JP Morgan Chase & the Continuing Hacking Investigation


Written by: TechAnonymous


It’s been a little over three months since a cyber-attack was able to compromise JPMorgan Chase’s digital security measures and allow what is believed to be a group of hackers access to millions of private records. Although JP Morgan INSISTS that no “sensitive” account information was divulged, this whole circumstance should leave you wondering. Unfortunately, this was not the only major banking firm to get penetrated by this same force of intelligence. Along with JP, there were other major companies breeched. ADP, Bank of the West, Citigroup, HSBC, Regions Financial and approximately 7 more to make the total of 13 in this investigation alone, bringing the total possible households affected up to over 76 million.

Who’s responsible? As of yet, no one knows. No responsibility has been taken. To date, there hasn’t been a single source identified for any of the attacks. Only IP addresses used then abandoned. What seems even more frightening is no one can suggest “why” this is being done. Is it white hats? Black hats? A cohesive effort that’s trying to show people that there is no such thing as security or safety? Is it being done “just because they can”?

Maybe it’s a gigantic scheme by big business to charge you more for services: claiming a bigger threat than really exists. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase stated that as of 2014, the company was spending 250 million dollars a year to fortify its defenses to combat future attacks. How’s that for an invoice of untrackable labor?

Can this be billed as “cyber terrorism”? So far there’s no rhyme, reason or credit being given or taken by anyone for the attacks. The result; fear, anxiety, stress…terror? If it’s a concerted effort to bang on the big businesses, it’s still going to hurt the regular folks of the world. Anyone remember reading their history books and what happened when the banking industry and the stock markets “crashed” in the 1920’s. It doesn’t have to be a REAL crash to invoke panic… it need only be perceived as one.
Aside from relying on the big guys to battle the problem what can the average Anonymous do? The easiest and most reliable thing to do is be DILLIGENT. Check your accounts on a regular basis; check your credit for mysterious bills and invoices, set up a “security freeze” with your bank accounts to hold any suspicious activities. If you are not sure, ASK for help! YOU are ultimately responsible for YOU so…make an effort!

To the big boys out there in banking-land? I suggest you find these deviants of the cyber world…and HIRE THEM! Whomever they are, they are wiping the floor with your crack security systems!

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