Becoming A Hacker


Hacker doesn’t mean “to use hacking tools which made by professional or by other anonymous hackers”  if you do use hacking tools you would called “cracker” or “noob” in the hackers world.

Becoming a hacker is not an easy job, it needs a lot of interest, passion and hardwork. If you are interested in hacking or in cyber world then it’s not a tough job for you to become a hacker.

So let us elaborate in steps for becoming a hacker

1. Learn about basic computer stuff (using operating system, and other stuff)

Learn using operating system, fixing every problem you face in your pc, then you should use multiple operating systems like linux or more,

2. Learn about networking concepts

Learn about networking concepts, new networking terms (protocols, ip addresses, http, ftp and more)

3. Learn c programming language or Javascript

c programming language, is the first language picked mostly for learning programming

4. Learn php scripting language

As per the professional hackers, php is much more useful for hacking into web entities, php is also useful for web developing

5. Try to understand how hacking tools work

You can use hacking tools which are made by experts, but this won’t make you a hacker, more a script kiddie or noob (this is real hackers would call you). In order to get a real hacker, you need to understand how hacking tools work and be able to code them even yourself.

6. Learn about new malwares

Every week new malware is being introduced to the cyber world which are made by black hats, in order to gain fame, earn money or more. Learn about malwares through hacking websites.

Do some research on them, particularly about how they are working

7. Learn some white hat hacking

It’s your choice whether you want be  black hat or white hat, while white hats are known as good guys, black hats are the ones doing illegal things with their hacking skills, either for personal interests or for money. Do some white hacking, it will help you gain experience in hacking, if you want be white hat, then you should participate in bug bounty programs.

8. Try to make tools with python

Python is a widely used programming language, you can use python for making your own hacking tools, or other programming languages in which you are good, but python is the most preferred language used by hackers for making hacking tools

9. Most important step is secure yourself from being hacked 

Before starting into hacking stuff, it is important to secure yourself from being caught or being hacked by using a VPN or other methods.

10. Spend a lot of time with hacking and programming

The more time you spend with hacking or programming, the more you’ll become stronger

So spend at least 4 to 5 hours daily,

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  1. I would like to amend some changes. 1.) learn how to use a packet sniffer. Sitting in the middle experimenting with regurgitation of packets (cuz most of the time they’ll be encrypted, and you’ll need to learn how to replicate a login process using token identifiers or salted md5 strings.) 2.) with w/e language you’re using learn how to, “socket program” with it. Most hackers become script kiddies first. Find a chat system like yahoo for example and experiment with making your own yahoo messenger using nothing more then a few examples, a packet sniffer, and a compiler. 3.) Linux is the OS of choice because of the ethernet adapters ability to go into, “monitor mode”. Learn what that means.

      • I’ve never taken a CEH coarse. I was just lucky enough to grow up with the internet itself from back in 2400 baud modem BBS days to current. /shrugs, nothing positive or negative to say about it. I would have to imagine the info would be covered anyway in a simulated lab environment. As far as, “much more” I think that’s debatable a, “little bit”. Data mining is part of our social structure. We data mine people and sites and other various resources to obtain the info we seek. Thus making relationships along the way. It’s quite an invaluable tool. Learning how to research is a big part of who we are (who here has been spoon fed anything, lol). Take that away and there isn’t much left. I would like to think that CEH could produce decent hackers, but I just don’t see it. Just my opinion.

  2. You can use your amazing skills to take down ISIS first take down communications then when they’re scared take down the rest of the electronicics

        • thats funny lol You are some kind of an asshole. Dont you know what kind of threats we have used in North Korea. I mean to you have any idea of how this government works. People like you do so much more harm then good. get aware or shut the fuck up.

    • Why don’t you target H.A.A.R. P. That would do the “world” a lot more good. And for ISIS child executioners, what about our Mult Ultra K program the government has used for years which plants in a childs mind something that will turn them into a sex slave and/or killer later on. Its real and happening and not unknown and the child is developed by torture, sexually and other ways. I don’t know this for a fact but I think ISIS might exist because of things like this, however it could be just another CIA plant like BIn Laden which frankly sometimes I think anonymous is.

