‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Goes After ISIS


Written by: Alek Hidell


Every time I turn on the news, all I hear about is ISIS.  I like to think I keep up with things and I’m still kind of bewildered by ISIS.  So let me get this straight…Obama keeps with the deadline set by the Bush administration and withdraws troops from Iraq.  The American people were sick of war and wanted out. Of course the opposition pitched their usual fit, but the deadline arrived and the troops came home. All of a sudden there is a new terrorist threat, ISIS, who goes around cutting people’s heads off and now 70% of the American public support going back to war. This seems a little too convenient to me. This reeks of the intelligence community’s touch.  I find it amazing that people are so willing to jump back into military conflict after suffering war fatigue for the last decade. The war has achieved nothing tangible for the American people and has only thrown the country into further economic turmoil.  Once upon a time war meant a booming economy.  Not anymore. The military industrial complex grinds on at the expense of the soldiers who give their lives for an ideal which doesn’t appear to be shared by their superiors.


ISIS has been around for a while, but over the years has changed it’s name several times.  It  has been known as the JTJ, the AQI, The Islamic State Iraq, Al-Qaeda in Iraq and ultimately the Islamic State which we in America like to call ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). So what exactly is ISIS? ISIS is the next wave of boogie men that we as American’s are told we must degrade and destroy, or whatever Obama said about them, because if we don’t they will surely be responsible for the next 911.  Whether or not that is true I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am absolutely sick to death of fighting wars against ideology.  That is ultimately what this war is about.  Obama can drop as many bombs on ISIS as he wants but nothing he does will end the IDEA of ISIS.  Whether or not you agree with or believe in what ISIS believes in, you cannot dismiss the fact that ISIS and Islamic extremism is an idea. An idea is what gives Anonymous it’s strength. Idea’s cannot be broken or thrown away into the trash.  You know the deal.  As long as the idea of ISIS exists, no number of bombs you drop on them will win the war.  The air strikes and soon-to-be boots on the ground are nothing more than a stop gap.  You can spend years going over the politics of war in the middle east, Islamic fundamentalist extremists and why they seem to want to blow up the world.  Ultimately, if I was born into a war torn desert where my people were starving, where disease and despair were prevalent, and where outsiders were sucking up the only natural resource my country had while I squandered my life away in poverty, I’d want to blow shit up too. anonymous vs isis


Now while the idea of ISIS will not be destroyed by bombs or anything else for that matter, the greatest way to battle an idea is with a better idea.  This brings me to OPISIS.  Our Anon brothers and sisters around the world have launched a cyber-war against ISIS. Back in June, ISIS hacked an Anonymous Twitter account.  I’m sorry but that’s like poking the sleeping bear.  Anonymous set out to launch it’s own war against the new terrorist group airing a video which made it very clear that any country who assists ISIS will suffer the consequences.  Anonymous has already committed cyber attacks against Turkish government websites and has put a scare into countries like Syria and Qatar who have recently invested heavily in upgrading their cyber security. What effect will cyber attacks have against ISIS? It is hard to say. One factor which is of concern is, what kind of retaliation will there be from ISIS? ISIS has suspected connections to the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).  If the SEA retaliate against western cyber targets, the outcome could be disastrous. Follow the Anonymous battle against ISIS at #OPISIS.


When I first heard about ISIS, my first thought was that this was some kind of CIA operation on behalf of the military industrial complex designed to get us back into Iraq.  I haven’t changed my mind.  When one traces world events throughout the last 60 years or so, the CIA and the American intelligence community has played a major role in shaping world events.  From the attempted coup in Haiti, to the Bay of Pigs, to the Gulf of Tonkin, the CIA have proved their willingness and ability to manipulate world events to further their own agenda, even if that agenda is in direct opposition to the will of the American people.  You constantly hear people talking about “the government” and blaming them for all their woes.  The one thing that I have come to realize is that there truly are two American governments.  There are your elected officials who appear to play the game by the rules, have to get elected, follow procedure, etc. Then there is the American intelligence community.  These are the guys who really call the shots.  The CIA have a long history of manipulation, especially in the middle east.  We created Al-Qaeda and I have no doubt that the CIA helped create what we know today as ISIS.  The military industrial complex knew that once we went into Iraq, we would never leave.  I applauded Obama for pulling soldiers out of Iraq, but he should have known the powers that be, would never let it go at that.  Even Obama answers to the powers that be.


