FireFox Addons for Hackers and Geeks


Have you ever wondered what it is that hackers use as addons for their FireFox browser? As an active ethical hacktivist, I make great use of FireFox and I use a variety of addons. You can download Firefox for your device from here.

Grease Monkey


This little plugin allows for the customizing of web site appearance. This is done by using tiny code snippets of JavaScript. You can also help support this addon by writing your own scripts.

Tamper Data


This addon is helpful as headers of a targeted website can be viewed, and you can even modify the HTTP/HTTPS . Most of the post parameters of the website can be viewed and/or edited, as well. Even better, use this particular one to perform trace, and view the response time of HTTP requests. One more feature that this addon has, is the ability to perform small, light security tests of various web applications.



This addon is extremely useful to various hackers alike, as it allows them to make use of the Exploit-Me tool. Exploit-Me is often used to perform testing on reflecting the Cross-Site scripting, often known as XSS.

SQL Inject Me


SQL Inject Me is another tool that can utilize the Exploit-Me tool, but on this occasion, can be used for SQL Injections and to test for SQL vulnerabilities. The way this tool operates is by submitting a targeted HTML form as well as substituting the form value of the strings in which are a representative of a typical SQL Injection attack.



Just as the title says HackBar, this addon can perform various SQL Injections, search for XSS holes, and perform site security vulnerability testing. Please note that this tool is not intended to be used to execute standard exploits, nor will it teach you to hack. This is often used for developers who test their sites for security exploits.

While having addons on your FireFox web browser can aid in SQL Injections, vulnerability testing and other uses, this article is not an intended guideline on hacking. Rather, this is just information on testing out your own website for holes or vulnerabilities in your own web applications.

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This article (FireFox Addons for Hackers and Geeks) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.



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