Family Visited by Cops, after a Google Search


According to one particular family, a spree of any typical ‘Google-Search’ about camping equipment, has led to an investigation by the local authorities.

A professional writer, Michele Catalano, informed the general public about the events and what actually happened. However, the author had deleted his blog shortly after the event.

The author had retold their side of the story; Wednesday morning six men who identified themselves as a “Joint Terrorism Task Force” showed up on their property in Long Island.

The author was doing research for pressure cookers, while her spouse was searching for backpacks. Which, just a short 10 years ago, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, in today’s times, we see that while searching for pressure cookers, there are possibly other ‘related’ articles on how to make your own Pressure Bomb.

While the author was at work, her husband was at the house during the time of the invasion, and allowed the officers to entire their house for their searches. The task force then began to bombard the couple with a series of questions such as “Where are you from?” and “Where are your parents from?” Several questions that would initially label this couple as a potential terrorist threat.

Pressure Cooker Search

After a ‘thrilling’ (not) and completely exhausting 45 minutes, the task force shook the male’s hands, and left.

Later on, an FBI spokeswomen stated to the Huffington Post, that the FBI’s task force “Joint Terrorism Task Force” was not involved in the matter, proclaiming then, that the matter was supposedly resolved and handled by the Nassau County Police Department. Once confronted, a Nassau County Police spokesman informed the post that he had absolutely no record of any of his officers visiting their home on that day.

Backpack Search

As this story grew, later on that night, the Suffolk County Police Department stated that their Intelligence detectives had received a tip from the Bay Shore base computer, regarding suspicious computer searches, which had been conducted against employee A inside the workplace of the informant, employee B. It just so happens that employee A searched pressure cooker bombs, as well as backpacks. It was in fact, the Suffolk County Police Detectives who visited the family based on a Google Search. The Suffolk County Police Department has since determined that the investigation was a non-criminal in nature.

Sources: Huffington Post,  Google.

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  1. Oh, I gotta try that !

    How about a google search for “Pressure cookers”, “uneducated inbred Gestapo”, backpacks”, “Ha Ha Inbred cops are hilarious”, “fuse devices’, “come get me coppers”, etc etc.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t realise that Google is an active “spy agency,” needs to become aware of it.
    The idea that “I’m not doing anything wrong,” doesn’t protect you from searches of this type, having business or private information leaked, or having the details of your e mail sold.
    Use a VPN, use a browser that doesn’t track you like duckduckgo, use ghostmail as your e mail provider.

  3. This story was (by and large) disproved (it was a police TIP not a search) back in 2013 (you know, google it?), but by all means, dig up old news and post it as if it’s current. I’m sure not fact checking isn’t remotely a problem.

  4. There alot of pressure cookers in thrift shops no one buys…
    Then there is still the old lady knitting an “afgan” at the airport somewhere!*lol*


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