Anonymous: The Next Steps of Operation ISIS


11/23/2015 – I am writing in response the talk over how government intelligence agencies may be negatively impacted by the success of Anonymous’ declaration of War on ISIS. From my personal point of view this has been the busiest week within Anonymous that I have ever seen. In addition to the tens of thousands of global citizens who have come through the last week, the core hackers at Anonymous have been busy…..

November 19th: Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Twitter Accounts in 2 Days:

…Three Days Later Anonymous Has extending this into the Tens of Thousands of Accounts:


If you have not read these two articles, please do before we continue on with the discussion:


What I want to surmise here is that not all of ISIS is simply on Twitter and Facebook. Some have even said “ISIS is not that stupid be on Twitter” meaning the serious communication would not take place here. Core ISIS members use different venues for communication and this process is only speeding up with the Anonymous attacks against them. Anonymous for better or worse is pushing ISIS members underground. Intelligence analysts are quoted as saying ISIS is heavily on Telegram now and they sometimes do use PlayStation chats. Anonymous hacktivists need to extend their vision beyond just the most popular social media.

What I hear many people talking about from ‘average Joe’ to Anonymous hackers is the idea that maybe we should not simply remove the account but use them for more information. Here is checklist of what we really need from all of these ISIS accounts that people are finding:


  • Find a telephone number associated with the account
  • If you can, find an address associated with the account
  • Take multiple screen shots of what you see on the website/account that proves this is ISIS member displaying ISIS support of affiliation
  • Create a file for each individual person/account/website you find including ALL of the information above
  • Make sure these files get seen. Dump the information on the internet, report to Anonymous or Ghostsec, Anonymous tip the police/government. Do everything you can to make sure the information gets into the hands of people who can act on it.


This is the information government agencies need in order to track, monitor and detain ISIS members in their respective countries. In USA for example all police need to track and monitor a phone is a search warrant. Police can get a search warrant in a matter of hours if you show them proof of a suspected ISIS member. A individual phone/person will be found immediately. Governments have the money/resources/budgets/authority that we can not. Anonymous can contribute to putting these people behind bars and/or taking them off the streets rather then simply shutting down internet accounts.

As for all of the Facebook and Twitter accounts of ISIS I find it odd how they exist in the first place. Every ‘average Joe’ can contribute to Anonymous War on ISIS by sending an email to Twitter and Facebook demanding that these two organizations do more information to remove ISIS propaganda themselves. This will free up Anonymous to focus on more serious matters.

Demand Facebook Do More To Remove ISIS Accounts:

Demand Twitter Do More To Remove ISIS Accounts:

This article “The Next Step for OpISIS” is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article with a creative commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ




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  1. I really support Anonymous. If I had a lot of computer knowledge I’d have definitely helped. Sadly, I feel powerless regarding everything Anonymous is doing, so if I can do anything within my reach, i’ll gladly do it.
    Fighting, Anonymous !!

    • do not worry about it any one can do what we are doing but the big idea is we are doing it together to make a brighter future read some books learn your basic computer information all is well and do not worry one day I hope to see you in the cyber word have a great day


    • Hey, I don´t know a lot about hacking or something like that as well but what i can tell you is that there are some programs that you can use without haveing any knowledge that will perform things like DDOS attacks etc.

  2. Can you start with all the countries that funded them like the United states, Saudi Arabia and the whole UN? Because that would be great.

  3. BTW the Oswald and JFK assassination wikipedia pages should also be made truthful.

    Never forget 60+% of Americans don’t believe the JFK story. History repeats itself

  4. I would glady help and demand this to FB and twitter – i’m all for anonymous – good work! but i wanted to point out, to stop calling/ referring this barbaric terrorist group as: Isis!! It’s called: “IS”-“Islamic State” or “Daesh” and NOT “Isis”-referring here to an Egyptian Goddess which stands for something totally different in meaning. There are women and children who have Isis as a birth name long way before this terrorist group heavily came in the picture. There is Google and Wikipedia where you can google this information – simple! It explains perfectly clear on – IS,ISIL:Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,ISIS:Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or “Daesh”. Media, News should be more aware of this too and pronounce it the correct way and if you choose to say ISIS at least explain what you are referring to:(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). It should not be the intention on placing innocent woman and children, who have Isis as a birth name – referring to an Egyptian Goddess in some negative light in their living environment, work, social media- (bullying) or at schools, even vandalizing stores/company using this name that don’t have nothing to do with or no relation whatsoever to: “IS”-“Islamic State”/Daesh”.
    Educate yourself and other people on this. Thank you!

  5. Ummm really? Just have to put this out there. The #1 cause of war and blood shed is religion! Christian Jews and Muslims all believe in a God That has more blood on his/her hands than any bacterial virus or any other natural causes all put together! Further more how is it that any of the big 3 religions can honestly claim that there God is the one true God when there are religions far far older that speak nothing of there so called “one true God”. Lastly every older religions are all polytheistic and they all say that there Gods walked among them, so tell me how arrogant it is for any of these religions to make the claims they do when they are all an amalgamation of the older stories and religions! So keep your religious bs to your self all its good for is blood war and death!

  6. I don´t know how to hack, but I share all I found on Anonymous website, I share it within my contacts, I try explain what is going on… that´s the way I found to help/participate with Anonymous

  7. Anonymus! That what you are doing is contraproductiv! Police and Secret Service got many information out of the twiter profiles which you have closed. In many cases you also got the wrong people. Let pros like GSG do the job. Wrong “Help” is no help, even when its meant to be !!!

