Anonymous – The Fate of Humanity


Throughout history, humanity faced many wars and revolutions. It is time, now more then ever before, for a revolution, a worldwide revolution, to end the present wars and all upcoming ones.
If we do not stand up against corrupt governments and take back our freedom and rights, it will be too late, if not for us, but for our children and future generations.

Most people ponder the question, “What will my generation be remembered for?”. This generation has the potential to be remembered as having achieved the most important event in recorded human history; This generation has the potential to be remembered as the ones to have unified humanity! You are the future, the choices you make will have a very important, lasting impact and will determine the direction of humanity. You have the keys to spaceship Earth, how are you going to pilot it? The fate of humanity lies in your very own hands.


There’s been a lot in the news lately; From threats of war, to future space endeavors. Two very different ends of the spectrum with vastly different consequences for humanity. While politicians bicker over power plays by opposing nations here on Earth, we continue to face many threats from beyond this world.

The unfortunate truth is that while our generation may survive the next 100 years… it’s only a matter of time till humanity as a whole faces catastrophe on a global scale. We occupy one tiny world, around a single star out of billions, in a single galaxy out of trillions in the observable universe. That alone shows how fragile our species really is.

Thus we come to a realization, and an inevitability; Earth cannot remain our only home forever. Some of the voyagers we set forth to the farthest reaches of the galaxy will lose contact with us, and we’ll never hear from them again in our life time. Nevertheless, our legacy will live on through them as they colonize new worlds across the stars…

While we can ensure the survival of humanity through migration & colonization, we can also help ensure the survival of Earth through unification. As we unite to explore other worlds, we’ll in turn find ourselves securing our own. Earth will always be our homeworld, and as such it will always hold a special place in our hearts. While we don’t know what the future might hold, we do know one thing for certain; it will be much brighter with humanity united.

If we continue on our current course, our mutual destruction is ensured; so some may ask why we continue to have wars and fight amongst ourselves? Humans are influenced by their cultures and many other factors growing up. From what their parents believed, to what school and religion teaches them. With that in mind, it’s no wonder with over 270 religions, 196 countries, and with modern society being derived from thousands of different cultures… that people tend to bump heads on worldly views.

Nonetheless, those differences are what makes humanity so unique! Rather than being used to divide us, they are precisely what should be bringing us together. From art, to food, and even technology, those differences in culture make humanity… and that’s what should be celebrated. Every year we do share in a celebration, people from all over the world come together to celebrate the new year. We stand together and share in our cultures, and for one day we are united as a planet.

Now we must channel that same energy and use it into coming together again; not for personal gain, not for the promise of money, or fame, but to embark in the greatest journey humanity has ever made. It took just 12 years to go from launching the first artificial satellite, to landing humans on the moon and returning them back to Earth safely. In the 43 years since Apollo 17 humanity has never gone back, nor accomplished a greater manned mission… Not for a lack of money, nor a lack of technology… but because priorities changed and collectively humanity no longer has the drive to venture beyond Earth.

With that being said, the direction and future of humanity itself is on the line, and our priorities must be clear. Due to the theory of special relativity, interstellar travel is possible within our lifetime, and entirely doable with technology that on a much smaller scale already exists today. Therefore the choice is now entirely up to you! Will we unite as a species to ensure the survival of the human race and explore the unknown? Or will we continue to fight each other and play Russian roulette until all the chambers are loaded?


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  1. I got a solution to take the humanity to version 3.0, i need a small coder team to create the solution, i got support from ingeneer and coder from my place and in France. I got a team ready to do it. I asked many time to many place Financial help or any other support but no answers. even Anonymus.


  2. I’m ready to demonstrate my solution to anonymus, by any chance, if alot of people works on it, we can expect better results

  3. I create a solution to do humanity 3.0. I got support from engineer from my place and France. The only thing why we don’t develop it, it’s because we don’t have enough time so we need a bit of money to hire coder. I asked many people to help us, even anonymus but no answer…. so …

  4. It’s going to take a long time to change attitudes even just in our own back yards. My generation and future generations will have all grown up with the internet, being able to communicate with people all over the world and realising for themselves the lies we are told about other countries and cultures, not to mention the lies we are told about our own countries. I believe my generation to be quite progressive, at least those of us who think.

    We have to keep spreading the message that we can have a sustainable society built on peace and collaboration. We need to do away with the monetary system. Power should be afforded to the brightest, the most compassionate, the bravest – all the traits that make humans amazing – not the most selfish, the most despicable, the most opportunistic and the fortunate. Rather than hoarding our resources and selling them on for profit or withholding them for political gain we need to pool our resources and unleash our technological potential. Food, water and sanitation for everybody, sustainable energy, automated production lines, the destruction of competitive markets, branding and advertising and the creation of a global, technological utopia.

    Attitudes will need to change severely before any of this can be accomplished and step one is to make the 1% pay for their crimes against humanity, so that we might open the eyes of everyone on earth to the senseless barbarism of their crimes and the global fallout they have created. Only then, upon the precipice of a new era, will people start to ask “where now?”

