Anonymous Message to the United States Government 2016


Anonymous has released a new video. The previous four, which were all titled, “Message to the people of the world,”. This one is titled, “Message to the United States Government 2016,” and they do NOT sound happy. Among the more memorable lines in the video is the following:

“As Iraq veterans against the war, we are resisting an occupation we once risked our lives for. We swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and we found out the hard way, that the greatest enemies of the United States are not to be found in the sands of some far off land, they are right here at home!!!!!

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. It’s time we start meeting oppression, with resistance!!!!!”

It’s time to take our country back, plain and simple! Enjoy the video!


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  1. i believe anonymous, wikiwiki, hackers, you have a gift but i think you are waiting for something. was created from good natural energy forces because i have ESP and i was outside the system and i could do such. before and after parsing govs and elite. i could do all that. energy continues and you see light at the start and at the end of the tunnel so you see life and water freshness. be strong and natural and light it is within you all. all life has connection a deep profound one. and that means no one can screw with that. there is no end in life and nature it is infinitely bigger than us all even for me that could do all that. no one can end life in a noise trouble way because life exists and will ever exist. stay with it keep it. no one would end life if it would be discovered to be continuous fluid and consistent. just human stupidity has an end. what has a beggining has an end.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your videos, but anyone can make a video. Even my humble self can say what you are saying. What other cards can you play? What other action are you capable of performing? I’m with you, what’s the NEXt move?

    • Although I agree with your observations, I do not agree with your solution! As a Christian, God said – ‘Revenge is mine saith the Lord, I will repay” Christians may not forget but they need to forgive. To solve the problem VOTE TRUMP!!! We do not want war. Vote Trump – give our way of life another chance. War is horrible, devastating, disrupting to life. Think of the children. Should they have to live war torn? Vote Trump. Let’s do this peacefully.

  3. Can you help us? Attack and warn the world’s most evil country – China? We need a free and democratic government and not an evil dictator.

  4. This does not only apply to the USA it is a worldwide problem that needs a worldwide
    solutions by means of a social and cultural revolution….

  5. This speaker is not American speaking for Americans…. he sounds like a Brit to me. The message should be given by an American.

  6. here’s hoping they back up their claims, unlike the one they sent to the british government about releasing mp paedophile details, that vanished into obscurity

  7. At 63, I stand behind anonymous Social Security leaves me $80 in the hole every month. Savings are gone trying to keep up. I would find a way to meet and march to find a way to stand behind anonymous. I also feel that they could be doing more than they are now.

  8. Anonymous turned away from the fight against islam, fact. no longer a viable source of justice and help. this site already started to advocate the muslim migrants, it’s obvious that they were bought too by the leftists. collaboration with fbi my ass, fbi is OWNED by Obama who is owned by Soros and Saudis big time.

    Anonymous has fallen.

    • Justice is subjective, for one mans justice is another mans punishment.
      Besides, don’t be a sheep in a flock, be the sheppard. You have qualities you want to share? SPREAD THEM! Don’t expect to be hand held by those who do! We, those of us who are considered leaders for our voice, expect all of you to do the same as we did and do your own research, make your own mind up about it and decide for yourselves what needs to be done but honestly the solution is clear. Armed, lethal resistance is the only and has ever only been the answer to the question of Tyranny.

  9. A call to arms is a rally without direction. There needs to be direction. What is the next step? The million mask march? What else? What is the goal? Yes, the US government has become corrupt. Read the information published during the formation of the federal system. The ideas are now lost.
    Anonymous has a following, waiting for the next step. Step up and Give a realistic direction.

  10. I pray somebody can do something! Our govt is not for US anymore. It’s all about them. Whoever is behind the leaked emails, it’s not enough. People don’t care. Trump says a few words and they are ready to give it all to Hillary! They cheat, lie, rig, etc. We have no democracy anymore. They stole it! I pray somebody can help us take it back!

  11. Anon- you have reminded me of my oath as a soldier. I too have swore to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and it certainly appears the enemy is domestic right now. I didnt spend a good chunk of my life in the sand to come back and find this nation’s finest asset (its people) growing more poor by the day at the hands of the fat cat bank and the corrupt politicians. You are damn right! The time is upon us to take our country back and change begins in the heart of every red blooded American right here, right now! I am with you!!!!

  12. I challenge you this Anonymous. Don’t just tell us to take action . YOU TAKE ACTION. i have been your supporter since i first read about you. I love the things you do. but until i see you are serious again i will be watching and waiting for the time when i am needed. when 99% has had enough.

  13. are you not ignoring your comments if you have the knowledge and the know how to hack into every broadcasting channel that you can and send this message to the people of the world through any device that is active then do so and send this message through the so called spying programmes of the governments of google of yahoo of any other network that is spying because if there is a link to all devices then you should be able to find the start of every link and broadcast yourself to everyone instead of everyone who follows you what about the people who dont even see this message about people who wont see it on the media because the media wont broadcast your message the government wont broadcast your messages of course but why not hack into any screen any audio device anything you could possibly hack into and pretty much bring the ‘system’ to a stand still by all means if i knew how i probably would but you have many minds capable of many different things you put those minds together you have an unstoppable force and will be able to broadcast on such a wide scale…

    dont quote me and i dont know if its just on tv shows because my memory is really bad but when i was abit younger i remember watching something where breaking news would be on every screen every channel every radio station every speaker that was available even in shopping centres…. if you have all these powers from your computers and have hacked into emails it seems abit like childs play compared to the real scale of communication that you would be able to access, like i said i dont know how to do it but im sure you guys could find a way like you did to release emails and faces of people on videos and do your own investigations and inquiries try larger scale communication take over the system and create your own with times and places if one goes more should follow after all we are all lost cattle or slaves when they lifted slavery… they never lifted slavery they just introduced them to a higher/lower class of slavery you are either shoveling s*** or your ordering people to

  14. Well when you least expect it always happens. When you gave a quiet day, your never needed. When you have an appointment, something else happens or needs your time. Just choose with your intuition. Some people’s are stronger than others. I’m right here.


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