Graphic Video: Israeli Soldiers Set Dogs On Palestinian Teen To Teach Him A Lesson


A Palestinian boy, 16-year-old Hamzeh Abu Hashem, arrested for throwing stones at soldiers in December, was later threatened by two Israeli soldiers with their dogs. One of the dogs bit Hamzeh, who after being treated for dog bites at a hospital, was sentenced to six months in prison. The video, posted recently by a right-wing activist and former member of Israel’s parliament, Michael Ben Ari, has since gone viral on social media prompting the Israeli military to launch an investigation. One soldier is heard saying, “Who’s a chicken, eh? Who’s a chicken?” while another can be heard giving orders to a dog to “get him”. To view the video, please go to youtube and search for “Israeli soldiers torturing Palestinian boy by a dog”.

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  1. haha…Israel XD and they want to make peace???
    even the jews hate them the jews don’t even want to live in Israel and they are actually not allowed to establish their own contry fck the illuminati zionism and israel

  2. It’s sad that these things still happen in the world. Many Israelis aren’t even aware of what their country does to Palestinians on a daily basis.

    It’s good that Ben Ari put that video up to spread awareness, maybe now we can start to stop acts of bigotry and hate on civilians. But with people like Netanyahu running Israel and the media (kinda like Hitler did), can’t see any relief in sight.

    But what’s worse in the world? This, or knowingly sending refugee children to be raped and beaten like the Australian prime minister, Tony Abbot, does?


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