Freedom Activists Create Plugin To Block Advertising


Written by: KC H.

In today’s world privacy is everything, not only for Activist but for the average mom or student. A group of Internet Freedom Activists are doing just that, Electronic Frontier Foundation have created a new browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that blocks online advertising and embedded trackers that track your content without your permission.
According to the Press Release, the extension has an added feature called “like” similar to the same function as on Facebook. This function allows you to view the site but prevents the trackers from getting ahold of your personal information and tracking what you’re reading.
“Widgets that say ‘Like this page on Facebook’ or ‘Tweet this’ often allow those companies to see what webpages you are visiting, even if you never click the widget’s button,” said EFF Technology Projects Director Peter Eckersley. “The Privacy Badger alpha would detect that, and block those widgets outright. But now Privacy Badger’s beta version has gotten smarter: it can block the tracking while still giving you the option to see and click on those buttons if you so choose.”
“Users who install Privacy Badger aren’t just getting more privacy and a better browsing experience for themselves—they are providing incentives for improved privacy practices and respect for Do Not Track choices across the Internet,” said Eckersely. “Using Privacy Badger helps to make the Web as a whole better for everyone.”
In the press release it does not mention however the exclusion of having Governments from spying on you. However this is just one of many tools someone should be armed with when wanting to conceal their identity and person information, along with your internet habits.
To install the beta version of Privacy Badger click the following link:

Links: Hide your identity from your internet provider & government and surf anonymously




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  1. Thank you creators of this wonderful add-on more projects like this should happen and be supported by Anon thanks for the post 😀

  2. I understand that Privacy Badger protects us, but according to privacy badger, ANONHQ.COM is a tracker, it’s red, not green nor yellow.. how do we know we’re secure while browsing ‘s website

    • Kraaken,
      AdBlock only blocks ads, mentions nothing about online tracking, unless it was recently updated without my consent? As of January 1st 2014, there was nothing mentioning online tracking. The program may have changed since. Also, there are many AdBlock “copies” (I.e. AdBlock Pro, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Addon) and should be used with caution. Thank ANONHQ for the official link

  3. I just read some of the comments left on several topics and got a bit angry…
    what the hell are some guys of you thinking?! That leaving a comment on the website of anonymous is enough? That they will come and save your ass? They won`t! Cause YOU SHOULD BE A PART of it, if you want something to change! So get up and do something. Stand up for your rights as human being. Nobody will come and safe your fat ass while you´re sitting on your couch in front of your computer and think “oh, I write some comments, this will help. `cause I do not understand how to hack and I´m too lazy to get out of my flat to do something…”. I tell you something: YOU make the change!! If YOU don´t have the power to stand up for what you believe in, who else?? There´s no one you can trust! Not your former teachers, not your government, not the media and no, even not your family and friends! You can only trust yourself! And if you really wanna change something, THEN STAND UP AND DO IT BY YOURSELF!!
    So come on, I had no idea how to hack, but I had the will to learn. And if I could do it, you can too!
    We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us…


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