FBI Using Information From Anonymous To Help Find US Central Command Hackers


On January 13, just as President Barack Obama was speaking on cyber security, Centcom’s Twitter account and YouTube channel were compromised for 30 minutes and defaced with pro-Islamic State (ISIS) messages and threats against US soldiers.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now using information tweeted by Anonymous to help it find the hackers which it earlier believed belonged to CyberCaliphate, the hacking wing of ISIS. Anonymous claimed that the attacks came from inside the US – from the state of Maryland and not from the Middle East. The group added that it didn’t appear that the attackers were using proxies to try and hide their real location.

On January 16, a memo from the FBI forwarded the IP addresses to several security experts to verify the reliability of the information with the help of the data possessed by the experts.

“On 12 January 2015, at 2:01PM CST, @TheAnonMessage, a Twitter account associated with the Anonymous hacking group, tweeted 11 IP addresses involved with the CENTCOM hack with the message. The FBI is providing a list of IPs obtained from @TheAnonMessage Twitter Account, and encourages recipients to examine their networks for any activity related to these IP addresses”.

The FBI has in the past tracked, arrested and imprisoned multiple members of the hacktivist group, including Americans Barrett Brown (for secretly plotting the overthrow of the US government) and Jeremy Hammond (for hacking servers of Statfor, a private intelligence company, and leaking its information to anti-secrecy site, WikiLeaks), as well as several members of the LulzSec offshoot in the UK.

Interestingly, the FBI has also worked with Anonymous members. In 2012, Sabu, aka Hector Monsegur carried out a series of cyber attacks on government and corporate websites in Brazil to help the FBI carry out one of its biggest cybercrime investigations.


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  1. What the fuck is this the end of the news? Those attacks during the “Rio + 20” were some test from the US? I remember were attacks activist goal, unless the LuzSec lied to the whole country at the time. Someone needs to clarify this.

    • ok. i would be very leary on any good news coming from the fbi .. remember they want to be us . they want the following ,the help, the informants .. they will never get it ever again from us . fbi is a sworn enemy of the hive .. i cant give fbi the time of day

  2. Actually, no. The FBI is using information from The Anon Message, as distinct from Anonymous. And HE probably got that information from the FBI.

    I’ve been hacked on Twitter. Twitter does not give out the IP addresses when you’ve been hacked. Try it. Contact Twitter and ask for the IP addresses that signed into your account.


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