  3. I really need help, i barely dont have any exprience.. It will be hard for me, but is there anyway you guys could help me with basics.. I’m really interested , I’ve always been wanted to be a hacker..

    • Ya I’ve always wanted to be a hacker too. Like you don’t know how cool I think hackers are they’re like the bad asses on the internet.

      • Me too, i have all ways wanted to be come a hacker well a person who can make life go there way. PLZ anonymous do a youtube playlist on how to become a hacker PLZ

      • All of you asking where to start, the answer is simple. Learn to program namely learn C if you can’t make it through that do yourself a favor and quit now. There are tools that can bridge that gap, but if you have access to it so does everyone else.

    • First you should learn what is hacking and what type of hacking are hacker do. I suggest to see blackmoreops com. And hacking tutorial is the best website who learn basic to advance hacking tips and tricks…

    • I believe hacking is one of the parts of the cycle in activism. One must not be afraid to put down the computer and go to the streets .

        • Courses do exist at University ie Ethical Hacking, though you should probably take a Networking course first as most will teach you about networking because to hack you need to know how a network works and they tend to teach you to program as well which you’d also need to know.

        • Its a mixture of courses. Courses you should take are pc basics to really understand the operation of a PC; BIOS, CMOS, and OS. Networking and the topologies, programming, and security. Then from there I would recommend taking advance courses. Yes these are all University courses and there are even degrees that specialize in security.

      • Its idea not just a group of hacker’s, so if the government doesn’t let as say our belief on the world we go to plan b hackivists and protesting. But main thing about anonymous its idea not just a group of hackers. WE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE VOICE’S SO SPEAK UP AND FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

      • somebody help, i got on webchat then some douche named donny on the anonOPS channel hacked my username and got me banned ;.; of many trolls out there he is pro troll and i needz my account unbanned

  4. Also learn how to edit Malware because most virus protections will block your Malware and all you will need to do is change a 3 to a (2+1)

  5. I know a bit programming c#, notepad++, netbeans for database and websites etc. I know install linux and work in linux. But i dont know very much and im searching for youtube and google. Isearch in paper. Well i do some research to catch lies from govern and that stuff. And is usefull i know somethings here in pt. But i speak with i want give or to read and nobody cares. I think i spending my time, for people who dont care about nothing… but i dont mind, i help homeless giving food, sometimes when i got some money… we cud start helping homeless and hacking in the same time (learn hacking to)… its my opinion and thanks guys you help me alot on youtube, for my research. cONTINUE FIGHTING im on yourside. Have nice day to all of you

  6. It still doesn’t make sense, I can do 90% of the above, I can code etc… Haven’t got to C or Python yet I started out with C# && Java (notice the programming reference). But if you was to create a php script, you still need to get into the webserver to place it in for it to take effect. Now, how would you gain access to the server? Though ftp maybe one way but first you need to find the address and port (I know usually 21 but it can be changed as you’ll know) then you need to find a valid username (which I’d say is the hardest part) and crack the password…

    • Well, you could get ftp access by doing a portscan using smething like measploit. If the FTP daemon is vunerable to an exploit, you can use it to gain access and do whatever it is that that exploit will allow you to do. (Execute shellcode, w/e)

      You could also do a mitm attack and sniff traffic with wireshark or something.
      Check out kali linux.

      • I’ve used Kali before but that was a long time ago when it was called BackTrack. I remember the very first one, so long ago…

        As you can see, I’ve tried stuff but… But you know, just hacking WiFI well it’s not even hacking really, as stated above, just script kiddie lol. AirCrack is a program, so effectively I’m doing nothing but picking the target and feeding it the data to use, a dictionary, good old standard dictionary attack aha, not effectively hacking.
        If I program my own version of AirCrack and use is, am I then on the beginning levels of a hacker?
        I’d like to hear a moderator’s opinion too. Whether one wishes to or not I may never know…

        I’m doing a Network Security course for a reason, I have a faith, I see a future with no fear, no troubles, but theres too many black hats, too much hate, so much loss, so many innocents affected, things taken from their rightful owners, I want to be part of the ideology that protects from the bad and the corrupt, I want to fight because thats my belief and I have the faith.
        Sooner or later, expect me. I’m nothing now, but I will grow, I will fight, I have a right, I will bring down the corrupt, they will fear me, I will fight with others, they will fear us, they will expect us.

