In China Trapped Live Animals Are Sold As Keychains


In China, live fish, turtles and other amphibians are being sold as keychains and mobile phone charms. For the accessories the  animals are fully sealed within small plastic bags, causing animal rights groups to condemn the practice as ‘cruel’.

Most commonly sold outside of train and subway stations in the major cities, the animals can be seen paddling/swimming within a small amount of colored water. Reportedly, the keychains can be bought for as little as $1.50.


Venders have claimed that each keychain contains enough crystallized oxygen and nutrients to keep the animals alive.


Sealed within the bags is either a fish, young Chinese soft-shell turtle—which as adults are popular within Chinese dishes— or an amphibian.


Within the bag, the animals can survive no longer than a few days. A vendor told CNN, that the animals must be cut out of the bag before the air runs out, otherwise they would suffocate.


Animal rights groups have dubbed that keychains ‘inhumane’, and have highlighted that more animal protection laws are needed within the country.

Although many petitions aimed at banning the keychains have circulated, the small animals are still being contained and sold within their plastic coffins.


The keychains are particularly popular with young people, who reportedly see them as fashionable accessories.

The manufacture and sale of the keychains is a practice of severe animal cruelty, and an almost certain death sentence for many of these tiny creatures. Unfortunately, these keychains are likely to remain being sold on the streets of China. It is time for China to implement meaningful animal cruelty laws, and recognize the importance of treating all living animals with care and respect.


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  1. You realy think there is a difference between placing Goldfishes into glasses for home decoration or in a plastik bag? Booth is a industry to make money with live.
    On FB ppl posting they eat also dogs, they are cruel…yeah and in western they eat cows, pigs, chickens, and they make even chicken nuggets out of them, design food…like the chicken nuggets would grow on threes.
    At least the chinese eat also animals, you, as a western would just crush with your feeds instead of realizing its also protein. And in India the cow is a holy creature. So what you think you are, when you drink, mothermilk of a cow, and make a steak out of it, for the indian people, which are for example the tripple amount of humans than in the USA…for the majority you are cruel.
    Get along with it, YOU are not a bit better than them…the mankind itself is cruel.

    • If you had done something wrong and received a custodial sentence, would you prefer to be put In a prison for the duration of your sentence or a sealed Bag with some food, water & enough air to last a couple of days?

      • I’d pick the plastic bag, that’s assuming my only choices are prison or the bag. why suffer longer then you have to. all that aside this is ridiculous and shouldn’t be sold as a keychain.

    • But the turtles man. If i where a turtle I would rather be put in a bowl that i can actually move in than a little plastic pouch.

    • Yea i think it’s different! ALL of those things will die of lack of oxygen/food, they don’t have a place to swim or wonder around. They are literally trapped in a little bubble being backed around and NOT cared for… So yea, i do NOT agree with you.

      • Lol, yea because it’s temporary. How else do you get the turtle back home? In a cup? Silly, “hey son I bought you this turtle, I spend my hard earned money on it. Just watch it die slowly son.” Lol, you guys are silly. You’re suppose to bring it home and cut open the bag……. ever got a goldfish shipped from ebay? Same thing.

        • From the tone of the article you can clearly tell they aren’t picking these for pets to love and care for. oh a cool Keychain for the time being until you make it home. Yea right. Now that’s more like how it should go. Don’t be naive as the article stated the youth find them fadhionable. To the idiot who tried to compare the bag to the bowl. Actually your comparison leaves me speechless. Those are clearly two different outcomes to being held in captivity

    • This is fuckin stupid, ur stupid, and all of china is stupid! And eveyone on earth who treat these animals who can speak for them self are stupid too!!! China thinks they are so cool and smart but in reality they are heartless peice of shit! If u wanna be creative and make money then do it in a better way instead of bruning and skinning dogs alive and trapping animals in almost no space to move also they dont get to eat food or space to move around. Imagine if u couldnt talk and someone out u in a bad like a keychain to swing you sround wht if its to hot outside and the water gets to hot for the animal do u ecen give a damn???! Obviously now wht if someone skinned you alive to sell ur skin for a couple hundred doller! !. Ita nit fair its cruel and for anyone who support this or things its okay is really the worst peraon on earth. One day u all will burn iN hell maybe that day ull remeber how u thought this was okay!!

    • Umm yes, keeping fish in a bowl is far more humane than sealing them in a plastic bag not saying it’s ideal but it’s a 100 times better than putting them in something we’re they can only live for a couple of days. On your point about Dog meat vs cow meat etc.. It’s not common practice in the UK or US to torture the animal prior to slaughter because there is a belief that the meat will taste better! The cruel treatment on the dogs prior to the slaughter is what people object to!