There is no doubt that ISIS poses a great threat to the world.  They have no respect for any idea that doesn’t fit with theirs.  They do not embody the freedom and equality that we hold so dear. If ever there  was an idea that needed to be wiped out, it is ISIS.  I do not know where this war is going, what our objective is and if it will ever truly end.  I do know that while the bombs are dropping, ISIS is still gathering strength and at this moment is within miles of Turkey and their movement is taking them toward Baghdad. I sit here frustrated as I know that the problems we are currently facing were created by my own government.  I wish I could close with some powerful words of encouragement but I can’t.  All I can do is watch and wait and hope that the people in charge make the right decisions as this unending war wages on.

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    • That’s not an ISIS flag, that’s just the flag of Sharia but they’re using it. Doesn’t mean that you post it means you’re pro-ISIS.

  1. “I know that the problems we are currently facing were created by MY OWN government.” With this statement you made it clear that you are American. I would recommend you change that as you are supposed to be anonymous. Regarding the article I would say “Best of Luck.” 😀

    • He has signed it as Alek Hidell so he is probably writing with the voice a pseudonym. Alek Hidell was American so that could explain the my government line.

    • You have a valid point. Even so it not hard to tell what country some one is from on the internet. And furthermore, Anonymous isn’t just one person, it’s an organisation consisting of many people from ->around the world<- (thats the important bit).

    • You have a valid point. Even so it not hard to tell what country some one is from on the internet. And furthermore, Anonymous isn’t just one person, it’s an organisation consisting of many people from ->around the world<- (thats the important bit).

    • I’m very certain that anonymous will do the right thing to help and destroy the U.S. government through trying to help society and keeping the U.S. on track

    • isis is a distraction a threat yes but also a distraction but i cant say everything its NOT safe it will be years until you hear from me again IF WE ARE STILL HERE but dont poke at the bee hive if you dont have bee repelent and in this case count the bees first your good but dont get cocky like all the other groups did be a friend to the public not a cyber freak

  2. Well written and I could not agree more. The one thing you did not touch on that seems to be a big part of their agenda (from the propaganda ISIS posts) is nothing short of genocide. Though we cannot Kill an idea. I like the idea of treating it like a fire, remove the fuel the fire will go out.

  3. I love the messages you send, now let’s see actions! I’d love to join! An even better, if I wasn’t a felon, I’d be on the front line! They just don’t trust me with a gun! Shit look at those nut balls they trained overseas! Hell, they are worse than felons! Anyway! Get at me! Rob fightingthegoodfight Patterson.

    • Rob, don’t worry about “them” trusting you with a gun. The US Constitution does not permit them to take your guns away. It says “the right to bare arms shall not be infringed” No where does it says “except in the case of felons” Martha Stewart is a felon. She is a rich woman living by herself. What is she supposed to defend herself with- a pot of hot water or a butter knife. This law about felons not being allowed to possess guns is blatantly unconstitutional under the 4th, 9th and 10th amendments and your God given rights to defend yourself. It is being challenged at this very time.

      • Don’t forget about the Dick Law. As G. Gordon Liddy used to say, ” I don’t own any guns, but my wife has a hell of a gun collection”!

  4. SUPPORT THOSE M8s they fucking deserve to do shit like that, I support them from the fucking beginning they were opened, no shit sherlock

  5. Wow THIS gives me a new look at all the things in this awesome post. I wish I could do something against ISIS or even stop them but as you said it’s not that easy :/

    • Easy one: Logic. Reverse engineer their ideas. Then, turn them against themselves. Afterwards they will realize they were betrayed, that their dead pals are not in paradise, an then they turn against their powerhungry masters and false prophets who led them into blasphemy (raping, killing, drugs, any sin Allah can imagine…).

      • Ha, It appears like the psy ops have reverse engineered this themselves to turn us all against each other.
        There’s no need for killing. We have all become false prophets looking into the infinite looing glass. History has taught us naught.

  6. I find it fascinating that most operatives, er… terrorists, come from Saudi Arabia and not from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. Doesn’t the U.S. have a cozy little alliance with S.A.? It’s as if long ago the leaders of the U.S. got together with the leaders of S.A. and made a little agreement. I must have went down like this. We’ll infiltrate your culture that way you can raise fundamental extremists through propaganda and religious dogma. Meanwhile, we’ll overthrow democratically elected governments in your region and install our own dictators, eventually declare war on them and destabilize the area. Your fundamentalists will kill thousands by eliminating targets that will be mutually beneficial to both of us; creating a reason for perpetual war. We will spread hate and propaganda and chase these “terrorists” all over the middle east. Think of it! Hundreds of thousands will actually want to go out and kill each other while we sit back and watch. Oh, and Israel is in on it too.

