Cannabis Oil Cures Fathers Cancer After Doctors Gave Him Just 2 Years To Live


Trevor Smith, a father who was diagnosed with cancer back in 2012, claims that cannabis oil helped cure him of the disease.

Smith, who was just 52 years at the time, had been diagnosed with bladder cancer stage T2a—By definition, this meant that Smith’s tumor has grown into the inner half of the muscle layer. Due to the progression of his cancer, Smith was told that he needed all three conventional cancer treatments: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to remove his prostate, bladder and lymph nodes.


However, doctors had failed to tell Smith that even with the surgery, his life expectancy was only 2 to 2.5 years—Smith had been told that his life expectancy would be up to 2 years if he refused treatment.

Naturally, Smith became concerned about what his quality of life would be like after having such radicle surgery, and decided to research alternative therapies.

Fear is a terrible thing, and fear is ripe when we hear the word Cancer,” writes his wife Carol Smith.Our belief system does not have to be locked. We can open up our minds to think for ourselves, inform ourselves and learn to not just accept our ‘fate.’

Upon conducting their research, the couple stumbled across a popular pro-cannabis film called ‘Run From The Cure.’ After watching the film, the couple decided to use cannabis oil as a treatment. To accompany this new treatment, the couple found a naturopathic doctor to help monitor blood tests and to help Trevor incorporate a suitable diet, supplements and vitamins into his health plan.


After just 10 week of using this alternative treatment, Smith’s cancer had not spread to any other organs. As a result, doctors were able to laser away Smiths cancer in a far less invasive procedure. According to Carols post on Cure Your Own Cancer, Trevor Smith was cancer free and still had his bladder 19 months after the original diagnosis.

It felt like I was going into the unknown, but the cannabis oil changed things for the better,” said Trevor Smith. “When doctors told me I had gone into remission, I was lost for words, I almost couldn’t believe it.”

“I feel indebted to the oil and its medical properties, there are alternatives to chemotherapy but people just need to open their eyes to it.”

Over the past few years, there has been mounting evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis and other compounds (cannabinoids) are able to kill cancer cells while also protecting normal cells. In fact, in August 2015, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) confirmed that cannabis killed cancer cells.  Watch the videos below to see how cannabis kills cancer cells .

Carol Smith has since written a book called  Taking Control: My Journey of Alternative Healing by Alyssia Sade, with the aim to inform and inspire others/families who are suffering from the effects of cancer.

“[It] is shocking that we are led to believe that there is no cure for Cancer; our story is living proof there is another way, and I am now consumed with only getting the word out that Cancer does not need to mean death,writes Carol.

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