Man Executes The Person Who Raped Him. Yes, The Rapist Was A Police Officer


NEWTON, NJ — A man has confessed to stabbing a police officer to death; sounds pretty bad doesn’t it? Even IF you consider the surge in police murders/brutality cases in recent years.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Once the more…. sordid…. details were brought to light, many citizens are hailing this man as a hero. (And no, it wasn’t because this officer <tasered to death/shot/strangled/punched/permanently disfigured/ burned alive> his <black friend/pregnant wife/5-year-old niece/grandmother/baby>. No, this one we’ll count as <horrifically miscellaneous>).

It was apparently so heinous, those in the courtroom itself erupted in cheers of adulation and applause when Clark Fredericks described the circumstances that led him to stab the officer to death…

According to him, Officer Pegg had brutally raped Clark when Clark was just a young boy, unable to defend himself.  From the age of 8 to 12, the officer is believed to have raped Clark multiple times. The officer then threatened to kill Clark if word got out, torturing animals in order to prove his point, promising that if Clark ever told anybody about how the Officer raped him then he would receive the exact same fate.

The officer also showed Clark sexually explicit photos of young children that he had taken.

“In the end, I slit his throat,” Clark confessed, pleading guilty to a charge of murder.

Emotional silence fell over the courtroom as he went into details about the rape and abuse.

Investigators later searched the computers that Officer Pegg left behind after his death, and indeed they found child pornography saved onto the Officer’s computers, confirming what Clark had said.

Now that he’s confessed to killing the man who is believed to have raped him, Clark may still receive a sentence and end up locked behind bars, being guarded by other officers for years to come. Some say that he should be released, saying that what he did was noble and courageous- and unfortunately, had he gone to the police, chances are pretty good that they would have ignored his pleas. The rapist might have escaped, or worse, struck first.

Did he do what had to be done? Or was he wrong to take the law into his own hands, serving as judge, jury and executioner?


Source: Filming Cops

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  1. While I certainly can understand why he did was what he did, I believe he was wrong. As Gandhi said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
    We do not fix violent behavior by becoming violent ourselves. And rape is an act of violence, make no mistake. It is more about power and domination than sex.

    • It is very easy to say that as a person who did not experience what he did. I believe murder is wrong when it is senseless and without a cause. What if it were you or your son? He would be out of prison in the blink of an eye if he was turned in and convicted, if it even made it to trail.

    • Yeah, but ask yourself these 3 questions. How many children has the officer done this to in the past, before or after this man outgrew his age range? How many victims would he have had in the future? What if he had a current victim that nobody knew about because of the same threats that kept this man quiet? This guy needed to die.

    • So it would be better that that police officer is still alive and raping another inocent child? Clark did what needed to be done and saved who knows how many kids from the same tragedy as his.

    • There is a problem with so-called taking the law into your own hands. If allowed, the person accused has no day in court, so to speak, and while the victim may get his retribution against his tormentor, he also defeats himself. It is agreed the offender should not have been allowed to go free as he did. It is also known that legal authorities might not have acted as they should have to arrest and prosecute the offender. We had problems in Stuart, FL in the 50s and 60s with serial offenders against children living freely in the community after witnesses and evidence had been brought forward. When the legal system fails, and the provocations are serious enough, I agree that it is up to the victim to either take matters into his own hands, or be pacific about it. We have a legal system in place to prevent the kind of problem we see in this case. In a society where most people must seek their own justice, chaos and disorder will be the effect. This man will have to pay the consequences of his acts, but considering the nature of the offenses against him, I believe he should get a much lighter penalty than would a person who just ups and kills someone. Perhaps it would send a salutary message to long-term, egregious provokers and offenders. I had an experience of my own when I was very young where a school principal fooled me into going to a baseball game with him, a game that in fact never was. He got me into his car, and started molesting me repeatedly. When I saw my chance I escaped and told some people what happened. They called the police. The principal was what you might call a consummate liar. I got locked in juvenile detention and he went free. Later he made covered threats that my life would be made difficult, etc. if I tried to pursue charges. I know how devious these people can be.

  2. This is a tough one, naturally every fiber of my being is screaming “YES! HE DID THE RIGHT THING”! After some more consideration though I realized my mind wasn’t screaming that he did the right thing, it was screaming “HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO”! and that’s a far different perspective. Though I believe that “morally” he was in the right, and has nothing to be ashamed of, at least not anymore, he has still broken the law, and in this particular day and age, when so much is at stake, and so many of us are at odds with both the government and each other, we cannot pick and choose which criminal cases should follow the law and which shouldn’t. We are living in a time of grave uncertainty, with each passing day this country slips further and further away and pretty soon it will be out of reach completely. We CANNOT afford to make any exceptions in cases like this if we ever want to be taken seriously. They’re MILLIONS of victims out there in the world, millions of people that are scarred for life after enduring horrific circumstances in their childhoods, and if we allow this man to walk free after murdering a man WITH premeditation, who was unarmed and unsuspecting, and TECHNICALLY unprovoked, then we would have to let everyone do that, and we would slip further into chaos and then the powers that be would have an even easier time forming NEW laws to circumvent this new vigilantism. I do not judge this man for what he’s done, even if I didn’t agree with what he did (which is not what I’ve implied at all) I still wouldn’t judge him because it’s not my place to do so. We need to respect these basic rules of society or all we ultimately end up doing is enabling those who want us under complete control.

      • I mean I dont agree. If more people did what he did the world would be rid of these psychos. The justice system does not (as I know first hand) do anything to these people. Think of how many children dont have to live the same fate as he over and over again. Sexual abuse really messes with your mind!! Life and relationships!!

    • Thank God for the vigilantie. The police force would never do what needed to be done in this case. No amount of punishment is cruel enough for the hideous crime this PD officer invested on this child. Only the victim should have the right to repay the damages brought. Elsewise balance will never be brought to the soul.

  3. I was molested as a child by the principles son. The man is still free, there where money talks bullshit walks. I have thought of it too and the other girls that are victims too. I was not raped, thank the stars but it was hell enough for me. Good going!! Glad he took matters into his own hands. I wish I had the courage too. He should be set free. The emotional damage done by this pervert cannot be ever undone! He has suffered enough. Believe me!!!

  4. I to was sexualy molested by a man who was or mabey still is a police officer. I am 57 years old now and I wonder what this idiot got away with being a Chicago cop for many years. He did touch me a few times and tried to make me have oral sex with him but I was able to fight him off.


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