Anonymous Takes Revenge For Teen Girl Shot Dead By Cops


Kristiana Coignard, a 17-year-old girl was gunned down by three police offers in the lobby of the Longview Police Department, Texas, on January 22. Anonymous retaliated against the police and the city of Longview over the girl’s tragic death.

A YouTube account claiming to be affiliated with the hacktivist group Anonymous posted a video announcing #OpSLFOC (Stop Lethal Force on Children):

“We ask you [Longview Police Department] what kind of people you hire as a police officer that can’t take a knife from a small 17 year old girl?… To the citizens of America, it looks as if police are trained to kill and not to serve and protect us. Police are trained to not trust anyone they approach, so why do you believe we should trust the police officers?” the group wrote on its YouTube page adding, “We wouldn’t have made this video if we knew the op wouldn’t be a success, we did make our statement, the site was down last night then the attack halted, then earlier today we started the attack again, it lasted awhile, then they finally decided to patch their security, lulz”.

According to the Longview Police Facebook page, “When Officers arrived they were confronted by a white female who threatened them. The suspect brandished a weapon, made threatening movements toward the officers and was shot. The suspect was transported to Good Shepherd Medical Center where she was pronounced dead by a Justice of the Peace. The Texas Rangers have been called in to investigate this shooting”.

The police have failed to release any video or audio of the incident. They have also failed to identify the ‘weapon’ Kristiana Coignard brandished. They also don’t have answers to why three police officers were unable to control a teenager without the use of gun.



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  1. Annonymous are right in taking revenge on the police, the very organisation set up to protect us out there. Apparently not this time…

    • Shut up, the Police sucks! Look at these bastards, killing everything and everyone.. sometimes Reasonless like the Homeless who was killed by these Bitches..

    • they did protect us from a psychopath out to kill people. The cops were in the right and anyone that defends this girl is a sick ****up that needs put down.

      • Are you serious? You can’t be this stupid! I bet you think beating a 90 year old for serving the poor is legitimate too! I bet you are anti-gun!

      • So you’re saying that three professional trained police officers aren’t able to disarm a 17 year old girl?! oO

        Than what is all the training good for?! Eating doughnuts, or what?!

      • You say people should be put down for sticking up for a 17 yr old small girl with a knife who has been killed by grown people with guns,they could of massed,taze and subdued her,now if she had a gun and pointed it at them then they could of used judgement and shot, for your comment of people should be put down because they see different well I guess we all can clearly see whose the psychopath!

        • The girl was handcuffed when she was shot, no threat at all. This video was disturbing and downright wrong, the girl was looking for help to her issues and this police man brutalized her and shot her after handcuffing her. its sick.

      • Oh….you are truly one sad puppy…..obviously you dont have a family, which frankly is fine by me. We dont want your sort breeding. Bet you enjoy sitting at home at night, flying your flag and stroking your gun….

    • I was once shot by police, 3 times, for not coming to a stop fast enough and because I had a warrent for failing to pass a U.A. I was surrendering to the approximately 20 officers when I was shot and had made no threats nor threatining moves toward the police. So I understand the anger, I am swamped, by the anger. At one point I was ordered to open my car dor for the officers, and as I reached out to comply, was shot in the hand as I unlocked the door. Do I believe law inforcement are here to protect and to serve? Oh, absolutely; they protect and serve themselves and become more and more adept at building lies as cover stories for their complete lack of respect for humanity. I believe we need to arm the citizenry and demand the people accept it as their duty to match force with force! We must defend our children!

      • Its rare to see someone survived gun attack.simple,they only need power and money.they defended because they corrupt,Cia is same enough. Basically USA its on brink of destruction.And so they racing to got more power and money. My advice:Don’t trust them,If you have many friends (the more is better) ask them to bring a camera and record the event if the police ask to turn off the camera say this “To ensure you not trying to attack without reason”

    • Fuck the Police!!!! Police are the biggest mafia!! They kill steel and allllllll legal!!! Fuck the POLICE!!! ACAB Al cops are basterds!!! Fuck the cops and fuck there mothersss

    • They are a total disgrace to police officers everywhere, they need to be sued and put under the jail for there stupidity. How shameful this is to know that they couldn’t take the time to get the knife from her so she could still be alive today. What in the world were these three stooges thinking of when they were suppose to be professionals, instead they acted like three brutes, pitiful.

