San Francisco Police Officers Caught On Camera Executing A Black Man On The Street [Video]


A short video has gone viral online in which many police officers were seen spraying bullets on a black man they were trying to arrest in the city of San Francisco on December 2.

The incident happened in the Bayview neighborhood, southeastern part of the city in front of many witnesses. The man died instantly from the bullets wound. The incident was said to have been recorded by a bystander.

According to what is seen in the video, at least about eight police officers surrendered the man, pointing their guns at him. The man appeared to be dazed, and wanted to escape the officer. And as he tried to move away from the officers, they pulled their triggers, discharging many bullets on him. The people witnessing the incident were heard crying and screaming at the nature of brutality by the officers.

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The police claimed the man was holding a knife. It is said a stabbing incident had happened in the area, and police claimed the victim they killed matched the description of the suspected man wanted for the stabbing incident.

An eyewitness told local media that police blocked off the intersection of Third Street and Gilman Avenue in the city. Trains service was also said to have been halted just because of the hunt of the suspected stabber.

San Francisco Police Department Chief, Gregory Suhr said officers fired beanbags at the man, and used other non-lethal force before they opened fire. But his account cannot be independently verified.

An unnamed local resident who witnessed the incident told the Daily Beast that the man was just murdered by the police.

“It looks like an execution. It is very horrible and disturbing. This is why we need the cameras and the video”, the resident said.

The Filming Cops also reports that the incident is a murder, and that the victim was trying to walk away from the police with his hands by his side when the officers opened fire.

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As at the time of filing this report, the victim has not been identified. But we will bring an update of his identity when it is available.

Many people who have watched the video have questioned why more than eight police officers will open fire on a single man they claimed was wielding a common knife. Some activists have called for the officers to be investigated, but the police department has not yet responded. Others too have suggested all guns should be taken from the police nationwide.


COPS JUST EXECUTED MAN IN STREET!OMG! This was JUST sent to us, they murdered this man hours ago!! Spread this FAST because the police are claiming he “charged” them, this video PROVES they’re lying! Full details: WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO, DISCRETION STRONGLY ADVISED.

Posted by Filming Cops on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just two days before this incident, Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was arrested and charged with first degree murder. The charge came after footage of him shooting a black teenager, Laquan McDonald 16 times on the night of October 20 2014 was made public. The footage was made public by an order of a judge.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets within hours of the video’s release, chanting “16 shots” and forming human blockades across roads in the city’s West Side. Other demonstrators gathered outside police stations as at least two people were arrested in connection to the protests.

Chicago police chief, Garry McCarthy was later sacked over his handling of the case while Mayor Rahm Emanuel now faces pressure to stand down over the incident.

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    • It’s not to bad in the USA man. Just make sure when you come that if the cops have guns pointes at you and are yelling get down, just get down. If you noticed the ones that got shot all decided to refuse orders and walk towards them.

      Anyone with half a brain should know better by now. So if you have half a brain you will survive.

      • Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having freedom? Why couldn’t they tackle him down, or tazer him, or the hundred other things they could have done instead of murdering him? USA is so messed up. And I live in a country where murder and rape is so bad most of it doesn’t even make the news.

      • Anyone who thinks you are supposed to ‘take orders’ from a cop, before being read your rights and suspicion of a charge being made, doesn’t even have half a brain.They are apparently trained to accomplish this WITHOUT executing people, so why are they murdering people in the street? have they simply lost their touch? Did they ever have it? It’s all about the cops’ rush to lethal methods, every time. It’s as though they are scared of citizens. I see a lot of fat pussies with guns, scared of the public they are supposed to serve.

      • I’d rather just not ever fucking go there. I guess US cops have completely given up on the concept of subdue. No tazers in the states? Then again, what do I have to worry about? I’m white.

      • No one is above the law,,,if your not breaking the law you dont have to listen to them, no one has the right to violate your rights…COPS ARE THE BIGGEST CROOKS AROUND…and in the video the cop stepped in front of him as he was walking away with his hands on his side,,what happened to the tazer or rubber bullets this is murder…

    • No wonder why America is Fucked up, Bunch of Morons living there, came from Europe to take over America 😀 What do you expect from them?
      Hope we all see Civil War 2 i’m waiting for it 😀

  1. If these cops aren’t arrested and in jail something is desperately wrong…what’s the SF cop motto “murder citizens and then figure out a plausible excuse?”

