US Central Command Twitter & YouTube Account Hacked by ISIS Group


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Image Source: Google Images – US Central Command Twitter account hacked by a group declaring sympathy for ISIS programmers; internal documents posted.

The Twitter and YouTube accounts that belong to the US Central Command have been taken control of by supporters of the Islamic State. One message posted said, “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back.”


This is embarrassing for the United States Military – a black and white banner with the image of a covered figure and text in bold white letters stating, “Cyber Caliphate.”

A defense official said in a press release, “We can confirm that the US Central Command Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked today and we are taking appropriate measurements to solve this matter.”

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Image Source: Google Images – American Soldiers, We are coming, Watch your back, ISIS. CyberCaliphate. And further states the CyberCaliphate, under auspices of ISIS, continues its Cyber Jihad. While the US and its satellites kill our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan we broke into your networks and personal devices and know everything about you. ISIS is already here, we are in your PC’s, in each military base. They further claimed that they are CENTCOM now. 

Before taking hold of the accounts, the hackers stated that they have already taken control of their systems.

The United States Central Command is one of nine military commands in the US.  Its task is to oversee planning and conduct operations within the central area of the globe. Central Command comprises of twenty countries, including but not limited too: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

The Pentagon further stated that, “it was unclear if the hacking represented a genuine threat to sensitive networks.” And that they were going to investigate the full effect of this hack. However, no classified documents were posted online and the account was later banned.

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  1. beautiful drama

    US security is more powerful than imagination
    little ISIS can hack it ? and we have to believe it ?
    maybe 2015 is worst year for humanity.

    Using Muslim to kill people, make hating about Islam

    oil price hike down

    Russia conflict

    now ISIS new drama way to go man !

    we are born to slaughter, animal is better than human

    • @Fearless.. you are absolute right.. but many racist and other are still blind.. is is very easy to learn a culture.. learn arabic and call any name to commit any barbaric act! ISIS, CIA, Al Qaeda etc all belong to USA.. freemasonry.. illuminati..and they even finance these terrorist organisation.. how come they are acting like kids?? of course only their associate can hack their system.. but no one else.. dont fool the world.. Look below how they admit that they finance terrorist

      • I completely agree with your statements besides your claim that all this bs came out of the US. The people acting as “ISIS” are neither Muslim nor American, but a rare breed of human that has absolutely no morals. A group so extreme people cant even fathom them to be connected with things like 9/11, France, Iraq, the list is endless and growing weekly. Whoever “hacked” US Central Commands facebook, (Who knows why they even have a damn facebook) is aiming to deface the Islamist religion, which really doesn’t give a damn about Facebook nor satirical newspapers. I urge all readers to have an open mind when watching television “programming”, as the only way we might defeat this new threat to mankind is to be individuals who form our own opinions and actions based on facts, not propaganda. Thanks and goodluck.

  2. This is great. A little terrorist organization can hack into a country with more military power than any country with ease. What does this mean for anyone else, huh?

    • for ISIS to hack one of the worlds most powerful groups (US military)
      there is 2 possibilities i can come up with… both lead to war.

      1. US has faked getting hacked to step their game up.
      2. ISIS actually managed to hack in…

      both reallllly bad
      1. shows U.S. is a monster looking for profits in puddles of blood
      2. ISIS just got hackers on their side… this is bad… real bad…

      • I had the same thought initially, always try to think of alternative causes of situations like this before jumping to conclusions. I think this is possible. I would hope it isnt a false flag type justification, and if it is… we need a revolution fast.

      • I had the same thought initially, always try to think of alternative causes of situations like this before jumping to conclusions. I think this is possible. I would hope it isnt a false flag type justification, and if it is… we need a revolution fast.

      • they should be the ones to prove that it was hacked, i don’t think ISIS are stupid enough to put more hate on islam with such a message, “your wives, your children” is something U.S.A would use.

  3. Is there any possible way at all that an anonymous member can contact me please.. I have so many questions and don’t kno how to reach out to an actual anonymous member.. Anon I support u guys so much and I want to thank u guys for everything I already kno I’m finally awake and not a sheep anymore.. I need guidance on wat the next step is.. Please contact me anonymous, I love u all

  4. just a coincidence it was during a cyber security speech obama you are so predictable. dont know why your believing this crap anon

  5. …They didn’t hack into the governments mainframe, they hacked their twitter account, hence they hacked twitter, not the government.

  6. “including but not limited too: Afghanistan….”

    Correct your typo. I can’t get behind a report that look like it was written by a 5th Grader.

  7. LMAO…. gotta love headlines… ISIS did NOT “hack” the US Central Command account. An ISIS “supporter” did… which means that it could have been ANYONE the just happend to like ISIS that day. Suggesting that ISIS did this is ludicrous.. (Picturing a “terrorist” sitting in an Arab internet cafe trying to “hack” twitter) ahahahaha… correct me if I’m wrong..but then again.. this is just my strong logical opinion… if you disagree with my point of view you’re probably not motivated by logic.

    Peace. Nex

  8. People … there is totally NO WAY that u will know the full truth …. not the social media or anything else would tell the whole story , as u know from each story there is both sides , all you gotta do is check both, and you’ll see both are really different , there is always secrets . Never trust The news u watch on TV or anywhere else 🙂

  9. I just saw this on Fox news last night and it was quite disturbing in a way…Especially the banner as well as the messages may concern. We really need to fight back for the sake of humanity. We’ve already went through hell last year, I know that this needs to stop. ISIS is REALLY starting to piss me off.


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