  2. the usual big talk by anonymous. i used to think you guys were actually a force for justice, but now you just make videos talking smack and declaring war, and you never follow through with anything. expect you do what, take down the police’s website for a few hours? great revenge. how many of those charlie hebdo-linked terrorists have you caught and brought to justice yet?

    • You understand that anonymous is the voice of justice or of the people. They prove that you don’t need a title to speak for what’s right so that we don’t have to use violence. The speak for the people who are to afraid to. As long as the keep speaking up for us and their words reach us we will all be able to speak up and fight for are rights. They are providing us with a real super hero

    • Dont think as anonymous as a group, but rather an ideology every one can stand for. Therefor, different people have different reactions, and some claims for revenge by taking down the site. it’s way, there are others more effective ways like disclaiming private confiendtial infos into the public area etc.But at least, it’s a way of making a statement , that they are not OK with what’s going on here. What did you do to make your statement ? Did you go to the police station to make your claim ?
      Don’t judge too fast and think big instead of pointing fingers.

    • For clarity…what exactly do you expect ANON to do? They make their statements with the tools available to them. Bringing down a site is a statement. Even if it is for a few hours. It starts conversation and brings attention to issues. I never heard of this incident until ANON did something. I now know and can use this as yet another example to speak out.

      Don’t like ANON? Bow out and go somewhere else.

    • I agree completely. What gets me is how a decentralised organisation has an official website, inferring someone is in charge, which they aren’t. An organisation like Anonymous can’t ever have an official anything, by design.

      I don’t believe “anonhq” serves the original ideas of Anonymous as an organisation.

    • And what exactly have you done to help bring right to wrong? If anyone is a shit talker it is you. You sit there and talk shit when in fact you have not taken a single step to bring forward motion to this issue. Go fuck yourself you useless tard. The power of Anonymous has done more for the world than your sorry ass ever will.

    • At least they are doing something albeit not much, but you have a lot to say about it, but what are you doing about it is the real question, ppl need to stop waiting for anonymous to do shit that you need to be doing instead of bitching about it,anonymous are just the messengers and showing the ppl the way, but it is the ppl that have to act not them, so stop bitching and act, end of story.

    • Stupid Suckers in Uniform , at Shools they were Bullied and now they are Wearing Guns to “Proctect us” hahahahaha Mad Situation!

      • The purpose of the police force is to “Protect and Serve”. The whole purpose of them is to stop any crime with as little aggression as possible. Yet the fact still remains that they are humans doing a human job- and i am in NO way saying what they did was correct, because frankly ANON didn’t provide shit for info on this,-. We cannot sit here and create these situations for us or them, the reason why they are so gun ho’ is because they are SCARED of what people think of them. Wearing dress blues and a badge down a city street doesn’t mean shit now, because people like you have no respect for the people that keep you alive.

        • That’s not entirely correct.In fact its been ruled on in multiple “Supreme Court” cases that police offices have absolutely no legal requirement to render service or protection to you. That is not their purpose . The only reason they exist is to ENFORCE the law. If it helps anyone,it’s a coincidence.They are parasitic machine sustained by our tax dollars and lubricated by the blood of innocents.

          • @Jacks Smile: That is just another reason the US Government is unconstitutional and we must act in our duty to enact a new government. Plus if they only exist to enforce the law, than why do every one of us get taught that police are there to help, that they are the good guys, their vehicles are covered with “To protect and serve” and they haven’t been protecting anyone for quite a few years.

            Police don’t enforce the law, they lie, cheat, steal, rape, rob, and kill, at gun point and we let them get away with it. The administrative people in the office at the court house control what actually happens in a court room. I’ve been wrongfully imprisoned, falsely arrested, and convicted without arrest, warrant, trial, nothing. I received a letter in the mail with a sentence of probation for expressing my freedom of speech!

