Exposed: Horrific Abuse Of Chickens At ‘Eggland’s Best’ Farms [Watch]




The conditions these hens are forced to live in are unacceptable.
Recently, the animal rights group Mercy for Animals infiltrated a factory farm located in Washington that supplies eggs to the brand Eggland’s Best. Dubbed ‘Eggland’s Worst’, the footage (below) is certain to turn your stomach.

Not only are the conditions the chickens are forced to live in disgusting, workers at times aggressively mishandle the birds.

Treehugger summarizes:

The hens spend their lives crammed into cages, their feathers covered with feces and blood. Many endure extreme prolapse and extreme feather loss, left to suffer without veterinary care. If their feet get caught in the wire cage bottoms, they can fall down and get trampled by other hens. The video reveals dead, rotting carcasses of birds on which other hens stand and drop their eggs.

The unfortunate hens die in grotesque ways. Some accidentally fall out of the cages into the manure pits below, where they are left to die slowly. Most, however, are yanked out of the cages once their egg production decreases, stuffed into garbage cans, and taken away to be gassed to death.”

It’s no secret that chickens bred to be raised in factory farms often live in horrendous conditions, but the fact that it’s so prevalent in the industry doesn’t make it right, either. Furthermore, plenty of food companies and restaurants (130, to be exact) have committed to sourcing cage-free eggs, but Eggland’s Best has shown no sign of improving its ethical standards.

By revealing what goes on behind the walls of factory farms, Mercy for Animals hopes to inspire the public to demand change. Only then will companies, like Eggland’s Best, source eggs from hens that have lived healthier, happier lives. Of course, loopholes exist – which companies do use, but it is a step in the right direction.

Says Nathan Runkle, the organization’s president:

“Eggland’s Best is the worst to hens. Hens who lay eggs sold under the Eggland’s Best brand lead lives filled with horrific suffering and deprivation crammed inside filthy cages. Eggland’s Best must do better by getting hens out of cruel cages—something many of its competitors have already done. It’s time for Eggland’s Best to make the socially responsible choice to go cage-free.”

Warning: The following content is graphic and is for mature audiences only.

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  1. This is horrific.
    People are not aware. Thank you for exposing this. I for one will only buy eggs from farm raised chickens from this point forward. I hope others follow suit.

  2. Go VEGAN. There are plenty of suitable egg substitutes. I, for one, am a brand new vegan. A three year vegetarian, I simply could not continue to kid myself that I had a compassion for ALL animals if I was still eating foods that came from mistreated animals. Don’t even get me started on Dairy cows…

  3. I’m not against animal death for the purpose of food,even if its as vain as your palette (I consider it a perk of being top of the food chain) but it is immensely wrong to put a mammal who has the same sensory reactions we do, who we can understand is in pain by our own painds (empathy) through such hellish living conditions and cruel treatment for the purpose of saving a little bit on production costs.

    If we are to raise them destined for the dinner table to call ourselves civilized we must treat them with at least the basic respects. The world is full of wide open space and subsidies for such things. Why cramp them in cages to stack one on the other, to live with no movement, rained by shit and piss, what must be to them endless screams of pain. It’s no way to treat even your meat. Taxpayers should demand strict ethics enforcement to receive any level of funding,tax burden relief,aid. That means open fields with both healthy feed and natural nutrients for their diet. That means an end to hormones, a swift and merciful death when time comes.

    Eating meat doesn’t make you monsterous, but even evil cats stop torturing their prey after a few hours (and they have good reason- intense fear of being wounded) . Our torture starts from birth and only ends at death for the sake of a few percentage points in profit. Shameful.


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