    • Really What country are you from? In the USA we try to make it a fast death for any animal we eat and we punish those companies that are cruel to the animals we eat and some are now Range free where they get to live in open areas. As for the China eating dog meat its the fat that they beat the Animals & torture them as they think its better tasting …Beside its the Fucked up China People that are putting a lot of animals on endangered species list Cus they think Eating tiger penis will make their dicks hard & bigger …..Seriously Every animal that dies Illegally usually ends up in china to be eaten. I think we should just incase China in one big Plastic Bag See how long it takes them to start eating each other.

    • This comment makes me think that some people doesn’t check facts before sharing their thoughts. There is a difference between killing animals to feed yourself and being cruels with animal and hidding it behind a dog meat festival. Yes this is hard to know that they eat dogs, in my opinion, as I am used to see dog being domesticated. Still, I can understand other countries have different culture regarding food. However, what horrify me is not that they eat dog meat, it is the cruelty that comes along with it. Put 20 dogs in a cage and torture them, burning them alive, catching them on the street and having no respect whatsoever for life is what cruelty is. This is the same thing for animals stuck in a keychain. This is pure cruelty for the sake of it and for look. It’s disgusting! Nothing justify the violence of these behaviors.

    • you’re seriously comparing a cow to a dog? OK. they’re both animals, but why is the dog called “Mens best friend”? Because dogs protect your ass if they see you in trouble, they literally give their life to save his master’s if he as to! Does a friggin cow do that? No. Seen the movie “Cowspiracy”?

    • If we’re talking about eating dogs then sure I agree, if you eat meat then you can’t slate another culture for liking something different… how you got there from putting a turtle in a sealed bag barely big enough to fit in, giving it enough food and oxygen for a couple of days and selling it as a fashion accessory is a bit of a mystery to me

    • Evolution made humans meat eaters. I agree that we have very cruel practices in farming and butchering animals, but this is a whole new level of cruelty that has nothing to do with survival and everything to do with extremely cruel exploitation.

    • A Goldfish in a bowl has an area to swim in, the fish in the keychains have no room to even turn around!
      A Goldfish in a bowl has air in constant supply, from a tube or a plant or another source, the Goldfish in the keychain is in an air sealed bag with only enough air for ‘a few days’ and will die of suffocation!
      A Goldfish in a bowl is not constantly being chucked around and crushed in someone’s pocket like the ones in the keychain. Any fish kept in such conditions will die from being crushed or from stress in a very short time; before the oxygen runs out!
      If I had the money I would buy all of them and release them back to there natural habitat!
      This time China has gone to far!

    • The Chinese are a cruel and disgusting society! Plain and simple, most people who visit China are horrified by the disgusting lack of compassion and sympathy especially towards animals. The west is equally as cruel to animals, but the Chinese always take it to a soulless level. Really your comparing a fish in a bowl that is fed and has oxygen to a fish in a plastic bag with no oxygen, food, space or security. how would your ass like to be carried around in a sealed plastic bag. These are lives they are taking. So don’t be a fuck wit there is no comparison.

    • This is just abhorrent and any person would be gisgusted.if you don’t see what is so cruel about this you as sick as Vile as the Chinese that do this. It’s clear they are backward in their thinking but what’s your excuse?

  2. bastards, canibals, barbarians, that’s I can say about the way they are treating animals.
    sorry, in this very moment, I hate them!

    • I agree all people are cruel, and yes this is just a little excample of cruelty, why not all people just leave annimals alone i can,t understand

  3. China is just an absolute mess! Between the Yulin dog eating festival, and live animals sold as keychains…. WOW. China needs MUCH MUCH stronger laws to help these animals! Will it ever happen..? I hope so.

      • The difference is, we don’t skin our animals alive. It’s not the fact that they eat dog meat that’s the problem, it’s how the animals are treated. We have welfare standards in the UK for our livestock.
        And keeping a creature in a tank and taking care of it is a damn site different to suffocating it in a sealed plastic pouch for fashion. It’s sick that these are being produced but what’s more sick is the fact that people are buying them without a thought for the animal that is literally dying in their hands.

  4. They are animals lower lifeforms they have no rights shut up about the animals and join team human you worry about animals and forget we have starving kids all over the world and you crybabies are saying save the animals

    • Team human? WE ARE ALL ANIMALS. It’s people like you that will kill this planet. You need to start caring for all life, not just yours.

