Forget About Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos & co – The Rothschild Family Wealth Tops All of Them Together

The House of Rothschild is renowned for its secrecy when it comes to how much wealth they have accumulated over the centuries, but the one thing for certain is they hold much more than the 8 richest billionaires on this planet.

Rothschild Family


The Rothschild Family are renowned for their power, influence and wealth worldwide. Their shrewd business practices are well documented and the Rothschild fortune is extensive. But how extensive, and where did the fortunes originate from?

In a recent article, we covered eight billionaires who hold the equivalent wealth of the poorest half of humanity. In simplistic terms, the richest 1 percent hold a total of 48 percent of the world’s global wealth. Obscene as these figures are, there is more information to add.

In recent reports and extensive research, the Rothschild Family, or ‘The House of Rothschild’ and its wealth has uncovered some unfathomable details. Investopedia highlights not only the historical context of the Rothschild Family but the reported current holdings of $2 trillion in assets today.

According to some, the estimates sit around a net worth of more than $350 billion when family members’ wealth is combined. Essentially, this makes The House of Rothschild the world’s wealthiest family of all time.

A Climb from Humble Beginnings

Believe it or not, the Rothschild name was not always synonymous with grandeur and extravagance. In 1744, Mayer Rothschild was born and then raised in a Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt. The ghettos served as a barrier between Christians and Jews, and making a decent living was difficult.

Nonetheless, after Mayer Rothschild became an orphan, aged 12, he took on an apprenticeship with a banking firm in Hanover, Germany, and from there, studied banking and foreign trade.

A Banking Empire is Born

According to Investopedia, Mayer Rothschild returned to Frankfurt as a young man, and continued the trade business that his father, Amschel Moses Rothschild started. Along with the help of his brothers, the business expanded after serving nobles and Crown Prince Wilhelm himself. He was given the “Crown Agent” title before going on to marry and to have five sons and five daughters.

Building Business on the Back of a War

The French Revolution was pivotal in the Rothschild family’s success. The Austrian army, during the war, was supplied with horses, uniforms, wheat and equipment by the Rothschild banking empire. At the same time, Rothschild’s five sons were sent across the borders to set up and establish banking in Frankfurt, Naples, Vienna, Paris, and London. This essentially shored up the Rothschilds to be the “first bank to transcend borders.”

The third son, Nathan, became the biggest success abroad, brokering for kings, funding infrastructure, liberating national banks and kick-starting the Industrial Revolution.

The international finance sector was established.

Rothschild Family
Nathan Mayer Rothschild

But it was the dirty business of war that inflated the Rothschild family wealth. During the Napoleonic Wars, in 1811, Nathan’s N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd – the seventh oldest bank still in operation – financed the British government’s war effort. On the sly, they also funded the enemy, Napoleon Bonaparte.

As a trusted investor, when Rothschild sold all of his English bonds, fuelling speculation that Napoleon was winning the war, the English people followed suit. Soon, the English stock exchange collapsed. From there it is recorded that “Rothschild’s agents began snatching up bonds and stock at record-low prices,” reports Investopedia. “Two days later, when Wellington’s envoy confirmed that Napoleon Bonaparte had indeed suffered a crushing defeat, Nathan Rothschild was effectively in control of the English stock exchange.

As of 2015, the English government was still paying back money owed to the Rothschild family from this Napoleonic manuever.”

Keeping it in the Family – Literally

Mayer Rothschild calculated and manipulated his fortunes beyond the grave. Before his death, it was written into the family that only the male Rothschilds would stand to inherit the family fortune. The women in the family had no choice but to marry their cousins (one was an uncle) or leave the family. This ensured that the Rothschild wealth remained with the Rothschild family, until this current day.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the banking family, likewise arranged his affairs so that cousin marriages among his descendants were inevitable. His will barred female descendants from any direct inheritance. Without an inheritance, female Rothschilds had few possible marriage partners of the same religion and suitable economic and social stature—except other Rothschilds. Rothschild brides bound the family together. Four of Mayer’s granddaughters married grandsons, and one married her uncle.”