    We have held ourselves back for far too long as a species and now, thanks to groups like your own and many others and thanks to the internet and the way it has connected us all, people are starting to wake up.

  5. The solution strongly suggest to people to thing about what anonymus is fighting for… and most of the decent people.

  6. What can we ordinary income Americans do even if we believe our government is broken beyond repair we have no way to implement real change. I feel powerless

  7. I’m presenting the first draw in two week to a group of coders, they will determine how it need to be done and how much it can cost. We need coders available and ready to work on the solution.

  8. You can send a mail if any interest about it. I’m not a programmer chef, so i we need to start a team from nothing and no money. It’s almost impossible in this world. That’s why i don’t wait for free help. I’m working on a game Platform to get money. If by any chance a group of coders can do the job. we can look the possibility of sharing the solution. It’s at the base, a social network. “[email protected]”. (the only thing that will change if the case of getting people to work on it now, we will have the solution ready more earlier.

  9. Phillipe, I’m intrigued with your proposed solution. I believe there is a viable solution to be had, yet it won’t be utilized because it’s creator hasn’t the credibility or monetary influence to push it forward. Perhaps that inventor is you, or possibly someone else similar to you. A brilliant mind without the means to initiate their solution, yet they persevere, hoping someone will listen to them, run the numbers, check and recheck their figures, and finally see that the problem is solved. Good luck to you, my friend. I do hope the solution to our dissolution is finally here. God bless.

  10. Thanks, i presented my sketchs (w.i.p) and docs to a friend and he said (traduction from french) : There’s alot of good ideas in that solution, and alot of potential… 🙂 it’s good to heard, but in another case he tells me : it required alot of techniques and create SGBD more effiecient than MySQL do. I expect something more difficult to create than an office social network heh.

    😛 Well, it’s not win.

  11. Stop smoking crack! You can’t go back in time and build a toaster… What I mean by that is even though a toaster is simple tech, it requires a chain of events for the tech to be built… You start at step 1, not step 50.

    So this is either someone on drugs or the dumbest scam I’ve seen.

  12. I have a problem with this article : we have NEVER been to the moon, wether landing on it or in orbit around it. It’s a giant hoax. Do your research. Van Allen belt. I thought Anonymous was keen on unveiling hoaxes. Well now I wonder…

  13. Nope, it’s not a scam. I make you a deal, give me the Financial help and we create the solution wihtin 2 years. You will know who i’m i, where i live, you can even stay with us in our locals and works with us, you will have free access to all of our works. If my solution is a scam, you will be able to take me to prison for a century.

  14. Im sorry, as I fully agree with the ideas spoken above. I couldn’t agree more. I wish the best to your cause, and I will, as I have always done, continue to do what is right for the world. The problem I see and have seen is the world we live in is its moving the wrong direction. To have a unified world, u need to free the minds of the most evil people. Which in this world there are plenty of them. How does one group or even 1000 groups change the world? One person at a time? Great start, but we must think bigger. Since the dawn of time there has been great ideas of peace. But there is always someone who wants to knock it down, And take advantage for their own personal reasons that we may never fully understand.
    I for one have seen so much evil in my time on this earth that the thought of a peaceful society is a dream that will never happen… Im not and I never will give up the faith that one day we can all live in peace and harmony with nothing but respect for our brothers and sisters no matter age, race , sexual preference…. Im leaving out religion for a reason.

    I will not argue ones religion, But with 100s of different religions in this world all thinking their religion is the superior one, how do you move forward and help change the world?
    This is yet another snag in the quest for peace..

    Forget moving on to space travel to find answers. The answers are here.. On our own little planet. The answers are inside each and everyone of us. Sometimes they are buried beneath lies, and misguided opinions. Sometimes its fear in ones own mind that holds them back. These are things that we might not be able to change. We are individuals and each one of us is unique in our own wonderful ways.
    Can we change these people??? Why would you want to change them? you are going right back to what got us here to begin with?
    Take any religion of your choice for example.
    Why was it started? To put fear into others? Or was it created to help create a peacefully society? More then likely, it was created to try to create peace and togetherness in a given society…No matter the reason, it has helped and it has hurt. I have seen the good in, We all can see the bad in it..
    Either way, it is trying to get us to conform to someone elses ideas. No matter how good the intentions are..
    With that said, what makes this group any different then the millions before it?
    I was going to say Im not trying to call you out.
    But I guess in a way I am..

    What will you do different that others have not tried and tried and tried again only to eventually become an idea that once existed as another effort to save the world? How will you be better? How will you make a difference that lasts?
    Martin Luther King said he had a dream. Remember his dream? 1963 52 years ago. Where are we today since this speech? To me it appears we have not progressed since then. It seems things are the same, if not worse.

