“Beaten To Death” By Her Husband – Court Still Wants Her To Write Him Letters While He’s In Jail


Imagine a life in which your partner verbally abuses you every single day in front of your friends, your neighbors and finally, your kids. Imagine how hard it would be for those kids. Where would their mother stand in their eyes? Meet Natalie Allman, a mother of two kids, these are the things that she had to think about every day and an ordeal that she had to live through. She was beaten, tortured and molested for seven hours straight. Her neck was slashed, she was suffocated with a pillow and beaten with a dumbbell about the head and face.


Image Source: Google Image – Natalie Allman a week after she was attacked by her partner Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes, her ex-husband and a man who wore “the uniform,” got angry when he found out she was meeting someone else. This idea of her meeting someone else got him so angry that he attacked her before he “allowed” her to call an ambulance.


Image Source: Google Image – Police mug shot of Jason Hughes who attacked his partner Natalie Allman

Abigale Nixon, who was defending Hughes, justified his actions by saying that he was not “trying to kill her,” because if he was he would have done so since he was in the military previously.

“Hughes became violent in the last three years of our relationship after turning to alcohol; sometimes he even drank a liter of vodka a day or six liters of cider. We are the victims, not him. I thought he was going to kill me that night for no reason and my boys saw that. They were terrified. I am so angry that the law still defends his parental rights and that he is still being allowed to control us from behind bars. I could not believe it. I could end up being split up from my children and sent to prison when he was the one who attacked me. I am the one being treated like a criminal,” says Ms. Allman.


Image Source: Google Image – Natalie Allman who was tortured for seven hours in front of her twin sons has been forced to write to her attacker, or face the prospect of being sent to jail herself

Hughes now resides in prison, yet she is forced to write to him three times a year – she is aggravated that the law defends his parental rights after what he did to her. She has to write to him otherwise she could face a possible jail sentence for contempt. She was further instructed by the court to send him up-to-date pictures of their children and he is allowed to send them post cards on their birthday and other family holidays. The court has also told Ms. Allman to keep the letters received from her ex-husband so that the children may read them in the future.

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  1. How twisted is this? What right-wing “Christian” Republican dreamed up this punishment for a woman abused in the most horrific way? It’s like being tortured TWICE and for the rest of her life! The JUDGE should go to prison!

  2. THIS IS pardon my language but..
    FUCKING BULLSHIT! Judges are supposed to keep people like Jason Hughes away from their family and behind bars, and even if he gets parole, he should be keep away from his family and have a restraining order against him. Letting a actual cop watch over the victims of his “anger”. It isn’t anger, he just wants people to feel pain, and he wants power. This bastard should honestly get treated the same way he treated his wife and kids. These kind of people infuriate me. I’d say take this to the judical branch in D.C. but even then… it could be the same outcome. It’s sad how far the world has fallen, for people to do this to one another… back when my grandparents and parents were living in, they treated others with respect, and they got it back, now people just waste their days away on technology, and miss everything around them. I mean… seriously, when was the last time you looked at the stars? You can’t, because either the city lights, or the screens stuck to everyone’s faces. There are those who are lucky to see the stars, but when they ask another, they get a response like… what is that? Those yellow things? So what? … they don’t see the remaining beauty in the world, which leads to people like Jason Hughes. They have no hope left, or they think they dont. So they take it out on others. It’s Sad… so sad…

    • Some parents still have rights to see their kids even though they abused or neglected them and went to jail for it. The other parent can’t do anything and can be charged if they refused to let the abuser see their child, who by the way comes back from those ”reunions” even more fucked up and scared of the abuser and the other parent has to deal with the therapies and behavioral problems. In this case they say he just tried to hurt his wife not the kids so he’s a good dad… I don’t know who puts morons like that as judges but they need a good kick in the a**.

  3. I am def a a supporter of anon, but recently things like this…a woman beaten to death, and a few other things you have posted make me wonder if this is actually “the” anon I have for so long respected. In the past , the things I saw from you were highly intelligent. Lately, I’m having to question who you have writing the stories and some of the stories seem to be below what anon would have deemed worthy to pass on before. This is n important story and they blew it to hell just by using that ignorant title. please, dont let your site become one we see and just delete. anonymous is just too important

  4. In every letter send along a photo of her after the assault. The prison officers will see what he did when they check his mail.

  5. She should send him letters telling him how awesome her life is now that he is not there. Telling him about how wonderful and fulfilling her life is with a new man, that she now realizes why he was/is so insecure (penis size specifically). She should send updated pics of the kids playing with their “new daddy”. Her letters should include how she is making sure that the children forget as much about him as possible so they when the children see the cards and letters in the future they will want nothing more than to burn them.


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