Breaking: North Dakota Governor Activates National Guard Against Pipeline Protest


By Nick Bernabe at


North Dakota — Previously peaceful protests at the construction site of the Dakota Access pipeline have officially been militarized. North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has called on the state’s National Guard to reinforce law enforcement at the construction site where Native American protesters are currently blocking further development.

Over the weekend, peaceful protests turned turned violent after security guards from G4S, a British mercenary group, unleashed dogs on the demonstrators, provoking a confrontation the media spun as violently aggressive on the part of those protesting. The scuffle ensued after construction workers allegedly destroyed sacred Native American burial sites. However, video from the scene tells a different story — one of provocation from proponents of pipeline security.

The activation of the National Guard is likely a backup measure as the pipeline company and protesters await a court decision that could give pipeline construction a green light, possibly causing further confrontation between law enforcement, mercenaries, and protesters. The National Guard has a long history of violently crushing civil unrest in the United States.

A spokesman from the Red Warrior Camp, located at the construction site, has issued this statement:

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  1. My question would be what is a British mercenary group doing within the borders of this country? My next question would be why is this government and or state allowing foreign mercenaries to attack Native U.S. citizens within the borders of this country?

    • @doug since the mercenaries aren’t with an established national military, contracted personnel can be used anywhere. A added note is the PMC is probably British based. Nevertheless the tribes and their lands shouldn’t be thought of as a profiting hindrance but be treated with respect. Unfortunately, our own government has never given Native Americans respect, in any form.

    • G4S is an international security company, true that they operate “mercenary” style armed guards in countries that are more hostile to international workers… but in the US they are mostly unarmed or only armed if running armoured trucks for cash drops (much like Loomis)

    • British mercenary group is bit over stated. British owned yes, but these guys are security guards. That’s it….they are contracted to secure many different types of facilities and some even work wth immigration. They are about a step above your average Segway driving mall security officer. Most likely the NG is being brought in to keep between both sides of this. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if the government sides with the oil company!


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