Tor Browser HACKED – Not Longer Safe and Anonymous


Written by: B.M.

In an attempt to secure the privacy and personal freedom of internet users, which should be the right of any user, TOR project was run voluntarily to provide anonymous online browsing under the name of Tor anonymity online.  Tor has even aimed to keep the privacy of users’ relations whether personal or business and to enable access to websites which are censored by the government.

Although the intention of this project was to protect internet users, recently, TOR administrators have confirmed an attack on its services for online anonymity, in July 2014, with one victim in mind: internet users. Those attacks has made their point in de-anonymizing Tor users.


Arguments were raised regarding the identity of the attackers, however, the research done by Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord was a main suspect. That is because they were supposed to have a talk entitled: ‘Attacking Tor and de-anonymizing’ at Black Hat Conference but it was cancelled for unclear reasons. This could have had serious issues regarding the ethics of academic research if it was to be proved. As they researchers have neither asked for the consent of the users nor can tell the consequences of the release.

Surprisingly, the second suspect is the Russian Government. It apparently did offer 114,000 US Dollars for anyone who can break Tor anonymity, where the FBI and the US government usually are a common suspect with high interest in the matter.

Regardless of the current confusion of the attacker’s identity, Tor stated that users from Jan 2014 to Jun 2014 could have been highly ‘affected’ by such attacks without specific details about to what extent the ‘effect’ could have been .

The flaw in Tor and other similar systems was thought to be in the I2P software in which the relays can know the IP address of the user and the destination of the hidden service of Tor, thus, de-anonymize the users’ activities.

To solve the problem, users are greatly recommended to upgrade to or release of Tor as the team was able to remove all the possible wicked relays. Finally, Tor users can enjoy the secure private browsing again, at least for a while.

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  1. The NSA saves all TOR traffic, if there is a security problem they will be able to identify people even years after the security problem was found using the old Data saved from the network.

    So i suggest to usw TOR with VPN Server in Russia, China, Venezuela or any other state not affiliated with the USA and then TOR over VPN to make it a bit harder to crack for them.

  2. I knew this back in 2010. I didn’t really think it was that important because I thought everyone already knew inlt as well.

  3. There is a new installation for Tor. 3.6.2. Use this with a VPN and IP Masker and your wont be seen at all. I’ve tested found it a viable process.

  4. I’m scared now. Can I trust Tor anymore? I use it a lot, but I want to be able to surf the internet without being watched all over the place. I’m paranoid.

  5. People scared that they wont be able to surf the deep web anonymously looking for child porn and such things that require anonymity. lol

  6. Or the marketing of naturally occurring mind expanding plants and fungi which we have every right to use yet have been Illegalised in many countries by governments that seem to think they have the right to do so.

    You can take your child porn obsessed thoughts and tar some of the elite with them thanks.

    • Yeah sickos, stop stealing this guy’s bandwidth :))) Your name and comment draw my attention… judging by your name “Goodall”, you are used to tell other people how full of virtues you are and you also believe it yourself. You emphasize it and hide before that name to help you reinforce the idea that what you do is not wrong, is right and innocent because after all, your name is Goodall. I bet you emphasize on the name when you’re meeting kids on the playground, and then in your basement you’re all like “Shush little kid, Mr. Goodall doesn’t do anything bad, Mr. Goodall only does good things to you, no reason to be scared.” God, psychology is such a bitch.

  7. all you wankers out here are scared because you don’t want to get caught looking at kiddie porn ? why the fuck do you care if you can be tracked or not ?

    fucking criminals the lot of you.


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