an important issue and is the basis for the purpose of the following discussion.

Islamic State: This is the overall name to the collective caliphate religious group engaged in militant activity around the world.The Islamic State operates with the stated goal to globalize Sharia Law and to manifest the oft mentioned ‘end of days‘ prophesied by Islamic and Catholic scriptures. Essentially manually creating a self fulfilling prophecy for their religious beliefs. You can read more about this concept here:

ISIS: This is the Islamic State ^^^ as it exists in the countries of Iraq and Syria. The group known as ISIS is a direct result of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and subsequent War. When Barack Obama moved the troops out of Iraq in 2011 this created a power vacuum which ISIS has since worked to fill. Essentially ISIS is what was left of the militants who had been fighting the United States since the War began in 2003.  ISIS was not created by the United States government, it is was simply cause and effect. One event lead to another, U.S. ground troops leave, ISIS soldiers take their place. No conspiracy theory needed. The War in Syria began in 2011 and although this is a Civil War, it is the most brutal War going on Earth at this moment. Perhaps not coincidentally Damascus, Syria has been thought of by many religious ideologies to the birth place of the Wars of Revelation.

ISIL: This refers to the Islamic State as it exists in the Levant. The Levant refers to geographical area of land masses which include the following countries: Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Jordan.  ISIL has also been linked to several African terror groups such as Boko Haram and has been known to engage in Wars in Libya. As the Islamic State operates with global aspirations, ISIL can be seen as the out branching of the group into the Southern Mediterranean and into Africa.

Daesh: This is a self described insult to members of ISIS. In fact ISIS has threatened to cut out the tongues of any person they catch using the word. DAESH is an acronym for the Arabic phrase “al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham” referring the geological group of the Islamic State as it exists everywhere. The Arabic word itself translates roughly to ‘evangelists who cause turmoil’. The term has gained in popularity since 2014 as an adjective to describe to describe the collective movement of the Islamic State.



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  1. So I posted some pics on Twitter of goats with Isis and now some Isis has contacted me on Twitter, I don’t know what to do now they need reporting!!!!!

    • you didn’t use your real account? the idea is that you’re not a person, but an idea so you can make any account and be a part of the idea. don’t fear them, fuck them. if they would kill you, you would already be dead, and if they hack you, then you just have to create new everything. new credit account, social accounts and new ID on the net. a mistake that can be expensive, but there is always a solution for our problem. Respect for doing it already! 😉 the idea itself are awesome and great. it can only hurt their pride and will be able to make ISIS look like a joke, which they are! to laugh at them will only take their power away from them

  2. Daesh practices Islam in a form that makes literal interpretation of scripture. To ignore this fact means that one must indeed assault the toxic ideology that drives both it as well as all deluded, mainstream, Muslim followers of Islam.

  3. Anonvoid: You do realise that the black flag is not actually ISIS by history it is a confrimation of Faith in Islam and there are so many memes of it being abused not just verbally and with swear words on it. It will offend most muslims.. Obliterate ISIS and destroy the, (That won’t offend muslims)

  4. ISIS is in america and by mocking them is to make a fool of them we must stand together against this enemy of petite power and stability knock them down as if they were an old man that is handicapped kick their cane from there hand and watch them fall then together we shall laugh in their faces while they lie in a pool of their own bile tears agony sweat and feces let them rot like the shit their are let them die with their stupidity let them fall/note this msg is to ISIS combatants and all others who are related with their cause.

  5. ISIS is an Islamic terrorists group so you cant make fun of them without making fun of Islam as a whole. Imagine you wanted to make fun of the West Indies cricket team but not make fun of the West Indies.

  6. ISIS are not Muslims because if they had read the Holy Quran then they would never do what they are doing …. I hate it when some bunch of A***** start to spread terrorism and call themselves Muslims. These ISIS deserve the last stage of Hell. Even though I am a Muslim i never read any thing about doing cruelty on anyone. In Islam it is said that someone kills someone then he is not a Muslim.
    The truth is terrorism Cruelty has no religion.
    Only we Muslims are unlucky now a days and we get blamed for every terrorist attack.

    • Well, read it again. I suggest you start with all the verses in Surah 9 . Or as I like to call it “Killing infidels for dummies”. And you HAVE heard of a little country called Saudi Arabia, haven’t you? Last time I checked, they practiced Islam there…You are partially right though. However I think “Religion is cruelty” are more precise. You see the same supremacy ideology among right wing Christians.Remember- Humans invented God, not the other way around.

  7. #ForTheWorld

    Don’t be fooled… it’s NOT Islamic state…it’s an INSANE state.

    Every religions promotes peace and goodness. Religions differ on
    belief, NOT on moral values and ethics.


  8. And to all those people that decided to wake up one morning and open a TRANSLATION of the Holy Qur’an, Let us open to the opening verses of the Glorious Book which states… “Guidance for those who have piety (taqwa)” (Surah Baqarah). Now, unfortunately, there are many who are misinformed by the troublemakers, regarding the verses which call unto “Killing the unbelievers”. These are verses related to the time of war in the early stages of Islam. Without an iota of doubt, this does NOT mean that wherever a muslim sees a non-muslim, then he (muslim) should kill him. This is absurd and illogical. There are many verses in the Holy Qur’an which simply cannot be taken literally. One needs to look at the commentary, the reason for the revalation, and ask those of true knowledge. I would like to reiterate, those verses that people use against Islam, is certainly misunderstood. They apply to combat and war during the early days of Islam in Al-Makkah.

    In a famous Prophetic narration, it is stated about a lady who showed kindness unto a thirsty dog, and thus, was forgiven and granted paradise. If this is the values instilled thought to us in Islam for animals, then surely, the respect for fellow humans are of great importance.

    I sincerely wish that the World sees the truth and goodness in people … for the reality is this, we are His Creation, and unto Him shall we return.

  9. Why is everything in 2015? Did I miss out? I’m so confused.
    Any Anonymous person please help me, I have so many questions about many other things too.


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