    • What you say my man is true. But! I live in Saudi Arabia at the moment and I can tell you the goverment doesn’t openly support them. They can’t because they’re people aren’t like you might think. Most of the people here are against ISIS because they are commiting sins. So the Saudi goverment has another Agenda for their own people. They do the exact different thing than islamic propaganda. They make people more unrelegious and are extremely pro-U.S. that way it is easier to find the ones who are extreme and do not understand the basics of the religion. These are the ones who will be trained and then send out to start organizations with a lot of money.
      The question is WHY WOULD SAUDI ARABIA DO THAT? I can tell you living here for 7 years the goverment isn’t a religious one. So what’s in for them when they help the U.S. and Israel? Money and power. Easy as that. Saudi arabia is one of the most stable countires in the middle east. They have their big friend USA to support them and buy all their oil. The royal family has more than enough money thanks to these agreements. So I have come to the conslusion: Saudi Arabia is nothing but a “puppet state” for the CIA.

      • Or could we be the “puppet state” of Saudi Arabia? This perpetual threat crap needs to become a waste of our time. Only a super-power will create the next attack, as they did on that September morning. Since then, most of our rights have been extinguished. Just take care of your family and friends. Keep the government at bay.

    • It’s true. You should watch Harodim, a film by Paul Finelli about Osama and 9/11. No lies in the whole film, just a different perspective.

  7. I agree the thought of ISIS being an idea; a subject most of the public will not understand. However, it is also ignorant for most to think the Government couldn’t possibly be behind this. Another 9/11 is bound to happen because the Govenment were the colprates in the first place.

  8. I do agree with your definition and importance of an idea. However, I completely disagree ideas “live forever’ or imply never giving up. At one time the basic idea that the world was flat caused trade stagnation, Catholic persecutions, and much noise beyond the laughter. The idea eventually died because it was not a new nor void any longer “idea”. This happens continually. Anonymous I follow and joined this site because of your stance and principles on ideas; however, there have been very few I have not supported, but the point is I did not support them which implies I had an opposing view. Acceptable of course or has been within our Republic though those days I firmly believe are in the lay-out room for draining and a new suit for the casket. ISIS is the type of “idea” not original that has been alive since the Jews came out of Egypt, received the Judaic Laws and were immediately flung into centuries of war due an opposing idea. The world entered the fight with the rise of Mohammed and the Koran/Quran. Americans are lazy for they refuse to read, research and make a decision that has not already been made and lectured to them on what so many feared would become the “idiot tube”. Now that idea grew and grew into the www. I applaud the work you and all of Anonymous is pledging too; and shall watch closely; for truly you may be the only organization on the planet making “intelligent” war on a clearly defined and very well financed and more to the point, more organized and determined since a man named Hitler lite a match and took over the largest culture of Europe, with just his words! So go to your fight. It is for the same basic reasons our people have been dying there for over 19 years now and it must stop. It is a ‘war’ un-winnable by a divided, uninformed thus ignorant populace who continue the spoon-feeding of “how does that make you FEEL” rather than What do you KNOW and THINK. Anonymous to me are The Minute Men of this the last days of Republic America. 3 basics things (ideas) must die: entitlement, no responsibility/accountability/and unsustainable debt (deficits really don’t matter. May I also suggest 2 more “ideas” the American crave for the most part but have no clue as to the depth of the evil: The Patriot Act and the Amendment of 2012, and the Affordable Care Act, politically known as Obamacare. As to the Patriot Act and the Amendment they join hips in relieving further freedoms from Americans by simply the words, the ‘promises’ of safety and security (feel the fear building with Ebola?) The AMC Act gives forth the idea that life really should end at 75 ; that is long enough to live or so is the philosophy of the Chief author of Obamacare–but alas poor Nancy never read that even after she passed the bill—and she is over 75–ah but wait, congress exempted themselves did they not. The Federal Government under both Laws and Regulations can call for Marshal Law for any reason he wanted that HE, and he alone, deems a threat to the Homeland. At that moment, habeas corpus is suspended (ended for all purposes), which removes immediately “innocent until proven…”, it gives the government to take over all security type military, para-military, State and local security (Armed Forces, National Guards, State Troopers and Cops); they then are empowered to enter your home, business, or bank account completely without your knowledge, consent and no probable cause. They can and will take all food stuffs, clothing, medicine and if weapons, take you to jail without a court hearing (courts suspended remember), no lawyer (a good thing mostly), no phone call to tell family good-bye bec you are off to a prison or a FEMA camp for as long as 14 years or the end of Marshal Law (and in my 68 years I have not seen a Fed program die or diminish–we still have paid TEA Tasters left over from Colony days to ensure tea import qualities. The Patriot Act does exactly the same thing plus the stoppage of all elections. you might consider a hack as to what the Feds could/would do if the Democrats lost both Houses of Congress this Fall and next year ISIS wins more cities and Ebola deaths pass Africa. Should an interesting hack for you. Might help Tim get out of Russia and finally recognized as the hero he was.

