BEWARE: This Woman, A US War Veteran, Is Out To Hunt & Capture Poachers


Kinessa Johnson, a United States Army veteran, has teamed up with VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife), a non-profit organization committed to protecting Africa’s wildlife, to ‘do some anti-poaching, kill some bad guys, and do some good’. kinessa2

Johnson, who served four years in Afghanistan as a weapons instructor and mechanic, joined VETPAW as an anti-poaching advisor in November 2014 and arrived with her team in Tanzania late March to train African park rangers with marksmanship, field medicine and counter-intelligence; patrol with them to provide support their communities; enforce existing poaching laws; and educate the locals on protecting their country’s natural resources.


Africa has the largest populations of endangered rhinos and elephants in the world, and therefore the top target area for poachers; revenue from the sale of products made from poached animals is often used to fund war and terrorism in Africa.

“We work side by side with park rangers and it’s truly a learning experience for not only park rangers but also our team. Our intention is not to harm anyone; we’re here to train park rangers so they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching,” said Johnson.

“I’m a technical adviser to anti-poaching rangers so I patrol routinely with them and also assist in intelligence operations. Most of the time, anyone that is in a reserve with a weapon is considered a threat and can be shot if rangers feel threatened. Our goal is to prevent trigger pulling through strategic movements and methods of prevention,” added Johnson, who has taken to Facebook to help raise funds and awareness for the cause.

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    • You can have more than one trait while in the military, hell I was airborne and supply database. Not hard to believe that she was a mechanic who was skilled with weapons and taught others.

      • Airborne isn’t a job; it’s a method of transportation. And no, mechanics are not weapons instructors. If you are a combat unit with a mechanic as a weapon’s instructor, you are completely ass backwards and clearly your commander sucks if he doesn’t know how to properly prepare one of your infantry, cav, etc. to be a trainer.

        • what the fuck are you on about, surely being a mechanic is a great place to start from when you’re instructing and acting in the field. Its not just about pointing it in the right direction and shooting, its about knowing your weapons inside out too. Being able to do quick minor repairs in the field is vital… How is it “ass backwards” to hire someone who can do two roles effectively?

        • What kind of a conclusion is that, ‘you can’t be skilled in two things’ that’s what you’re saying, and maybe because of the downsizing she has to do both. Besides i’m a woman who is a gunenthusiastic and works under the hood of a car. Who the fuck are you to judge us?!!!!

          • To those high and mighty military types…I hate to break it to you, but weaponry IS mechanical. Where is the problem in being trained in both areas when they cleary overlap?

          • It isn’t that two completely opposite MOS’s are listed, it is that it is virtually impossible (even with downsizing) to have direct opposites for military jobs. A mechanic is a mechanic and does not need to be an expert in weapons (which instructors are either previous 11Bs or Rangers) and NOT mechanics. My MOSs were directly related, which all are when they are categorized as multiple MOSs.

        • My brother started in infantry, then became K9 MP, then went to motor pool so he had a post military trade to fall back on. He drives truck now. You can have multiple MOS, and they don’t have to be directly related. Increasing our skillset makes you more valuable no matter what you do.

      • Except airborne isn’t a job, it’s a method of transportation. You can be a laundry dude and be airborne. ANYONE can be airborne. Just because you were airborne doesn’t mean you were adequately prepared for the job of an infantryman. If any combat unit actually had a mechanic as a weapons instructor, they are doing something very wrong. First of all, that means they are not only shorting their own combat guys on military schools, but their sending someone who doesn’t need it. This doesn’t happen. Slots are way too competitive. I don’t care who you are. A mechanic is not going to be a weapons instructor because there’s no way that there’s not a combat arms soldier who hasn’t been officially trained in the unit.

        • What if she was a mechanic before joining the army, and there she learned about guns? You can be good in any amount of stuff you want to, you just have to have the balls to do it, and this chick does have them, just guessing, but if she dared do it, she seems to have more balls then you do…

          On a side note, who the living fuck do you think you are to attempt saying what a person can or cannt do? Fucking pessimist, if you cannt pull shit off, dont bother those who can

          • Zakly… Sounds like she be a go getter, an that’s way better than someone insist they only good at one job. Be versatile, adaptable and a team playa.

          • She’s for real folks,”Don’t deny her aptitude/resilience and or fortitude. (Competence is for real)!

        • Chris Kyle was a professional bronco rider before joining the military and becoming a very lethal sniper. I know people who were mechanics who went into the military to fight. They didn’t fix things in the military. Fixed cars when not on deployment. This whole idea about mechanics not being able to fight is crap.

