Facebook ‘Shames’ Paedophile, The Child Abuser Is Awarded $30,000 In Damages


A High Court in Northern Ireland has held Facebook and Joe McCloskey, the paedophile monitoring Facebook page operator, guilty of breaching the privacy of a convicted child abuser.

McCloskey operated a Facebook page called ‘Keeping Our Kids Safe From Predators 2′ with the purpose of naming and shaming child abusers in public and acting as a deterrent for such acts. The judge held McCloskey equally liable for misusing private information and ordered the closure of the Facebook page.

A man identified as CG was released from prison in 2012 after serving a sentence for child abuse and has remained under supervision of the authorities ever since. CG filed a privacy action suit claiming harassment, violation of his right to privacy and breaches of the Data Protection Act against Facebook and McCloskey after his photograph and details appeared on the site in 2013.

According to CG’s plea, after McCloskey’s post, he was bombarded with abusive comments and rants and was threatened with execution. Justice Stephens ordered Facebook to pay £20,000 ($30000) in damages to CG.

CG’s lawyers argued that McCloskey’s Facebook page was nothing but vigilantism. McCloskey, however, told the court that he was doing public service and had named and shamed 400 such paedophiles through his Facebook page.

Judge Stephens thought otherwise and held that McCloskey set up the Facebook page to “destroy the family life of sex offenders, to expose them to total humiliation and vilification, to drive them from their homes and to expose them to the risk of serious harm. He knowingly encourages harassment of sex offenders by other individuals by the comments he makes and by the aim and purpose of the profile/page”.

This is the first time Facebook has been made party to a page operated by its user and held guilty on that count.




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    • agreed Lisa. there is a local guy here, won’t mention his name, Roy Boardman – oh damn, it just slipped out… he has been inside three times for similar offences. never any remorse, never any change of character, just the same sad old kiddy fiddler yo-yo-ing in and out of prison for most of his adult life. my point is, a leopard cannot change his spots, and you are absolutely right, he doesn’t deserve the same rights to freedom as other criminals simply because he cannot be trusted. when his name hits the papers again, and he trundles off to prison yet again, no one will be surprised, except for the poor kid he pounces on, again.

    • you do realize this scumbag is under police monitoring, which means that your children are NOT running any risk. This scumbag went to prison, served his sentence and is now monitored to prevent further abuses. The judge has to uphold the law and the law makes harassing people and vigilantism illegal. He already went to prison. If you want him executed, get the legal penalty elevated. As it stands, the law is the law and that doesn’t change just because the victim has done horrible things as well. The judge did his job dutifully despite the very likely possibility that he also hates this scumbag here.

      • Tim-
        Have you ever heard of Megans law?
        A man who was arrested for raping a little girl went to jail. *SERVED HIS TIME* got out, and raped and killed seven year old Megan.

        Which started the law making all citizens able to access records of pedophiles and rapists in their community.
        Because. Clearly. going to jail makes no difference.

        • Read Megan’s Law again mate. Although I do agree wholeheartedly this sick bastard needs to be named and shamed, the government decides how that’s done. Don’t be too hard on the Judge…He’s just doing his job. Ever been in a position of power where you realise you actually lack power, and have to follow guidelines given? The Judge maybe with the rest of us and silently applauded this facebook page, but at the end of the day he still has to follow those guidelines.

      • Tim,

        Wow – that is a great retort…

        Here is one that is simpler…

        I’m gonna ask some mates from Northern Ireland to hunt CG down and make sure he never harms another child…

        I am gonna ask them to hang his testicles from the courts door knob – and they will do just that…

        That is called “Common Law”…

      • “you do realize this scumbag is under police monitoring, which means that your children are NOT running any risk”

        Tim, you are a moron. So according to your idiotic comment, the kids who fell victim to repeat offenders were never at any risk. How about the kids who ended up being killed by repeat offenders?

      • Really Tim?! I was abused as a child, my abuser is ‘monitored’ by the police. Would you like me to explain how he is ‘monitored’? He was housed next to a PRIMARY SCHOOL to see if he would re-offend, has to report to a particular officer every 12 months, have an updated photograph taken for the files, agree to have no contact with children unsupervised and sign a stupid register! Aye, monitored my arse!!! You’re talking about something you know nothing about

  1. As a father, I’d remove those scumbags off the Earth without a blink of my eyes and think they deserve no mercy…
    As a citizen of a society working on common agreements, I understand that making justice myself goes against what we’ve built together for the greater good of most (at least supposedly).

    Justice has to defend people from prejudice when they’ve served their time, it is how it works to avoid a way bigger chaos… Do I like it when it turns that way? Hell no… but hey, if it’d matter so much to us, how come no ones helps the justice system to get rid of such scumbags?

  2. I think the judge made a really good judgement. Why violate a mans right to live in peace, he served his sentence? I think there should be pages like this, but it should be used to protect the kids, not hang out people who try to get on with their life. use the pages to warn about current pedophiles, not the ones who isn’t a danger to society.

    • The one’s who arent a danger to society? Let me just say you’re a big idiot. They’re ALL a danger because those kind of people dont change. They’re going to keep doing it until they’re put away for good or put to death.

  3. This was my nephew this animal abused.giving him money for abusing a young man with learning difficulties. What a disgrace.he has ruined my nephews life forever.and then gets rewarded for it.what a government we have.I hope this animal rots in hell.

  4. well he served the prison time so why the fuck does he has to be harrased if i kill someone and than i serve my prison time i dont expect to be killed by the victims familys as soon as i get out

  5. i would investigate “justice Stephen” What is he doing supporting a pedophile anyway??? Something sticks REALLLY BAD JUSTICE STEPHEN.

  6. You people are simple idiots.
    Anyone inciting violence should be punished. This judge had has made a correct and brave decision. Now go back to your copies of the Daily Mail before your house price goes down, you brainless morons.

  7. Lol, the morons commenting in here are priceless. He’s a free man and served his time. In fact I hope this scumbag buys a gun to protect himself from people like you.

  8. Funny how Roy Boardman is afforded such anonymity. Now let us ask why ex Met Det Con Derek G Haslam of 11 Lynn Rd was not arrested for possession of indecent images?

  9. This bs…first I do not want to pay for
    Pedo being behind bars 2nd ….animals get
    Put to sleep if they attack someone
    Ppl who do that god awful deed of attacking
    Children if its rape molested or beat or
    Killed …they need to put them to sleep
    They the Pedo won’t ever change …

    • Cool thing is, you have absolutely no power to change it. what matters is equality and fairness under the law. Without that, it is mob rule and you don’t want that.

      Besides, you’ll be surprised how much people can change.


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