            We are on the brink of becoming Hitlers Germany here in America. The Wolverines will never fall and freedom will ring as long as I draw breath and everyone like me stands together.

            Wake up! Rise up! Fight for your freedoms, liberties, and lives!

    • If you pose a false and disingenuous question you will get a biased answer. Is in theoretically possible for police to control a girl with a knife? Yes! But unless you can guarantee that ever time an officer is confronted by someone with a knife, no lasting work related injury will be sustained, your setting up a paper tiger.

  3. please help us with the slaughter of beautiful, innocent Dolphins in TAIJI, JAPAN
    This a senseless act which they call tradition, but that is a huge black lie.
    Daily the slaughter continues.

  4. if the police are not identifing the weapon that the 17 year old girl was holding. Then I BELIVE she did not have a weapon in tne first place. The police are taking the time to identify the weapon because they need time to make up some bullshit.


    • If someone comes into your home and wants to kill you… or is trying to rape your mother, who are you going to call?

      Anonymous or the police?
      you are going to call the very same police you just told to fuck-off….

      You should watch out for KARMA… it has a way of paying you back…

      Have a nice day!

      • Very true statement. Not all cops are bad. Anonymous is attacking the system, not the cops. The system is rigged and corrupt, which doesn’t mean everyone in that system is corrupt.

      • I’d call my handgun and defend myself. Remember when people defended themselves? Then, we gave more and more power to the pigs and that’s part of the problem. Only good cop is a dead cop.

  5. i do not condone the hacking attack against the police department, none of you know what its like to be in a life threatening position where someone charges you with the intent to cause bodily harm. this is a justified killing to protect the lives of the fellow officers.

    • You don’t know all of us, so saying stuff like “none of you” is just shortsighted and dumb. Despite, it is everybody’s CHOICE to become a police officer and by making that choice you know that these are potential situations that you’ll find yourself in. Furthermore, then it is a CHOICE to shoot a 17 year old girl. SEVENTEEN. If a bunch of supposedly trained and psychological stable adult MEN in UNIFORMS can not deal with whatever thread a 17 girl poses they are completely misplaced, should be removed from the force and trailed for murder. But in a country where freedom is so highly overrated that even dimwitted assholes like you get to post comments, this is what you get. I am glad I don’t like in the US. You’re just doomed.

      • I’m glad you don’t live in this country either you fucking twatwaffle. You have no fucking clue in regards to police work and making a split second decision to take someone’s life to protect your own. Go stand in front of someone with a knife and let them attack you. See how well you do. First, you have to find your way out of your mom’s basement you douchenozzle

  6. I think that your time would be better spent doing everything you can possibly do to bring justice, not just shut down their website, you should use your hacker skills to get evidence on the cops that were involved and make it public so that everyone can see it and so that they will be brought to justice, all you did was annoy them for a couple hours and we all see from past occurrences that even with overwhelming evidence, police still get off with a slap on the hand

  7. What happened to tasers ??? texas dont have tasers?
    Annonymous for life.

    Msg to you guys: word of advice. Nobody is listening to you so i would say enough words. Start teaching your brothers what you know. We need to learn how to defend and bite back !

  8. Only cowards attack while hiding their identities….

    Killing this child was horrible and inexcusably wrong, and the cops involved need to be dealt with in a violent manner to teach other cops that killings must end…

    attacking gaming websites and other non-government entities is nothing more than chickenshit attempts to gain publicity…. If you want to make a difference, attack wall street or or the government… grow some balls, make a difference and stop being cowards…

    • Or maybe go after those who are really causing humanity to suffer – drug kingpins ( go after their money ), and terrorist group ( again go after their money ). Then you will have done something worthwhile!!

      • drug kingpins and terrorist groups are bad, but nothing when compared to the the money being taken from us from medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industry…. not to mention Big Oil… America is being raped…

        Anonymous attacking the longview police department website is… smh.

    • Go for it big guy. Get brave. Gather up your bag of tricks and do some damage if you think you have it in you. Take down the corrupt giants who are devastating our quality of life.

      Think you can do it on your own? Think you’ll be safe after one flailing around with your creds on your sleeve and no backup.. no anonymity?

