Lizard Squad DDoSes 8Chan


On Thursday, the Lizard Squad’s voyage through internet shame proceeded as the group acknowledged a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) attack against the image board website, 4chan. Japanese kin site,, which additionally endured a blackout, was restored once 4chan’s servers were, “separated from the rest of the network,” as per 8chan author Fredrick Brennan’s Twitter account.

In taking credit for the assault, the Lizard Squad implemented its own particular service, known as Lizard Stresser, which permits outsiders to employ the Lizard Squad to DDoS the site of their choosing. Clients can pay anywhere in the range of $6 to $500 to get to the assault administration, which then offers assault blasts that can keep going upwards of 500 minutes, simultaneously.

No other hacking group or individual hackers have come forward to assume liability for this most recent assault, and for 4chan’s situation? That could be one of numerous affronted individuals. 8chan, in the same way as 4chan and other image board websites before it, permits users to anonymously post pictures and content, a reality that helped certain 4chan sub-channels achieve amazing levels of infamy throughout the years for their questionable content.

Be that as it may, even 4chan content was directed as per both laws and administrators, and Brennan has said in meetings that he made 8chan in 2013 as a reaction to 4chan’s evolving strategies. So as long as posts didn’t violate American law, they were a reasonable diversion in his eyes.

“It took Lizard Squad attacking Microsoft & Sony for any of them to be arrest list ed. Obviously someone DDoSing a small community like 8chan or 4chan is very low on priority list for the law enforcement agencies,” Brennan stated.


Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of being unreachable, displaying error 522

8chan picked up notoriety for having considerably more extreme content, not withstanding turning into a gathering ground for #GamerGate, which had commenced out of 4chan. At the point when 8chan had a go at utilizing Patreon to raise cash this past December, the crowd funding site reacted by getting out 8chan clients’ substance that advanced ‘self-harm,’ ‘pedophilia,’ and ‘illustrated, child exploiting imagery’ — and Patreon’s statement didn’t even allude to the late waves of ‘doxxing’ on the site (distributing people’s personal data for the purpose of pranks and jokes is terrible – as Lizard Squad has done in the past).

In an open explanation posted late Wednesday, Brennan said, “nobody knows who executed the attacks, and there is no real way to know.”

He requested that users do not accept ‘gossipy tidbits’ spreading on Twitter about who may have been responsible.

Brennan also stated that the attack was a general, moronic ICMP/SYN attack and he referenced a downtime chart for 8chan’s server. Despite the fact that 8chan utilized Cloudflare services for DDoS protection, he said that such security added up to squat once the attackers got the 8chan server’s genuine IP address.

Brennan’s open explanation stated that administrators were aiming to restore the site within a, “12 hour time period,” however, he conceded he may need to buy separate server space as an interim stopgap that could keep going the length of two weeks.

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  1. Lizard Squad is nothing but a bunch of Script Kittys, Sure they hacked and took out the microsoft and Sony servers but anyone with access to a large number of IPs and a DDoS software could take out and hack into a server like that….


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