Gangs Unite In Baltimore To Protect Their Community from Violence; Police Express Fear


Following the killing of Freddie Gray by the police in Baltimore, events in the city are changing dramatically with each passing day. The three main rival gangs in the city: The Crips, Bloods, BGF, and other gangs have called for a truce during one of the protests. They have said that they are now united to protect their community from violence and brutalities.

But something dramatic happened after this announcement. Within 12 hours after the announcement was made, the whole establishment of Baltimore started fabricating false stories; that these gangs which are pledging to ensure peace were going to join up with the specific intention of killing police and burn down the city completely.

This news flooded onto the home page of every mainstream media in the city, heightening tensions to the extent that some gullible people started staying indoors just to avoid being caught up in the “impending” chaos.

The police, for which the protest was held, increased fear and panic by issuing a press statement that there was a “credible threat” that gang members were planning to carry out attacks on the police. The mainstream media continued to carry this false propaganda release to deceive people.


The most surprising thing is that none of the media outlets carrying this false story bothered to even do a small background check in order to confirm or deny what the police have put out. The truth of the matter is that there was no evidence to back this claim up. The only reason for this false release is the fact that authorities fear that these long-time rivals will be able to create a force capable of preventing what had happened to Freddie Gray from occurring ever again. In unity, they say there is strength.

This should tell you that the authorities (establishment) wants people divided, and that they fear that other armed and organized groups, providing their own communities with protection, will effectively challenge the monopoly on violence that had been the only strength of the police.

It was only Deborah Weiner of WBAL-TV News who took the trouble to explore the other side of the story by talking to the gang members. Crips, Bloods and members of the BGF told the television network that they called the truce in order to protect their communities from violence, looting and to protect their community from anyone who would put it in danger, denying that their goal was to kill police.

Independent observers even said that the gang members had displayed immense intelligence and understanding of the situation.  And it was even revealed that the gangs had come under attack by the police while they had attempted to defend people and properties throughout the city from rioters.

In fact, some journalists have also confirmed that they were saved by gang members when they became trapped during the chaos. The Baltimore Sun journalist- Justin Fenton and Ben Jacobs of the Guardian independently commended the gangs for what they are doing. It was also reported that the gangs have been engaging in directing traffic in the city to make the movement of vehicles smoother.

These testimonies prompted Baltimore’s City Council President-Bernard Young to meet the gangs, and he had this to say after the meeting: “These men have been out on the street quelling the senseless violence that has consumed our city. After meeting with them today it is clear that the notion they were planning on harming our police officers is false and simply deterred the resources we needed to focus on the individuals who instigated these riots. I applaud these young men for standing here and speaking out for our city.”

The attempt by the police to discredit what these young men are doing  has backfired. We encourage them to continue to protect their community from violence, either from the police or from any individual.

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  1. Cops definitely don’t like it when justice is taken out of their hands. They do want that monopoly. Also they could become the judged and not the judging. Explosive situation for sure.

  2. Yall need to stop using the “race card” no one is against you because you’re black. They’re against you because you’re a gang member. Nothing good has ever came from a gang.. Even when gangs “unite” NO ONE CARES! What really needs to be done is, all gangs need to be eradicated. You’re not cool, you’re not tough and you’re definitely not a role model. Pull your pants up and GROW UP!

    • dude theese “thugs” are out there helping ppl. im sure u wudnt object if a “gangsta” pulls u out from a stampeding crowd, or pulls a piece on some punk with one in ur face. they may not b the moat savory characters, but wtf have you done lately?

    • Shut up you`re stupid and missinformed the police force is a gang and blacks are being targeted at this very moment the police is scared because they finaly got someone who can rival them and that is good the goverment should be afraid of its people if it is not dumb shit like this will always happen because white america is selfish.

  3. I never thought i would live to see the day when Crips and Bloods unite. This is a wonderful moment in history yet it’s trying to be undermined by the government to split up the people and put them against each other.
    @jhon, the point is that these gangs used to kill each other just because of the color they were but now they are past that and unite under a common goal. that’s the beauty of it. they are targeted because it will cause a reaction. the government wants a violent reaction so that it gets 1 step closer to martial law.

  4. Probably, someone said “Huh! That reminds me of the movie ‘The Warriors'” That’s credible, right?

    The police have every good right to expect the gangs to attack them, enough to be cautious. Gangs tend to do that sort of thing, from time to time. Let’s be real abou that. However, they tend to have reason for it, too.

    Burning down the city? Where their mamas, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends live? That’s just silly. I know there are stories about very creepy people in very creepy gangs, where they kill their brothers or rape their mothers just to ge in. But, you know – there are stories that all southerners are incestious and everyone in Montana does sheep, too. You have to take those stories with a grain of salt and realize that most people, most anywhere, care about their families and fiends and are not going to go out of their way to harm them just to make the police look silly.

  5. The government will always tty to make shit up as longs as they can benefit from it nice to see gangs coming together putting shit aside to stand up and protect people around them and make a diffrnce.


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