      How many people have been gunned down, disappear off the face of the Earth, quit their careers.. because they posed an identifiable threat to this pathetic excuse for a society that’s been imposed upon us?

      Anonymous is perhaps the largest force of protest and positive change that has become an ideal for our culture throughout the entire span of human ‘civilization’. If you or anybody else can’t see that then you do not understand what we are dealing with nor do you understand how to even BEGIN to make a positive difference.

      We got kids people, some of us have grandchildren. We’ve fought battles that only we have to recover from: every one of us – that’s part of the human condition.

      No sense in allowing these scandalous oppressive bastards to keep tightening their grip on both our freedom and our convictions.

      It has to start somewhere – and unless we actually get to a point that the people choose FOR the people.. we’re gonna need to use the same shady tactics they do; and we’re gonna need to gather in spades.

  9. WTF are tasers for? I am sure there was one or two around at a police station. They have no other option then to shoot a 17 year old person??? With a building full of officers they could not figure out another option????? UNfUNCKING BELIEVABLE.

    • If you bothered to read the fucking story, the real story, much less watch the video you moron, you’d know the taser was used and ineffective. Go fuck yourself and tase yourself in the mouth

  10. I use only to get some information like a newspaper, as revolutioners you are weak and that’s sad. To anonymous “Deeds, not words”, take it as advice, not as criticism. I haven’t seen any actions from anonymous for quite long. I’ll bring small example Immortal Technique, this guy brings more truth alone, than any media, plus his deeds are truly inspiring. Do you think Fidel Castro bring revolution behind mask… so much to say, but least to read… Read, think, question. peace

  11. The thing that scares me is anymore of this unnecessary killing by police will start an all out war between citizens and cops. I do not blame people for being scared or angry, if I lived there I would have to warn my children not to go to them under any circumstance. I have been reading so many stories like this, killing of innocent people and the cops walking free….they are licensed serial killers and that scares the sh*t outta me. Let’s home it doesn’t get that bad here.

  12. The lying cops have been caught in a definite lie!
    They tried to blame their murder/homicide of her – on the poor victim herself.

    Last week the police-press spokesperson [trained liars] said this after the shooting;
    ““When police arrived to assist her, that’s when she confronted them,” said police spokesperson Kristie Brian, quoted in the Longview News-Journal newspaper. “She did brandish a weapon. I don’t know what kind it was. She came at the officers and was shot.”

    Before showing the blatant lie – a usual the cops immediately blamed the victim and made their officers look like helpless sheep left with no choice; remember young Tamir who was executed immediately and how the cop trained-liar spokesperson immediately claimed Tamir disobeyed orders of a cop to drop his weapon…. the poor terrified kid could not believe a cop would have such inhumanity to shoot a youngster.
    So here we are again; the cops were saying the cops went to help Kristiana and she immediately attacked the cops and got shot; the video showed otherwise.

    And now on to the PROOF of the lie….. last week the cops said she BRANDISHED a weapon – meaning she brazenly had a deadly weapon out in her hands….. however this mystery weapon was never identified at the press meeting and was referred to as an ‘unknown’ weapon????

    So now what are the same lying-cops saying differently [as expected since the video shows NO WEAPON brandished] – …… Cop liars again try to blame the victim of their homicide by stating [as if anyone sane should believe them] , SHE REACHED FOR A BUTCHER KNIFE IN HER WAISTBAND.

    Cops lied from the start – and they knew it; all of them.

  13. The way things are going, I fully expect a news headline to soon read, “Baby shot in crib after brandishing pocket knife at Disneyland. Anaheim, CA – After receiving a 911 call from a distraught babysitter, officers arrived to discover a baby in a crib near Space Mountain brandishing a pocket knife. The baby made a threatening move with the knife toward officers, leaving officers no other choice than to shoot the baby, according to a police spokeswoman. The baby died at the scene. An autopsy revealed multiple gunshot wounds. Police are now investigating, although they claim the officer’s video cam malfunctioned and failed to record the confrontation between the baby and officer.”

