“Ghostery” Allows Tracking Without So Much Haunting


Privacy. What do you think that word should mean? One of the most descriptive definitions from the wide world of Webster is: “freedom from damaging publicity, public scrutiny, secret surveillance, or unauthorized disclosure of one’s personal data or information, as by a government, corporation, or individual”.

Security seems to run that same gamut with the definition being: “the quality or state of being secure, freedom from danger and freedom from fear or anxiety”. In reality as it’s perceived from here… both privacy and security are an illusion. Well, unless you have the money and knowledge. If you DO have it, that makes you even more of a target.

Sadly, our world is destined to progress in this direction while the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security continuously build their own Google-type information database of your information called ICREACH. It’s even more depressing to know that kids born in 2015 may never even realize that there was a long time in our history when you could “move without being noticed” we’ll call it. There are tracking cameras on the streets, tracking cookies in our computers, gps tracking links to our phones and tablets… it’s everywhere. In many cases (i.e. Google, for example) if you do not agree to allow yourself to be tracked, you will not be allowed access to services.

What if you could be as a ghost? I’m not talking about being deceased, just about the World Wide Web and it’s associated silliness. Show yourself only when you want to; be tracked only when you allow it. Granted, nothing is foolproof but, software like Mozilla’s “collusion” made it possible to track the people tracking you and sort of side step them. More recently we have “Ghostery”.

“Ghostery empowers consumers and businesses globally to create safer, faster, and more trusted digital experiences. Over 40 million consumers rely on the free Ghostery Browser Add-on and mobile app to control how they are tracked online.” Yes, in all reality the big boys of the world will still track you if they want to but, every little bit helps in a fight. Right?

Founded in 2009, Ghostery is a free, easy-to-use tool that gives you the power to decide who sees your data. To date, it is available for every browser and every device on the market. Unlike most of what’s available out there now, Ghostery is not a “one for all” type of application. It’s not just for individuals either. It allows you to see what trackers are following you and decide which ones to allow and which ones to block, or what kinds of companies to allow into your electronic neighborhood. One of the nicer perks is that even if you block trackers for a specific site, you can still view the content so, your social status and shopping experiences are still easily accessible.

Have your own business website? You can use Ghostery to help out your customers by cleaning up your own site with it. Less tracking equates to faster loading of your web page. In a world where so many demand instant gratification, this is gold in itself.




Lightbeam for Firefox


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  1. Don’t know why you guys are hyping Ghostery, I could never get it to work. The freebie part seems designed to confuse users, and the rest of the program is an ad for the upgrade. I used Hideman, despite the annoying ads it actually spoofs your IP really well.

  2. I’ve never seen any ads from the Ghostery add-on – maybe that’s because I also use AdBlock+ – but Ghostery has worked pretty well for me.

  3. I’ve had it on Firefox since it came out. Right now, on your page, it’s blocking 10 items. 😉

    Ghostery updates often – adds new sites to the blocked list. I have found it valuable.

    Thanks for giving them a plug.


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