        • That’s Wrong,

          I was a Marine PMI, and I worked in Motor T And later became an FO. I was also a brown belt Marine Corps Martial Arts instructor. These are all different mos and billets and are mutually exclusive. You can apply to any of these occupations and receive training in them if there is space available and you qualify through examinations.

          • You have more patience than I’ll ever have. Isn’t it sad that you had to go through all of that to explain what doesn’t even matter? You would think that people would take a moment to think outside of the box. Maybe they only aspired to only participate in one MOS but obviously she aspired to do more. It’s a short article, not her entire bio….

          • well in australian armies we have soldiers do multi tasks and jobs it is not that far unrelistic for her to have those to job skills and you should try look at the reporter who likely said it wrong she was more likely a mechanic who went on to become a weapons instructor ,, instead just becouse she started in forces as a mechanic doesnt mean she ad to stay as a mechanic

        • maybe where you come from airborne isn’t a “job” but where I come from the airborne were our elite unit of combat soldiers , they use to fly in, jump out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, kick ass and come home to talk about it! that was before those fucking vandoos killed a kid in somalia and blamed the airborne resulting in them being disbanded!

        • LOL you do realize that airborne means hes a paratrooper and infact its a specialized role you need to go to airborne school to obtain your wings.At the very least hes a infantryman you need your infantryman trainings before taking it,he could be a sartec or a rigger and that requires even more school and specialized training.

        • Sorry, but Airborne (at least Air Assault) is a job crossed with combat MOSs (mechanic is not considered full combat, rather combat support)

          • Airborne and Air Assault are different. Air assault was one of those schools anyone could do for promotion points while to be airborne was to be combat role. I was in charge of my Troop’s schools while I was in the Army and I sent plenty of people to air assault, while I only sent the service members that earned the right to go to Airborne school. Had to score high in pt and weapons qual. as well as stay out of trouble and be promotable ect…

          • This argument is fucking stupid.

            You can change your MOS. Fuck. Last I checked, everyone, regardless of MOS, had to go through weapons training and qualify annually.

            And if you’re in a combat zone and they need another body, you’re out there with the rest of them. No excuses.

      • Protecting wildlife with her skills is a FANTASTIC thing she does!!! The animals deserve it more than the humans these days 😉

        • Paying huge amounts of money to kill an animal in countries like Zimbawe is legal while killing someone is illegal. Which would probably have her jailed. Many that live deserve death, and some that die deserve life, can you give it to them?

    • And the balaclava isn’t even being worn correctly, supposed to be completely over the head with just the eyes showing!!!!

    • Amazing. Did anyone even understand the point of the article??? It wasnt to debate MOS’s, to help stop poaching, just so yalls know.

    • You’re pathetic. You advocate killing people because you like your cuddly animals? Fuck off. Maybe some of these poachers are doing it to simply put food on the table? Did you think about that? Eat shit. That’s what your opinion is is worth. The article didn’t even advocate killing people. It spoke of detaining poachers.

      • Well, if usefulness is what we’re talking about, how useful are poachers to this world? What do they put into our industries? Sure. They put food on the table, but they do so by unnecessarily killing animals which may not be doing anything for us, but when you think about it, which you obviously haven’t, killing poachers would be just as cruel as letting them continue to kill animals, if not less. So upon some thought, poachers are not only useless to us but have a NEGATIVE effect on the world

      • And you are a hunter maybe or some idiot who supports poachers, or maybe a pussie that enforce human rights, even from those pieces of shit that fuck everything and don’t respect a shit!.

      • Except that most poachers are rich American pricks who have too much food to eat and only kill animals for a trophy for their wall. I do advocate for people like that to be killed, or maybe just cut their hands off, since they don’t know how to responsibly use those.

        Also there’s a quote in the article from her about wanting to “kill bad guys”, unless the morality behind poaching is that much of a fucking question to you, I think she meant them.

        TL:DR Fuck trigger happy Americans and fuck you.

      • Yeah, If I am poaching to put food on the table I sure in hell ain’t gonna be shooting no Rhino or Elephant or something that has a really good chance of killing me first. Me I would poach some gazelles or something like that.

  1. doing a great job. Wish I could be their. I’m to old. But served in Army. Mos 11B20. Retired NYC PD. Would be a great help when I was younger. I’d do it for free now Send me a ticket. My mind is still sharp Good Luck. Be Safe. God Bless

  2. This article is NOT accurate. It chose to eliminate Kinessa’s whole message to try to set the record strait and only the paragraph used was the one to make this story hype. People are stopping to realize this is not helping “the cause” but making a mockery of it.

