Anonymous Has An Urgent Message To Humanity For Rest Of 2016


Anonymous released their Message to the United States Government on 9/27/2016. Are we supposed to believe it’s all just one big coincidence that here domestically, 1,500 pages of new documents have been discovered detailing a Martial Law agenda at home, while at the same time Deutsche Bank is on the verge of a -$1 Trillion collapse, and countries like Germany and the Czech Republic are warning their citizens to begin preparations to “existence threatening” circumstances?

Is all that just a coincidence, or is it much more likely that major change is on the horizon? Today, in the video below, Anonymous issued their most recent message to the entire world. It begins…


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  1. There is no need for revolution because the system will ultimately collapse. The reason is that demand in the economy is a function of wage price. Wages are being suppressed by competition, immigration, globalisation, increased life expectancy and machines taking jobs. The only way to maintain demand is a citizen rent. A new human right to a share of all property. A dividend to everyone. This will free people from wage slavery and force companies to pass on productivity gains to workers as they will be effectively shareholders. Rather than revolution this process can be accelerated by making people aware of its possibility. Revolution replaces one bad government with a worse one. What is needed is ideas. We need to spread ideas not fear.

      • The agenda is the collapse of the world wide fiscal monetary system, with a possible world war. after the dust settles, the club hopes the population will forget about them, then they step back in and take control with a world wide reduction in population.

  2. phantom time… vaticano, countries and illuminati didn’t exist, neither TV nor computers… forged so they would be behind technology to control people and make abductions… everything is hackable in a sense for security reasons, remember… why does the queen is on top of the illuminati and why no one can see the hand of another secret societies… i can free everyone and i know the path and they are trying to silence me… activism, freedom, anonymous, hackers and wikileaks are probably being cloned from ideologies and ideas and energies… believe me… this is all because of peculiar spiritual knowledge that comes from genetic descendants through blood lines, are carried… they are trying to know what i know and to pass everything without being aknownledged… beware it is a trick… not such thing is succeded from nothing in 30 years, that’s why there were no countries and they are creating a global gov… materialism and evil are going to the same thing and it is tech and illusion renamed… inform the trinity… it is safe… i verified. not even illuminati nor presidents know about that… from what ideology would something be so consistent and relative and coordinated? because no one knows or it is an idea that no one can have and someone wants to have so deeply that would take everything to succeed… eyes open… Donald Trump is not excusing no one by random… it is another illusion… like everything is going to be alright, everything under control. let’s win the planet… got it? so why no more people than the number of countries can own private space and have to pay forcibly for tax and bills and not living by their own and why no scientist or space agency can have space, there, outside… does it take so much to be a god??? Share fast… this is it… you take the blue pill you wake up u believe what u believe or u take the red pill u stay underline(as in energy truth realm) and u will know where the rabbit hole goes… no one knows that because there is only one secret society, one kingdom and one empire family with that kind of linkage and power… Share fast, deep web, emails, scientists… and why im telling the truth is because, probably i am that energy and i know it very well it is part of me and energy ever triangulates its forces, so coordinated coherent… so bright so beautiful


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