    • Well said, trigger happy dickheads with no balls. Civil unrest will continue to grow until some judge finds a spine and his balls and holds an officer accountable instead of trying to justify the death

  14. This was tragic!! However, being a cop is a no win . Being a cop in urban America is like working in a war zone. Despite all the press stories, cops killing kids is no a common occurrence, however, blacks killing other blacks is much more common. In a recent year in Chicago of the approx. 500 blacks killed, more than 450 were killed by other blacks. Remember, thats just Chicago. This does not include all the other violent crime during that same period. And how many other large and medium sized urban areas are there in the US? So tell me, who is doing all the killing and committing all the violence in urban America???

  15. I am sick and tired of this bullshit happening in front of us and only a few of us having the balls to say something about it, much less go to the lengths Anonymous has by hacking them and saying something. We should all be so brave. We are a country built by revolutions and revolutionary actions. Wake up. Remember that we are the people. We do not have to stand for this. But we need guidance. Because most of us want to do something but don’t know how or what. I say first educate, then go from there. Just by having this discussion we are beginning. Do not forgive. Do not forget. Be ready.

  16. Id be more grateful,tho i do understand that by doing this they make a viable argument and stand but with the obvious expertise involved why can u not help against isis and again such evil the world has to contend with,in an even bigger scale. Why cant you smart people work with the people that want to protect us,even if they are few?xx

  17. Time for some action mask wearers. Blacks and white are scheduling and attending in public protests under the ‘Black Lives Matter’. Distribute the masks with dates and locations.

  18. I mean… the cops DID use a tazer first and it had no affect. A butcher’s knife is dangerous, regardless of who wields it, ESPECIALLY in such a close range. I don’t think the cops really had much of a choice.

  19. This police officer needs to be charged with murder in the 2nd degree….there were so many other options. take a baton and knock the knife out of the girls hands, spray mace in her eyes or even use a taser to stun her. I hate these fuckers who shoot at the slightest provocation!

  20. I only “joined” Anonymous because they believe in anti-bullying. Bullying, is a serious subject not to joke about.

    With that being said, I respect all your opinions and I do not prohibit you from sharing your opinions! 🙂

    First Amendment FTW!!! (USA)

  21. Cops are not here to protect and serve but to enforce the law. The law, government and the cops are all corrupt. They are the biggest threat to humanity. We can only hope the serial killers change their victims and aim for taking down some of the criminals who commit crimes the legal way.

  22. Revenge is a futile act of the impotent. Get the video.Get the audio. Get the facts. Show the truth,expose the lies, abuse, and disrespect.

  23. The days of peaceful protest are quickly coming to an end we are being beaten shot sprayed with pepper spray and even killed it’s time to pull your faces out of your phones and give our oppressors what they give us peace is no longer working it’s time to use force or we will suffer for our rights

  24. When do we go after those who push and condone this type of behavior? Rather than marching in the streets holding signs, doxx the shit out of the chiefs who push it and the prosecutors who let them off and march on their homes.

  25. They killed a young girl who was having a temper tantrum. The police need to be trained in alternative ways of dealing with such situations. What they did was wrong. Why the fuck would they feel so threatened by her that they felt they had to shoot? The fact is that they most likely didn’t; they just wanted to shoot something.

  26. This is a movie waiting to happen. I watched the 22min video…a single cop enters the lobby and manages to get close to the girl, at the beginning of the clip…what was he saying to her? Imagine, if you will, him stalking her and loses sight of her for a moment, when he hears over the radio of someone in the police lobby requesting assistance. Instantly he knows that it is her and because she had spotted him (notice what he is wearing), he knows he has to reach her first. Of course they will be putting their own spin on this video…just sayin

  27. As a Peace Officer, my opinion of this is, the Officer was on top of the girl, Why didn’t he stay there? She was in a ‘cuff’ position, Why was she not? She is no more than 130, me being 150, I can tolerate most electrical currants pretty well, a blast from a Longview Police issued X25 brings me to my knees, and winds me. Yes I admit the girl was asking for trouble, but these Peace Officers, need to be terminated, possibly face ‘Negligence in the line of duty, resulting in Fatality’ charges.