  3. I thought this was a great idea at first but friends on the ground in Africa who know how complex the poaching situation is, have not been approached for education on who the ‘bad guys’ really are or any other information. It is suggested that this is product placement, shilling for the gun manufacturers and the Discovery Channel who is desperate to keep their ‘red state’ audience. A good question is “When corporate sponsored anti-poaching war veterans are in bed with international safari clubs (trophy hunters)… who’s interests are being served?”

  4. i think they should return the excess tax to the people in their weed buyers data base… in the form of free weed.

  5. I support her! And this nonprofit organization. When I found out what poachers were when I was younger I told my mom we need to do the same exact thing to them that they do to these innocent animals.

  6. It’s actually pretty easy to tell that not only was she not a weapon’s instructor, but she is not even comfortable holding one. I did two deployments as a forward observer, 13 months and 9 months. I watched an interview with her, and the way she stands there, unsure of her posture, with her weapon AT THE READY, WHILE INTERVIEWING, shows that she really doesn’t have a lot of real experience handling and living with a weapon. These posers are always dead giveaways. They see pictures of combat military with weapons at the ready and think that is an appropriate posture in a nonhostile environment. That is an aggressive posture and can get you into trouble real quick in the wrong situation.

    • Of course she looks uncomfortable – she’s been told by the photographer to pose with her weapon in positions that are inappropriate for the situation. She’s been told to open the ‘scope caps, which she wouldn’t want to.

      It’s hard enough being a “girl with a gun” without idiot internet guys putting us down.

      Nessa’s doing a great job, be proud of her.

    • Have you ever posed for a photo shoot with a gun? I bet you wouldn’t look all that comfortable either. You are just mad because she is a woman that is changing the world more than you are.

  7. So, this woman supports a non-profit organization committed to protecting endangered wildlife, and the response that occurs to you losers is to pick apart her stance and her past roles in the military. What’s wrong with the world…oh, yeah..that’s right.

  8. … Our Earth needs less enslaved military runnging around slaughtering innocents, destroying the planet and dying for corrupt political/corporate false flag agendas – WE NEED MORE Awakened military personnel switching to fight instead for our planet and Humanity … get out of the political/corporate military service guys because you’re being exploited and sent to your deaths for profit …
    Let’s create military/intelligence and defence union that is focussed and operates to defend our planet, its threatened animals, resources, habitats/environments, agriculture and its people. IT’S TIME FOR HUMANITY TO PUT “HUMANITY” AND OUR HOME PLANET “EARTH” AT THE TOP OF THE ENDANGERED LIST – Corporates and politicians have been working to kill us all, so FUCK THEM. Claim your Sovereignty, Freewill and Awareness people, and let’s start thinking about ways to Empower ourselves!

  9. Anyone who has decided they are empowered to take human lives for what they feel is a cause is wrong, and more than likely, a psychopath. Animal rights is something I am very big on, killing humans as prey, I am not. I am an old Ranger and have qualms about taking a life, but, to go to another country, to know nothing about the dynamics of the country and to decide you are going to kill people for the sake of killing them and use the excuse that you are protecting wildlife, how much better are you than the Western members of ISIS who are doing the beheading of other Westerners under the guise of religion? Does anyone really believe they are doing a religious act, or are they just fulfilling a need for bloodlust like your barnyard serial killers. There is something wrong with this woman. Protecting animals is one thing, deciding you are empowered to kill people is quite another.

    • “We work side by side with park rangers and it’s truly a learning experience for not only park rangers but also our team. Our intention is not to harm anyone; we’re here to train park rangers so they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching,” said Johnson.

      “I’m a technical adviser to anti-poaching rangers so I patrol routinely with them and also assist in intelligence operations. Most of the time, anyone that is in a reserve with a weapon is considered a threat and can be shot if rangers feel threatened. Our goal is to prevent trigger pulling through strategic movements and methods of prevention” from the article. no mention of killing humans as prey. Any thoughts on how psychopathic the men are who work with her? No?

    • Poachers forfeit their right to life, period. It is self defense in the name of the animals. I am vegan and animal rights.

      • Vegan’s far fetched and less practical. Basically, what I do is I stalk the animal I’m going to kill for at least a day, then I determine whether or not I kill it (based on whether or not it’s taking care of anything, if it’s nice, etc) if it isn’t, I cap ’em.