        • Long before encryption was WEP, which was literally hackable. As encryption changed too WPA, it’s faster to run brute-force attack, since many passwords aren’t longer than 8 symbols.

          In you regards of testing any php/js and others. Get vmware desktop install some tiny linux in it and test as much as you want.

          Plus nowadays most of impotant stuff is protected so called hardware firewalls is it any good, well in a few words it’s just an iptables 😀

          Futher on, get yourself familiar with NMAP and Wireshark.

          and yeah gl of course, I’m just too lazy to get into programming languages
          as they I’m noob hacker which use tools and knows how they work, but I just hate coding 😀

  7. Hmm How to become a hacker this is easy learn what is computer , learn what is ethernet , learn cmd programing and so on…

    • Dude it’s tons more complex than cmd…

      And ethernet it a type of wire connection that will connect a device ie you PC to your switch or broadband router in laymans terms.

  8. If you really want to learn how to hack succesfully… Be prepared to spend 16 hours a day for a minimum of 6 months… Have fun. May I also mention… The end results can be very beneficial… [Gld…]

  9. Hacking in itself can be difficult at first, even if you are skilled with technology. It takes a lot of memorization and repetition to understand the basic fundamentals. I’m a computer program major, and it still took me forever to learn even the simplest encryptions and codings. Not everyone who is skilled with technology will be skilled with hacking the technology, though. Some people just don’t either have the drive to actually learn, or are too fearful of getting caught. Even the best hackers can be traced, just a reminder, so if you do hack back up your shit and stay out of the center lines.

    Also, leave the grammar alone >.> I’m a grammar nazi, too, but I realize not everyone can write English properly, even if they are English speakers. English is the most difficult language to learn, so give people a break. You still understood his meaning >.>

  10. Ever heard of grammar guy? So I love me some AnonHQ articles but this one is terrible. 1. the anon hacker unlike the blackhat encourages learning, ever wonder why in the hell they put so much work into https://newblood.anonop? (that’s a rhetorical question for those as bad at English as this author) So don’t make noobs feel like they don’t belong in the legion. Shame on you. 2. What ALL hackers HATE is terrible spelling and grammar, if you cant handle something as simple as grammar how can you be trusted with the details of programming? I question if the author of this article even knows what grammar is. Shame on you. NOWAY should Anon be posting this mess of an article. Shame on you guys, take this garbage down.

  11. no one can just post stuff on being a hacker you need to learn codding with php, java etc and learn yourselve how to hack just play around with code and see what you can do there’s no right and wrong there’s just improving

  12. Learn about networking concepts
    Learn about networking concepts, new networking terms (protocal,ip address,http,ftp and more)
    pls give me ex! i don’t know start

  13. I’D LOVE TO HAVE THE BRAINS & TALENT TO DO WHAT YOU GUYS DO! But there is more chance of a monkey winning Master Chef than me becoming a crusading anonymous hacker. Loved the WE ARE LEGION documentary!!! Modern day superheroes!! Gives me hope for the future knowing you guys are fighting the good fight! =)

  14. mi única inquietud para anonymous es como puedo hackear un facebook por favor necesito esa ayuda gracias espero una pronta respuesta saludos desde COLOMBIA

    • Esa es tu única inquietud? Entonces sabes mucho o te interesa poco, aun así nos pedis un favor. Por qué querés hackear un facebook? Es decir, cómo va a ayudar tu hack a la misión de anonymous?


  16. This article should be called “What to do before you learn to be a hacker”

    I’m surprised “Watch Mission Impossible” wasn’t on the list.

    Hacking is something you must have a deep interest in if you’re going to do it properly and do it well. There are no “steps” and there are no “how tos.”

    This article is good for one thing really and that’s as a very bad grammatical list of prerequisites. The fact is, you can learn all of these things in spades. What you’ll walk away as is a secure programmer. You need to research how to use these skills for what you want to do.

