Disturbing [VIDEO]: Cop Handcuffs A Traumatized Little Boy And Watches As He Screams In Pain


The Free Thought Project has published a disturbing video in which a little boy with history of trauma attending a public school in the United States is seen being handcuffed and left in a painful position by a cop.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children’s Law Center in a joint federal lawsuit alleged that a deputy sheriff, Kevin Sumner, committed the despicable act deliberately to the boy.

Sumner serves as a school resource officer in Kenton County, Ohio. He watched as the boy cried in pain. It is said he did that to the boy to serve as punishment for something the boy is purported to have done in school.

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Prosecutors said this is not the first time the Kenton County Deputy Sheriff has done such a thing. It was alleged he had done a similar thing to another little girl who attends a public school in the past.

In his latest act of violence, the child is so small that Sumner had to lock the child’s biceps together behind his back. What makes the case even more appalling is that the child is said to have a history of trauma and has been diagnosed with ADHD.

The boy was named in court document as SR while the girl was referred to as LG and they have all been diagnosed in the past as children with special needs.

SR’s mother was quoted by Counter Current News after the first hearing of case as saying, “It is heartbreaking to watch my little boy suffer because of this experience. It’s hard for him to sleep, he has anxiety, and he is scared of seeing the officer in the school. School should be a safe place for children. It should be a place they look forward to going to. Instead, this has turned into a continuing nightmare for my son.”

Prosecutors said both children had not committed any criminal act and that Sumner punished them in that manner for behavioral issues.  The lawsuit claims that the officer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act through his treatment of these children.

As prosecutors are determined to press for Sumner to be punished according to the law, the Free Thought Project said children with special needs often find themselves on the receiving end of police state violence while attending public school across the US. Below are some examples of police violence against such children:

–In September of last year, body cam footage emerged showing a 9-year-old special needs boy handcuffed as his father pleaded with the officer to release him. That same month, a highly disturbing video of cops manhandling a 13-year-old autistic child as he screamed for help emerged on Facebook.

–In January of this year, Colton Granito, an 8-year-old boy with autism, threw a tantrum during class. Instead of following the boy’s IEP plan, police were called. Colton was handcuffed, transported to jail and forced to sit in a cell for hours wearing a straight jacket. He was subsequently charged with assault and sentenced to probation.

According to the Free Thought Project, the photo below is of a 10-year-old child handcuffed, laid out on the back of a police cruiser. The boy’s name is Ryan and he has autism. He misbehaved at school and was also arrested and treated like a criminal.

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All of these acts of violence were committed by cops against autistic children and if you want to read more of the emerging police state on all school children in the US, follow this link provided by the Free Thought Project.

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  1. Lol. I have wanted to do that to a few kids as well. Especially the little shits that scream in a restaurant. Beat him with a night stick and then toss him in a closet. Special needs need shipped to another country. Not our problem…

  2. In all honestly, the cop is trying to teach the kid a lesson. Imo kids are really being raised as pussy’s these days. Also being thought no manners. It’s the fault of the parents which go waaaaaaaaaaay to but then reallly WAAAAAY to easy on their kids. Making up all kind of excuses like “my kid has this and this and this”. That’s the real reason the world is as fucked up as it is. Really was hoping for the cop to leave him there for 3 hours. And if he was still crying, yet another hour. And then keep coming back after each hour untill the kid has learned that crying doesn’t solve ANYTHING

    • Just because u dont have any disorder doesnt mean other people cant suffer from it, i have worked with kids with autism and its not just a case of bad parenting. restraining a kid with autism like this is not the right way

    • I hope you never have children as you don’t seem to understand simplistic human disabilities or emotions for that matter. He is unable to keep still for a long period of time, it is the same as you being born with a certain eye color. Now if someone was to handcuff your biceps when you were so young because of something you have no control over, and it hurt, you would also cry. You would also be scared of cops and you would endure trauma. It is psychological. I am stating because this is what will happen. Don’t pretend to be better than people because you can’t understand genetic disabilities and think its being “easy” on a child to acknowledge their inabilities.

  3. The idea that police should be called in to handle misbehaving children (unless the misbehavior is rape/murder/assault) is a pathetic additional step towards a nanny/police state in which all personal responsibility and freedom is handed over to a government/security system that will do as it wills whenever it so wills. This is scary and has a momentum that will be difficult to ever stop. Sad.

  4. First of all, getting a kid locked up or punished on the premise that you are teaching him a lesson is purely retarded. Second of all getting an autistic kid or a kid with special needs in that situation is even more retarded, and the officers/teachers that do this should face the law! And last but not least, you people should loosen the fck up and open your eyes for a bit, its suppose to be USA, the land of freedom and bla bla bla, but its exactly the opposite…

  5. Crying in pain? Handcuffed in a painful position? Ok, maybe not the best punishment but that sounds more like the cry of a child who isn’t used to being disciplined. But seriously how dare they discipline a child? Send him to a doctor, put him on meds, and then when he is older and brings a gun to school and opens fire, blame the gun. Spent some time in France. Over there they dont medicate their children. They don’t blame bad behavior on some disease. They actually discipline their children. They have a fraction of the cases of ADD, ADHD, and whatever other letters we label our children with, and they have a fraction of the juvenile crime and school shootings that we do. But this is America where nothing is our fault. It’s our parents, it’s a disease, it’s society, it’s our predecessor’s fault. It’s about time we start taking responsibility for our own actions, start taking responsibility for our own children, and start disciplining our children and teach them what is acceptable behavior. It is no wonder the only thing this country leads the world in is percentage of the population incarcerated. That’s what happens to children that haven’t learned to behave. They don’t behave as adults and go to jail.

  6. i have not cried in 2 years even when i got hurt but this broke even my cold heart i hope this guy gets what he deserves i know a child much like this one and i thought of someone doing this to him 🙁 🙁


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