Cops Pepper-Spray Baltimore Protester In Face Before Assaulting Him [Video]


A protester wearing a “F**k The Police” t-shirt really tested a Baltimore police officer’s patience during the protests over the death of Freddie Gray. As the protester, shouting ‘Arrest me, I’m right here’, approached the cops, he was pepper-sprayed in the face at near point-blank range.

He was then hooked to the ground by another officer, handcuffed and dragged to the sidewalk. Three officers picked him up by his legs and arms and carried him to the side of a building where they poured water on his face.

The incident happened about ten minutes after the curfew had gone into effect on Saturday night. The curfew was lifted Sunday morning by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who did not want the curfew in effect “a single day longer than was necessary”. The curfew had already lasted five nights.

On Friday, Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announced criminal charges against all six police officers involved in the arrest and murder of Freddie Gray, which she declared “an illegal arrest” and “a homicide”. The 25-year-old died, she said, after suffering “a severe and critical neck injury” while being transported “handcuffed, shackled by his feet and unrestrained” inside a police van.

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  1. The instrument of the law “hooked” the suspect. This I find contrary to every rule regarding serious injury in the rules of NFL or Rugby because of spinal injury. One unarmed man voicing a protest deserves the risk of being wheelchair bound for the rest of his life, I find disgusting. Protect and serve, bollocks, instruments to conduct a subjection of the voters is realistic. When was the last time you saw a policeman preventing crime (on the beat) against personal property apposed to commercial property??


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