Cop Causes Man To Lose Testicle During Traffic Stop


Another Example Of Police Brutality And Anarchy in the United States of America, Country of The “Free” Man – An Albuquerque man who was arrested for failing to stop at a stop sign and DWI last month refused to comply with an officer’s order to sit on the curb. The result? The officer attacked him with such force that he lost a testicle. Scroll Down To Watch The Full Video Below:

man loses testicle


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  1. Had he complied the first time he would have lost his jewel in the first place, now im not saying what the cop did was right it was ridiculous and disgusting, but why not avoid all that mess by simply doing what the officer tells you to do in the first place

  2. I agree with Andre. While the cop may have used excessive force, he had the right and duty to use some force. I doubt he intended to cause severe injury to the man, but there’s only so much one can do to keep violence down when you’re detaining a drunk and belligerent man.

  3. Wow. People actually making excuses for this rabid cop? The cop’s reaction was WAY out of proportion to the situation. I hope they victim sues and wins and the cop is fired for brutality. He most certainly does not belong on the street and in uniform. Just thank God for the video proof of how out of control this cop is.

  4. While it’s true, the victim did stand up and disobey orders from the police officer, it was in his rights to do so. The police officer wasn’t telling him his rights, and was angrily telling him to shut up. The victim didn’t comply easily, I’ll agree, but this kind of force is ridiculous. The cop was kneeing him in the groin. What the shit?

    It was also a violation of the suspect(s) rights that they were ordered to put their phones away and stop recording and he didn’t have any evidence that the two people on the sidewalk were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, yet accused them. He then deleted their footage of the entire thing. What the hell? Why?

    This cop should be fired.


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