Concentration Camp For Animals: ‘Fat’ Lions, Tigers Forced To Perform Stunts At Russian Circus [VIDEO]


Some Russian circus lions and tigers are redefining the term “fat cats”;  pictures of the overweight felines have led to accusations of cruelty and animal abuse among animal lovers. According to The Siberian Times, the lions are the star attraction of the reopening of the Vladivostok Circus.

Their trainer Vitaly Smolyanets claims that the lions are only overweight because of their advanced age. He explained to PrimaMedia:

“Cats, like people, get fat with age. They gave birth, and afterwards they put on weight [too]. We look after their health. They feel excellent, I don’t see obesity. No-one is giving them too much food – they eat once a day in the evening. If they have a performance in the afternoon, they are also given a snack. Each animal gets 6 kg of meat per day, this is considered a full daily intake.”

Shock over 'fat cats' on parade at newly reopened Vladivostok Circus

However, Russian social media has not reacted kindly to the alleged mistreatment.

The lionesses are clearly suffering from obesity. It might be better to show them to a vet, not circus visitors.’ reads one comment.

‘They need the gym,’ states another.

‘Stop torturing animals, – they don’t like jumping through fire and sitting on their rear feet’.

‘When will these concentration camps for animals be banned?’

Shock over 'fat cats' on parade at newly reopened Vladivostok Circus


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