  28. The site that related Isis Mala Krekar,an islamic
    fundamentalist deliberately published false news against peshmarga fighters tells 300 fighters were killed.
    Now I want the site taken down!

    We always retaliate,we shouldn’t forget should not we forgive.

  29. The site that related Isis Mala Krekar,an islamic
    fundamentalist deliberately published false news against peshmarga fighters tells 300 fighters were killed.
    Now I want the site taken down!

    We always retaliate,we shouldn’t forget should not we forgive.

  30. The site that related Isis Mala Krekar,an islamic
    fundamentalist deliberately published false news against peshmarga fighters tells 300 fighters were killed.
    Now I want the site taken down!

    We always retaliate,we shouldn’t forget should not we forgive.

  31. The police are afraid. They aren’t people who defend us they were afraid for their lives and shoot a 17 years old girl with a knife WTF, she had more courage than them.

  32. Why can’t you take down corrupt Wyoming cops?

    Cheyenne Wyoming is a corrupt state implementing complete TYRANNY! The State Government consists of a super Elitist Social Class of which only members are protected under any laws. Wyoming is the PERFECT state for criminals, not law abiding citizens. Local citizens who are NOT members will get absolutely NO protections from criminals or crimes. They have no rights of any kind. If they try to report crimes THE VICTIM will be treated hostile and treated like a criminal. Victims don’t stand any chance of being vindicated. Wy. Cops are not simply POLICE, they are judge, jury and executioner, meting out their own personal justice based on PERSONAL presumptions, bias, prejudices. and discrimination. They don’t need evidence so they destroy, or lose it. Evidence would only conflict with their own personal assumptions anyway. They do it legally according to local Attorneys! If you think you will get help from any of the city, state or Federal Government Officials……………NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

    13-CV-221-F Federal Lawsuit filed and wrongfully dismissed by their own to protect their own. Out of this suit I was informed Wyoming is EXEMPT FROM U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and they are not obligated to enforce ANY state laws either! Why exactly should taxpayers pay for this police agency?


    08-24291….13CV221-F…Juan Carlos Mesa (Barria) 13- 26092….SC09-0000101

    A0285448774…………Lin 9907450842

    Belaire Ave. Cheyenne, Wyoming


    HABITUAL THIEF preys on disabled persons or other hardworking citizens.

    AIDED BY CRIMINAL WIFE, Wife’s family members, Friends, employer, Church, AND LOCAL COPS!

    Juan is a proud arrogant Chile Native, but U.S. Residential thief NOW!

    Juan Married into an American family of murdering, child raping, thieving, drug dealers, Burglars, robbers, and much more. Eleanor Stice, Birgenheier, Bush, Mesa, Barria. Some may remember the murder of her Daughter-in-Law, Lynn Bush. Eleanor was involved. Or Maybe the raping of her granddaughters by her son, Glendol Bush, Of which Eleanor claims were acts of genuine love! Or the drug dealing-violence of her son John Paul Birgenheier. Maybe her insatiable greed for money and luxury which motivates her to rob anyone by any means. Along comes a utterly ignorant uneducated Chilean who quickly graduated their criminal schooling into accomplished Violent Thug-Thief. He tries to justify his crimes by claiming alcoholism. His Christian family in Chile should be so very proud of his accomplished thievery of disabled persons, violent beatings, menacing all hidden behind a false demeanor of harmless innocence’s. Eleanor reported Juan to the cops for attempting to stab her to death. That’s how harmless he is! This family deserves only the finest of luxury and nothing less. Someone has to pay for it since they CAN’T!

    Juan makes $18.00 hr at Lowes, has (4) rental incomes, stolen rental deposits, his wife’s SSI benefits, and this isn’t enough to pay for the luxurious lifestyle he feels is OWED to all of them! He seems to think America owes him for the terrible life of poverty he was forced to live in Chile!

    Mormon Church has no duty to report any confessions he or family may utter between crime sprees, while looking for absolution of crimes before God. Church has a duty to protect this criminal-wife since they are members. What would God say about this and what is printed in their very own Bible about thieves? That isn’t important to the church today I guess. Crime or sin no longer matters today! ALL is forgiven and ALL will be absolved! What does your Bible say about idolatry? MONEY IS THIS FAMILYS GOD, not the one in heaven! I know exactly what the Standard Bible and God has written about these kind of people! That won’t change just because humans deny it!