  2. People are so dumb. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THE POLICE. If they tell you to stop walking, you can’t keep walking away from them. The are in danger for their lives as well… Sure this is excessive, but I don’t blame the cops. If there is a “murder-suspect” out there and you come into contact with a guy holding a knife (that was said to be the murder weapon) and he’s failing to obey… who says he doesn’t have a gun on him or some other weapon that he might use.

    People need to listen to the police rather than simply trying to defy/embarrass them.

    • Are you for real? So a guy doesn’t react exactly how they want him to and they murder him? There are a thousand things they could have done to avoid killing him. For example shooting him in a non lethal part of his body or stunning him with a tazer! Those cops dont know the meaning of brave but they might know the meaning of racist.. scumbags!

    • The attitude YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THE POLICE is how they justify their brutality. It’s the reason they have gotten this brazen and out of control. And while it might not be the best idea to run from 8 cops, that’s no excuse to turn him into swiss cheese. One shot to the leg and he’s down.

    • Do you know what a dangerous precedent it sets when a police force has supreme authority (with the right to kill on the drop of a hat) over citizens of any country? I did not see any knife in his hand or any violent or even aggressive behaviour coming from the victim of this heinous crime.
      It is your right not to comply with police authority if what the police are doing is taking advantage of you or other citizens. I come from a country that has so much police corruption that I trust the “criminals” more than I do most of the police. Just because a man wears a uniform does not give him the right to kill as he sees fit. And if you think it is fine to shoot and kill someone just because they, as you say, are “embarrassing” you, you should review your frame of reference and maybe think about what it means to be a human being. Your police force is becoming the most militarised police force in the world. Your government is using your fear to validate all sorts of atrocities against humanity and you allow it in the name of “safety” and “defence”. Read a bit more, question why one person has more authority than another. See what is truly happening in this world and maybe, just maybe, we can change this mess into something good again. I hope you can re-evaluate your statement.

    • Comply with police I surely understand. But hell, haven’t they heard about a taser or a pepper spray. No excuse, convict all of them.

    • Pretty sure that disobeying a lawful order is not a crime that should result in a shooting.
      The police need an “immediate and direct threat” to their lives to warrant the use of deadly force.
      Having a weapon is not enough.
      They must have an imminent fear of death, so the weapon must be either used in a threatening manner, or be in a position where it poses an immediate danger.
      That’s supposed to be what they are trained to do, if they can’t put their training into practice in the field, what is the purpose of having any standard at all?
      Having a weapon is not enough reason to use it.

    • So if this guy was impaired–mentally challenged, suffering from PTSD, schizophrenic, or just completely panicked, doesn’t really matter. He’s dead. EIGHT cops shoot him dead. And really. EIGHT cops with heavy duty weapons are threatened by some guy with a knife?? Aren’t these guys trained to handle tough or threatening situations? I mean isn’t a large part of a cop’s job about dealing with hostile or unruly people or people who are breaking the law? They can’t figure out how to shoot this guy in the kneecaps to neutralize him? They can’t back away and shoot him in the legs if he keeps moving toward them? Are they trained that it’s shoot to kill at any sign of threat? Here are eight cops in Britain dealing with a crazy guy with a machete. This is what brave, well-trained cops look like.
      Bad cops like these dishonor all the brave, well-trained cops we have in this county.

    • Lets rephrase that, since u seem to be talking the police’s case..

      Dont walk at a cop, but comply. You never know when their brains have been substituted with dirt, fear and racism… :/

    • Sure, in a country that freely allows guns for all. See how this works yet? You guys are about 300 years out of date. You need a new constitution. Something relevant to this millennium.

  3. They know they’re going to shoot, secretly that’s why they become policemen.
    If they have the opportunity to shoot someone legally, they’ll take the greatest pleasure doing it.

    USA is the sickest Western country, with its neo-liberal ideology, “tough on crime policy”, and life emprisonment of teenagers.