  10. todos ustedes son unos hipocritas,esta tia se hartado de matar en afganistan,ahora vo a matar unos negros pobres desgraciados,cuales va a matar animales porque unos ricos blancucho les daran una miseria de gita para que coman,a ella le va perfecto pa seguir asesinando la gente,porqu no va a joder los ricos gente de occidente que hacen safaris y matan esos mismos animales,tendreis que levantar la a un pedestal y levantarle un monumente,gente tan hipocritas como ustedes hay un monton,hay mucho mas trabajos que matar personas para defender animales……pero en mi opinion sois la majoria uno adoradores de fashismo……fuk her

  11. es de morir se de risa,una asesina de humanos autorizada para matar en afica,los pobres negros cuales estan pagados por los ricos blancos para traer marfil pa que puedan exponer en sus casas estos trfeos,ella no es nada mas que otro illuminati prodicto,y empiezo sospechar si ustedes son deverdad los anonimus,adorar una asesina fashista no deberia ser la noticia en estas paginas,que vaya a matar los blancos ricos que hacen lo mismo en sus safaris,a ella no le sido suficiente matar los arabes ahora un poquito de negritos antes de volver en america como heroe

  12. You are not Looking at what She is doing. It is the Fact that the Skills SHE HAS is Needed for Protecting your, Our Animals. They Can’t Fight but She can and stop Saying that just because you are Trained in ONE PROFESSION THAT YOU CAN NOT BE TRAINED IN ANOTHER OR MORE. I RESPECT THAT SHE IS DOING A FAR CRY MORE THAN MOST OF US. Never Stop Learning. Never Stop Fighting for ANIMAL RIGHTS.

  13. Tell me, would you all be arguing about this if she was a man? She was in the military and has taken those skills to protect Mother Earth’s children. She is a steward of our planet.

  14. Fucking Stupid who would have thought so much chaos could ensue over a fucking animal 25% of species are extinct on this planet, want to do something useful start plugging tyrants.

  15. She look more dead than alive, like a zombie.

    Love how the title make you think she actually ahd the balls to kill some bad guys there…but in reality she is a kitty that maybe never killed a man it sounds like.


    Some one have learned a trick or two from the mainstream media about making misleading headlines..

  16. Shoot the damn poachers! Humans are not endangered! May as well get that group out of the gene pool asap! We kill innocent woman and children everyday in the name of war and this is a WAR on saving our wildlife! KILL THESE POACHERS! If the only threat is detainment they will just continue until nothing is left!

  17. I would just like to commend her for trying to make a difference to the lives of animals.Thank you Kinessa for what you are doing.Stay safe.

  18. To many people with 0 military experience posting on here. This isn’t a knock on women, or on mechanics, or anything else. It’s a matter of how the military, and specifically the Army works. Anyone that has actually been in a military unit knows this, the rest of you are just arguing your “feels” and how you think things should work.

    The military has never let logic, reason, ability or “feels” dictate the way they do things, for good or bad. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it hinders.

  19. Isn´t it stupid when a story about people who leave their homes and friends to protect wildlife in another country, turns into a discussion on wether you are able to have two skills/jobs or just one. Or having good looks or not. Not even inspiring acts seem to inspire anymore. They just bring out that ugly old ego, making people completely miss the point of spending the time to read a story..

  20. How many of these “patriots” walking around with open carry guns or those goofballs in Oregon claiming to be military vets really were supply clerks, motor pool mechanics and non-combat jobs? I’m a Navy vet, VietNam era vet, but I worked on a repair ship in Norfolk VA. I ran a mainframe computer. Then I served a year working at NSA also as a computer tech. I never touched a gun except in boot camp. I do not claim to be anything more (or less). If she wants to kill bad guys that kill endangered animals, more power to her. I do not care if she was a clerk at 7-11.

  21. SHOOT THE POACHERS RIGHT IN THEIR FUCKING HEADS! ANYONE WHO HUNTS FOR SPORT DESERVES IT. signed… your friendly canadian metis green loving tree hugging acrobatic warrior

  22. Listen people, first, shes smoking hot, second she was an officer which meant that she ran a motor pool and was in charge of enlisted mechanics that are actually trained to fix army vehicles. Additionally, as an officer she would be respo sable for coordinating semi annual weapons qualification ra ges for her unit. This doesnt mean that she was next to them teaching them advanced rifle marksma ship, all this means is she ensured the range was reserved for them, ammo was available, and a risk managment worksheet was filled out. Sure she knows how to shoot, but so does ever soldier, instructor? Not a chance. Instructors of anything in the Army are ONLY enlisted sergeants. I am speaki g from experience as a current sergeant first class in the us army infantry. The media simply doesnt understand how our orga ization is set up, they simply misspoke or tried to church it up to sound cool….


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