    • You are so wrong. If you think for one minute that anyone other than Anons are looking to truly stop these nut jobs you need to take a hard look at the truth!

  8. I think this article shows that anonymous are shills, who use the naive public and take their mind away from the truth.
    Why on Earth would anonymous want us to pass the information on to those who are funding ISIS? It all seems to me like an attempt to align the public view with that of the tyrants.
    Free humanity. Don’t ask us to believe in government of any type!

  9. I believe Isis is using the game in party mode to interact, there are a lot of ISIS supporters. If anyone considers this just take a look

    • yes seen many Daesh supporters on agario, also take a look a Seafight us2 west server, many daesh supporter there, actually mentioning on open chat the fact of paris attacks and support for isis

  10. I believe Anonymous is doing the right thing being our government is so corrupt and lacks the balls to do what is right. They lie to the people and even to those who serve in our military who simply joined to help protect all of us as well as to ensure our freedom that not only our government is trying to take away from us all. Our military can not go against the commander in chief but that gives no reason why the so called commander in chief guns after the people and our veterans and active military. It not only pisses me off but also pisses off a lot of real Americans who believe in what we stand for. I am from generations of retired and active military personel and it is a disgrace that there are people who get into political office through rigged elections not caring about the people yet taking advantage of the people while caring more for other countries while we need to help the people that so need help in our own country instead of taking advantage of the American people violating the American peoples rights & liberties. The American people had enough and all though I am but only one person I know you may take down one person how ever you can not take down every one. Together we all can and shall make a difference. In closing I simply say to Anonymous keep up the fight & tank you for standing up for every one who support Anonymous as well as the American people whom you are fighting for…

  11. I believe Anonymous is doing the right thing being our non-caring , useless , advantage taking , dictating , not giving a crap about the people government lacks the balls to do what is right instead of being for the people. Our veterans , active military and even average Americans are sick of the lies , BS and violation of our liberties / Rights. The rights and liberties that we do have came at a high price and how does our government repay those who sacrificed for our freedom? By lies , excuses & violating the constitution with no ramifications to name just a few. In closing I say thank you Anonymous for standing up for all of us. Keep up the fight to help restore liberty..

  12. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!! Who is funding? Funds are traded online. Find that bank! They can’t move without funds. Let’s bankrupt the fukkers.

  13. Okay. I’m all for anonymous. But I have a problem with agenda.
    Why doesn’t anonymous ever talk or hack into intelligence agencies from the zionist. Turkey,U.S.Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, ect ect??
    Reveal thier agenda of conquering the middle east. How isis is funded. The weaponry we provide. I never hear anonymous wage a cyber war on the countries responsible for isis and middle east havoc to begin with. I don’t understand how this major point is ignored. Wake up the masses and reveal how we fund, arm, give aerial intellegence support. I don’t get it. This is the most important part of this whole isis issue we are responsible for.
    Please, anyone explain. Maybe I missed it.
    These questions are the only doubts I have about anonymous. If you are so powerful, cyberwise, why don’t you do the obvious and expose the U.S. and it’s cronies.
    So so so much to expose yet this is not ever exposed whatsoever. I feel this is where anonymous loses credibility. A lot of talk but no action. Maybe one cyber attack here and there. I get what you say and want to do on some agendas but I rarely see or hear you back up these cyber hacks. And by waging cyber war with isis, you have the wrong people. Figure out how they get funded. Which weapon came from where. Why we avoid 75% of hitting possible isis targets. Avoiding them purposely so that they can continue to grow. Meanwhile russia I hits the intended targets. Russia entered this war by calling U.S. bluff. U.S. doesn’t like the fact russia got involved because they are ruining the agenda at hand by actually bombing isis while we purposely dont. If you can expose this or at least do your videos with this as foCal point, then you would have massive credibility and support. We need more Julian and more Snowdens to expose because anonymous just won’t.
    I’d love a reason on why the avoidance of this MAJOR ISSU.
    As far as your videos, articles, the occasional cyber attack, and truths you have currently promote, I’m all for it but I’m so lost and a bit suspicious as to why you don’t utter a word. Libya. We paid, sent arms, and support some people to kill Gaddafi based on lies. He was actually doing good things but he wanted his currency to be in form of gold while U.S. wanted then to give in to the almighty u.s. dollar. He wouldn’t and we had to go and install a puppet regime. Why don’t you speak out loud about this?
    Please, give me faith in anonymous and get to it as the masses need to hear and learn what really is going on. I beg you, please. Many ignorant people need some education on this and with the popularity you’ve gained with a following, it’s your responsibility to educate, awaken people. Please. Your wasting time on “cyber war with isis” when it should be cyber war on the obvious agenda. Priorities are upside down here.
    I feel like i just informed more people in this comment than you have.
    If people want to learn about this, Google the info I provided. It’ll lead to various articles with valuable info. Even RT and press TV are more informative and exposes more on this issue. I expected anonymous to be active and knowledgeable, exposing this but you haven’t. Or won’t. It’s quite weird and suspicious of you.
    Well I hope your eventually do.

    • Because they aren’t responsible for Islamic state, Islamic state is its own. We can’t punish those who aren’t responsible for the crimes committed by Islamic state.

  14. Come on people, get it together. Islamic state is not going to sit back and let us take down their communication. Act quickly and without mistake. And cover your tracks Anons.

    We are anonymous
    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget


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