Beauty Queen-Turned Hacktivist Leaves Anonymous Joins US Government To Bring Down ISIS Online ‘Legally’


To fight the Islamic State, 33-year-old Lara Abdallat, the 2010 Miss Jordan and first runner-up to Miss Arab 2011, has joined Ghost Security, an online hacktivist group that deals with the US government [read the FBI or CIA] through their intermediary Kronos Advisory Group.

In July, she was part of GhostSec a group of anonymous hackers that claimed to have hit two critical ISIS web platforms that managed ISIS online communication channels across the region.

In November Abdallat, who is responsible for identifying and targeting ISIS social media accounts by perusing the Deep Web and the Darknet, moved to Ghost Security – a small group of activists with counter-terrorism experience. The group claims to operate like spies rather than hackers and reports ISIS’ online activities to authorities instead of taking their social media accounts down.

The stated mission of Ghost Security is to “eliminate the online presence of Islamic extremist groups such as Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab in an effort to stymie their recruitment and limit their ability to organise international terrorist efforts”.

Abdallat said one immediate result of collaborating with their intermediary, intelligence professional Michael Smith from Kronos Advisory Group, was thwarting an impending attack in Tunisia.  “Everyone realized that while we were capturing accurate threat data, it was useless without ground assets to act on our information. Our executive director DigitaShadow has been working with US counterterrorism officials for several months and it has opened many doors for us, we are now able to influence real world actions on the battlefield,” Abdallat told Vocativ.

Abdallat told Mic:

“It’s about saving lives, dear: I don’t care if they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist. I don’t care. I don’t care what skin color you are. It’s about protecting people. Souls were born free. Who are you to kill? Islam is a peaceful religion. Nothing in it says we should take souls. A soul is something very precious.

“All of [Ghost Security] respect the Islamic religion. And they’re fighting against any vandalism against the image of Islam [on the Internet]. We’re locating a lot of the Islamic State’s websites and Facebook or Twitter [accounts] or blogs. We can locate and target [them], and we work on closing them down because they share terroristic information.”

Ghost Security is an online counterterrorism squad, unaffiliated with Anonymous, which works closely with US government agencies to wear down ISIS’ online presence. The original GhostSec still shuts down ISIS accounts or DDoSes them as a way to expose and dismantle ISIS.

For Abdallat, Anonymous would “always be a part of my extended family”, but the changes were a “dream come true”. “Having Ghost Security Group evolve from their original collective was a huge thing for me. More like watching your baby grow in front of your eyes and become mature, essential and successful,” she said.

DigitaShadow added, “We find threat data on social media and cryptomessaging platforms for the day-to-day, and he’s our bridge, he lets the U.S. government know what’s going on, so that they can prevent attacks. Essentially we have the data, they have the guns on the ground and can make the arrests. The main thing is just getting away from that hacktivist image. We were at one time associated with Anonymous, but we had to step away from them. Focusing on counter-terrorism requires structure.”

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  1. well this is a good thing even if anonymous loses a member its still good shes still fighting the good fight and there are many anonymous member

  2. She is as stupid as she is beautiful. No even more stupid then that. ISIS is being supported by the US government. Anonymous how can you not know this? She is basicly going there to waste her fucking time. And with stupid posts like this, this site is making me more and more sick.. thats it i give up on anonymous. Anonymous is clearly not informed enough about the world matters. Also anonymous WONT EVER SUCCEED NOT IN 2392379817 BILLION ZILLION CALL IT WHATEVER YEARS. Maybe you people have the brain to hack systems, but you don’t have the brain capacity to changing this world. That is a shame. With that said, GL anonymous but you have lost one person. I will find my own way to change this fucked up world. The chance that I succeed is much lower. But atleast I have a clear vision. Wish you had one 2 anonymous…

      • Dude if anon is so stupid then why tf are you on their site. Anon is the beginning of the revolution. they are here to protect the rights of people, even shrill pricks like you who has a vision more narrow than a pin head, from those in the government who would take them away from you. I myself aspire to one day be graced with the right to join the hacktivist branch of anonymous and help them win the war. so you my friend may go to hell and ill go to anonymous with open arms. just remember WE ARE LEGION, WE DO NOT FORGIVE WE DO NOT FORGET EXPECT US

    • With a name like SheIsNotWellInformed. I question if you ever hacked a goverment website or DDoS some Pedo’s website with gore and AIDS videos? Silly me? 🙂

  3. There is something in here… it is contradictory leaving Anonymous, fighting ISIS and joining to the government… It is not secure… and it is a bridge of information also…

  4. Here is my view on this article. She use to be an anon, who was and is ready to fight so protect people. but that is where the similarities end and with that its a good thing she has left anonymous. She has forgot that anonymous’s purpose is to fight against the injustice that others would push onto us. that includes the government but now you see that she has decided to go work along side them against isis. in my point of view its not a smart choice. when you look at what anon has already done in the fight against isis it completely out ranks that of both the ghost groups. she could be doing way more if she was still with anonymous. I say good riddance, even tho she was a great asset and will be missed. we don’t need someone who can trust in the government like that. that was all I had to say so thank you for your attention. just remember, please stay safe, they are watching.


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