  9. I just want to say i partly do not believe that ISIS are after us … there after out government who have destroyed there country for pay rises and the pure greed of warfare and control. Us as citizens are feeling the full force of what our government do. I for one will stand will peace and only take action when a threat is encountered that effects citizens lives. I suggest ISIS members understand that lives lost is not because of OUR blood-lust but our governments. Attack the cause not us – just robots to the society and corruption in this world.

  10. Your political awareness about the Middle East and Islamic State is flawed. Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and private donors created the IS monster, not the CIA. If you think you can do something about this, why don’t you go ahead and do it? Why do you brag about yourselves and warn your adversaries before you do anything?

    • To give them a chance to stop. Sometimes its good to have hope that people will change although in this case there is no way that anyone will conquer the middle east in physical or cyber reality. Everything replaces itself

  11. 9/11 was an American made attack conveniently a billion dollar insurance policy was taken out on the buildings a moth prior as well as giving bush to go to war with iraq ? Wasn’t it Afghanistan were these apparent terrorist came from. Like what the fuck. People need to open there eyes. Look what the cops are doing all over the continent. We’re screwed !!!!! Just sayin.

  12. What is a concerned citizen to do? I support a non-violent offense against ISIS because, like you said, you can’t fight an idea with bombs and bullets. So how do we proceed as normal citizens? I’m not a hacker; I don’t know what I can do to help fight this idea. I don’t have a lot of money to throw at a cause, other than the occasional $1-5 I can afford to donate every few months. How do I help the cause?

  13. This article makes me gleeful. I couldn’t have written it better myself, nor would I want to. Accusing the intelligence community of their “world shaping” is something very real, but I personally don’t have any kind of defense against such actions; Most of us don’t.
    It’s exciting to see Anonymous choosing such an OP, be it just being sick and tired of how the people of the world are manipulated, or because a member’s twitter account was hacked into. I have a family member who served in the military, fighting the so called “war on terrorism” in Afghanistan, and to say this person came back damaged in many ways, body soul, mind, would be a gross understatement. It saddens me that videos of be-headings is all it took for the American public to be up in arms again, despite a decade of protests about a war. Do what you can, and help us and other soldiers all over the world from having to place boots on the ground to be blown up chasing down yet another “terrorist threat”.

  14. The syrian government and the SEA have no damn bussines with ISIS what the fuck is wrong with you people!? You should attack America forfunding Isis in the first place ! Assad had been fighting these scum for over 3 years!
    After reading this article i van only say 1 thing, Anonymous is just another group made by the US government to attack Syria and the SEA.

    • I agree with your comment. The SEA fights in these days in Raqqa and in Hasakah against IS. And why nobody talks about Israel and the zionist support for IS, Nusra and other mercenaries?

  15. Just sit back and wait? Id rather not, we shouldn’t destroy their ideas, we should try to guide them into an idea that isnt so deadly when someone sees things another way

    • Please don’t belittle anyone’s opinion, especially if you can’t spell correctly. It just makes you look bad and me for correcting you. “cool story bro”

  16. Yeah I’m sure all your cry baby cyberphagging is gonna stop the bombs and terrorists. You’ve had 3 years to make stuff better and all you’ve done is created more headaches, laws, and problems. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, not your governments.

  17. I wouldn’t get so excited about the fact that IS has beheaded a few people, Saudi Arabia beheads scores of people every year but remains a close ally of the US. IS emerged out of the vacuum created by instability in the Middle East that has been created by the US and its NATO allies, who are seeking to exploit the crisis for their own ends. Turkey, for example, is pleased that IS is attacking the Kurds while further destabilizing the regime in Syria. Ultimately IS would not exist if it were not for the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

  18. I learned from a friend that is in the military that this was has actually been going on for the last 30 years. and it’s the only thing keeping us out of hot water with our debt. If the war were to end, any country that we are in debt to will call on it and our economy and all of the US would be in ruin.

