Canadian Woman Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison For Giving Pigs Water To Drink [Video]


A court in Canada has charged a woman with criminal mischief including the interference with the use, enjoyment of and operation of property, in a preliminary hearing after she gave water to pigs heading to the slaughterhouse to drink on a hot summer day in June 2015.

The woman, Anita Krajnc is a known animal rights activist. She has been campaigning against cruel treatment of animals across Canada. She founded the organization, Toronto Pig Save to bear witness to the suffering of animals in transport and at slaughterhouses in Canada.

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If Anita is found guilty by the court, she could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, according to court documents seen by local journalists.

According to the account of the story, the pigs were in a truck heading for the slaughterhouse in Toronto. The driver of the truck stopped to have a rest. Anita then rushed to the truck to give the pigs the water. Her actions reportedly led to a brawl with the driver of the truck.

A Recorded video of the incident which was later posted on Social Media showed Anita shouting at the driver: “Jesus said, ‘If they are thirsty, give them water.’” The driver then responded: “You know what? These are not humans, you dumb frickin’ broad”. The driver threatened to call 911.  The two appeared to be filming each other. The driver used his cell phone to record Anita. Anita too is seen holding a camera and the water.

The owner of the pigs, Eric Van Boekel later filed a police complaint the day after the incident. He claimed his pigs were treated in accordance with all national standards and regulations.

But Anita said Canada is behind the rest of the Western world when it comes to animal transportation regulations. She claimed animals are treated very cruelly before being killed in the country.

After the pre-trial procedure of the case, Anita told reporters that she did not do anything wrong, and that she will not allow the case to deter her from her activism.


She was quoted as saying “Everyone knows that compassion is not a crime. In fact, I did nothing wrong when I gave water to thirsty pigs; many of you have given water to thirsty pigs, and we’ll continue to do that”. The next trial is set for December 15. The RT English News reports that the court proper will hear the case no earlier than August 2016. Anita’s organization, Toronto Pig Save also issued a press release condemning the nature of Canada’s transportation system for animals. “Canada has the worst transportation regulations in the Western World, worse than Australia, New Zealand, the European Union and the United States”, the organization said.  

Social media users have started several online petitions to support Anita. On Twitter, the hashtag is #StandWithAnita. Many have twitted to the new Prime Minister of the country, Justin Trudeau to intervene in freeing Anita. PM Trudeau has not yet responded to the petition.

Another online petition we have seen has over 131,000 people signing. It is targeting the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General in Milton Courthouse where the case is being heard.

The petitioners wrote “Compassion is NOT criminal! Why do inmates on death row get a last meal, but innocent pigs are denied water? Why are praised for helping thirsty dogs and cats, but charged as criminals for helping pigs?”.

We are closely following the case. We will report on the latest if there is a new development. Stay with us. Expect us.

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  1. Are you fucking serious? In my country Bolivia, 3rd world, but probably people here would thank you, since when is a 10 year sentence to make a favor to someone? The truck driver was a pussy! so the fucking asshole that wants to put her in jail.

  2. Pedophiles and rapists get less time then that and then continously get released to reoffend. What a bullshit justice system. Waste more tax payer dollars… since there isn’t enough real issues to sweep unDer the rug some more.

  3. These pigs need water, even if they are doing to die in that slaughterhouse… Numberous animals dies in trucks rides because they are too much in small spaces, heat, bacterias and stress.

  4. What kind of brainless idiots did make up Laws in North America continent. Ppl if i would live in murica i would already suicide bombed myself at the nearest police station, or at a courthouse. Why? Bcz they have the most corrupted and ridiculous laws in the world. They have lawas forbiding things that ppl in europe wouldn’t ever think of doing, and if they would it would be legal.
    They got the most bullshit version of freedom of speech in the world. In europe ppl have freedom of speech, even in russia you have better freedom of speech then in america…..

  5. 1. not her animals
    2. DO NOT feed/water animals that aren’t yours without permission
    3. her hand entered the trailer…that’s trespassing

    thirsty or not, it shouldn’t have been done. enjoy jail

    • Really? You think giving an animal that is obviously thirsty a drink deserves jail? Wow I personally think anyone that won’t give an animal which is obviously thirsty and stressed a drink should go to jail. She asked him to give them a drink before she tried to. I guess if a child is dying in a locked car we should just walk past and forget about it right? What about if your dog was overheating in your car and someone could save it would you want them to?

      • No i think he means that doing things you should not do for a good reason, is not a good reason just like “hey, i’m going to kill these men to save the whole world! … what? you don’t want me to save the world??? what kind of heartless person are you …” if some person or animal is locked in a car you HAVE to free them! this is law! if the animal is not yours, you may not give them food or something to drink! …you just want to do what you think is right? ok! but then don’t complain if other ppl don’t follow the rules just like you but make what they think is right like killing ppl who are not worth living in our society as i see them …eg…

  6. those pigs are property yes obviously they should have already had water but thats no excuse she broke a law yes 10 years is harsh but is what it is if you want to fight the system do it rationally not by breaking laws (ALL PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT OF THOUGHT)


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