Rothschild Family

The 21st Century House of Rothschild

As stated in the beginning of the article, the Rothschild fortune is valued at $2 trillion in assets including mining, real estate, and financial services and institutions. The exact amount is still uncertain, as the wealth of each family member is heavily guarded. What we do know, from Investopedia’s report amongst various others, is that the Rothschild family wealth still remains one of the largest in the world, and continues to influence various business, scholarly and political stages.

When contemplating the 8 billionaires of recent times, they’re but mere chump change in the pocket of a Rothschild.

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  1. If the family wealth is just 350 billion than the Rockefeller family would be richer. That family already owned 300 billion in 1913. I believe the Rothschild family is alot richer than 350 billion considering their banking history goes back to the days of Napoleon.

  2. I’m the Grandson of Thomas Alfred Thornycroft Rhodes, a close relative of Cecil John Rhodes. I was told that the wealth of the Rhodes Dynasty is held together via Rhodes Scholars and that the family ties between Rhodes and Rothschild go back at least one hundred years. Cecil Rhodes created a Chartered Company, a company incorporated by the British Crown. He bought a newspaper company in South Africa, and with his Chartered Company and his Yiddish Banker friends, he could get any sized loan, at the stroke of a pen, as long as he had a clear path for return on investment. I want to emulate Cecil Rhodes, and execute the exact text of his Last Will and Testament.

  3. $2 Trillion is silly. When one can create “money” out of thin air for 100+ years, you can be as rich as you want to be. It’s the greatest scam in human history. Everything they have should be confiscated.

  4. I have Heard Somewhere its more like 500 +Trillion Dollars.It goes back to the war with Napoleon They pulled a scam and bought everything up at pennies on the pound .The now own Great Britain outright due to the war debt and the loss of Napoleon.

  5. Apparently its racist to say the Rothschild dynasty is worth 500+ trillion.So the Walton family own Walmart but this isn’t racist?Its amazing how racist is being misused by almost everybody.However its a good way to ignore the truth and avoid a true investigation into any Jewish/Rich families net worth.I believe the truth lies in the middle so lets say 350+trillion,the US GDP in 2017 was 19.39 Trillion so is that racist as well.If one does have that much power and money we would never truly know the truth .Besides is it anybody’s business how much they have ? Just saying unless we have proof of ill-gotten funds and somebody powerful cares to investigate nothing will change.

  6. Speaking of ill-begotten means–these financially incestuous, Zionist-Zombie Rothschild Vampyres have never been audited in entirety. Just this month a Chinese Mayor who had 13 tons of China’s Gold Bullion appropriated in his basement (that’s more than the gold reserves of many, many countries combined)–was summarily executed by the Chino-Commies. Now how many tonnages of Gold Bullion do you think the Rodentias have stashed in underground bunkers.
    When you are THAT FINANCIALLY OMNIPOTENT–the first inbred Globalists–you’re not accountable to ANYONE nor any entity–they are the capstone of the NWO Pyramid. They make literally millions a week just on banking fees alone that they charge–and that’s merely a tack in the heel of the boot. Every stereotype is borne of some truths…these blue-blooded subhumans are, in fact, the greediest and most manipulative nest and lineage of cockroaches to have ever been.
    Does anyone honestly think they stopped with the UK & France–250 years ago (!!) in funding both sides of conflicts and wars at every juncture? Bipedal rats, in me estimation. What a world where truths are racist thought crimes. So telling as when the Khazarian Zionist strikes blows at you and themselves scream in pain as preemptively covering all bases. Truth…Trust. Isn’t that exactly what Amschel Rothschild did to the British–and they’re still paying the Rodentia back today! THAT IS ENSLAVEMENT UNTO PERPETUITY. You have to be one of them of the antifreeze for blood to deem this as human–much the less humane.


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