Anonymous Leaks Russian Military Communication Frequencies – Jams Them & Plays Ukrainian Music


There has never been a war with this level of technological involvement from the common folk.

After hacking Russian state TV channels, Russian news sites – including – and Russian government websites, now the Anonymous collective also started actively taking part in warfare by jamming Russian military communication in Ukraine.

Warfare like never seen before  

Vietnam was monkeys throwing shit compared to war in the social media age. Even the Gulf War is barely anything like this. Technology in the 90’s was clunky and limited. Not to mention Iraqi citizens had nothing close to the social media access that Ukrainians and everyone around the world do today. Misinformation is much harder to get away with, and hackers, like Anonymous, are far more skilled than any random joe in the 90’s.

Most wars until now, the narrative was written and controlled by the media and they could air what they wanted, when they wanted, to inform entire countries of people of what’s going on in the world. Now, it’s an endless feed of live updates from people on the ground.

Anonymous comes into play

And that is where the hacker collective Anonymous comes into play. Anonymous hacktivists have launched a wave of cyberattacks against Russia, with Russian TV channels hacked to play Ukrainian songs, and Kremlin government networks disabled in what the hackers describe as a cyber war against Vladmir Putin.


As the war in Ukraine escalates, the official Kremlin website,, was affected by the outage on Saturday along with another six Russian state websites. It came as Ukraine’s vice prime minister said it had launched an ‘IT army’ to combat Russia in cyberspace.

The Kyiv Independent also revealed that hackers played Ukrainian songs on Russian TV channels and disabled government websites including that of the Ministry of Defence and Duma.

Jamming Russian Military Communication in Ukraine

The Anonymous collective has leaked Russian Army Radio Communication Frequencies and is either jamming them or playing Ukrainian music & messages on the frequencies.


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