Hacktivists has Shut Down Trump Hotels Websites


Ninja Bits: Donald Trump has been under the fire from the Hacktivist community in recent months. This hack, had brought down his Hotel Collection Websites by Ghost Squad Hackers.

The famous activist group GSH (Ghost Squad Hackers) had recent recently shut down several websites that had included Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter (BLM), as well as several banks.  They have returned for another massive attack, only this time the target happens to be an American Presidential Candidate, not to mention a billionaire, Donald Trump.


You read that correctly, GSH has in fact carried out a large and powerful Distributed Denial of Service attacks, known as DDoS attacks. These attacks took down the Trump Hotel Collection website, in which had forced them to go offline, which as a result, had displayed the company’s “Cloud Flare’s” version of the home page. Those who had visited the website during this time frame had seen a message confirming that Trump’s website had been taken offline.

However, since Trump’s website does utilize CloudFlare’s “Always Online” technology, you would be able to continue looking around the website of a “Snapshot” of the site. As soon as the website comes back online, you will be automatically served onto the real live version.

Screen Shot of Down Site

BannedOffline, which had lead the attackers of Ghost Squad, had recently tagged HackRead in their most recent Tweet about the attack upon Trump’s Hotel Sites. BannedOffline has also released information upon the theory behind the attacks. The reason for the attack was to target the Trump’s hate mongering as well as utilize the use of the Cloud Flare protection, that has been clearly pointed out for those who are protecting websites and spreading the hate as well as terrorism.

During a full exclusive interview with the attackers of Ghost Squad Hackers, they had informed HackRead:

Ghost Offline Twitter
“We choose to DDos his Hotel Collection Website Because of a statement he said in his Speech “I will build a great, great wall, on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall.” Also, on TVToday, he apologized acting like he did not mean anything he said about Muslims or Mexicans. Words do not go away when you say something mean you obviously mean it then regret it sooner or later. Also, we have noticed CloudFlare has their mind protecting websites that contain explicit material such as animal p*rn and isis supporting sites. This is only the beginning though as we have future plans for Hillary Clinton and his main website.”

**Please download a copy of the PDF for future offline reading HERE**

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