  19. You are one of the biggest idiot like do u even have a brain mate? I stand for this but when u say Isis is only blowing shit up and that cause they r angry so that’s their reason is bullshit they r commuting genocide on their own people see if we just ignored it then people like you would start saying the government are animals cause they ain’t helping to stop this mass murder fuck the round up their own people Muslims and March them off blindfolded to a gully and put a round in the back of their heads it gets that massive at a time that people getting murdered end up falling onto people who were just executed right before them the barrel is still got the smell of burnt blood and hair and gun powder is lingering round the pit from the gun barrel imagine standing blindfolded while a bunch of people u don’t know stand around u shouting and shooting and then it hits u that u r about to die not knowing where u are or if your family is safe and then u feel a pain in your head and a loud bang a split second before everything goes black

  20. This is by far one of the best things I have ever read online. ISIS is indeed an idea. And as far as I am concerned, Bill Hicks was correct. “The next revolution will be a revolution of ideas.” However, there are good ideas, and there are bad ideas. Although we should all have the freedom to carry out our ideas, we should also have the freedom to prevent bad ideas from progressing. It is about time somebody made a step towards actually stopping this bad idea, and it is about time somebody stood up to the ‘2 types of governments’ in order to make a change. Thank you.

  21. I compliment you on a well written article with facts not fiction. I would like to add to your list two so called wars that the US took part in that once they left the faction they were fighting took over when we we left. Korea did not fully over run but they are still in a state of war. Viet Nam. When the last soldier was off the ground the south welcomed the north and now it is a united country, not a divided one.
    That said, if you look at these two they fall right into your article. The fact is that is that if you look at these two they are about the same.

    We are always giving weapons to help a cause fight against some foe and then we end up having those same weapons used on us. As a true hippie of the 60’s I would have to say “The War Is Over, If You Want It!”
    Please keep these articles out there. The ones that protested this stuff are now turning a blind eye to it.
    Thank You

  22. What you meant to say was “What I do know is that I am absolutely sick to death of watching/having OTHER PEOPLE fighting wars against ideology.” Because let’s face it, you haven’t been on the front lines, but you are an expert on the conditions on the ground right? Give me a break, don’t spew about things you have no clue on

  23. I agree with you yet I would love to see something, perhaps a video, targeted towards ISIS showing how every war for the past 60 years has been perpetuated by this other American government. This would be some kind of a wake up call to ISIS to help them realize they are just playing the fool in this game. Who is funding them and why? There is no greater call in life than to die for ones deity but what if their deity is just some white collard American? It would make me think if I were in their shoes.

  24. How come the ISIS are using American social networks, such as youtube and twitter, and we are unable to track their HQ? I would assume that countries such as USA and Israel would hace traced them by now. Am I missing something?

  25. if the SEA took on the AnonHQ team the result wd be 1-0 to the SEA.Those mfs know their shit,and have a moar lateral thinking to problem solving,
    My main bugbear in this article is the insistence on calling it ISIS or ISIL.
    It’s IS:-ISLAMIC STATE.end of.
    ISIS=Islamics State of Iraq and Al-Shaam
    ISIL=ISLAMIC State of Iraq and the Levant
    These last 2 acronyms are no longer in use amongst the military or security services,it seems only the MSM still call them ISIS/ISIL…

  26. @AnonB the reason for this is that the CIA have a large hand in the shady word of tech and terrorist groups,that’s one way they wdnt get found…

  27. Also it annoys me that the MSM still refer to the IS as ISIS(ISLAMIC State of Iraq ana al-Shaam),& ISIL (IslamicSgate of Iraq and the Levant).
    The correct moniker is IS:-Islamic State.

  28. Lulz.
    So you can’t stop people acting upon some idea by killing the
    people who believe in that idea, but you can do it by hacking their websites?

  29. RESPECT, finally someone who will show some action instead of just some words against ISIS, im a proud iraqi muslim and what ISIS is fighting for is definitly not for the islam, because the holy koran don’t say go kill the unbelievers or other relegion but it says be peaceful and have respect for them and there god. I hope to see some action against them from the anonymous people!!

  30. The problem is that ISIS is and was created by the CIA…All this muslim trash shit was all created as a major CIA program. You have all been punked!

  31. According to John McCain, Bush had no timeline for withdrawal of troops … he said the wars could go on for 100 years or even longer as far as he was concerned.

  32. Hi, people must know the difference between ISIS and real Islam. ISIS have no religion, they say the are Muslims, but they do nothing related to Islam, they do the opposite.