    • Who the fuck to do you think you are? Yes they have rights, more rights than an inbred prick such as yourself, fuck you and everybody related to you. you fucking cunt.

    • You must be one of these stupid “fashionable young people” who would buy something like this. Team Human? You belong in the category of team sub-human. Idiot.

    • you’re a fucking ignorant shit-for-brains and if you had any brains whatsoever, you’d not only kill yourself but the worthless cunt who gave birth to you.

  5. I would like to have an appropriate animal for the keychain to my Mack Truck. Maybe some semen and egg that would be educational and I could share with my grandkids on the long haul. Wow did I come up with that insanity in the mirror maybe.

  6. To all of those who say well the UK eats Cows, Pigs so what’s wrong with China eating dogs the fact of the matter is the barbaric cruel way that they actually skin the dogs alive they have poor dogs with tape round their mouths + a huge blow torch actually burning the animals alive it’s absolutely insane would they like it done to them ? All these creatures in key rings just what a cruel barbaric country China is !!!

    • You should see how the people skin the chicken alive to make fried chicken in the states. Seriously, i donnt see any difference. Meat is meat

  7. before China can implement tougher laws China has to give a shit about such things. The problem isn’t lack of law…it lack of compassion for all living things…human and otherwise.

  8. The world should burn, and everything in it. Let the bombs fall… We are unworthy to live as a spicies, let another inherit the land

  9. First off read more into the Yulan festival it’s more like veal. Where they cruelly never let a calf walk in order to keep the meat from getting muscle. The Chinese don’t just eat dogs. They rob family pets and they drag these dogs behind their cars on a rope in order to skin them ALIVE. They boil these poor animals alive. They keep more than five dogs in a small ass cage. They grab them by their necks and cut their heads open by smacking a butcher knife. There is human rights yes to eat what you want. But torture isn’t ok. And during the festival one person consumes over one whole dog by themself.

  10. Honestly no matter how many petitions are signed the Chinese government won’t listen. How about we stay out of other countries business and worry about our own

  11. July 4th.

    Just do it. Stop having your life negotiated by Tyrants. Take charge. Always time to use fireworks another day. It is only a distraction for what is to come. No one is safe. So lets make it safe for our children.

  12. These animals have lives just like humans. Just because they are smaller than us we have the rights to put their lives in our hands. UN please implement and demand the Chinese government to band all sales and manufacturing of animal jewelry. For the people who did purchase these animals, what do you do when you take them home? Take care of them? Yes, hopefully. But under your care can jeopardize their lives too. Buy them with your money and then eventually kill them off? Especially, turtles have a longer life expectancy than humans. Then can you take care of them for the rest of your life? The fact is NO. Only a couple of people in the world have been known to take up that responsibility. Therefore, majority of people will let these animals die. These animals will one day be extinct. Everything on earth is a cycle. In the end it will come back to haunt us.

  13. Um, I LIVE in one of the biggest cities in China and I have not seen a single one of these, either being carried or sold. I’m pretty well traveled too, I get around both Guangzhou and Foshan regularly, so I’m calling complete B.S. on this one.

  14. Sad, so mean and the keychains are ugly in every way. I feel sad and concerned that they actually buy these. Killing for 1.50$? People are dumb and disgusting.

  15. I am Chinese. I found Chinese media also report this news. Only a few heartless stall sell this kind of keychain and all the the Chinese and Chinese media has criticize what these people do. Chinese is also human being. Most of Chinese like animal. I wonder why western people and western media think all the Chinese are mean like this kind way

  16. I’m not sure how old many of you are but spelling errors should be corrected before you post online. It makes you seem unintelligent and quite frankly boorish and stupid. But I agree there are some shady characters out there that think selling animals trapped in bags is acceptable. Well it’s not. Now there are some who state that The Chinese are the ones committing this crime and while you are right you are also being rude. Only some Chinese not all Chinese people are doing this. It wouldn’t be right to say ,if this starts a riot honestly grow up, that Mexicans participate in cock fighting. Hmmm how about black people condone dog fights oh wait doesn’t that sound racist. Well there you go not all chinese are doing it so bashing china which has a long rich history is totally baseless and promotes ignorance.

  17. i dont understand, why so many cruel people living on this earth… hoping karma will works for them too… hoping these selfish, cruel, person later face their own fatal ways… i know seeing children being raped , beaten, chopped is not easy… but if these bastard kids had these… i dont mind at all… kill them all !!!


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