Hackers For Hire: Now Buy Hacking Services From Lizard Squad


Lizard Squad is selling DDoS attacks as a service for $5.99 a month. So now you can rent out their cyber-attack wares to take down any online gaming networks or can use their services against any portal on the web, including large websites or Internet services, like an expert.

The gang of hackers, known for regularly attacking Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live in 2014, and lately responsible for hacking Malaysia Airlines website, and taking down Facebook and Instagram, has launched Lizard Stresser, a tool for launching distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Stressers or boosters are Internet programs that can automatically launch DDoS attacks.

The group also launched a criminal service Shenron that allows customers to securely purchase drugs and have them shipped to their home, and an SEO and spamming service to help customers gain popularity with ease.


In lieu of its rent a hack services, Lizard Squad is only accepting bitcoins. A 100-second server attack costs $5.99 a month; an 8-hour hack costs up to $129.99 a month. For $500, customers can launch unlimited attacks.


The terms of service stipulate: Permission is granted to stress test dedicated servers and networks owned by you. This is the oppurtunity [sic] to make your firewalls better, not to misuse against the law. This is a license given to you and anything you do while on http://lizardstresser.su/ is your own responsibility as we are not liable.

As an additional safeguard, the Lizard Stresser service prevents you from using virtual private networks to conceal your identity and location. Free trials are not allowed. Refunds are strictly prohibited.

A Lizard Squad member told the Daily Dot, “The attacks on PSN and Xbox Live were all a huge marketing scheme. Playing games on Twitter is fun, but it comes down to the money. The objective here for me at least—can’t speak for others—is money”. “The launch of Lizard Stresser will be the group’s last move before they “vanish off back to the caves where we came from,” he added. He was right – their Twitter account @LizardMafia was suspended after they announced their services on the social media platform:



Anonymous recommends: Protect your PC & mobile devices from hackers & governments & surf anonymously




    • anon released lizard squad names which fbi used and arrested 3 people out of 20ish im possitive they wouldnt put there own names up to get arrested so short awnser anon is not lizard squad anon wants net to be open use lizard want to shut it down for “lulz” as the tards put it

  1. Lizardsquad is making big money with “DDoSing”?
    Please use hacking skills for usefull things, not for making big money…

    Lizardsquad is just thinking like the 1%…

  2. Lizard Squad needs an on sight skull stomping. Each and every one of them, as someone who is a 6 foot 200+ pounds of bad attitude who has spent 20+ years of his life in the joint, i would love to meet a few of these basement dwelling mouth breathers.

      • Anonvoid…
        Im not sure if im even doing this right and im hoping u come across my post i am writting to u because after telling a friend what i believe is going on…..because of the retalliation against me (its getting almost to be to much i have moved 3 times have windows glued shut) he told me to try and contact you because you guys do storys like mine…..i cant fight them there are to many almost mob style and cant count on authorities even after the almost 50 calls out from stolen things to breakins to now finding folders that look as if they have conected to everything speakers my phone carriers please help me i cant even find work due to the blocked emails phone interference…..if im not right about things this wouldnt be happening..if losing my 16 year old to suicide hasnt been enough to cope with…..me going to authorities about im assuming by all the brand new cars that stalk me and a large company that fired me cuz i told them what i believed was going on money gram doesnt crash right?.. …i have alot more

  3. I Will say this is a rather wonderful way for them to gain money to accomplish bigger attacks in the future, plus they’ll need a lot of hacker so more people will learn.

  4. Its sad that lizzard squad keeps nocking gamers off the internet which really dosent matter nobody cares theyll just play single player and work on their skills and achievements its not really a big deal the only thing their doing is leting ga,ers get extra stuff because the company that endorse those gamers fell bad because they lose money for it and then they give out free content as a sorry

    I say holy shit whos i idea was it to nock off playstation and xbox and face book every year (EVERY YEAR). And literaly no one cares nobody cares

    Only people who do care are the parents that just bought their son or daughter this new system and dossent work

    Sooooooooooooooo plz try a little harder when you think of something todo

  5. I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and hacked into recordings I’ve recorded. I need help finding proof he is cheating!!! Can anyone help me!?

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  9. Are there any real hackers that would do the job before payment and not ask for a deposit? I have been scammed so many times now and these hacks always seem so expensive.

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  11. I created a group of hacker. we steel every thing in the world.i am now a rich dude. free for joinig.i need only 10 members . that will be over and one thing lizard squad marry chirsmas nigaaaas.


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