    In the USA, if you can go to JAIL for a mere parking fine !!

    Come here in Spain and see how’s life

  4. Come on Mat! I had anti-terorist training, so I know what I’m speaking. Listen to the police? What if he is psychotic or invalid so he don’t hear them or can’t recognize the words, or maybe he’s not speaking english, or maybe he is just scared! When police or anybody else screaming on you whit gun…in this case there was 8 cops…it does not matter who the fuck you are,your terrified! My opinion is that he was a psychotic or maybe too drunk…

  5. Uhhh it kinda seems like half of you didn’t even read the report. This guy stabbed somebody in the area. I don’t think somebody would pull a gun unless they had a little suspicion that he did it. He got what he deserved. Dude was stupid to not get down. If you didn’t do anything wrong would YOU walk towards 20 cops with 9mm’s pointed at your face? Hell no, I don’t care how oversized your balls are, you have a snowballs chance in hell on that one.

    I think it’s really cool how they had to include in the title that this man was black. Would it make a difference? Oh yeah I forgot this is about publicity

  6. I’ve seen one too many of these kind of videos, and what really surprises me is how both the civilian and the officers act. First of all i’ll just say that this is murder.
    Second of all why doesn’t the civilan stand still when the officers are ordering him to do so? Trying to justify him moving away by saying that he was not “charging at the officer” does not justify anything. If a police officer tells you to stay still or lay down on the ground, don’t do something stupid(which is everything else than what they are telling you).
    As I wrote, I’ve seen too many of these videos and there is the same thing every fucking time. The accused doesn’t listen to the police and the officers are way too violent, or in this case murders. In my eyes this is total lack of judgement on both sides.

  7. Just don’t know what to do any more, how are the officers involved not all sent to prison for manslaughter, excess force, racial profiling. Half of the police in the US seem to be a bunch of uneducated delinquents or is that just the US in general. I hate to say that the actions of a few represent your country as a whole but it just happens on the regular now so much that it seems normal. Oh look another mass shooting as well, just some more figures to add to the growing number of gun related deaths. Your in a loop, don’t want get rid of guns to protect you from the very people who supposedly protect you. All cops seem to act out of fear or racism, probably both. Ranting sorry.

  8. US community is imploting, people is brain wasahed and the family institution, like the most important society support, is disabeled.

  9. God there’s so much stupidity on here. How come you don’t walk into an operating room and tell a neuron-surgeon how to do his job? Under this same pretense you’d have every authority to do that.

    There’s a huge difference between ignorance and stupidity. With ignorance, you do not know the right choice to make, you’re blind to it. With stupidity, you know exactly what to do and you choose to do the wrong thing anyways. There is a plethora of ignorance on these comments, with folks making stupid decisions to dissect and analyze trained professional’s actions.

    Without multiple officers there to corral this idiot he would be free to do……..what??? Anyone? STAB MORE PEOPLE…! So instead of the ad hominem attack you make maybe you should redirect your focus to the real issue….. The criminal who just stabbed someone and refused to comply with the police.

    The only problem with the great United States of America is that you people have been babie’d so long now that you think everything in life should be easy and look nice. There’s a harsh world out there outside your TV and it’s real. Get over this dumbass’s poor choice and be thankful it wasn’t you he stabbed and that rough men and women are willing to do violence to those who threaten your Twinkie eating, Twilight watching ass way of life. If it offends you so much, then go watch your gay vampire shows in the other countries mentioned above.

    Also, if it’s so great in the countries mentioned above why are you drooling and so involved in our affairs? Are not the atrocities in Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia so much more heinous and disgusting? First world problems……

  10. Out of the many things that truly bother me about this story is all the people continuing to say he had stabbed someone. We have a country that supposed to be innocent till proven guilty as you’ve seem to have forgotten. He never got his day in court and all it says it’s they thought and he matched a description. He was not holding a murder weapon, he was allegedly welding a weapon that may have been used in stabbing. All of this equals, he should be in jail waiting for multiple charges not executed on the street. Not for murder, not for disobeying police commands, even if he charged at officers. We don’t execute . Everyone deserves a fair trial. Isn’t that what we keep preaching.


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