    LOWE’S DISTRIBUTIION WAREHOUSE, Chey., Wy. They not only ignored their own policy about crimes-criminals, they ignored the warnings given to them about this employee thief! Obviously Lowe’s supports and employs lying thieving Residential Immigrants instead of considering any unemployed U.S. Citizens who may need work. Lowe’s REWARDS criminals today. They don’t even bother to investigate their own employee’s. they would know this employee is a pathological liar with a 2nd grade education which also violates policy as well! What are the purposes of POLICIES? NONE! Criminal thieving Employee’s are exactly what this Company deserves by their own choosing! What will you do when Americans stop supporting your company?

    Obama, Holder, D.O.J., I.C.E., Wy State Reps, Governor Matt Mead, Wy Atty General now WY Federal Judge, Executive Board of Immigration Review-Board of Revocation Hearings (Juan Osuma), Activists, Wy Militia, InfoWars,, Media, Constitutional Law endorsers, All refused, denied any help. NONE will enforce criminal or Immigration LAWS! None will Investigate Wyoming Corruption! None will tell the story so victims can get any justice! Lummis Office says :”They don’t meddle in Police Business.” Really? Then who investigates POLICE Corruption? No one! Because too many Officials would be found GUILTY! Corrupt Cops are left to regulate themselves. Just like SEXUAL PREDATORS regulate themselves. WORKS FOR THEM!

    Wy Lawyers won’t dare rock the boat on these matters so there is NO Legal Representation meaning no Judicial Access! Total Partnership in absolute Corruption!

    Wy Governor Matt Mead, Wy Atty, General, City Council, Chief of Police, every Cop in Cheyenne, should all be thoroughly investigated and brought up on Federal charges! None should ever be working as Cops or in power positions, all should be PERMANENTLY BARRED! Everyone of them deserve to rot behind bars with Juan!

    PUBLIC-American Citizens: should criminals be REWARDED and FACE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR CRIMES? Should CRIMINALS be ENTITLED to keep FRUITS of their crimes, ESPECIALLY on the monies of the hardworking? Should crimes be fully investigated? Should LAWS be ENFORCED? Should COPS who VIOLATE THE LAWS, HARBOR CRIMINALS be investigated themselves and prosecuted? Should COPS be untouchable without ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY to any people, especially victims?


    Juan’s only ties to this country lies in everything he has stolen from American Citizens. This man should be STRIPPED of any ownership, DISGRACED by exposing his crimes, and DEPORTED! Send him back where he came so they can see the truth about him! No? Then CUT OFF his HANDS! If a Dr finds human limbs eaten by cancer, what would they do to the OFFENDING LIMB? CUT IT OFF! I still have plenty of evidence to prove this man’s guilt which hasn’t been destroyed by COPS!



    1990 Murder…….(Lynette Bush).escaped prosecution

    2004-2008 Petty Larceny from Tenants rentals at will………………… crime

    2004-present……serious violence on persons………… crime

    2004-present Drunk Driving………………………………….no crime

    2004-2012 Stolen Mail

    2004 Conspiracy to commit murder…. never investigated……….no crime

    2007 Suspicious Death……..never investigated……….no crime

    2008 Forged Stolen Checks…..08-24291 $6,234.33……………no crime

    2008 Insurance fraud….reported….no crime

    2009 Threats of violence on victim… crime

    2009 Attempted Larceny-Fraud….(SC20099-0000101)

    2013 Knife fight with illegal Mexican (possibly robbery of Mex.) no crime

    2013 Grand Larceny-Burglary….$7,850.00……… crime

    2014 Federal Lawsuit filed against them…..wrongly dismissed by Wy Federal Courts! 13CV221-F

    Too many crimes to list them fully!

  33. this is clear cut murder, the police are above the law they can do anything they want, if they want to kick your front door in rape your wife and murder your children they can do it and get away with it without any consequence.


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