    I respect you for trying, Mlk tried, look where it got him. Some people dont even know what he stood for and tried to do.
    There is good in this world and as long as we stick together evil will Never win. But evil is not going anywhere. Always has and always will be here. Greed and power will always be there. Think bigger. What you do is wonderful. You have potential to be the next MLK. Just remember his and others fate.
    Be stronger, stand up for injustice, dont help create fear, dont create more anger in this society. Help create peace and love and respect for one another. Odds are against us. But its what drives us to be better people that can help change and mold a generation into the generation that helped the next generation live in the world we wish we could see..
    I dream of the world where we live in peace.
    The idea of it makes me happy. To see people come together just for the sake of making one person feel better gives me hope, hope that one day we can all get just get along.
    Its not a far fetched idea, just the obstacles that are there to overcome are far greater then most have the power and strength to achieve victory over… Please keep this in mind.
    Its many a persons dream also.

  15. I aggree with mike, the social network we want to do is base on the ideas mike got. I can’t add more to this. I just hope, when our project will be done, it won’t be late. Beside that, we don’t kickstart the project because a society like Google or Microsoft can take our idea, cut everything good in it, deploy it on the web and keeping the data secure accesible to a certain group of people that can affort it. The data must be shared to everyone. It give more power to our tool and the earth won’t finish as Microsoft World or Google World. (Thoses are exemple).

  16. I was looking for a solution at 17 years old. It takes me around 10 years to found the solution. But it’s was not applicable to any way in that time. It’s only 3 years ago i finaly realize the best way to use the solution is to apply it to a social network. Well, if want to chat more just email me. For else… cya in a couple of years!

  17. I have long been a scientist, engineer, and one who has studied chemistry and nature. Mankind, as the intelligent species of life on Earth may be a natural progression, a natural evolution of life. The wars, religion, everything else necessary to develop technology and gain knowledge, etc. However, we are at a time that humans must learn to live together. Mankind must learn there is a reason we look so far inward and outward, and realize how blessed we are to be able to do that.

    It may be our purpose in part to spread life to other places, but likely not in human form. We as humans may never see the result of the life we spread. We would most likely be seeding life in a form that would have to evolve on its own for billions of years as life on Earth did to develop its own intelligent creature over time. Life on Earth worked billions of years to alter the chemistry of the surface, to create the atmosphere, to change the ocean chemistry. Life on Earth changed Earth so that it could support higher life. We are not going to find planets just “ready to go” and support humans from Earth. That is not the way life works.

    There may be other purposes also. But for humans to fulfill their role in any greater purpose we must obtain, by learning the truth about this world and ourselves, the greater understanding. That will take some more time and in order to give life on Earth that time humans need to live sustainably. While living sustainably we must still maintain the capacity to conduct research and capture knowledge growth. We cannot allow a sustainable, more knowledgeable, future to be lost to a group of humans who desire to possess all of the wealth. We cannot stand back and live passively according to sound compassionate principle if they seek to destroy aggressively. The average people have all of the power, but haven’t realized it. The average people are too distracted by entertainment and leisure to become educated enough on the truth to make educated decisions.

    Activism will only work if is inspires average people to seek the truth and put forth effort to learn. It will only work if it causes people to demand proper education of youth on sound philosophy, and to shift the meaning of success away from money and towards principled living and honest pursuit of knowledge. Sustainability and personal accountability and empathy and learning have to be become the main hallmarks and pursuits of humans. We wast too many resources trying to mitigate and prevent the harm done by a small percentage of criminals, and in being prepared for wars, for security in general. We need those resources focused on education, learning, sustainability, and mitigating suffering.

    No child should be sentenced to a crappy life because of where they are born, who their parents are, what color this skin is, or any other thing out of their control. Some things cannot be fixed, cannot be mitigated, but many things can be. Each child born should have claim to a certain share of Earth’s resources just by being human, and should have some say in how those resources are used upon receiving a proper education on the nature of things. A child should be able to develop a potential that both best fits their natural talents and interests while also serving mankind and the life as a whole. Every human on Earth needs to be part of “A Pact of Humans on Earth” that supercedes and transcends political boundaries, religious beliefs, and cultural norms. This pact would represent the common ground all humans (nearly all) could agree on and move forward with. The good people need to take back and run this planet, instead of losing so much freedom and potential due to the small minority of those who are bad.

  18. I receive an answer from some engeneer about my solution, he saw my sketchs and docs. In fact, he created hi-fi system and start is own company. He said to me : the fact is that gouvernement will censure results and companies will start trying falsify results so my solution is mostly impossible. He said too much bad guy in this world so my social network won’t be able to do the job.

    I know it’s not a easy solution for everyone. But my solution purpose is to help every instance of the society doing good stuff, more adequat for people. It will help companies get more Customer, gouvernement having policies that is more realist and acceptable from the population. Solutions will come from every part of the database. Everyone will get an higher rate of profits or research positives results. the social network purpose will be use to make a brand new world. More green and more effencient. But for him, most of bad guy like to see the world getting worst…

    Don’t know what to think about that.

  19. Worst than that, he is scare about my solution since my solution put some priority to essentiels and the product he is creating is anything beside something essentiel.

  20. If i can adapt my solution for him and he accept it. That’s mean it will work for everyone, since he do luxurious stuff… it’s probably the last person on earth with interest in my solution now.

  21. Well, everyone wants peace in the world. I hope, people will get along together in this planet, will be happy and accept others as they are.


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