    I have to agree with iver. Read. The very basics after you are secure is to determine what it is you want to accomplish and learn how to do that by itself. Store that knowledge in your mental toolbox and go from there. There are no shortage of resources if you take the time to look.

    I have mixed feelings about using “tools made by experts.” Some tools are very useful. The objective of hacking for a cause is the end result. It’s not about bragging whether you used tools or not. If you can find and use reputable, reliable and secure tools to get to that end result, I personally do not see the problem.

    • One could actually twist those definitions in any manner they see fit and apply them to either term. When we discuss these terms amongst each other, we are aware of what we are talking about. However, we can’t forget that the general non-technical public sees us as “hackers” regardless of which end of the spectrum we happen to be on during any particular op. Introduce the term “cracker” and the difference between them to those people and you’ll likely get a resounding “whatever.” Since the article is about “how to become a hacker” I would assume it is that audience the author was targeting.

  17. Your post is mostly focused on how to break things.

    Hacking is a more abstract concept, more focused on how to understand how things works, building new ones or use something for a goal it hasn’t be designed for.

    Sure you can hack into software, electronic but you can hack into everything, it can be as simple as using your toaster to fry some fishes or complex as changing your own behaviour to better reaching your goals.

    It is all about being curious and asking questions, a lot of people are great hackers without knowing how to use a computer.

    You can learn from everything and everyone, remember it !

    • Probably one of the best explanations I’ve seen so far. Hacking is not limited to the realm of computers and or technology. Psychologists are brilliant hackers. Social engineering specialists / reverse engineering specialists. Although the original post is limited to the topic of, “computer hacking” it is not what hacking is all about. /agreed.

  18. This is getting ridiculous, hackers are guys who makes things easier, not only by breaking into someone’s technology or system penetrating, to become one, one must be creative and innovative

  19. Have you been having low grades in college; want to spy on ur wife, girlfriend or employer; delete bad comments about you from your employers; hack text messages, facebook, whatsapp, bbm, wechat, twitter or listen to other people’ phone calls directly on your phone or any other hacking business??? GURUSHACKERS is d answer on such occassion…direct all such needs to [email protected]

  20. I think people, the author of this article included, miss the *real* point of what defines a hacker. A *hacker* is not good or bad, but simply someone with an interest or desire to figure out how something works. The term *hacker* actually comes from the game of golf, where people who don’t know the game well used to *hack* their way through. I spent the last 35 years in the Information Security arena (yes, I was a CISSP) both on the black side(in the beginning) and on the white side(as a career). *Hacking* is not evil, the main-stream media has made the term be thought of that way. I am, and always will be, a *hacker*. It is simply a desire to understand how something works… You *hack* at it til you get it. Yes, there are *bad guy hackers* out there, and there are *good guy hackers* out there. *Hacking*, in and of itself, is neither. As I said, I have spent 35 years in this field, if any of you asking for help are serious, shoot me an e-mail, and I will help you start on your way…

    • I would really like to take you up on the offer.

      The ability to understand how it works is what really motivates me to learn about this stuff. I have no interest in self gain or causing trouble for people. I just want to learn about something that I am really interested in.

      Hope you can help

  21. How to be a standard hacker for Anonymous:

    -Be under the age of 18
    -Not know how to hack
    -Learn how to DDoS
    -Pretend that it’s not super fucking easy to do
    -Think that a DDoS attack is the same as hacking
    -Pretend that Anonymous ISN’T comprised of hundreds of thousands of 14 year old’s sub 100 people that ACTUALLY know how to hack
    -Embarrass yourself by telling people that you’re a hacker

  22. I like this article, none of my computer skills have happened in the article’s order though. I do have 2 years of a Beng in comp eng, but gave that up – long bleeding heart story omitted. I am starting to get back into programming, and for various reasons anon has caught my interest, so I guess I may give some of this a go.

    I have no experience in hacking, but programmed some basic artificial intellience for connect 4 and scrabble in the past. And currently reworking a pseuedo-feistel encryption, events have transpired such that my using a VPN is probably sensible from soon on. – another long and tragic story.

    So I figure combining my now urge to kill with some nice light side hacking would be just the thing to float my boat. Looks like learning python is next. Ta for the tip.


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