  33. Wow! Interesting article and comments. No plan yet? The Bible says that wars will continue to the end. So that’s a given. Islam religion can be traced through Hinduism and all the way back to Ishtar and Set which are Satanic. That would be a force opposing the God of Abraham. I’ve seen the “end” in a vision. I would tell you to stop trying to “figure it out” because you won’t. Every tub sits on it’s own bottom. Get yourself in the Ark and in your right position. God has control of those people. He has control of their hearts. Until their hearts change, their minds won’t. Commit yourself to prayer but only if you know God or it’s wasted effort. Of course we don’t like it. Everyone wants freedom and to not be oppressed and love but SO what. You say you want and need these things. They are right there – here and now – available to you IN Christ. No worries – really – no worries if you are where you should be. Stop worring about making the storm get quiet and start resting in the provision you have to sail right on through it. Get your eyes off of ISIS and Ebola and get them fixed on the only one who does know ALL the answers – Jesus (God).

  34. Hi, author. Kindly please proofread your (next) article before actually posting it. Re: It’s /its ; American’s /Americans ; etc

  35. I totally agree with the author as to how isis is a major threat to the world today. These isis terrorists/ ideologists recruit innocent men to fight for them against their very own montherland, like what is happening in France. The major mode isis uses is the internet media to achieve its most senseless ideas.
    I would only request Anon members to join hands in putting an end to isis’s access to the world via internet.
    Good luck !!

  36. The Thing is ISIS have converts now , people turning against there own countries , i’m british and to watch a video of someone proclaiming they will not stop until everyone has suffered. Well that just enrages me to a extent i can not explain.


    Internet vs Real life . Ok xD

    Dear Anonymouse.

    Your sitting front of the Computer all days . And you will stop ISIS ?

    Who gonna slaught your Heads at real life and not in Internet ? HAHA!

    Try to S T O P us when u can. Your fake SIGN “Yes we can do this”.

    Tomorrow we gonna slaught your heads of you ALL KUFFAR!


  38. dear Anonymous ,

    we war against ISIS should start soon , specially on their medias tools.
    they are using it just to publish the threat in all over the world.

    we tried them , they are cowards in fighting , they are just a stupid people following a stupid ideas from anonymous book.
    they owned some internet mind, who are paid well.

    the end should start soon….

  39. Abouth weirdos, who go out to war with terrorists as ISIS
    I can not understand why all countries allow these
    killer to come back to their respective countries for
    to stay there to hide until it’s time to murder innocent
    people again at the behest of ISIS. Why does not take away citizenship
    from them immediately, if authorities know that they go out to murder together with terrorists.Why should we let them come back and hide among us ordinary people?
    Let them stay with ISIS and hopfully die there also !

  40. I couldn’t even finish this poorly understood topic under discussion in this article. To address some of the skewed assumptions and opinions in this article: 1) you speak as if this is only America vs ISIS…I am pretty sure other countries are allied with us such as the UK, France, Egypt, Jordan, Canada, etc. 2) you say this war is about ideology and you can’t understand why Americans want to go back to war so quickly… First this war is NOT the same as the war we started in the early 2000s and the main difference is social media, al-queda needed foreign journalist and reporters to visit and interview the extremists in order to get their message out, ISIS has proven that they do not need foreign journalist in the way they are killing them all. Ideology might have atarted this war but vengeance will end it. ISIS doesn’t need a news article written, they release youtube videos and other social media to propagate. And this leads to my next point we are so eager to go back to war because the cards completely change after your people watch one of your own beheaded or hanged or burned alive. Its fucking enraging! And i personally want troops on the ground to level every single one of those fuckers. It gets personal when its put right in front of you like that…. I also believe it is an insult to the people who have been hurt by and work hard to stop this cowardly force for you to sit casually behind your computer and assume this is all some play that us dumbass Americans can’t see thru. Fuck ISIS!

  41. This article was well written. However, I’m going to have to disagree with your thoughts that ISIS cannot be destroyed through war. It is true that their ideals will never die, but ISIS itself is a group that seeks control. The only way one can destroy ISIS is by fighting both their propaganda, and their soldiers. The America and the rest of the world should be willing to go to war with them. If no one fights ISIS, they won’t ever go away. The longer ISIS remains in existence, the stronger it will become. If the world doesn’t fight ISIS soon, ISIS will likely remain in power in not only the area it controls now, but probably even more areas. Once they get settled into their own area is when they’re going to start doing the big terrorist attacks on other countries.


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