Cop Smashes Window & Tasers Man At Traffic Stop


A man in Illionois was stopped because he was not wearing a sealtbelt. When he refused to show his ID during a traffic stop the cop smashed through his car window and tasered him. No this is not a scene out of a movie, this is pure reality. Watch The Full Video Below: 





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  1. Even if I’m not from America, I will still be against these pigs for doing this. I just can’t believe every polices in the world are becoming such criminals.

    • No they didnt….in law there is no synonyms and there is no homonyms.

      ASK which is in hte legislation can permit you to do just that…ASK

      It doesnt say REQUIRE, it doesnt say DEMAND, it doesnt say OBLIGE, it doesnt say ORDER. IT says ASK. One of the reasons why america is fucked up is because you dont even have basic, let me say that again…BASIC UNDERSTANDING of the words in legislation.

  2. when will people learn, police are not that bright to try and have a logic argument with them. In fact on IQ they are slightly less than average.

    • He did nothing illigal.. he wasnt being detained he didnt have to get out of the vehicle. They asked if they could go. Copa refused to let them leave without stating they are being detained… he asked for a supervisor/sherrif several times..the cops should be fired and arrested

  3. If you have been stopped by the police you must show ID when asked…you also must exit your vehicle when asked. People are just playing the race card now and every time a black person encounters a white cop they jump on the drama train, do stupid shit and then cry “racist” when they get tasered and arrested. I honestly expected Anonymous to have a bit more of a pragmatic attitude about this

    • I think you are missing the point. It is a racist institution that treats people differently according to skin colour. Coupled with a general mistrust of the police it is perfectly reasonable to not get out of the vehicle for one’s own safety – cases of planting substances on people for instance are not all that rare.

  4. Pragmatic attitude toward police brutality, abuse of powers, and destruction of personal rights of liberty!? BWAHAHA!! Danger Ranger, you should watch yourself. P.s. I am 100% white and am not in poverty.

  5. This was in Indiana down the street from my house.. I’m all about rights and wrongs but in the cops defense this was justified. The victim and the driver had priors and were on close watch and the victim himself had a warrant out for his arrest that lasted 2 years.



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