Calling All American Anonymous


We are not calling for a riot or a ddos or a ‘hax’! Quite the opposite actually. Anonymous is calling for all Americans who read this to visit the site below and contribute their opinions. Please be respectful, articulate yourself and be informative. One Anon put it perfectly when they said With each additional terror attack, we lose more freedom. Exactly what terrorists want. In the end, they are winning thanks to our shortsighted politicians and greedy lobbies.Just ask yourself one simple question, do American politicians really Congress to pass legislation giving them more powers to spy on citizens?

The link above ^^^^ is a direct link to an online petition sponsored by the White House itself. The purpose of this “petition” is to gather information to make an informed decision. How do the people feel about this issue? The petition tells you: “share your thoughts on strong encryption”

The people sponsoring this online petition want us (the people) to:

Publicly affirm your support for strong encryption.Reject any law, policy, or mandate that would undermine our security. The government should not erode the security of our devices or applications, pressure companies to keep and allow government access to our data, mandate implementation of vulnerabilities or backdoors into products, or have disproportionate access to the keys to private data.

We demand privacy, security, and integrity for our communications and systems. As a public, we should be confident that the services we use haven’t been weakened or compromised by government mandate or pressure. No legislation, executive order, or private agreement with the government should undermine our rights.

Weakening encryption weakens the entire Internet. Please endorse strong encryption, and encourage other world leaders to do the same.”

Why is this issue important and why should you care?…..

What you might not have read in the news recently:

Just within the last few weeks the NSA was stripped of its power to sue on United States citizens:

……… As you can now see by the FBI interest and the subsequent White House petition this is becoming a large issue in American society.

Remember that people who wrote & continue to write these laws grew up thinking like this….



…….society has evolved and will continue to evolve. If you believe the government does not need any more power to spy on citizens then you need to sing this petition. Together we can make a difference. The online petition has already been signed by over 100,000 people. What numbers can Anonymous help them produce?

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  1. I have a facebook group called “A Book Of Knowledge”, i’d like whoever wants to actually do what Anonymous is really after to look at that group, as well, i’d like those same people to look at my facebook page, under my name, Halon Dreggenier. There is information in those two places that would help Anonymous achieve what i think their true goal is, which is knowledge and the abilty to ask “why” freely. Obviously this is just i request, but i feel it would truly be worth the time of anyone who wants knowledge and the ability to ask why, and the ability to freely choose what you yourself decides. if anyone reads this and decides to atleast check it out, then i thank YOU.

  2. As much as I fear the government trying and many times exceeding in taking away our rights I fear the republicans stealing elections next year.

    • Whether it is a republican or a democrat the end result will be the same. Obamas hope and change was nothing but lies and more lies. Hillary is an even bigger liar and has more blood on her hands than both Barry and Bubba combined. None of the GOP contenders may seem appealing but they will do no worse than any democratic candidate. Both parties are two wings of the same bird. They are being controlled by powers outside of the whitehouse. Our politicians are just puppets on a string. It won’t matter who gets elected until we take our government back and re institute our constitution, abolish the federal reserve and go back to our founding principles.

  3. I have liked alot of what u guys do and alot of the things u stand for are pretty NESSISARY …but be weary some articles contain obvious biass … I’d like to think in certain moment the passion of the topic takes over but I don’t write them so I can’t be sure but I’d like to think of anonymous as a like minded goal that is better then biass …don’t repeat the mistakes of others before anonymous and you guy will succeed and humanity may have a chance ….

  4. the planet is mine. big story of metaphysical, iq, energy, telepathy and esp and consciousness wars.
    who preserves the good energy and values of the planet?
    who is reliable in thinks any human is not prepared to? because first i’m a being universal?
    yeah the story is megalodon proportions.
    i am able to release anyone from any system and destiny.
    and i created anonymous and other good things through telepathy, energy and consciousness.n
    so if the planet is mine and i created anonymous the planet is mine of hackers and of spiritualists.
    probably someone released me and now im releasing everyone. and the secret abput iq is to become aware of energy, feel it recpgnize it and cooperate with it, no noise or pollution.
    so you now know how they have intelligence working and manipulated towards their side, but those people have a forged fate for them and i can also release them and free them from the system. they dont play games w me. now you know.

  5. there’s a misprint it’s not sing but sign so please when wrighting something spell it right or people might think it’s bull

  6. The fact that we could be losing are privacy to the government isn’t fair I do NOT Agree that they should be able to see what we are doing online or on our own Devices or Computers or Tablets or Phones. Let us Keep Our Privacy and lay off of us. We should have the right to privacy.

  7. As someone who has dual citizenship, I question how much they monitor their abroad citizens or those who haven’t even grown up in the United States. Signed by a U.S. born Canadian citizen. Best of luck America.

  8. how to combat the surveillance system is actually easy… create rogue and false information and identities… exploit street cameras and create audios, videos and images of people that don’t exist… neither with drones with 4miles 1million faces recognition camera they can get it… never… revenge every fuhin day

  9. Ok and hackers can also appear in 5 sides of the world at the same time to the surveillance systems…
    Do you wanna come here governments… i will buy you an helicopter but i will not pay for it…

  10. Another one you should know… How is it possible that it is known that the governments rob money from everyone or the bankers rob money from everyone through governments and build weapons and they don’t ask for borrowed money or rob other governments and banks… come here people of the governments to read this message and let the game being… mothersuckers…

  11. Having become the target of cyber attacks a number of years ago, targeted for trying to protect those less able to protect themselves, I’m more aware than most of the need for strong encryption and security. The people most vulnerable are often the young, the old, and the disabled. The naive. Security combined with education is the best way to combat that.

    I’m against govt playing a big role in securing our networks, for too often has it proven to be untrustworthy. I fear the ignorance and selfishness of the GOP, and Clinton lost my trust when she voted to invade Iraq- on the basis of a report less than 2 pages long, rather than seeking the actual intelligence reports. I want to trust Sanders, but I felt that way about Obama before him, and unfortunately he has not lived up to the hope he created, although I can’t entirely fault him for that, and he has done some good things.

    Still, I’ve been impressed with many of the efforts of anonymous. The triumphs bring back fond memories of my own triumphs when I turned the tables on the hate group attacking others, data mining their info, and blocking them from expanding (they ultimately, mostly, imploded).

  12. Dear anonymous: I’m currently studying different economic models and I came across ‘Resource Based Economy’. Does Anonymous have any thoughts on this type of economy?

    • I will say, I only speak for myself not all Anonymous.

      If you are studying this then I am sure you have text book definitions and things like this so I will try to avoid that and give a different perspective. A resource based economy places high value on things such as skilled labor, bartering and self sustainability. Where as the current economic system relys on monetary exchange, debt and credit. A resource based economy pays for itself as it goes, if you do not have the resources to exchange for a good or service, this good and service is beyond your reach. Where as in a current economy if you do not have the resources for something you can just get a credit card or a loan.

      You can see this web site:

      Also the Anon Podcast will be doing a show in part on the Venus Project of that video. So if you are interested in learning more, especially from anonymous keep and eye out for the Anoncast. Previous episodes can be seen here:


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