Chicago Cops Strip Girl’s Dead Body, Take Creepy Pictures


20-year old student of psychology at the University of Illinois, Jessica Mejia was out celebrating the New Year’s Eve in 2009 with her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Sord when Sord, son of wealthy Chicago developer and restaurateur, suddenly lost control of the SUV and smashed it into a pole. Sord survived; Mejia died on the spot.

What happened next will shock you. A young girl had an unfortunate death and yet she was “treated with less dignity than a deer carcass on roadside”. A lawsuit filed by Jessica’s family in 2010 sued the Cook County Sheriffs deputies in Illinois for snapping creepy photos of Jessica’s naked body, after she was killed in the car accident, to blame her daughter and make her look like the cause of the accident. The lawsuit is filed to restore Jessica’s name and to go after officers who her mother believes should not be on the streets.

By stripping her daughter off her high heels, her jeans, her shirt and her bra and photographing her naked corpse in odd positions, sheriff’s deputies contributed to and fostered an insulting perception. “People already have been left with the inaccurate perception that Mejia “died from having sex, not from somebody being drunk and killing her. Because they took these photos, by the time everybody else got to the scene, all the ambulances and everybody else, she was partially naked because they made her naked. So the rumors, and the allegations… they made it believable,” her mother Christina Mejia complained.

When the lawsuit was first filed, the Sheriff’s Office denied taking naked photos of Mejia at the crime scene. Later, the department admitted but insisted that it took the photographs at the scene as part of ‘standard operating procedure’ in order to gather evidence that ultimately helped to convict Sord.

Cara Smith, a spokeswoman for the sheriff, still maintains that they did everything by the books and “acted appropriately to try and preserve evidence”. What did stripping Jessica’s corpse have to do with “evidence”? They have yet to explain.

The trial began April 27, 2015.

Sord’s blood alcohol content was almost three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. He was initially charged with reckless homicide and drunk driving, but the homicide charge was later dropped. He is currently serving a 56-month prison sentence.

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  1. America Is Screwed up. Need to start looking after their own back yard instead of trying to dictate to the rest of the world. I am an Aussie but think America is the Real problem with the world.

  2. This is a pretty highly opinionated article that should be taken with a grain of salt. Its just more American fear mongering. This country has no sense of itself; everyone just jumps on the hate bandwagon. They will never win their suit and I’m glad. The mom is just pissed. It’s pretty unlikely that an entire squad of cops were necros

  3. Only her and her boyfriend really know what happened but there is the possibility that, both being drunk, they might have been getting intimate whilst he was driving. The police could have actually taken the pictures of the scene as it was when they got there. Can you really imagine a whole group of men on board with undressing a dead young girl. Propaganda to hate the police, some of them might have daughters/ Nieces her age. Hardly believable that everyone of them have absolutely no morals.

    • I understand what you mean but that is not by the books. I am currently studying criminal justice and you are not to touch anything until other help arrives so regardless they were wrong. Why did they even strip her? They dont do that until she is on the coroner’s hands this doesn’t add up dont be stupid and believe this shit. They know the average person doesn’t know anything about forensics or their rights for that matter they were wrong either way for moving a body.

  4. I’m conflicted. I want to see the pictures because I’m curious how bad they were, but at the same time, I want to NOT see the pictures because I’m not a monster.

  5. we do have the internet here in the ‘rest of the world’…typical american, assuming that the world revolves around you.

  6. The fact that they not only did this appalling thing, but denied doing it after hand, they deserve to rot in hell. I have lost all faith in the police, and this act of savagery reinforces that.


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